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Ok so I am ready to do something for me. I love my...

Ok so I am ready to do something for me. I love my kids however after the last four( all boys) my body was over. After my fifth kid i lost over 60 pounds. I got down to pre pregnancy weight of 162lbs. Im sick of the body i see when i look in the mirror. For years i have wanted this but always felt that spending the money would be selfish so i gave up the notion. I finally feel ok doing this for myself as i have been saving for this.

I've booked my sx

Ok so for years i had been stalking this site. I originally fell in love the work of dra yily de la santos but after i read so many horrible reviews i started looking at the work of other doctors in the DR. I choose D.R. for many reasons. Mainly because the craftsmanship is better than in the U.S.
I had settled on fatima almonte because she is an artist however after doing much research i noticed many complaints about her aftercare. So I've been doing more research and have settled on Dr Miguel Mota. I have spoken with him via phone, email and whatsapp. He speaks great English and took time to call me and discuss my upcoming procedures. Before i even paid my deposit Dr. MOT

anyone been to mota with b&a pics

So has anyone been to Dr. Mota???
I'm sticking with him as my surgeon however i haven't seen a wide variety of before and after pics of his work.

I'm so excited but nervous

I had a dream that i woke up to Dr.Mota smiling at me and telling me that my sx was a success. I just happen to be one of those people who believe dreams have major meanings behind them... Anyhootie i didn't want to fly out and do sx in February or March because I've heard that the recovery houses and surgeons are usually booked to capacity from the income tax croud. (No shade people just something I've read a few times). I'm going to a foreign country to have surgery so i want as much attention as possible from my surgeon and RH. I'm confident in Dr. Mota and the dream solidified that. I would rather have more of his attention and with less patients to care for i believe i would have the proper care.

pics won't post ????

Ok so i have tried to post before pics as well as wish pics but the won't post.

venting and extremely nervous

Ok as i wait for my time to have my sx, I've been doing research and living on realself almost daily. I've read from many realself members that after surgery you go through so many emotional rollercoasters. So now I'm still wanting this but it brings me back to mental struggles I dealt with growing up. I can remember as far back as the age of 8 people seemed obsessed with my body. I had grown women, men and kids making comments on my body. Ive always had big thighs and butt. The boys in school refused to keep their hands to themselves which caused me to be in many fights with boys. I couldn't get used to the attention. When i turned 13 it goes worse because my breast be

sx w/ Dr. Mota in jan 2017

Hey lovelies! Anyone having sx with the wonderful Miguel Mota in January 2017 and need an sx buddy

plus size dolls

Hi lovelies i need some help. Ok so im thicker than a snicker lmbo and im not wanting to stay that way. My kids ruined my midsection but my thick thighs and hips are ok. Who is the best doctors for plus size bodies in Dominican republic? Anyone plus size dolls out there please help me.


Ok lovelies i have a dilemma. I love love love Dr mota. I honestly can't imagine another Dr touching my body however while Dr Mota does great work i haven't seen many plus size before and afters of his work. I want my stomach flat. I dont want to have to go back for a second round on the same areas. I want a nice flat stomach and back. So now I'm stuck with deciding whether to stay with Mota or go with someone like almonte or yily. Ive always loved almonte work and some of yily. Any suggestions???

wish pics

ok so I have been trying to post pics and I finally figured out how


more wish pics

I doubt my results will be this dramatic but hey i can wish

more wish pics

before pics

Weight loss Plans

Ok lovelies I've been seeing a lot of posts from realselfers about ways to lose weight before sx. Here are two links that others have found helpful.

flew out to D.R. for in person consultations

hi lovelies! its been a while since I've on here and wanted to give a update. I still have not had sx. so much has been happening that I've had to put it on hold until the end of 2017. I flew out to santo domingo april 22 and stayed at essence recovery home. I wanted to meet with doctors face to face to make my final decision on a surgeon. After meeting duran, cabral & his assistant carlos, mora and a few more I have chosen to stick with Miguel mota. prior to meeting doctor mota we have had several phone conversations as well as emailed and WhatsApp. dr mota is very kind and caring. He gives it to straight and does anything he can to help. I loved duran as well however some recent realself reviews have me giving her the side eye. Also I'm not happy about having surgery at cipla as i seen some things that wasn't sanitary to ME. I never witnessed housekeeping using any disinfectants or properly clean anything. So I am still team Mota. Oh i have lost more weight. I'm down to 175 trying to get to 160 by surgery day.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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