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The new and improved me mommy of three.... Hello...

The new and improved me mommy of three.... Hello everyone after stocking the site for so long I finally decided to have a mommy makeover. I am a wife and mother of three and it's finally time to do me. From the age of two I have always beenvery active doing pageants, professional dance ,team cheerleading anything that you can think of. At the age of 18 I got married and start having babies immediately, I do not regret any of this however I lost myself in the process from the time I turn 18 to the time I turned 28 I have gained almost 60 pounds. I have always been active In my younger years and completely with on pause. I have three sons ages 9, 7 and 16 months. I have been married for 10 years but I have been with the my life for 14 years and I am very happy he is in my life because he is very supportive of my decision. I plan on being a mommy makeover. I delivered all three of my sons via C-section and I have a large bottom belly. My measurements right now are a 38-34-44 I would Love to be a 38-28-46. I really need a breast lift after breast-feeding my boys however I will do that in round two along with lips to my arms and any other area I might Need defined. I will not be staying in recovery house because my husband will be going with me I will be staying in a hotel for 7 to 10 days. My plan is to be as healthy as possible because I want to leave earlier I feel like I can recover at home. I had access to nurses and doctors of my preference when I'm home. I am anemic so my plan right now is to is to build my hemoglobin levels as high as I can and maintain them prior to surgery as well as keep them up after surgery because I already know that my hemoglobin levels will drop after surgery and I don't want to blood transfusion. I also plan to workout. I already work out four times a week and that includes cardio so I plan to be in great shape when I go down there so that my results are maximum. I'm so excited I have already started to buy my surgery supplies so that it will not be a Financial burden on me when it is time to go .I know my surgery is almost a year from now however if I buy little bit at a time it helps me prepare more as well as not Break the bank. I will be going to Dr. Baez in the DR. She quoted me $3800 for my procedure with a $200 deposit my quote is good for six months I will be paying my deposit at the end of my six month that way if anything happens between now and then I'm able to plan accordingly.I received many quotes from the most popular doctors and they Dominican republic however I felt the most comfortable with her .I also have been looking at all her progress pictures from other dolls and feel like he is able to give me the results that I want. I already have a huge butt however I feel like she can add more to it and come to work more my main concern is my tummy and waste and with my hemoglobin levels being in an exceptional level I feel like I can get the aggressive lik she can add more to it and come to work more my main concern is my tummy and waist. I want to make sure that my hemoglobin levels are very very high that way nothing can stop me from getting the results that I want. I plan to update often. I want to make sure that my hemoglobin levels are very very high that way nothing can stop me from getting the results that I want. I plan to update often. Anyone else going to Dr.Baez March 2016?

Pre op in clothes

I'm huge I can't wait to get snatched lol

post op

Just some more post pics

Ugh....passport trouble

So today I went to get my passport....had all my paperwork and then they tell me I need to bring my marriage certificate!!!! I go home tear my house apart....take it back then they tell me I can't get it because the names are different.....let me explain......

Sooooooo..... When I was born my dad wasn't there. My mom used her maiden name as my last name....and that's the name I used that last name all my life. Well my dad finally decided to show back up in my life when I was about 6... But didn't ask my mom for blood test to see if I was his until I was 13!!!!! Now after the test showed I was his.... Unbeknownst to me or my mother he went and changed my last name on my birth certificate to his last name. Which is a standup thing to do...however he never notified us of him doing so....he didn't have to because he had paternity papers and the health department just did it.... Now mother and I never knew this until it was time for me to Get a job when I was 15 or 16 . Now mind u I have never used or even wrote my dads last name on nothing in my life. Even when I got married my state issued ID was my mothers last name. Sooooo when I got married I got a new license and social security card with my married when I went to apply for my passport...the asked for my birth certificate,ID,application and fees. The lady saw the last name on the birth certificate (dads name) and my id (married name) and asked for my marriage certificate. So I went home to get it and of course it had my original last name (moms last name) . I brought it back and explained my situation. She understood however I have to NOW ask my mom for my original birth certificate that just has her name and not my dads to get my passport. Needless to say I am super bummed. SO I will try again Monday morning....


I have started buying supplies. Everything has an exp. date of May 2016 or later! I check the exp on everything. I have ordered my compression sock of of eBay...I got thigh I
High compression socks for 9.99 for three pair! I ordered my body pouch to keep copies and money in for 3.50 for two. One for me and my husband. I also ordered sterile 4x4 gauze for cleaning incisions and drain. Got 50 of them for 4.70!!! I also bought 10 extra reusable ice packs to help with swelling off eBay for 3.86. So all I have left is a few more things. I have my deposit and will try to get my passport Monday. I kept my receipts for everything just Incase I can not get my passport. But I have faith it will all work....the devil is a lie!!!!

Today's pick ups

Today Walmart had a special on emergen vitamin C drink so I picked up two for the price of one I've never had it before it was willing to give it a try I have a raspberry and tangerine. The raspberry is after taste so it's doable. I will try the tangerine one tomorrow. I will be drinking these instead of take a pill.

another hit!!!!

so I went to Walgreens today to get my son some Pedialyte and diaper rash cream and look what I found iron absorber which is usually $20 a box for 10 dollars a box and they don't expire until July 2016 so basically I got two for one! I have anemia so it is very important that I keep my iron levels up and maintain them so that I can get my surgery I was afraid to try it but I had one today and it wasn't that bad it's doable considering what the causes for so ladies hit up your local Walgreens.

