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I've decided to get a mommy makeover as a gift for...

I've decided to get a mommy makeover as a gift for my 40th birthday. I have two kids ages 15 and 10. I'm 160 lbs and 5'7". I am in the entertainment business. Therefore I am always conscience about my appearance. I am at my heaviest weight now. I've always maintained a my weight between 145 - 150 lbs. Although I maintained a slim structure I was cursed with love handles and a little pot belly.

I had my first consultation for a tummy tuck eight years ago, however that money was used to open a business. I've since close the business down due to the economic down turn. Now I've resumed my interest in obtaining my mommy makeover. I've received five quoted from the south florida area and one quote locally on the island. All the quotes I've received ranged from $12,000 - 16,000. I was getting discouraged and was considering getting the procedures done on separate occasions.

Then I came across real self and found hope. I've read many of the stories here and started inquiring about the Dominican Republic. I contacted Dr Robles via email and received a quote within 24 hours. I was extremely impressed and excited about the all inclusive package they offer for medical tourism. I've scheduled my procedure date for March 2013. I have also changed my eating habits and increased my workout schedule in order to get back to my regular weight of 150 lbs.

I am having a tummy tuck + lipo to side + breast lift. I wear 36C, don't want to go bigger, but would love to have perky breast. So far I've only told my mother and live-in boy friend. I have both of there support. I plan to have the procedure done while my kids are away over the Easter holiday. I am feeling extremely excited and nervous. But this is something I've wanted for a very long time and finally I am making it happen. I will continue to post about my journey and I am sooo happy I found this website.

Twenty (20) weeks and counting. I've started my...

Twenty (20) weeks and counting. I've started my workout. So far I've lost four pound. Now the task is to keep it off. I've changed my eating habits. I've stop eating bread, pasta and rice and limiting my salt and sugar intake. I've also started drinking 2 liters of water per day. this is a first for me as I've sometimes went a whole day without drinking water. I am motivated more than ever to try and stay fit before the Big Day.

Nineteen (19) weeks and counting. I celebrated my...

Nineteen (19) weeks and counting. I celebrated my 40th, Birthday yesterday. Many of my friends wondered why I was so happy about turning 40. They don't know about my journey and will find out after the surgery. I am the smallest (in size) of my closest girl friends. When I'm dressed my imperfections are completely hidden. They won't understand why I'm doing this, I don't need any negativity. I am now down to 154 lbs, almost at my goal weight of 150 lbs. My work schedule was quite busy for the past two weeks so I was unable to go to the gym. However I will begin on Monday. I received my final quote from Dr. Robles. This is all beginning to feel real to me. The next step is to purchase my plane ticket. I hope everyone is healing well!!

Week eighteen (18). I have been following many of...

Week eighteen (18). I have been following many of the journey's on this site. The recommendations from the ladies who've already had there MM is priceless. I have learned so much this past week just by following the comments and suggestions. My motivation is through the roof as it relates to my work out and proper eating habits. However I'm taking a little break tomorrow to enjoy my christmas dinner with my family and friend. I plan to be careful and not over eat. Merry Christmas everyone and have a safe and bless holiday!!!

Seventeen (17) weeks to go. This past week, I...

Seventeen (17) weeks to go. This past week, I kept up with my work out program. I took some adivce from one of the ladies on realself and added resistance training such as squats, flutter kicks and lounges. I reached a personal goal today of 100 crunches. Haa me!! My Pre Op New years resolution is to continue to drink 2ltrs of water per day, take my vitamins, jog 3mile 4 times per week, weight train in gym 3 times per week eat as healthy as possible and Maintain my goal weight of 150lbs. I'm not there yet. Its New Years Eve, my last night to party and eat junk. To all the wonderful ladies on Realself, have a happy, healthy and wonderful New Year.

Oops, I made a mistake with my countdown. I...

Oops, I made a mistake with my countdown. I started my countdown on December 9th, 2012 and calculated 20 weeks before my surgery date. Wrong, it was actually sixteen (16) weeks before my durgery.

Therefore I have twelve (12) weeks to go. Ah this sounds a lot better. So far my communication with Dr. Robles Assistant Laura has been very good. On November 28, 2012 I received from Laura a Plastic Surgery Book. It has fourteen (14) pages and covers the Pre Op guide line. There are eight easy steps.

