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Hello Ladies, I am a single mother and have been...

Hello Ladies,

I am a single mother and have been wanting to get my body back after my pregnancy for years (I am 5'1 127lbs I have a small frame but no real shape or curves). I have been lurking around this and other websites for about 2 years now and have finally decided to take the risk and do this. I decided to go with Dr. Robles in the DR after reading many of the reviews here on RS and on MMH by all the wonderful ladies who have been so gracious as to share their experience. So far here has been my experience:

I emailed Dr. Robles office and was contacted by her patient Coordinator Laura the same night requesting pictures. I sent the pictures that night and 2 days later Laura contacted me letting me know that Dr. Robles believes that a TT/BA and Lipo of both the back and waist would be too much, that she would do either the back or the waist but not both for $6000.00. After going back and forth with Laura about my health history and assuring her I am in very good health, she agreed that if my Test Results look good upon arrival that Dr.Robles "May" do both and that would be an additional $400, making my new quote $6400.00 (Again she made sure I was clear that the additional Lipo area is at the discretion of Dr. Robles and depends entirely on if she decides I am healthy enough to have the extended surgery). This honestly made me feel very comfortable, Dr. Robles is more concerned about what's best for her patience health wise and not just collecting more money. I do however really pray that she finds me in great health and will do the extra area...LOL

Laura sent me a list of a few things I should bring however, I have seen several post from other Ladies that have much longer (Thorough List) I would really appreciate it if someone could send me a list of items they took when going down there for surgery. Also I asked Laura to guarantee that I am staying at "Virginia's Recovery House" since so many people had great things to say about it. I would also love to hear any reviews on other recovery houses if anyone has any. I have 3.5 months before surgery....Let the journey begin! :-)

BA incision

I got my final confirmation on my surgery so its official March 10th I am going on the operating table :) It seems like Dr. Robles does all of her BA's through the areola, however that idea scares me! I don't want to lose any sensation in my nipples as a result of the surgery. I asked Laura if its possible to have my incision done under the breast or under the arm. Im still waiting to hear back from her about that

BA incision

Ok Ladies I finally heard back from Laura about my BA she said Dr. Robles can do an incision under the breast or under the arm if I would prefer that to the areola. So that makes me very happy :) I have been following a few if the ladies who have just come back from having Tummy tucks with Dr.Robles and their scars are so amazing! Its making me more convinced im making the right choice by going to her. NOW The down side of my update, my job has be come more and more demanding lately and I am going to have to push my surgery back to May 12th, so that is kind of a bummer, im so ready to get this done :(

4 weeks Pre-Op

Ok ladies I am officially 4 weeks pre-op and I'm getting so nervous and excited at the same time. I know I'm going to love my results but I have such a low tolerance for pain I'm terrified about getting through recovery! I'm going to suck it up though, and keep telling myself "No pain, No Gain" I'm almost packed for the trip I still need compression socks and a few other small things. I am going to post before and wish pics tonight... The time feels like it's going by so fast now

before pics

1 week to go!

Ok ladies I am officially I'll be leaving next Sunday. Laura has been very responsive to me on whatsApp this past week, it seems like the closer to my surgery date the faster and more frequently she responds. So if any of you are frustrated with the slow responses from Laura I think as your date gets closer you will find that you move up on her communication priority list. Which makes sense if you think about it. I have finally finished packing. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time I just hope my nerves will settle as the week goes on.. I will keep everyone updated with comments and pics throughout the whole process :)


That was supposed to say "officially One Week pre-DR" typo sorry lol

4 Days to go!

Laura Called me today to check up on everything, answer any questions that I have and to assure me that everything is all arranged for my visit. She also called another girl I am in contact with who is also having surgery next week. So like I said before I think the closer to your date, the easier it will be to get in touch with her. There are several wonderful ladies I have met on Real Self that I am really looking forward to meeting when I get down there. I have learned a lot from this online community. I would really encourage anyone who is thinking about having cosmetic surgery regardless of where you chose to go, do your research and connect with the ladies on this site, you will learn more than you can imagine!