Iron deal at Walgreens !!!

Hopefully this will work

This is the iron I purchased

Birth certificate

I got my original birth certificate from my mom!!!!! I'm super excited:) I'm going tomorrow to finish everything.

passport update

well I was able to send all my information today to get my passport I'm so I have to do is wait for it to get here but its in the process bought and paid for !!!!!!!!! HERE I come Dominican Republic

How cute is this?????

I bought a passport cover! I could not help my self lol

My brilliant plan lol

i heard of ultrasound massage helps healing after lipp and tummy tuck...soooooooo I bought one and a case of 12 pack of gel. Also water based firming cellulite gel....I going to add just a tad bit to my gel when I massage when I use the ultrasound gel. I have my esthetics license so I have experience working with galvanic and iontophoresis currents .....i have also studied Electrotherapy (cosmetic) hopefully this will help my sweeping and cut my recovery time. I purchased

I think I'm going to order a med or large faja and get it taken the DR. My hips naturally are a 44 inches so after the bbl.... I don't want the lose anything lol....I already know with 44inch hips and a bbl I'm looking at about 46 to 48 inch hips but will naturally lose some of that due to natural absorbing back in to my body...... Then they can take my large or med and customize it for me so that is fits my thighs and butt and not cut off my circulation lol and squish my hips or butt....but still compress my tummy :) that's going to be one weird look faja lol


Updated supplies


I bought this in a Xl so that it can fit my hips and thighs and I'm Going to get this taken in when I'm about to leave the DR.... I will possibly buy another one in a different pattern so that I can at least look cute in my faja around the house...yeah lol I'm going to buy another one .... That way I can alternate the two in case I have to wash one this will be my stage two garments


I went to my local vitamins shop and picked up these babies. the tablet for 6.99 the cream was 8.99 and the blood builders went on sale for 12.99 they don't expire until 2017. I'm thinking about going back and getting more tablets . anyone taking my blood builders? how long did you start before surgery.

My faja faja arrived and I love it!!!!! I will use this as my stage 2/3 I'm going to get it taken in the DR and the U.S. If my waist continues to go down. I wanted to make sure I could fit it in the but and thigh area.... It fits perfectly. It compresses without cutting my circulation off. I just came from the gym so excuse how I'm looking. Also my ten ice packs came in the mail. They came u filled. In the DR I will fill them with water....they have a gel like substance in it that makes them reusable....I will probably leave them in the DR and purchase another set for home...hopefully this will help with my swelling .

All inclusive

Has any one stayed at an all inclusive resort in the DR. I'm thinking about doing this and getting a rental car or does anyone have reliable taxi information! My husband and I speak perfect Spanish so getting directions won't be a problem


My massager came yesterday in the mail, I will be using this on my tummy and lipo areas to help with swelling

Updated supplies

Today our money packs arrived ... this can be worn underneath my clothes if I want to hide money and passport

All my dreams have come true!!!

So today my my husband tells me I can get everything done. So I added breast augmentation with lift and arm lipo. I know it's a lot but I ready .hopefull I can get everything done at once. I'm going to see if Dr.Baez will approve it cause I know it's a lot but I'm trying to get my hemoglobin as high as I can like 15.... Or maybe I should comeback for round two....which I prob will do I'm just excited I can have the option of getting every done if I chose to

What I take every morning

I take to be 2 ....b12 Gummies ...also I drink 6 ounces of orange juice with liquid iron. ......6oz of water with vit c packet and 8oz of green juice ...

Wish pic

So I never really thought about getting my breast done because my main concern was my stomach but now that my husband told me that I should just get everything done at once and He is going to pay for everything I have now have a new fascination with boobs lol. I think I'm going to go with Saline implants that way if anything happens it will just reabsorbed into the body plus I heard Saline implants come with warranty like 10 year warranty I think I'm waiting for my doctor to email me back to let me know if I will be able to get everything done and if so what type of implant she will use

It's a go!!!

Dr.Baez says I can have a Mommy makeover with BA/BL with arm lipo! My hemo has to be at least a 13.

Omg! Idk what to do... Baez or Yily????

