#TEAMRobles--- June 18th - Breast Augmentation/Tummy Tuck/Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

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So a little about me.... Since July 2010, I have...

So a little about me....

Since July 2010, I have lost over 155 pounds (I use to be 331). I am so proud of myself and the crossroad I am at in my journey. I am 27 and have a 2 year old daughter. I was originally going to Dr. Luques in Mexico (July 11th) but after not getting patient referrals as I request a dozen times, I stumbled upon this site and TEAM Robles.

My mind was made up on Robles after 2 weeks of research. All the people I have e-mailed and spoken to from this site have been amazing.

I am getting a breast lift and implant (I used to be a DDD and now I am a saggy barely C), and a tummy tuck with lipo.

In a nutshell I am excited. Anxious, yet excited. I am traveling alone, which I was freaked out until I found this site.

I have been researching and researching.

Purchased my flight. i did 1-way just in case I needed to change the date.I need to ask Laura or Raquel about the additional insurance. (Lord, cover me where there will be no complications... AMEN)

I got my blood work done (CBC) today and I have been taking my vitamins for a week. My results come back tomorrow.

I have my list of things to buy (still trying to find out about the foam under the compression garment). My bag is half way packed.

I just had a random thought- the thing I am most concerned about is being out of the gym for a long time. I do Crossfit 5X a week. I love it and need it. It centers me as a working mom.

So that is it in a nutshell. Please excuse my postings in advance. They will be my ramblings pieced together enough to be coherent enough for others to absorb. I'm quirky like that.

Before pics are below.

Not sure what else to add. Any thoughts or encouraging vibes.

Hardest Conversation Ever

So, I just got off the phone with my family. They are NOT happy with my decision to go to the DR. I had to tell them because my daughter is staying with them while I am in recovery. Now I have so many thoughts? I am not sure if I am making the right decision. Am I being selfish?

Though they are not happy, they are somewhat understanding. They are starting a fast (religious) and prayer circle. Thank GOD for a praying family. But now I am wondering if I am making the right choice. I have researched and researched. Reached out to people who've done this before. I was 95% okay with doing this and now I am 50% sure.

What to do? What to think? What will happen?

Sorry about my sad ramblings.

Today I am Back in a Good Mood

It's amazing what a night's rest and a clear mind will do. I am back excited about my procedure and confident in my decision. This site has been amazing and my inner circle support group is slowly coming around. I plan on writing a letter to myself to help. I want to encourage myself during the first 3-4 days but writing what I know I will probably experience. Other than that, all is well. Heading out today to buy supplies to have at home. Still waiting on Laura to answer some more questions. I know she has to have a life too outside of Doc. Robles patients, but I am trying to make sure there are no loose ends. And I want Virginia's! Lol Have a great day!

CBC Results Back Today- 2 weeks to go!!!

Hemoglobin levels are 13.6!!! Hoping I can get it a little higher before the date. Steady drinking my green juice (spinach, kale, celery, parsley, cilantro, 2 mustard green leaves, and 1/2 green apple, 1/2 lime, 1/2 carrot), taking my vitamins.

:-) ing

I was just reading through some more of Robles reviews. And now I am more excited for my day! Reading these reviews and talking to more people just got me so excited for my journey---- the pain, the tears, the swelling, the smiles, the recovery, the happiness. June 18th!

Hellooooo oooooo ooooooo ooooo

Not much traffic on my page. But it's cool. I am still excited.

Is toll-free calling (like a 1-800 number) allowed from the DR

I may have a very important conference call on my 9th day in the Dominican Republic. I am not sure if toll-free dialing is allowed. It's a 1-800 conference call number.

Tying up loose ends

Well, tonight and tomorrow are for tying up loose ends. Packing my carry-on. Getting my daughter and dog ready. I'm flying to my hometown Friday morning to spend Father's Day with my family. The off to DR Monday.

So I am almost there...

