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Hey everyone I am starting this review on this...

Hey everyone I am starting this review on this website because I know how you feel. Itching to see updates see results asking yourself is this particular doctor going to a worthy doctor that will assist me in the correct manner. Especially when we are going over seas. So here we go from begining to end I will dedicate my journey to all of you because if you are anything like me I am always searching for results.


Hey everyone so I am still waiting on Dr.Robles assistant to reach back to me after I sen them back a small questionaire they will have you fill out and email back with some nude pics of yourself.. You know to give them an idea on what they will be working on ...I will def share this pics with you but closer to my date of transformation...Havent gotten one yet...So it has been about three days now, and not a reply as to how much my procedure will cost me. I want a full mommy makeover. So breast tummy and lipo still thinking about the butt getting bigger since I already have a nice big one ...I dont think I need it that big ...In the mean time While we wait for total cost of my transformation I will update with some more pics of other Robles dolls I have been admiring ...

Quote from Dr.Robles

Hello everyone finally I received my quote for my procedure total cost $5,350.00 USD. My procedure consist of Tummy Tuck, Muscle Repair , Liopsuction on waist, Liposuction on back flanks, BBL. I also had the opportunity to speak to Paola Dr.Robles assistant. Here are a few details of questions I asked about Dr.Robles. I can't lie it took them a while to get back to me..But I dont like to rush things so I waited patiently... Well she is hard at work she works Monday thru Friday and takes about three patients per day. Although the high demand varies at the current moment she has appointments available as soon as next month ( I wish I could go next month believe me ) Her most busy time is baaically after tax we all hit the jackpot at that time..jajaj

My procedure will be an estimate ofsix hours two of which are just under monitering. So the procedure when yoir under the knife is really about 3 to 4 hours. You get to stay at the clinic for the first day, on the second day after your procedure is complete depending on the patient the doctor recommends if the patient can be moved to the recovery home or will have to stay another day at the clinic for more closer monitering. If you are good on the second day you are picked up and taken by their driver towards one of their three recovery homes.

Dr.Robles has made agreements with these recovery homes that are equipped with the right people , and adequate quarters for her patients during recovery. In these recovery homes you will have nurses asssisting the patients round the clock, food will be prepared and served, you have laundry facilities to assist with dirty clothing during your stay, all rooms are equipped with A/C & televisions. Hey she mentioned NETFLIX..jajaj But one excellent source provided is WiFi, so that will completly make me super happy. These recovery spas are located in Santo Domingo one of them is called Virginia Recovery Spa. Now , I asked for extra expenses because there are extra expenses. For instance the drainage massages, lymphatical massges are seperate and are not included in the qoute. They do have a selected few massage therapist that they do recommend to you, that will visit you at the recovery house and perform your lympathiec massges, that they consider have proffesional work ethics. This is a seperate cost outside of the qoute orginally given to me. They also provide iron shots that are also a seperate cost of $20.00 per shot if u need it. They also charge if a blood transfusion is needed if after the operation you levels are to too low and the doctor makes the call and recommends blood transfusion cost is $110.00/each blood transfusion if aplicable. Paola advised they rarely have situations like this but it has occurred, so they make you aware of these cost , so you can prepare. Another treatment that is not included in the orginal qoute is The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy , this is a some sort of chamber that compresses oxygen to help with bruising and circulation after the procedures, the doctor recommends each patient atleast once as this helps the body heal in a better form. I read a little on it found a review were MADONNA has this machine installed within her entire home to maintain such a flawless look , hey if Madonna is using it then by all means sign me up..jaja But each session of one hour session is $100.00. Yes, $100 per hour. So the first one is mandatory. They recommend you do as many as you can. But if you can't its not mandatory. At the end Paola sugguested to me what she sugguest to all the girls that go out there. Always come here with extra money atleast $ 1,000. Does not mean you will spend it all. But you never wanna be short. There was my little run down of my qoute and my short converastion with Dr.Robles assistant Paola. I felt a little less scared of all the procedure, after I spoke to Paola based on how she expressed herself she shows alot of empathy and sincere concern for their patients and their well being. I am more convinced I choose the right doctor for my new journey. I have some information missing Paola will get back to me on the cost of massages and the rental of these therapist. The picture added is another Robles Doll...Tata foe now .
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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