So originally I wanted to go with Dr.Baez because I like her work and I love how she does her tummy tuck and lipo. I wasn't a really big fan of her BBL but that wasn't a major thing for me considering the fact that my hips are naturally a 44. So I thought whatever she can add to my natural measurement would be definitely good enough. At first I was only looking to get a mommy makeover with her. But now I am interested in getting a breast lift with augmentation. It is already hard to find reviews on her but it is even harder to find reviews on her with breast lift and augmentation. My first choice was Dr.Yily however some of the bad reviews steered me clear of her. I some additional research on Dr. Baez and I saw some of her breast augmentation and they kind of have a cone shape look to them. So I asked Baez what kind of implants she uses and she uses silicone gel cohesive and So does Dr Yily. I read a review on Dr Baez on how the girl got implants and didn't have stitches that Dissolve and had blue wire inside her breast. There are not that many bad reviews on her but that troubled me. Now with Dr.Yily I have seen bad reviews but she also has more good than bad. I know that these are just incidents that can happen at anytime with and doctor but I feel like if I had to take a chance I would rather take it with Yily knowing that I would be snatched to capacity. She is also very easy to communicate with and has answered all of my questions in a timely fashion . I just don't know what to do? My heart and mind wants to go with Yily but I'm so torn lol. I would love to have the signature Yilydoll look but Baez is safe grounds to me. Should I go with what I want and hope for the best or should I go with what seems to be safe...? I know it's all a risk. I just think now for what I'm going for Yily would be the best option for me. Yily also gave me my quote for mommy makeover with BA/BL with arm lipo and it's less than Baez! Not much but it's less.... Ughhhhhhh I JUST DONT KNOW HELP

So I'm going with Baez

I had a crazy few days trying to narrow it down but after hearing some more bad reviews on Yily I'm going to go with my first round draft pick BAEZ!!!!! I even asked her about my nipple rings being placed back in after surgery and she said she would place my plastics retainers in for me after my breast augmentation . She also approved my total makeover with a hemo of 13 at time of surgery. I'm going to try to get my hemo to a 15 or 16 that's the highest it can be for my age . I had a moment where I lost my mind but I found it lol. Baez is the one for me. Today I took and updated picture I lost 3 pounds last week I got 12 more to go. My BMI is 31.5 so I'm good I just want to lose 15 total for great surgery results

Today's finds

Today at my local walgreens for 6.99 it has 15mg of iron and pur absorb has 5 mg . I haven't tasted it yet but some other ladies says it taste like in prune juice... Yuck

I went to the doctor today

I went to the doctor today and I got a well check up as well as have them run test on me so that I can check my hemoglobin.... cell count ... Thyroid and anything else I get my results back in a couple days I'm excited to see what my hemoglobin is

Holla at ya girl !!! Hemo Is 13.4!!!!

I am so happy my doctor just call back with my results in my hemoglobin is 13.4 I'm going to continue taking the orange juice with the liquid iron and my green juice .....when it comes time to have surgery I will take my blood builders and I should be close to a 15 hopefully when I go have surgery !!!! I'm so excited yall don't even know!!!!!!! So if I'm drinking oj with the liquid iron in addition to drinking green juice every single day and I'm a 13.4 when it's time for me to take the blood builder is your girl don't be on point!!! 15 hemo here I come!!!! (Now watch me watch me nae nae ) lol

Waist shaper fun

So today I put on a waist shaper .....Hopefull I look better than this post surgery and must say I'm very excited ... 9 months and counting ....

After BL/BA fun

Here is my scar cover up for my areoles after surgery... I already have my nipples pierced I just want my areoles to look like this

Look what finally came

My passport it's on now lol!!! I just hit another level of excitement

Pre pics

Pre op picture of my tummy:( lol I can't wait to get this tummy cut and this waist snatched! I have decided to split my surgery up I'm going to do my mommy makeover with arm lipo and for round two breast augmentation with lift and additional lipo if needed. The second round for me is to sculpt my body to perfection :)

My SX goal weight

I want to lose 10 more pounds before surgery...I have been hitting the gym and eating right my new measurements are 36-31-44 I want to at least be A 29 or 28 waist when I go so I can be like 24 after lipo and tummy tuck with muscle repair I'm getting a bbl so hopefully I can be a 36-24-48 :) sounds crazy but I will take it lol

Counting down

I'm counting down the days with my wish pictures

I can't get Yily off my brain lol

I know I said that I want to stick with my first doctor but the more I see her pictures the more I feel like I will get my results that I want from her I don't know what to do!!!!!! I just had a friend that went to hire in her body is banging and I'm smaller than her so I know that my results will be great anybody else suffering with going back-and-forth between doctors

Hey ladies I'm back

Hey ladies I'm back!! I took a break because all of his surgery research was Driving me crazy however now I'm getting closer to my date and have started to prepare again. Today I took out my suitcase and started to pack all of my surgery items I have so much room in my suitcase and I don't want to over pack I have chosen to go with Dr. Yily. She offers a all-inclusive package and I have started looking for my stage two garment and my ab board and my lower back triangle board. I have decided that I am going to get like lipo section of the full back, waist, abs and flanks and a full tummy tuck with muscle repair with a Brazilian butt lift for my round two I will do breast lift with augmentation in any lipo may still need. I will be staying at the serenity recovery house and my second choice would be kindness recovery house. I will be doing updates more often because I'm getting closer to my date has anyone stayed at these recovery houses and if so how did you like them ?

Stage two garment

I chose this boyshort garment for my stage two garment! I know it will be hot in the DR as well as Indiana when I return and I want to wear shorts and summer dresses. It also has four lines of hooks which I love and I love the color mocha! I will get a xl due to my hip measurements and have them take it in... In the waist area In The DR or here in Indiana. I already have a faja with print and that will be more for my stage 2/3 and something I can wear while I clean my stage two. I also will have my stage one taken in before I leave so I can have multiple garments on hand as I know I will have to live in them religiously for at least 3mos I plan to at least sleep in it for 6 months lol I want my body to stick lol!!!!