1. consultation
2 Send your information and pictures
3 Get and estimate
4. Get a Quote
5. Buy a flight ticket
6. Do a CBC test
7. Arrive to Dominican Republic
8. Surgery

I am at #5. Purchased my ticket January 3rd, 2013. I've changed my surgery date to March 26th, 2013. I will be there for a total of fourteen (14) days. I hope this would be enough time to have the drains removed. My surgery is scheduled for Tuesday March 26th, 2013 at 12:00pm. The next step is to have the CBC test done. I'm making arrangements this week.

New years eve was my last day to pit out. Now I've resumed my healthy eating habits. I am striving to continue my work out routeen. I've also started to make the green juice that one of the ladies have suggested, it taste pretty good!

Week Six (6)!! I sent my CBC results to laura. ...

Week Six (6)!! I sent my CBC results to laura. Her reply was that my results looked exellent. That really made my day. I've reached my goal weight of 150 lbs.. yaaaa. I just have to maintain it for the next six weeks. My next step is to order my supplies. I'm so excited. Happy healing everyone!!!

Well i'm counting down the days. Twenty (27) days...

Well i'm counting down the days. Twenty (27) days to go. Excited,excited,excited!!! I received an email from laura stating that many of the ladies are taking multi vitamins that contain vitamin A or E, and requested that they stop as soon as possible because they increase blood loss during surgery. However the vitamedica AM and PM suppliments both have vitamin A. To be on the safe side I have ordered only the Bromelain w/ Quercatin and Arnica Montano. Laura said they were safe once vitamin's A or E weren't present. I am in the process of ordering my supplies.

13 days to goooo! I have the majority of my...

13 days to goooo! I have the majority of my supplies. My only issue is that the incentive spirometer I purchased online was damaged. I can't find one locally and it would not be shipped to the island in time before I travel to DR. I will try to super glue the pieces back together. Hope it works. I have managed to maintain my goal weight so far. I am addicted to my scale. I weight myself everyday. Below are the supplies i've purchased.

4 summer dresses
1 incentive spirometer (damaged)
1 compression open toe stocking
3 Cotton Tank top
4 granny panties
3 Adult Underwear
maxi pads
feminine wipes
VitaMedica Healing support
Stool softner
Mouth wash/tooth paste/t-brush/deodorant
Safequard Antibacterial soap

Items need:
flat shoes
yoga pants (for travel home)
Face towels
combination lock (secure cash)

Happy healing and blessings to all ladies going through there journies!!

Four (4) days to goooo!! Super excited and scared...

Four (4) days to goooo!! Super excited and scared. I've gathered several valuable information on this site to assist with my journey. I have purchased all of my supplies. Just waiting on time. I have spoken with laura about the on going complaints at the Recovery house, and she has assured me that the matter is being fixed as we speak. I can only take here at here word, but will see once i'm over there. I have actually passed my goal weight of 150 and I'm presently 146 lbs. I started at 160 lbs. Haaaayyy!! I have entered a 5k race on Saturday, I'm no athlete but love to workout. There will be a health fair after the race so I'm looking forward to getting a FREE check up. This will be my final workout before I leave on Monday. I've started this journey in november of last year, and it's so amazing the amount of information I've learned in these few months. I am extremely greatfull to have found Realself. Reading about the journey's from the many ladies that's traveled to DR has prepared me for this journey. I am mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for this. However I will keep an open mind as there's always the unexpected the pops up. I will be travelling alone from the Bahamas. This has started to become a concern for me because many of the other ladies suggested that someone else travels along to assist after surgery. This is not a options for me so I pray to god that I get through this safely without complications.

How the time flies. I leave for DR tomorrow...

How the time flies. I leave for DR tomorrow morning at 7:30am. Anxious, excited and scared. I completed my 5k road race yesterday and it felt good. I got a mini health check up after the race, weight 146 lbs, waist 28 inches, height 5' 7", blood pressure normal normal. All packed and ready go. I also started taking the vitamedica recovery supplements. Just a matter of hours before I'm over to the flat side!!!!

I made it to the flatside on Tuesday 26th, March...

I made it to the flatside on Tuesday 26th, March 2013. I would like to thank all of the many wonderful ladies of realself for your valuable information and honest posts about your journey. I was missing for a while because I was totally focused on my recovery.

