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Hi I am a mommy of three and I'm 29 years old. I...

Hi I am a mommy of three and I'm 29 years old. I would like a breast augmentation, tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift. I originally wanted only a TT and a be but after seeing all the lovely pics I've decided to go hard or go home. I have been looking at this site all year now I've decided to go to ahead and post something get my story out there.. I had children young my oldest at 16. I love all my children and was blessed to not gain weight after but I gained stretchmarks and breastfeeding let me tell u it did a number on my breasts. Volume less saggy u name it I got it lol but I wanted my kids to be smart so I did it. Now I'm almost thirty (aug1) and its time I get back to me :). I want a flat stomach cuz no matter how flat it gets I always have a small pouch on the bottom. Stretch marks good Bye!! I decided on Dr. Robles in the Dominican Republic she seems to do great work and I just get a great vibe from her (don't know her or met her just a feeling) I'm a feeling person but anyway I've been communicating with Laura. She kinda ticked me off cuz I messaged her to find out about a deal that they would have for you if you mentioned you were a new customer and real self bloggger then it will be a discount of some sort. I asked her about it she then proceeded to say yes there is a deal that says if you send a deposit of 500 they will discount 300 off the bill meaning you get a 800 disposit instead of 500 which will lower your overall price the only problem is she told me two weeks prior to the deal being over I mean who does that?!? I would have loved to have a discount but to be given such a short notice around the holidays ain't gonna cut it. I'm super upset idk what I will do now.

oooh im getting super excited!!!

Its about three months away now :) I've been thinking about surgery buddies. I got an inbox from a nice lady that I'm hoping we can link up and take this journey together. I originally wanted to bring a friend along with me to help with things like bags and pushing my wheelchair or even just making sure I can have a wheelchair! I'm super confused about this do any of you ladies who has been thru with this have anything to say or even those who haven't. I'm open to everyone's opinions. I have told my closest friends and family already. I'm iffy about telling my kids thinking that I may send the wrong message ya know that the knife is your solution to anything you don't like about yourself. That's not at all the case I love myself, I love my body, I just had kids before I was even fully done developing myself. I destroyed my stomach and breasts. I just need a little pick me up and I think it will b easier to explain this after the procedure is done. I would love to hear you guys thoughts! Hope u had a great Thanksgiving until next time ladies :) signing off
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