MOMMYMAKEOVER 42 Y.O. SELFCONCIOUS Mother of 4 Oldest 25, Youngest 8 MONTHS. Yily??? - Dominican Republic

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42 Y.O. Mother of 4 who've been very self...

42 Y.O. Mother of 4 who've been very self conscious of my stomach since I was 17. I worked out and got my stomach as flat as I possibly can but my SKIN nor STRETCH MARKS isn't going anywhere. I'm looking to have a tummytuck, bbl, and breast augmentation. I have many questions. I'll start with the 1st. Please look at my pictures and tell me if you think I'm a good candidate. My main focus is my stomach. Do you think I could get that flat hour glass figure waist? Do I have enough fat for a booty I described below? I hate my boobs/areola. I NEVER EVER take off my bra unless I'm bathing. I want those done as well. Like I said, my main focus is my stomach. I'm very realistic although I want a tiny ass waist with some hips and a DONK.... ???????? LOL, Seriously though, I want a big naturally rounded with projection booty. I plan on having surgery early March 2016 with Dr Yily. Please post your comments questions or concerns.


Anyone going to Dr Yily or had any procedures with her. I'm getting nervous. Please post your comments and before /after pictures. I'm also going trying to get more information and pictures from those who are going with Dr Fernandez Goico.


I'm having a problem sending my deposit for Dr Yily. My credit union insist that the IBAN number should have 28 numbers instead of 15. Below is what I received from Dr Yily's office. I'm sure it's my bank. Any advice??

MY DATE IS SET ????????????

FINALLY...Deposit is made. Date is confirmed. Anyone going to Dr Yily or having their surgery on or around March 2016? Any advice, or suggestions from those who already had surgery or having it? I'm a little concerned about the pain meds that's prescribed. From the meds listed in Yily's email, the pain meds may be only as strong as motrin. I'm a nurse and I give some of the listed meds daily to my surgical patients for minor pain. Usually given 3 to 5 days out of surgery. I usually have a high tolerance for pain but I'm not super woman. I'm having a few procedures done. And I want to at least be able to sleep.

Tickets now or later

My surgery date is March 2nd 2016. Should I buy tickets now or later. I check every day to see if it's going to get any cheaper a time passes. So far not such luck

Yily Girl Mommy make over

12 weeks and 5 days away!!!

Travel assistance? Recovery house

Does anyone know if you'll be able to get some type of assistance with your luggage or wheelchair assistance. I know I'm thinking so far in advance but one night I couldn't sleep, up thinking about my upcoming surgery in March. Does someone from Dr Yily's office just drop you off at the airport? Is there anyone that can help with carrying your luggage? Has anyone stayed at the Diamond recovery house?

Looking for a Recovery buddy

Anyone having their surgery on March 2nd with Dr Yily?

7 weeks 4 days DR HERE I COME ????????????

Looking for surgery buddy. March 1-12th. I'll be staying at Diamond Recovery house!! Surgery with Dr Yily. Bbl tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Any one went to her who have any advice or suggestions?


So, my body is like a yoyo. I gain the weight then 2 days later I'll lose it. I started out at 148 lbs. I guess I'm getting there but I'm a slow gainer. Don't get me wrong, I'm 42 years old so I'm not complaining about that. It's just that I've been trying really hard since October to pack on about 15 to 20 lbs. Like I said before, I WANT A FATTT BOOTY, NOT A FLAT BOOTY ????.. I usually work out at least 4 days a week take my protein shakes, and watch what I eat. Since October I haven't worked out and been eating pretty much of anything. So far I'm anywhere between 152 and 155 lbs. Just a week ago I decided to change my routine. I bought a weight gainer with PROTEIN. IT'S 1340 CALORIES WITH WATER AND 1700 WITH MILK. YAY???????? IT'S WORKING!!!!

Diamond recovery house

Hello to all you Dolls out there... Will anyone be staying at Diamond Recovery house March 1st thru 12th??


I will be SNATCHED by Yily in 4 weeks 6 days. Went to my Dr to get blood work done so I can get an ideal of what my hemoglobin was. YAAAY, it's 13.3. I'm not sure what it would be in the DR but I'll continue to take me iron pills twice a day. I take it twice because the last I checked it was 10. My cholesterol levels are also great. YIPPY


Hello Ladies. I'm not afraid or too nervous about my upcoming surgery, but I'm scared as sh.. about this ZIKA VIRUS. I'll be staying indoors as much as possible. My bag is packed but I don't have DEET. I will be getting it TODAY. I'll bathe in it if I have too. LADIES BRING YOUR DEET!!! I'm not trying to scare anyone because I'm coming no matter what. I can't let no dam mosquitoes stop what I been waiting for for years.. I'll just come prepared with DEET, LONG SLEEVES and stay indoors. Ladies Please take precautions.

Faja and surgical bra

Hello dolls. I was wondering if I should order my faja and surgical bra online now or should I wait and just order from my surgeon.I would be saving about $80 if ordered it online. Does anyway know if Dr Yily's 2nd stage garmet has wide straps or narrow straps? Does she use the garmet with the butt in or out? I would like to order this garmet. Any advice or suggestions?

Hips or Not???

In 19 DAYS I'll have my TT, BBL and BA with lift. I want a big bubble butt abs and some nice hips. I'm kinda afraid of asking for hips because I don't want them to be uneven. Dr Yily's work from what I've seen, in my opinion is simply amazing!! I don't know if I should leave it or ask for hips. If not I'm hoping that a smaller waist would give the illusion of nice hips. Ladies what should I do? What would you do?