I touched down in my hometown today. I am spending a couple of days here with my daughter and then fly out Monday. There is a weird thick air around the house. No one really wants to speak about what is happening in the next few days. The fact that I am really going out of the country to have surgery. The fact that I will be all alone in another part of the world.

I am not really thinking about it. I have to go to the store to pick up some last minute supplies and pack my bag today.

I don't know what I am feeling. :-/

Wanted to share a tip

So I have been wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to call back the States without paying an arm and a leg in International fees or relying on video calls. I have a sweet tip that I can share with those interested. Just private message me.

Sitting at the airport

Very emotional. Staying prayed up. Thinking about my daughter. And trying to keep the tears at bay. #JESUS

I am here!!!!

My updates from here on out will probably be a lot more ramblings, some coherent postings in the middle, incoherent postings in the further middle, and random spouts of nothingness.

I arrived in SDQ this afternoon around 4PM. My driver was late, but it was no biggy. My flight had been delayed, so I notified Laura (who passed it along to the driver) but somewhere in the delay and actual landing there was about 30 mins of waiting. And yes--- the driving is aggressive. Lol.

Made it to the clinic to go over everything with Laura (and yes, she is a beautiful as you have read). I was shaking the whole time thinking I am in another country. I am in another country going over surgery risk. I am in another country going over surgery risk for procedures I am getting in the morning. I am in another country going over surgery risk for procedures that I will get in the morning and will hurt like hell tomorrow afternoon.

Laura has really been trying to get me settle down. So far....

Dra. Robles

After all of the administration-y things with Laura, Dr. Robles came to see me. About 7PM at night. She went over everything with me including really stressing expectations of what she can and can't do. I will still have extra skin because I have lost a ton of weight. It's either a little extra skin or more cutting (more visible scars). I told her that I am not someone obsessed with celebrity bodies. I don't have wish pics. I just want to be the best ME, I can be. And if that means living with a little extra skin underneath my arm pits and right under my breast bone. I was 331 pounds for goodness sake.

She also explained very thoroughly the breast augmentation and the expectations for my breast. I decided on 375cc. This should make me a small D. I have lost a lot of elasticity in my breast with the weight loss, so I will more than likely need another lift in the future (10-12 years or so).

I will not be getting back lipo (that would be too much) this visit, but i will be getting lipo on the sides and hip area.

Gotta run... lab time.

Today is the Day

It's been a busy morning. I saw the cardiologist, took X-rays, and met some cool people. There are a pair of cousins next door who have been so kind to this lone traveling stranger. I don't know what time my procedure is, but I will try to upload some pics. I have some of the hospital, the docs, my mark-up, etc.

made it over

To the flat side. Will write more later


I figured I would do my updates in chunks, so my ramblings will seem cohesive. Still in recovery mode, so if you have a question please ask.

Day 1

To be honest, my day 1 was not that bad. I was not in any pain, but more discomfort from having to walk hunched over (to protect my TT stitches). I thank God for the meds or the high pain tolerance. I am swollen all over. My hands, feet, legs, and other parts that did not get any work. That's the weirdest part. I am looking at my ankles wondering am I 9 months pregnant.

Right after surgery, Dr. Robles told me my blood level (hemoglobin) was low. Before surgery I was a 13.6 (or something close) and after surgery 9.something. i was given two iron shots at the hospital and will receive two more today. My family is praying with me, because if my levels don't rise I will need a transfusion.

Victoria's Recovery House

You have to love this place. The people, including the patients, are all wonderful. Dr. Martha, Joanna, Julessa(?), and Victoria herself have been angels. The food is good, though the first two days I ate very light. The rooms are comfortable enough to relax and there is American TV.

They are staying on top of me with my water intake. I have to drink at least 4 liters of water a day to help with my draining and not get any blood clots.

Day 3

Today I feel good. My breast are bothering me a little (itching), but overall I feel good. I have not seen my post op body and I am in no rush to tell the truth. I saw the bruising of the lipo on two other patients and I can wait for that shock.