Compression boards

These will be the compression boards I use for under my stage two garment the pink one it's a lower back triangle board that will help with projection after Brazilian butt lift it also helps not retain fluid in the lower pocket area which tends to be a problem for Brazilian butt lift patients also, the ab board is more like a butterfly so it will cater to the sides As well as my full abdomen.... I have a shorter abdomen/torso it should fit well


I was thinking of getting a few pieces for my back so that I don't have any rippling or fluid in my upper back and waist! Has anyone done this? Or has this happened to anyone?

I'm so glad I started early

I am so glad that I started early ....I started to look over my review and realize how prepare that I am it is a great feeling.... ladies if you're just getting started in your journey just prepare yourself a little bit at a time so that it doesn't mess with your budget or break your bank .I suggest doing so much research everybody has different results everybody has different healing times and every doctor is different .I'm so glad that I chose to do what I did in the time that I did it because it allowed me to research each and every doctor that I wanted to and to research products in different ways that I can prepare myself pre-and post op I am very excited for what's to come. At the time I did it I was so excited but then I had a moment where I was thinking why am I doing all of this so soon because it's so far away . Now I have all of my surgery supplies I have my passport I have my doctor Choose and all I'm waiting for is the days until it's time for me to have my surgery I'm so glad that I'm not getting everything at the last minute that's a big weight off of me .

Arnica tea?

Yesterday I found arnica tea ! I def will be purchasing some of this I heard that it helps and I'm down for anything that will help has anyone used it be before or know the best ways to?

Arnica tea pt.2

Benefits of Arnica Tea

This healing tea is known for reducing inflammation, alleviating pain and killing germs due to two important compounds: sesquiterpene and dihydrohelenalin.

It also contains flavonoids, polysaccharides, inulin, tannins, mucilage and resin. It is the perfect combination to bring you pain relief.

External Use of Arnica

Arnica herbal tea has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it the right tea to alleviate muscle pain.

So next time you need to treat swelling and bruising from blows or injuries such as sprains and hematomas, don’t hesitate and use arnica. It will definitely help you feel better!

If you happen to be bitten by insects in the Summer or have chapped lips and cold sores in the winter, the benefits of arnica herbal tea may help you cope with these ailments, so keep it in your cupboard for all seasons.

Only be careful on applying this infusion to your lips so as not to ingest any of the liquid.

This healing tea is useful to treat hair loss, so try rinsing your hair with arnica tea as it will stimulate hair growth.

It can also regenerate tissue. If you want to know how to cure acne, add this tea to your list and start enjoying the benefits of arnica infusions each time you look at the mirror. Take a look at aloe vera tea for a nice face wash that may accompany this tea.

There are times when you get home from work and your feet are killing you. Prepare a cup of Arnica tea and use it as a foot bath. Put on some relaxing music, close your eyes and enjoy this relaxing moment.

Arnica tea pt.3

If you happen to be bitten by insects in the Summer or have chapped lips and cold sores in the winter, the benefits of arnica herbal tea may help you cope with these ailments, so keep it in your cupboard for all seasons.

Only be careful on applying this infusion to your lips so as not to ingest any of the liquid.

This healing tea is useful to treat hair loss, so try rinsing your hair with arnica tea as it will stimulate hair growth.

It can also regenerate tissue. If you want to know how to cure acne, add this tea to your list and start enjoying the benefits of arnica infusions each time you look at the mirror. Take a look at aloe vera tea for a nice face wash that may accompany this tea.

Arnica roots contain thymol derivatives, which have an anti-inflammatory action and are also effective as vasodilators. Therefore, when used topically, arnica tea can help you by easing the blood flow and eliminating fluids.

It promotes the reabsorption of hemorages and helps to avoid bruising as it stimulates white blood cells to dissolve trapped blood and fluid. This is what makes it a great remedy when you suffer from inflammed joints, gout and arthritis.

Whenever you are experiencing abdominal pain, use arnica heating pads to experience some relief. It will relax your muscles and you feel better.

The benefits of arnica infusions are plenty and work on skin problems such as scars, eczemas and terrible itching brought on by poison ivy. Give it a try!

