Going to Be a Medina-doll. Dominican Republic, DO

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So, originally I was going to go to Dra Cardenas...

So, originally I was going to go to Dra Cardenas in Mexico but after reading a couple reviews of hers and hearing about infections I think I've changed my mind. I am going to go middle to end of June. I want this so bad! I love all my body except my mommy flab. I've lost 9lbs so far and will keep working out until I leave. My man doesn't want me to go alone but, can't take that much time off to come with me. So I think I will be looking for a surgery buddy.
I like Dra Medina's bodies. I like her credentials. I don't want a big booty, just a shape that isn't a box! I so want to be healing from it already!

Before pictures

So here are my before pics

Waiting to hear on a Medina-doll in progress...

Waiting to hear about a RS friend who is probably in surgery right now. It has been wonderful to read her journey. It feels so real. But it also makes me want to tell you all more about myself.

I am 33 and a mother to 4 children. I have a high functioning autistic child and a very high functioning one. I lived in an abusive relationship for a little over 10 years. My divorce finalized last August and I am currently waiting for my half of the 401k. I've been waiting for months but, it's finally getting down to the point where the companies involved are running out of time. My ex is an a$$ and hasn't communicated with the children (which is probably the healthiest if he hasn't changed) and blocks me everytime moneyis involved. ANYWAY.... I am going to send for my passport soon. I would have already sent it but, I decided I wanted it in my maiden name. It was important after I found out about the new Mrs A$$, I didn't want to share names. After "eating myself ugly" when the marriage rape was at its highest and ballooning to 272 lbs I got ahold of myself and lost 40lbs. That lasted a few years. Then the A$$ called the cops after a fight that he got violent in and got himself arrested. :-) and I've been rid of him since. I then lost another 50lbs and was down to 180ish. But then I had three surgeries in the last year and I got back up to 220. I am now 212 and lowering. I am working out 5-6 days a week and eating better. (I didn't do all that bad before but...) I am hoping to be at least under 200lb by the time I go to the DR.

I so far love Dra Medina. She answers questions quickly. Her assistant speaks English very well. I love the shape she does. I am considering a breast lift if I lose enough and my iron is good. Definitely under chin lipo though!

Have any of you ladies done this alone? I don't think I have the funds to pay for an extra person just to keep me company. I want my man there but that means I would have to stay at the Tropical and I'd rather stay at Dra Medina's place.

Hoping RS girlie and her aunt are doing well... Off to the gym!

Wish pics

Some are more realistic than others, I know!

Passport submitted!

Okay so my funds are on their way! I should be able to book my surgery date any day now. My passport is submitted and paid for expedited. I am nervous and excited. I will be traveling alone. I see it as a personal growth thing. Right now so many things in my life are treading with change but more importantly REBIRTH. So what better time to have my body redone. I don't want to be Miss Perfect or anything, I just want to be my pre-married-to-the-A$$hole body. I want to leave like ASAP but I also need some time to get ready. I want to visit my doctor and get some blood work done. I am nervous about the EKG. I've never had heart problems or anything but, my last surgery scared the crap out of me so now I am paranoid.

Paid my deposit

Alright, so I sent my deposit today. Hoping to get July 7th as my day. So nervous about everything though!

It's official! I am down for July 23rd!

Going to the Dominican! And staying at my recovery house! Yay!

What do we need

I got the list from Dra Medina. But is there anything else?

Needed items

So I was wondering... It says I need feminine pads. Why?

I will not be going to the DR

So I spent a week in the hospital. I got a staph infection in my back. My blood was septic. And I had meningitis. So I am now in iv meds, I will have my surgery done locally instead. :-(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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