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I will start by staying that I am 36, the mother...

I will start by staying that I am 36, the mother of 3 children. I have a 13 year old daughter and 2 sons, 7 and 11 years old. I am new to realself and have been reading many people's experience. Everyone has been so informative and helpful in me finally making up my mind to do this surgery in the DR. I felt that I should also share my experience as well, it may help someone as well. For year I have been so self conscious about the stretch marks on my tummy. I really do not like to look at it. I really cannot remember a time when I did not have these marks. Can't wait till I get rid of them. I will be doing a tummy tuck, lipo of waist and armpit, BL/IMPLANTS.

Mommy makeover

I spoke to Laura last week Wednesday. she let me know that my lab looks good, however she encourage me to take 300mg iron 3 times a day, folic acid 5mg 2 times a day and vitamin B complex and vitamin C. This is to increase my hemoglobin from 12.2. At the time that I had my Lab work done I was having my period so that could have affected my hemoglobin levels, because we loss iron during that time of the month. I booked my flight on Friday and sent my itinerary to Laura, so I'm officially schedule for surgery for October 10. I am excited, can't wait for the day

Counting down the days

I am anxiously counting down the days till my journey to the flat side. I cannot wait to get this over with. I am on this site everyday reading and rereading you girls reviews. It has been a tremendous help in me choosing what I need to take and what is not necessary. I really want to thank everyone for their posts. which has been a great motivator in me taking this step. I really have been thinking about doing this for many years, but never had the courage no the finances. I thank God for you ladies. I pray that I get through this journey as quickly as possible. I feel like sharing a little bit about myself at this point. I may even post a pic or 2. I am 5' 4, weigh 135 pounds. I recently lost about 15 pounds. I weighted 150 after I had my last child who is now seven years old. I am eating lots of fruits and veggs, taking my iron twice a day and folic and B-complex with vitamin c once a day. I have always worked out, which I am still doing because on the day of surgery I plan on being at 135. Hopefully I will get great results at that weight. I still have not told anyone I am having surgery, only my husband and my daughter knows. My other family members would not understand so I decided to tell friend and family I am taking a vacation. Well until next time ladies .

Counting down the days

I am now 3 weeks and 1 day away from my big day. I am excited and can' t wait for my make over. The time has started to move. Even thought I'm excited, I'm also a bit anxious about the time I will be away from my kids, I'm ganna miss them a lot. This is my fist time been away from them since my daughters birth 13 years ago. Ladies please keep me in your prays. Happy healing to all you ladies that have your surgeries already. Thank ladies for all your posters it has really keep me grounded on this journey. I can't tell you all how much I have learned from from each and everyone of you ladies.

6 days to go

Its almost that time. Can not believe how time have fly by. Today I receive an update hemoglobin. I did CBC 2 months ago my hemoglobin was 12.2 it is now 12.9. I wanted to be up in the 13 at least. I am about pack and ready to go. It makes me sad thinking about leaving my kids. That is all for now ladies.

I did it

We'll ladies I got here on October 9th, surgery was the next day. The driver Wilson met me at the airport, and took me to the hospital. Laura came a little while later. She explain everything to me. I pay her and sign all the paper work. The Doctor came in and look at me. She explain what she was going to do. We then went to look at implants and I choose to do 500cc's. The doctor then mark me up for surgery the next day. I give blood and urine that night. The doctor came around 10 that morning. I did x-Ray and EKG everything was ok. A nurse came and give me the blue pill and I was taken down to the surgery room. I was hooked to IV, the nurse inject the anesisia and the next the in know. I woke up in the hospital bed and it was about 4pm. Everything went well. I left for Virginia recovery house the next day. By the way all the doctors and nurses were very nice at the hospital. The recovery house is great. Virginia and all the other girls take excellent care of you. There was 4 others when I got here everybody is so nice which is making the time go by faster. We went to see the doctor on Monday. The doctor says everything looks great. I really like my results so far. I'm really swollen though. I'm actually bigger now than when I got here. I will post pics later. We'll that is all for now. Thanks to all the ladies that reach out to me. Will keep updates.

Some pics

Hi ladies these are a few pics I took today. I'm still so very swollen. Really just trying to take it one day at a time. Thanks ladies for your well wishes and prays

Now 4 weeks PO

I am now 4 weeks post op. A lot of the swelling has gone, just the lower stomach that is still swollen. I'm feeling almost like my old self. Almost all stitches have dissolved. My breast is sometimes sore, but getting use to them now. The swelling in my breast has gone down. The are feeling softer, but I still have healing to do. I started getting massages last week so far I got 3. I went to Angela's spa in Manhattan. I stated the massages the day after I took the drains out. I keep the drains in for 16 days. I just taking it one day at a time. This is a pic I took a few minutes ago. Goodnight ladies. Good luck to those going soon.

pic of incision

This is a pic of the incision on day 16. Its healing really well. Even less than 2 weeks it looked like it was completely heal, however when I touch it I know its not completely healed yet.
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