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Hi I'm getting a TT,BBL & Lipo hopefully. I...

Hi I'm getting a TT,BBL & Lipo hopefully. I say hopefully only because I'm worried about my hemo level rite now it 11.4 so we'll see. I'm on this site to hopefully find a SX sister and travel buddy because I might be going alone. I'm extra juiced and scared as hell all at the same time but I guess that's normal. I had bypass in 2012 so the pain doesn't scare me if I got thru that this shouldn't be much worst maybe if someone can compare the too for me that would be great anyways I've lost 105 lbs so this has to be the next chapter in my "book"

Got my date

Yesterday Dr. Robles confirmed my Nov. 3 2016 date ???????????????????????????????????????????????? shit just got all the way real

Not a good pill popper

I hate taking pills does anyone have a good schedule for all these mess lol

Come on hemo come on

Up Up & Away

Flight Booked Ya'll

Virginia's Recovery House

Does anyone know how to get in contact with them

Sx Sister

Omggg I found one y'all she's having surgery on the same day with the same Dr. and she speak Spanish how perfect is that. I was so scared to go alone God is good


Moving along

I just got an email from Laura letting me no who will pick me up ooooomggggg y'all I just got so nervous someone please calm me down

Prayer Worriers

I'm starting to get so nervous I could hardly sleep last nite dreaming about my surgery. This hemo thing has me so stressed out I'm more worried about that then anything else I would hate to get all the way down there and can't get everything done

Up up and away

It's here yesssssss

36 days

This is all I can think about I need another CBC and I'm trying to get one except my Dr is sweating me about why I need so many. What I really wanted to tell her is hey I pay enough for health insurance every month just give me my damn blood work. Is anyone else out there 30 days or less???

Another CBC

Off to get another one y'all wish me luck I need these numbers to go up.
Pss I ask my Dr at Kaiser to clear me for surgery and of course she won't because it's not a Kaiser Dr such BS


Well I got my CBC back and can u believe after all this shit I'm taking my hemo has not moved 1 point I feel like crying rite now. After everything and as hard as I've worked to get here I want all my work done I no safety first but this shit sucks. This was me 2012 I need some help I'm on that sss tonic , 3 vitron 3* day and folic, vit c/ b what else am I missing

Wanting a private nurse

Does anyone know of a good private nurse I could hire while I'm out there after surgery

On my liver hype y'all

Please hemooooooo come up lol

Highclass RH

Has any dolls stayed there how did you feel about it


I can't wait until I no longer need spanks lol

Hurry up already

Sooooo Stressed Out

My period has been soooooo long this time not to mention my dads in the hospital I need some good words of encouragement. I'm really starting to second guess myself

Done shopping

I'm not spending no more money lol all this stuff is adding up

Another CBC

Got another one today y'all please pray for me 2weeks left

Hemo uppppp

Omggggggggg my hemo up to 12.4 I feel like crying I'm sooo happy 2 more weeks let's see where it goes

Packed and ready to go

Hopefully I don't forget anything

2 days left and I'm out

I'm so nervous y'all I can hardly stand it

On my way

I'm sitting here at the airport so much is going thru my mind I got not sleep last nite worried about everything. It's going to take me all day to get to the DR but once I'm there msnewbooty

Ps feeling alone rite now I no I'm not but traveling with someone would have been so much better

Finally in the DR

Hey dolls I wanted to post something about yesterday before I got to behind myself my flight was long but great . I'm staying at Highclass RH so Manny my driver was rite there to pick me up sign and all I kinda felt special seeing that lol vain I no but it's the little things rite now. Anywoo back to my review it is hot ass hell here be prepared if you come during this time. Speaking on that this is the slow season for them so I'm the only girl here until today when my Sx sister gets here and my other girl who had Sx on Monday said she's the only one at her RH I like it that way all the attention is on me rite now On my way! To Dr Robles To be continued

Highclass Recovery

Surgery Tomorrow

It's finally here y'all got my ekg, blood work, and X-ray done this morning everything look good so Dr Robles is taking me a day early which is good because I'm a nervous wreak. I haven't seen the Dr yet but I'll see her in the morning before surgery. Highclass Rh so far have been amazing they treat you like royalty and it's very clean and when I got back from the clinic they were cleaning that a good sign. It took me about 4 hrs to do everything mostly because traffic is horrible here and the driving omggggggggg. You do all your labs in one place and Dr Robles office is somewhere different. There is a language barrier but a lot of people speak English and you will find at least one person that can help you out I haven't used my translation app yet here's more pics and if anyone has questions feel free to ask



Pics won't upload

Sorry Dolls for some reason they won't upload I don't no why surgery in the morning they bumb me up a day keep me in your prayers

Surgery Cancelled

Omg UTI wtf is the luck in that luckily Dr Robles gave me some medicine that works in 1day so surgery is back on tomorrow sorry for no picture for some reason they won't upload


Pics I hope they upload


Sx time

Plastic Center

Everything is so clean here and it smells really good so far my experience has been good from the beginning.The ladies here are so sweet and they all come to work in 6in heels straight divas

Popped the blue pill

Ready to go

1 day post op

Wide load lol

Queen of Tummy Tucks

Oxygen Therapy

On my way home

Hey y'all sorry I haven't updated in a while once I get home I will the wifi is is horrible so my pic won't upload for the first time I've felt better still not 100% be I would say 50% half the day I feel good 50% not so good

No doing good today

After traveling a total of 12hrs my body is not doing good I'm so stiff and I've had a headache for 2 days hopefully I feel better tomorrow

Before / 9 days Post OP

Feeling like shit but I love my results so far

25 days post op

Preop / 25 days postop

30 post op

3 months post op

4 months post op

Looking for a travel buddy 5/1/17-5/6/17 Miami Fl

4 months post op

Before & After

Before & After

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Things are moving fast I put my deposit down just waiting to here from them now

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