Becoming a Leon Doll (BBL/TT/Lipo) - Dominican Republic, DO

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My Journey: I have be on RS for a while now....

My Journey:
I have be on RS for a while now. Watching, reading, learning and taking in as much information as I could absorb. Educating and preparing myself for my upcoming journey. I researched several doctors before finally narrowing my research down to my favorites. My next step put everything into motion.I utilized Whatsapp and email contacts collected via my research on RS and other support groups to request quotes for my BBL, TT with MR and lipo. I sent my pictures with descriptions of what I was wanting done as well as with a brief background medical history. As the quotes started coming back some included package deals for the recovery houses while others did not. Some doctors/ assistants still have yet to What I really began to notice was the type of customer service and the type of care and concern that some of the practices seemed to have for the patients, immediately names were being scratched off my favorites list and others were being highlighted. But once I spoke to Georgina and Dr. Leon I was sold and my deposit put down to lock in my date within days. That was in March. Since then I have had consistent communication with Georgina and other past clients of Dr. Leon's who have been a great support for me as I prepare for my own journey on July 13th when I myself become a Leon Doll.

Passport ready/plane ticket purchased

So my surgery buddy and I have both purchased or tickets. We are flying out several days early because we are flying from so far away to ensure that are go back to normal and that everything else is ok. Also so that we can enjoy ourselves in the DR for a few days before our procedures.

Supplies Packed

My bags and supplies are packed. My surgery buddy and I went shopping this weekend and finished buying all of our supplies as well as some snacks for our trip. I know its early but I feel great knowing that just about everything is done and ready for the trip. I even bought thank you gifts for Georgina and Dr. Leon. Next week I will have my last set of labs drawn before my departure.

flight is booked

My flight is booked. And my transportation arrangements have been made. I also called Delta and arranged wheelchair service for my return trip. The countdown is real!!!!

Wish pics

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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