Mommy of 4 Getting Her Life Back on Course - Dominican Republic

Hey good evening realself. first i would like to...

hey good evening realself. first i would like to thank all of the brave women and men who have shared their journey with us all. i am at the beginning stage of my journey. i must admit i have stalked this site for over 2 years.i have read the good the bad and the ugly stories so that i can have a real good picture to what i am walking into. honestly, i am scared of this procedure. i was more nervous before i found this site. so again thanks to everyone that has shared their stories. as i move forward, i too will share my journey.....

my journey

my stand on things

So I haven't set a date yet. My work schedule has conflicted with sx dates. I really like Medina work. I know a friend that went to her and the results were awesome!!!!
So I forgot to mention what brought me to this you can see from my photos I truly need it....from a mental stand point I know i am getting older and each day I look at my self, I see my skin loosing it elasticity. I want to have a tight strong body if I'm going to live into a ripe old age. So this is where I'm at....this body is all I have and from the looks of my photo I didn't do a good job taking care of it...for the last 4 years I've been focus. I'm in the gym 4x a week. which help me loose over 20 pounds. I eat pretty healthy. I'm a happy person overall and know I want my outside to fit my insides
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