I am in a better mood, though all I really want to do is sleep. I am having a hard time going to the bathroom (#2) but that is expected. I will take some stool softeners today, so I hope that helps.

I am missing my daughter. I talk to her a few times a day. She keeps me focused on healing and doing right. I will get 2 more iron shots today and see Dr. Robles in the morning.

Everyday is a good day

not much to update. Still relaxing at Virginia's. Gotta love this place. I am draining well, but truth be told I think I am going home with this drain. Virginia said not one patient who only stays for 10 days leave without the drain. But I will continue to drink my water (7-8 liters/day) and hope for the best. I am home sick, but in 6 days I will hold my little girl again. Just counting down the days. Thanks for all the encouragement! I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Stretch marks

So I am not trying to be vain, but I think I am going to hate my stretch marks. Though I haven't gotten a good look at my stomach yet, today during my garment change, I noticed deep stretch marks that I didn't have before. I have been researching stretch mark removal creams all morning. I think I am going to start with something inexpensive like Palmers and Bio-Oil while my swelling goes down (so maybe 3 months) then if needed switch to something more expensive like Trilastin. But I don't know yet. I don't know how bad they really are and I don't want to see my post op body until I am home.

I just don't want to nic-pick myself when I know I am still healing. Any suggestions from those who made it over to the flat side? Were your stretch marks an issue after the swelling went down?


Now that I have had more time here, I can honestly say I would not recommend this house. While I am eternally grateful for the other patients I have met, Virgina has a problem and an unwarranted attitude that I have seen over the past few days. There are other recovery houses, new ones that Robles patients are going to. I can elaborate more when I am not on mobile.

Still healing and enjoying life

New random pic. I am SWOLLEN and my seroma is gone

Almost 2 months post op

So I am almost 2 months post op and things are going well. I am still swollen and still having to get fluid drained from my belly. This seroma isn't dangerous, just a pain in the neck. The second visit last week yielded 65CC of fluid. Much lower than the first visit. And I will go back next week to have another draining. Hopefully that's it. I am wearing my CG still and thinking about ordering another. I don't wear it at night though. I wear another ab supporting garment that isn't so restricting.

I am back in the gym. I often wonder how will I know if I tore a suture or something? I feel like my old self, just weaker. I am not lifting as much as I use to, but I do get a sweat from lower and slower weights (10pd -50 pds).

I wish this swelling would go away and the numbness, but I am remembering this is all a process. I am trying to reshape my belly button, but I think I will get a belly button ring to mask the weird shape.

I sometimes feel like my mind is playing tricks on me. I feel huge! I mean like really really fat and mishapen (like a box). My measurements are 38-30-38, but in the mirror I look boxy and fat. It's mental. I know.

All is well...

Just One of Them Days

So today I am feeling like a fat bumpy person. I mean I am looking in the mirror thinking where are my results. I know crazy right? I have more fluid (my seroma) which I am getting drained Monday. This will be the third (and fingers crossed) last time. I just brought a new compression garmet (medium and I am on the second hooks already), but I feel like my curves and hour glass shape is gone. I feel like I don't look like the picture I just took the other day. i will post the one from today below. I feel fat and frumpy. I know this has to be mental, but it's how I am feeling.

I am working out, eating right, and drinking about 7 Liters (some times more) water a day. I have swollen. My stomach bulges at the bottom (right above my groin) and if I bend over I have a pouch.

Please tell me it gets better. Where are my 3-9 month post of peeps with pics. I don't want to feel like this. I have come a long way and am just waiting to feel good.

Thanks for the vent.

Aug 19 pic

to go with my post

Aug 19

Am I crazy?


So, there was a mix-up and problem with my order and I now have a brand new compression garment, in black, for sale. It looks like the one in the picture. Best Offer Accepted. Please let me know. FYI- I left Robles in an XL Marena garmet and I now wear a small. I am 5'4 and about 170. Thanks!
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