Pesos or US dollars $

Can anyone tell me if they exchanged their US dollars to pesos? Did you or can you pay for the surgery in US dollars? Do I need to exchange my US dollars for anything and if so how much and how do I go about doing it? Thank you ladies.

Leaving in 2 days

I can't believe this is happening!!! ????

Guess what!!!

ON MY WAY TO THE AIRPORT ?????????????????

My prayer for myself and all of you ladies!

Hey ladies

I promise to post better pictures. I'm just getting back to the recovery house. I'm tired and soar.

Day #2

Just took off my faja, waiting for it to be cleaned.

Day 3

Hello ladies. Just wanted to give everyone a little update. As my plans were to keep you updated starting at day 1,I realized I must've lost my mind, Lol. I couldn't text even if I wanted to. I stayed the night at Cipla the 1st night as all of us girls do. I didn't have a nurse or a companion stay with me that night at all. I don't want to scare any of you. Just want you to be prepared. That was a horrible night that I thought would never end. I was in the room with another Yily doll. Her companion or nurse didn't show either but luckily enough for her she was from a Recovery house that had another patient who spent the night. Long story short, her companion pretty much stayed with her almost half the night. There are health care workers who drop by your room every couple of hours. After being there for several hours they came in with a blood transfusions then another. I was laying in a bed all night long that I couldn't reposition myself. It was unplugged so pushing the buttons was no help. Yelling wasn't effective... Only hurt like hell even more trying to scream when you're in pain.. The next morning Yily's came to see us then off to the recovery house. Needless to say, I don't care about modesty here walking around half naked and looking a hot mess having to share bathrooms!!! So far they're great here at luxury. I'm still very weak, feel dizzy every now and then and don't have much of an appetite but it is getting easier every day. Yily comes tomorrow and I want her to check my hemoglobin. Last it was 8.4 after 2 transfusions. I didn't wake up at all during surgery. Walking is the key to getting rid of the stiffness. But be careful if your hemoglobin is low. Every time I lay back in the bed I feel like I'm taking 10 steps backwards. Listen to your body...

1week update

I have some lumps in my stomach but it's normal and they are softening up after each massage. Still super swollen. Faja is a large and had it sewn in 2 inches. I was told that tomorrow it'll need to be taken in another 2 inches. I'm absolutely loving my results.

12 days post op

Hello ladies. I been meaning to post pictures without my faja.. So sorry I just took this one. Still very swollen...

17 days post op TT /BBL /BA with lift and implants /Arm lipo

Hello ladies
Trying to make good on my promise to keep everyone updated. I'm just going to hit on a few more things that I may have not talked about.. The blue pill which is versed did nothing for me. As I told who I believe was the anesthesiologist, that I have a high tolerance to pain and meds so please knock me out. I took the pill, was escorted to a little old fashioned small procedure or operating room. As I say this I want to make this clear. I didn't come to the DR with expectations that things would compare to the US. I didn't come for a vacation. I got what I came for. The women at luxury treated me very well. They fed me help bathe me if I couldn't bathe myself, I made the best most freshest lemonade I ever had. Dr Santos came to check in us everyday and was there for any questions we may have had during the day. I shared a room with the one roommate the 1st 2 days that was very helpful and left me with pain meds that was a life saver that I was able to help others with. (percocet). After that another roommate that I bonded with was amazing. She'll now be a lifetime friend. What I'm trying to say is, I got what I came for. I also heard Serenity was a great recovery house.
Ok so back to the blue pill. I took it went to the operating room, and had an entire conversation with the man who I told to knock me out. I told him I'm a nurse and I asked what was the blue pill. He said versed. I told him I'm a hard stick but he got me on the 1st try. We talked about my kids and their ages. Different meds that the use. He then told me the name of the med that he would be using as it was going through. Before I got sleepy I told him who ever is doing my surgery, make sure I wake up and make it for my kids, and make sure my stomach was flat. He asked me what's more important to me as far as the procedures I was having done. I told him a small waist and flat stomach. All this time I felt the meds running through. I know this man was like , dam she's a chatter box. I remember him asking me what type of nurse am I said surgical icu and then I woke up in another room. So I never woke up during surgery.
The only hell I remember is not having a companion show up to sit with you after the surgery. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. Even if a companion doesn't show up , no matter what country your in, I believe after any major surgery your vitals should be taken frequently and you should absolutely be monitored more frequently. If I didn't mention it before I laid up in a bed that was unplugged, no call bell and in the worse pain ever without being monitored. No strength to yell although I tried and couldn't move because of the pain and an unplugged bed. Someone came in and drew my blood, I tried to to her I was in pain, bed broken. Later came back with a blood transfusions. Ended up needing 2 units and leaving Cipla it was still low at 8.4. So the worse part for me was Cipla after surgery. No one spoke English. Make sure you get your companion English speaking or not. I'm quite sure this wouldn't have happened if your companion was there. Everyone knows the expression of pain on your face. Other than this, everything turned out great. I'm guessing I won't see my true results for a months. I can honestly say that I think my butt is the same. I had a butt before. Maybe what they say about the fluffing will start in a few weeks or so. I'm still very pleased. My main focus was my waist and stomach and I nice back. I came to the DR for the aggressive lipo. And boyeeee let me tell you. The TT doesn't hurt. It's the Lipo. My back 17 days later still feels like ????????????. But I luuuuuv it. I'll get someone to take a picture of my back.
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