Ab and back board just arrived

Ab board and back board
From I ordered a larger board for back compression I put it against my back and it fit up to my shoulder blades and my ab board is not as large as I would like but maybe it will be just right after sx. Placing in against my tummy now lol it doesn't cover everything but I'm sure it will once this fat is gone lol when my faja comes in I will try it all and post for you ladies

Lawd!! This faja lol

So ladies I receive my Baja today and let me tell you it was so damn hard to put on however I got it on and it felt great thank God I ordered according to my hips because if not I wouldn't of been able to put it on! Lol it wasn't necessarily the part of pulling it up to my hips it was buttoning in the damn thing up lol took me two try's but I did it! The first time I tried it on I got it Over my thunder thighs and pulled it all the way over my hips... And only got three hooks done lol . Then I took it off buttoned it up to at least five hooks and tried again I got it over my thighs ...over my hips and butt and pulled it up as far as I could and started squeezing in pushing my stomach down into the garment lol after I did that I held my breath and start buttoning it up as fast as I could LOL

Then sat down to catch my breath lol

It feels very comfortable in my thigh area which was my main concern I didn't want to squeeze in my thighs and cutting my circulation off is a very tight in the areas that it should be and I haven't put my ad board or my backboard in I just wanted to see if I could get it buttoned up I'll have my husband help me with that when he gets home. I walked around in it and it does not roll up my thighs so I'm very happy about that also he seem like he didn't make an indentation which means I should be able to wear it with shorts or summer dresses I ordered an extra large

May change my date :)

So I may be able to go sooner than I thought! Maybe mid Feb :).... We shall see! I'm all packed and ready to go so all I have to do is purchase my ticket and I'm out! The good thing is there is no price difference in the airline ticket. I could go I. Feb or April and it's going to cost me the same so no lost! Hopefully it all works out but if not then it's the 111 day count down lol which is fine because I'm going regardless

Dang it

So I went to my Pcp today and she said no to the meds!!! However she said that she would do my after care which I thought was awesome. Anyone get the meds in the DR how was the process ? Cost? However I will find some pain meds before I go lol I'm not about to be suffering!


So I just found some old meds of mine that I had from a caesarean of my last son I'm just going to use those!!! I found more than enough! I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so I just need to get through the first 4 days of pain lol now all I need is my antibiotics

Wish pic:)

All I want is something similar

Could be a doll in 3 weeks

Soooooo I could be a doll in three weeks depends on if the have my surgery date or not and if the recovery house also has matching dates!!! Fingers crossed ladies


So I'm almost done packing! I ordered some maxi dresses and I'm waiting on them to come in addition I ordered some sports bras! Now all I have to do is pack my undershirts for under my faja, underwear, socks, light blanket for after surgery (they say you will be freezing) which I remember after all my c sections and toiletries! I will be doing all of this within the next week and I will be starting my blood builders in addition to the daily regimen I'm already taking which is 1 iron tablet slow release, 1 liquid iron with 4 oz of orange juice, 1 folic acid, 2-b12 gummies and I package of vitamin c! Sounds like a lot but it's not lol last time I had my hemo checked I was good but I'm getting a TT, inner thigh lipo, arm lipo and lipo on waist, back, flanks and abdominal area with a bbl! I'm trying to get my hemo to at least 15 if not I will drop thigh lipo....then bbl if need be! Oh I also will be taking my waist trainer for extra compression

I got the hook up!!!

Soooo I got the hook up!!! I found a doctor who prescribes Phentermine! I paid $108 for my visit and got a prescription which I will be using after surgery to control my appetite! I pay $40 a month for my monthly visits! Plus prescription cost! I'm super excited about this I plan on taking half a pill so my 30 day will be like 60 days bam!!!! Ya girl is on the right path!!! I'm waiting on Baez to give me a new surgery date I plan on buy ticket, down payment for surgery and recovery house tomorrow!!!! I'm so excited

Fingers crossed

I want to a arrived Feb 29th with a surgery date of March 1st! Returning on March 9th anyone going on these dates?

All booked and ready to go!!!!

I have paid my deposit for Baez and Maria recovery house! I have purchased my airline ticket and now I'm just counting down the day!!!! My surgery date is 3/3!!!! I sent a $200 deposit to Baez and a $100 deposit to Maria Recovery House! I paid $535 for my round trip ticket which includes trip protection and choice seating! I used a coupon code (groupon40) and got $40 off my ticket! I decided to stay with Baez because of her price and how comfortable I felt with her answering all my questions! She always answered and was nice. She is including so much more in her price and free insurance! I choose Maria recovery because she has a double room special and she reserved a hospital bed for me! You get to pick your own meals and massages are 50% off! I plan on getting two massages every other day while I'm there! Baez and Maria both have whatsapp and respond promptly! Also Maria price includes wifi,all meals and snacks, air conditioning, English channels and transportation to and from the airport and all doctor appointments. My overnight nurse was only $50 extra dollars. I'm fully packed tomorrow I will register with the embassy and get my travel tourists card so I won't have to stand in line... I'm so excited

Today's pick ups

I found some arnicare cream that's for massaging but one an get one 50%off at Walgreens and Palmers skin therapy oil which is kind of like bio oil but for the same price you get 5 times the amount I'm going to go back tomorrow and get more cream and oil since it was on sale and the oil was 25% off! These are definitely things I will need for recovery! Even after I come home!

Purchased more cream and oil

Bought two more tubes of arnicare massage cream and Palmer oil it was still on sale..... I think before the week is over I will go get one more bundle or cream and oil lol I'm not playing about this recovery ish!!!! Also next week I will start purchasing silicone gel sheets! I'm prone to keloids and hypertrophic scars so I have to prepare for this scar!!!

