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In early 2012, I made the decision to have...

In early 2012, I made the decision to have cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic. I chose surgery there because I had undergone cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic eight years prior and I loved the care I received there in comparison to here in the United States. I chose Dr Bello because she is a bariatric surgeon as well as a plastic surgeon. I had lost a lot of weight from bariatric surgery and I needed a cosmetic surgeon who had experience performing surgery on lap band patients. I viewed her website, emailed her, attached my pictures and proceeded to set the date of my arrival in the Dominican Republic for March of 2013. I opted for the all inclusive package which included my accomodations at the recovery house for two weeks. Dr Bello called me and advised me to maintain a healthy lifestyle in preparation for surgery. She told me what I should eat, what vitamins to take and what my levels should be in order for her to perform surgery on me. She made it clear that she would not do the surgery if I was not in good health. She was extremely professional, kind and patiently answered every question I asked. The telephone conversation left me with even more confidence in my decision to have her perform the surgery.

When I arrived at Dr Bello’s beautiful Santo Domingo Plastic Center I was immediately greeted by her friendly administrative staff and they led me to the testing area. While waiting to be tested, Dr Bello entered that area to give me a hug and the warmest welcome. After testing, the staff served me lunch and showed me to my beautiful room.

Early the next morning, Dr Bello’s staff thoroughly prepped me for surgery. Dr Bello marked the areas on my body for surgery and I was transported to the waiting area near the operating room. While in the waiting area, I was administered one last test and moved on to surgery. When I woke up from surgery, Dr Bello called my name and stated “you are going to love your body.” She was right; I really do love my body. Dr Bello performed a tummy tuck, breast reduction, liposuction and fat transfer to my buttocks. I am extremely pleased with the results even though I am still in the healing process. Dr Bello is truly a blessing because her work has changed my life dramatically. I never thought I would have the body of my dreams and now I have a hot body.

In November, I plan to go back and get work done on my overly large flabby arms which has been a problem for years. I am so excited to go back to see the beautiful Dr Bello and her wonderful staff at the Santo Domingo Plastic Center.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I highly recommend Dr Yvelise Bello Paredes to anyone looking to have surgery done. She clearly loves what she does, takes her job very seriously and it shows in her excellent work.

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