Mother Age 41 in Need of a Mmo Thigh Lift and Arm Lift Lost over 100 Lbs. Dominican Republic, DO

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Still have not done procedure yet deposit with...

Still have not done procedure yet deposit with Manon but will do a consult to secure my choice. Love Disla ,Manon, Almonte, Robles and Lima watching Carbaral as well but cipla rep and bad wrap scares me . I have received quotes from all these doctors as well as Medina, a few doctors in Colombia and Mexico. I have been researching for over a year now and found this process to be frustrating, stressful, and emotional. I watch real self, IG, and in most Facebook plastics groups like it's an obsession. You become so unsure of your choice the more work u see from different surgeons. I even started researching up and coming doctors Dr. Luis Mejia-Diaz, Dr. Fransico Rodriguez ,Dra Katherine Camilo and a host of others they have been surgeons awhile are good but off the "poplar" radar. There are so many amazing doctors in the DR I've decided to go early to do consults. I've only been offered a mmo by two doctors Lima and Manon and In all honesty I need the most for my money round one as round two And three are in my future as I need extensive work done. I don't wAnt a super model body I just want to look in a mirror and like what I see or be comfortable in my own skin. I've been heavy all my life so this will be the first time I ever seen My body less the 150 lbs in my life. My heaviest weight was 256 and I'm 5'1 and now weight between 146-153 (changes all month between these weights). On this surgery journey, I've found that some doctors or they assistants will lie to get you to book with the Doctor And that they have people in the FAcebook groups and IG recruiting surgery with promises to give them free or reduced procedures. There are mean vets and nice ones. Some will share everything and some will talk about u And poke fun in private chats about newbies. I say do your own research and stalk and read everything. Offer info to others and only then will you get respected and maybe some support And even allies. I'm always quiet And helpful but always observing . Be careful and cautious dolls and ask questions about your health. If you are considering any plastics be it in DR , US or anywhere research research research And ask aNy and every question you have no matter how it stupid it may sound. Don't play with your life or health. Welcome to my journey. Hope to see you guys on the flat side.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Have not spoken to doctor but in communication with his assistant Diana. Staff is responsive and attentive so far

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