Updated supplies

Final count down

I can't believe I have 14 days left!!!!! I'm so excited

The breakdown

My break down

10 day countdown

Sooooo ladies!! The countdown begins!!!! I have 10 days and each night I find it harder and harder to sleep! Here are some of my recent purchases and updates! So I registered with the embassy and will be getting my tourists card tomorrow! I purchased a external battery pack from groupon for my phone and Beats headphones so that I'm never without my phone or music lol! I purchased nipple ring retainers so that my nipples won't close during surgery and recovery! I purchased mosquito repellent bands from groupon. I got 10 for 16.99 they last 100 hours each. So hopefully I don't get bit by anything!

Im talking a small purse with just enough room for my ID, passport, medical insurance card, sx related documents,emergency contact information and money!

I'm going to pack my carry on bag and this is what it will consist of.....

Phone charger
Headphone charger
External battery pack
A few snacks
Compression socks
Pair of sandals
Two dresses
Two pairs of underwear and sports bra
Two undershirts
Stage two faja

This is if my bag get lost or delayed I'm not without my essential supplies!

This is also the bag I'm taking with me on surgery day!

Ladies let me know if I should add anything else to my carry on bag....

I have confirmed all prices with DrBaez and Maria recovery house and have screenshots of our conversations to reference to incase someone tries to get slick and ask for more money! Always have proof of everything ladies including deposits! Other that that I'm ready to go!!! I heard for international flights it's best to arrive 2 hours early? Have you ladies heard of this?

Updated packing list

Carry on (backpack)

Chargers phone and beats
Extra battery pack
Two pairs of undies
Two sports bra
Two undershirts
Two maxi dresses
Stage two faja
Meds (pain meds)
Tube of arnica cream
House socks
Compression socks
Sx related documents (money transfer)

This is if my bag gets lost or delay I will still have my essentials

My suitcase has

3maxi dresses
3 undershirts
Meds (allergy,sleep aid,stool softener, gas x, antacids,more arnica cream, body oil for massage,sunburn relief for lipo)
Ab board
Back board
Flip flops
Robe w/pocket
Surgery binder
Waist cincher
Extra faja stage two
Ice pack for discomfort (optional)
Two wash cloths
Boppy pillow
Mosquito repellent and bands
3 outlet plug (for my chargers)
Squeeze bottle (to heat water up and wash my self :) lol)
Extra gloves 10 pairs
Medical Tape for tummy tuck

I think that's all

I will be carrying a small cross body purse
With only my passport, emergency contact information, cash and ID nothing else no other cards or documents

Remember this is my personal list

I will do another review after I come back of what I actually needed and if I used everything

8 days left until I'm a official doll

I have 8 days left and excited is a complete understatement!!!! I have wanted this for years!!!!! I'm so happy I can barley sleep! It's all I think about lol!!! I'm going to feel so much better about myself! I'm ready for this!!! My husband is so supportive he took time off work to watch our beautiful three boys! He gave me the money without hesitation and said here do this for you! He expressed to be that in his I'm perfect and always have been since we were 13 years old! But wants me to feel what he sees!!!! He said I gave him his children and that he understands what it took for them to be here and he appreciates the selflessness that I showed to get them here healthy! ( I had hard pregnancies with all three I was high risk) I love him more that words can say! He even started buying me clothes lol I didn't even know! I love this man with all my heart! We have been together 15 years married for 10 and he never ceases to amaze me! Sorry for the spill of emotions lol but I had to get that out!

Lawd it's getting real!!!

Well ladies i'm counting down the days and I'm starting to get nervous not scared but more nervous energy on making the last few preparations and getting my house together I'm nervous about leaving my children although I know they're in good care with my husband...their dad Im still.....just nervous about leaving them for such a long time. I'm packed and ready to go. I spoke to the doctor and I will be getting chin lipo and Arm lipo as well....she told me that she does not provide surgical garments for the chin as well as the arms so I bought some ace bandage is for medium compression. I got the ones that have Velcro and I will be using that for compression. Also I have started doubling up on my iron and blood builders twice a day I take a total of 107 mg of iron along with the rest of my supplements hopefully I can get my hemo to a 15!!!

International charges

So here's my plan to communicate with my family while I am in the Dominican republic I also had my family members that did not have an iPhone to download the app called whatsapp so that we can communicate


Soooooo starting last week I started doubling up on my iron and eating high iron foods along with 1000 mg of vitamin C today I will be drinking beat Carrie in banana juice until I leave I'll so I will be eating collard greens every single day with Salmon and eggs with green juice for breakfast and red meat for dinner!!! I want aggressive liposuction and I'm going to do anything to get it lol

It's time!!!! Officially going to be a Baez doll

I'm here at the airport!!!!! I board in about 40 minutes!!!! I will keep you ladies posted