I got my CBC done and as of yesterday my hemoglobin is 13.1 and I got on the scale and I am 130lbs so I should be good to have all of my procedures. I know the recovery is going to be a long road, I am just ready to get started so I can get through it...

Peace Ladies! I will post again once I am at the hospital :-)

just my 2 cents (offering a little perspective)

If what I am about to say offends anyone, I certainly don't intend to, I just want to offer a little perspective, and my 2 cents.

When I first decided to go to Dr.Robles back in December of 2013 it was because I loved the results and reviews of her previous patience, and the fact that compared to other doctors in both DR and Mexico her complication rate is one of the lowest. Most of the negative reviews that people have had about her have to do with communication with Laura or Service at the hospital, not the quality of her work or the price...

So to that I say this, to have the very same procedures here the lowest price I was quoted was 12k and that doctor's patients didn't look HALF as good as Dr. Robles patients. In life there is always a sacrifice, if I am getting twice as good results for 1/2 the cost, then i was more than ok with dealing with slow communication and possible rude hospital staff. You can't have everything. If you are the kind of person that needs top level after care and quick responses from doctors then I say just save up enough money to go with a US doctor that's a great choice! But don't be so arrogant as to want USA quality customer service, top quality results but for overseas prices. If these doctors went out and hired a whole bunch of staff to answer every question in a timely mannor they would then have to raise the cost. Then some people would complain about why she is charging more than everyone else.

I say decide what is important to you and make a choice based on that, but Stop complaining! you want to look fabulous and not spend twice the money then just chill and work with the people who are offering you that. Laura took forever to get back to me during this whole process only as my sx date has gotten closer has she gotten back to me quickly. And I am fine with that because I know what I'm getting, a good doctor at a very low price. If I was concerned more with customer service I wouldn't have chosen to go overseas in the first place. If you want better service spend more Money and stay in the country. If you're ok with less customer service but good results at an affordable price then look into going overseas. But you might not get both. I'm just saying, Ok I'm off my soap box now (lol)

Good night ladies!

Day of Surgery

Ok Ladies so here we go!

I got to the airport and Wilson was waiting for me outside like they said. He is very nice! He brought me straight to the hospital where I met Lara Dr. Robles assistant. She had me fill out all the paperwork and did all my lab work and x-rays. It was a pretty quick process actually. I think because I came on mother's day and a (sunday), there was only one other patient besides myself for them to attend to.

Laura came about an hour after I got here and walked me through the process, collected my money and helped me pick out my implant size. Dr. Robles came an hour after Laura got here and marked Me up and discussed my options. I was a little disappointed because she said I don't have enough lose skin to remove all of my tattoo and stretch mark, she will get 90% of them but there will be still be some left at the bottom. I knew that was a risk going in though so oh well. Also she explained that one of my breast is larger than the other and the nipple is in a different position, and with the implant there will still be a size difference. She offered to surgically reposition my nipples so they will be more evenly aligned at no extra cost, but I decided I don't want that. I don't want the extra scars to fix something that I barely even notice. I want bigger and fuller breast, If I get those I'll be ok living with my natural imperfections.
My surgery is scheduled for 1pm today so my sister and I are just hanging out until then... So so far everything has been good and the people are really nice.

Day 1

Ok ladies I am one day post op and let me tell you, you do not want to do this alone. Bring somebody with you, Dr.Robles staff is really nice but the hospital staff speaks little to no English and when you're out of it, it's great to have somebody to advocate for you. My surgery was scheduled for 1pm but I was taken back around 3:30, it was no big deal though they have free WiFi and cable so I watched Netflix the whole time. They gave me the Blue pill around 2pm and honestly I don't remember much after that. The blue pill made me fall asleep and then I woke up around 4am all bandaged up. I wasn't in any pain just a little uncomfortable. When I sit still I'm fine, as of now it only hurts when I move. Ok that's all for now, Gina take a nap, I'm still very tired...

day 1 pics



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