I arrived in DR on Monday 25th march 2013. My flight was on time. I looked for the tourist line and purchased the card for $10. I then went outside of the airport to look for the driver holding a card with my name. I walked around for about 15 minutes and did not find him. I then got my cell phone to call laura only for find out that I had no service. I started to panic because I had no way of reaching the Clinic. A gentleman approached me and asked if I needed a taxi and I said no and kept looking for the driver. The gentlemen noticed that I was in distress and offered to lend me his cell phone. I then called laura and told her that the driver is not at the airport. She said that she would call leo and then call me back. 10 minutes passed and I called here again. Laura said that Leo was at the airport. The gentlemen that loan me his phone knew Leo and call him over to where I was standing. Leo then told me he was at the airport at 12:30, I told him my flight departed at 12:30. Hence the mix-up with the timing.

Leo took me to the Clinic. There I met Laura, she apologize for the confusion. She then told me that Raquel will be taking me to the examining room for tests. Laura gave me admission forms to fill out. I checked into my room at the clinic. then went back to the office to sign and initial the forms for my various procedures. I paid for my surgery and was given a receipt. I took all of the necessary tests and waited for the results.

Then came the bad news. My levels had dropped. I was in total shock. I thought I had done everything right. I took the vitamins, drank 2 liters of water per pay, exceeded my goal weight and in total lost 15lbs. However I had my period before I came and Raquel said that could be a factor. Dr. Robles said that I would have to choose between the breast lift and the tummy tuck. She recommended I have the tummy tuck, so I went with her recommendation. Doctor Robles then marked my side and waist area for the lipo and tummy tuck.

Around 8:00 am tuesday morning a nurse came into my room and gave me a package with a gown, cap, feet covers and told me to get ready for my surgery. I took a shower, wash my hair and brushed my teeth. I waited for about an hour and a half, the nurse never returned so i called the nurse's station. She replied that the doctor will send for me when its time. At 12:00 noon the nurse came to my room and gave me a blue pill, and took me in a wheelchair to the operating room. I sat on the bed and the nurse place the IV in my hand. That was the last thing I remembered. I woke up around 5pm in my room with compression garment on and a Male doctor standing over me. He checked my pulse. I drifted off to sleep.

The nurses constantly checked on me throughout the night, placing pain med in my Iv. The next morning Dr. Robles came in to see me. She adjusted my bed to the correct position. Checked my scare and said everything looks good. The male doctor came in and told me not to move. I told him i needed to pee, he then showed me the catheter that was place for my urine. The nurse bought my breakfast and removed the catheter. It burned a little as it was being removed. Raquel came and told me that I would be discharged today. And Leo would take me to the recovery house. The nurse then came for a final time and showed me how to walk bent over. I walked around in the room a few times. Then got ready for when Leo arrived.

Laura called and told me that a patient asked to stay an extra day at Virginia's recovery house and wanted to know if it was okay with me. I said yes. She said I would be at another recovery house for one day and then taken to Virginia's.

The recovery house I stayed at was very clean. The ladies did not speak English. However we were able to communicate with hand gestures. The nurse came at 5:00pm and was there all night. She spoke very little english. But was pleasant and emptied my drain. She checked on me throughout the night.

Thursday I arrived at virginia's recovery house. She immediately got my med and organised them. Helped me to my room and made sure I was comfortable. My stay at virginia's recovery house was simply fantastic. She is very attentive. the food was delicious. I actually looked forward to every meal. My roommate made my stay so enjoyable. She was the life of the entire house. All of the ladies bonded together. Even though we were going through our various oohh's and ahh's pains we made the best of it.

I am presently 14 days post op. My drain came out yesterday. We went to use the toilet, when I stood up it was on the floor. I felt nothing. I have swelling on my lower stomach. Will post pic this week. Overall I had a pretty good recovery. No nausea, vomiting, constipation. I pooped the first day and was regular every day. My legs were swollen for about a week. I drank water constantly day and night and walked after every meal. I saw my back for the first time yesterday. No more love handles. Even though I was disappointed about not getting my breast lift, I am very satisfied with my results.

3 Months Post Op

I am very satisfied with my results. My recovery has been wonderful. I've resumed my workout which is limited to jogging for now. I haven't started any abdominal exercise yet. I am enjoying my new body and plan to have my breast lift in October.
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