Safe in the DR

Hey ladies I do I arrived in the Dominican republic earlier today! I'm going to give you a quick rundown of how everything went down is soon as I got to the Dominican republic I have to turn in a form that they had given us on the plane it was two forms they took my fingerprints and they took my picture then from there I got my luggage went through customs . And soon as I hit the other side of customs there was a driver waiting for me with my name on a piece of paper ready to take me to the recovery house I am staying at the tropical recovery house with Miss Ruth it is absolutely amazing from the Fowlers moment I saw her I knew that she was going to be an excellent caregiver I originally put a deposit down at Maria's however a friend of mine is been a Marie's and have told me that she is not having such a great experience I ask Maria for my deposit back and she said that she would return from the airport I was taking to the recovery house and from the recovery house I was taking him to the doctors office to do my paperwork after I did my paperwork menu well man you' deposit back and she said that she would return from the airport I was taking to the recovery house and from the recovery house I was taking him to the doctors office to do my paperwork after I did my paperwork.... I was taking to go get my labs done and the lady was very proficient me she drew my blood and looking at her I got a chest x-ray and I saw a cardiologist from there I went back to the doctors office where they would explain to me the risk of having surgery on my paperwork in Miss Ruth daughter came to pick me back up I'm back at the recovery House I have a dinner there was a light dinner it was grilled fish and veggies in it was amazing ... I'm about to take a shower and eat another small meal because I was told that I won't eat until 6 pm tomorrow


Good morning just getting up I'm about to take a shower,meditate and pray and I'm on my way to the clinic. I will meet the doctor and get ready for surgery. I will upd ASAP

I made it

Thank u for all the prayers and best wishes I will update ASAP I'm still very swollen and heavily padded and in pain

I love my scar

She gave me a really nice scar it is very even and I definitely am very happy I chose her


Tomorrow I will do updates from arrival until now thank you all for being so patient with me

Okay ladies update

In my previous post I explained what I have to do once I got on my connecting flight from New Jersey to Santo Domingo the flight was very good they gave me two pieces of paper one was information on why I was visiting the country and the other information it was just basic information and contact information ..... Tell them that you are there for vacation and make sure you have the address to the recovery house you will be stay at!! They will not let you go past customs without it . after I got off the plane I went to a booth on the right-hand side to get my tourist card I paid $10 cash

next to that both in the airport is currency exchange so if you want to exchange some of your US dollars for Dominican pesos you can do that at that time after that your next stop will be customs.

I went through customs they took my picture and they took my fingerprints and looked at my passport.

From there you will get your baggage and then go through what's called a luggage custom when they match up your ID with Luggage.

You will be locked in his long hallway to get to the other side which on that side is the actual airport at that time wherever you're staying at the recovery House driver should meet you there.

my recovery has driver was waiting there with a piece of paper for me so I knew who to look for one because it had my name on it from the airport you took me to the recovery house I was there maybe about 30 minutes and then he took me to my doctors office for paperwork and my labs

From there I came back to the recovery house ate dinner and showered and waiting on my lab results

The doctor text me and let me know who my levels and what time to point to the clinic in the morning

I have to report to the clinic at 6:30 in the morning clock for 530 I got up took a shower and then left with the driver I took my backpack which had a couple dresses,wipes, socks, pads, snacks and toiletries you don't need much. I'm telling you know applesauce pouches saved my life lol!!!

When I to the clinic I waited in the waiting room to meet with the nurse who took my vitals signs in some more contact information as well as short medical history.

From there I was taking upstairs to be prepped for surgery I changed into a surgery gown and waited for the doctor to come she came in she was very nice and asked me what was I looking to achieve we discussed what I wanted to achieve then, she marked me up and took pictures and at that time after I was marked the Final payment was given

She asked me did I have any valuables that I wanted to lock up so I gave her my iPad purse and passport and she kept it with her ...she literally put it in her purse and locked in a way which I was very happy about.

Then the anesthesiologist came in and explained to me the risk that come along with anesthesia and asked me for a short medical history ....from there I was giving the blue peel and I couldn't even tell you how I made it to the operating room because then the anesthesiologist came in and explained to me that come along with anesthesiologist and asked me I short medical history from there I was giving the blue peel and I couldn't tell u how I got to the operation room lol it knocked me out! I remember was being moved from one gurney to another lol

Now here is what I do remember!!! WAKING UP!!!!!! Lol I woke up during my back lipo and told them to give me more meds in Spanish and before I knew it I was out!

The next time I woke up I was in the recovery room....I wasn't in any pain I was just shocked and blessed that I made it! I gave praise to the lord and went back to sleep!

My overnight nurse Carina was amazing!!!! I didn't want for anything and she took care of me like a baby! I threw up from the aftermath effects of the anesthesia and she cleaned me up! She never once acted as if I was the inconvenience or that I was getting on her nerves she was always there and even held my hand when I cried. I never had to look for her every time I open my eyes she was there she slept on the couch next to me. The next morning she washed me up with my wipes help me brush my teeth and then the doctor came in to look at my incision and look at my bruising . A wheelchair was brought to my room and I was given the OK to go back to the recovery house.

When I got back to the recovery of the house everyone was waiting on me with open arms in congratulating me on my surgery I have a medical bed which I feel is a great thing to have because it helps you not use your stomach muscles and your arms because you're very sore ...if you could get a medical bed Ask for one!

They helped me get in the bed and props me up with pillows to make me comfortable I was very uncomfortable with the pain however I knew that this was a part of the process. My doctor is very detail on how she wants things done so I was giving vitamins to drink twice a day which is very nasty you deathly are going to need a chaser to drink them as well is one iron infusion a day for three days !

Every day they wash me up from head to toe change my Faja and help me with whatever I need! It is very clean here they sweep and mop and change your bed every day. The food is amazing and they always ask you if you need some help! My next review will be on the rooms and pictures of the house and my first visit to Baez. I'm on my way now thanks ladies I hope this helps

Well well well

I made it to my doctor page.... She just showed me...

Home and happy

I arrived home Friday night at midnight and the flight for me was not good coming home I didn't feel well the whole time I traveled from the Dominican republic to my home state. I was so happy to get home I can't even explain how happy I was my feet were swollen three times the size I had never seen my feet That big before even after pregnancy even after breaking my foot I had never seen my foot that swollen before. I had wheelchair service at every airport and for every connecting flight ladies this is a must! The first thing I did when I got home took a shower I took the longest shower known to mankind I actually think I ran out all the hot water Lol!!!! It felt so good reminds you you don't get to take a shower while you're there you get to wash up every day but it's nothing like immersing you're gone tire body and some water! After that my husband and I attempted to put on my Faja which was a mess in itself however we got it on and it was super tight ...I propped myself up on some pillows and for the most part got a decent night of rest. All day Saturday it was very hard for me to get around I was very stiff and very very sore I took another shower and at that time put the prescribed a cream on my incisions cleaned my bellybutton stuffed it with the gauze and tape it and checked all of my incisions everything seems to be healing nicely. The only discomfort I have is the hall from my back Jane it just burns really really bad and now everything is starting to harden mom has been gives me my massages they are very uncomfortable however I have to get through them because I don't want any scar tissue what we do is use vitamin E oil and Arnica gel and then we using the ultrasonic massager.

Baez office

Beautiful Baez
Here are some pictures and a short clip of the doctors office


here are some recent pictures of my journey the black dress I tried on 13 days post op I have one no surgical garment and no undergarment so this is the way my body is shape ! I'm very happy with my results! Also some pic of my new bbl I only got my hips done because I already had my own projection ! The doctor added 600cc to each side


I will update this evening ladies I haven't forgotten about you at all just trying to recover and get back to life thanks for your patience and support


OK ladies here are my updates so two weeks after surgery I was having some excessive swelling and liquid in my stomach I went to the emergency room and had a bunch of test taken including a CAT scan and found out that in abscess in one side of my stomach in a seroma on the other side of my stomach they admitted me and I had to have surgery the next day where they drained the abscess and gave me antibiotics and I was released after day three... I came home on antibiotics and pain medicine and now doing much better don't have any fluid in my stomach just a little bit of swelling in my lower belly I have a lot of swelling in my back however I still love my results and everything looking good my scars healing up nicely and my stitches are dissolving my back drain opening was the only thing that was bothering me. I switched over to my compression garment that I was after surgery because I cut the butt out of my stage 2 compression garment and it was uncomfortable because I had so much swelling in my back... Once I some of my swelling goes down maybe in a week or so I will return to it. I think the abscess came from the infected water from being sponge bathe in the DR. I don't think my surgeon was to blame for that but it's just my opinion. It was a small bump in the road to recovery but everything is perfect now and I'm still glad I did it! Yesterday was my first day with just a waist trainer on for a few hours then I immediately returned to my faja after church. I'm glad I didn't get anything else done that way I could focus on my body healing in certain area versus all over. I will post pictures today I hope this helps

Arnica tea

I have started drinking arnica tea to see if it will help my lower back swelling I will drink it three times a day and hopefully it will work


So I'm drinking the Tea and def could see and it seems to be helping in addition to still taking my supplements I have switched back to my stage two faja with the butt cut out and it is definitely helping my back swelling and give me more definition I wearing my ab bored which is helping the swelling in my belly go down and I have no healing problems and everything is going do much better! I have started my silicon sheets for my scar today so I'm excited to see it fade even more


Updates.... I'm back in the gym just doing light cardio and light weights.... I'm still very sore and stiff but it helps to move around. Still getting massages and it helps! Ladies don't stop those massages!! Everything is healing well and I am getting better everyday


Hey ladies tomorrow I will be doing updates I haven't forgotten about you all :)

Baez Doll first night out

Worth money and pain lol
Hey ladies this is a video from my first night out as an official Baez Barbie I hope you like it it was so worth the pain the struggle in the healing process

Updated pics

Hey ladies I haven't forgot about you here are some updated pictures I have been featured on her page at least four times I'm very happy with my results I'm actually thinking about doing a round two for some additional light though with breast lift and small implant


Feeling myself 5months po
Hey ladies I am 5 months post op I still have swelling in my abdomen from time to time if I go to long without my compression and ab board to long the longest I have been without my compression garment is one week and my stomach was bloated and swollen and hurting.... Every few days I take a gas pill to help relieve the pressure in my tummy. I have switched over to a pescetarian diet and I have noticed I am leaner when I have this diet. I have been doing this for about 90 days so I have seen a change. I hope this helps someone. I wear a zip waist trainer when I feel like it lol so really do not have a right to me when it comes to that however I feel like it's more comfortable when I wear the zip one
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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