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So i am having surgery in the DR even though a lot...

So i am having surgery in the DR even though a lot of people find it risky. I am 5'5 and 196 pounds. I have paid my deposit to Tania Medina already. I will be getting a tummy tuck, lipo,breast lift,breast implants,and bbl even though my butt is already big. I plan on losing 25 pounds.I now have to book flight and find a rh which is so difficult. The plan was for my husband to go with me for the 2 weeks because he has vacation time but i just decided that i want him to stay home and keep anywho hit me up you guys..

Flight Booked

So I booked my flight today. The total after flight protection was $700. I am still struggling to find a RH. I have talked to a few and they seem so dishonest. I have had a couple of homes try to charge me $200 just for transportation to airport! The struggle is real trying to find a nice, clean honest, affordable place to stay for 2weeks.

Gotta lose this gut.

So as you can see, i have booty and some belly! I hate having to walk around sucking it I just recently had hernia repair surgery in my navel so there is extra pain. I am so embarrassed by my stomach stretch marks that i wont even let my stomach see! I'm talking all lights out when its time to get intimate. I'm about to go workout but here are more embarrasing pics.


Finally found a RH

OMG. So I finally found a recovery house in the DR that was actually up front and honest about everything. My biggest pet peeve when searching for a house was the fact that most charged you on surgery day even though you don't even sleep at the house that night , you stay at a hospital. I was not trying to pay for a night that I wasn't even going to be using! So I found a place called Oasis. From the pictures and reviews, I think I am really going to like it. I paid my deposit this morning. The last things on my list are getting vitamins( I need my HEMO to stay up)from my Primary doctor, buying surgery essentials, and losing weight.

A few pounds down

Hey again. So since my first post I am down 16 pounds. It's so weird because I can only see a slight change. I have slowly been adding items to my luggage. I'm not trying to over pack because I hear that so many females say that they ended up only needing a handful of things. Anywho im attaching a couple of pics. Look at my before pics and let me know if you see a difference. I'm still trying to lose like 16 more pounds.

27 days until I fly out!!

Hey again everyone. I am so close yet so far to my surgery. It still hasn't hit me. Maybe on the plane ride it will. So I believe I have everything needed for recovery. The only thing that I haven't purchased is arnica gel because it is not proven to work. I've been packed for weeks. As far as my weight goes, I am now at 168 pounds. I started at 198 pounds! I need to loose a few more because on Christmas I'm pigging out and I might gain a few! Anywho, I will keep everyone posted on the journey.

10 more days until flight

So with the weather changes I have been trying to avoid getting sick. Omg I feel like the closer I get to surgery the longer days drag! Anywho patiently waiting. Side note: I feel like with all of the weight that I have been losing, my booty is going too.

4 days til flight

Here are another 3 bod shots. I've still been trying to drop the pounds but I slipped a few times and downed so much food!! I have opened a couple of The snacks that I am supposed to be taking with me to the recovery home. I've just been nibbling here and there!!

Flight tonight!!!

I got all of the money needed from the bank today. It's almost go time ladies and gentlemen.

Had my surgery this morning!

Hey ladies and gents! Okay so I had my surgery at about 6:30 or 7 this morning. I am still at there clinic in a room by myself not with any roomies. I am going to post like three picks if it allows me to. I really like Dr. Medina. She is very truthful and honest about what she can do for you. So my hemo dropped to 13.2 and I wasn't able to get the breasts that I wanted because the anesthesiologist said no Bueno. Since I lost over 30 to get the breasts done I no longer had enough fat for a bigger bbl. lmao. The irony is crazy!! But anywho hopefully the pics upload y'all. Thank you sooooooo much for all prayers. I think that the prayers really helped because I honestly wasn't scared. I have some tea I want to spill but not until later dolls. ????

The pain is no joke....

I'm not trying to freak anyone out but this pain is insane. So the day after surgery they make you stand up and walk around. I actually cried and told this smaller Dominican nurse to get a man to help. This short male doctor who was smaller than me came in to help. I'm like is this for real?! So the struggle was real. The tummy tuck is already painful but then your whole body is stiff and pained from lipo. Anywho I took a photo of myself lying down in Dakar hopefully it uploads.

A series of unfortunate events...

Okay so ladies and gents.. choose your recovery house wisely and always follow your first mind. This will be a long post. So I chose a place called oasis because the "owner" Wander poached me off of a recovery page. When I got to the airport I saw no sign with my name on it. I was getting hit on left and right and I stood in the airport terminal uncomfortable in a new country for 30 minutes. I girl finally showed up with a sign with my name on it spelled wrong!! So we get to the house which is not bad, but I was thinking like " am I in the hood"? So they ask me if I want them to make dinner and I'm like heck yeah. This broad brings me food 5 minutes later like she heat it in the microwave. It was old chicken and I didn't eat. So after I got out of the surgery clinic the same young girl came in the building to meet me and take me outside. I'm like where is the owner? This dude was parked up the street talking about he couldn't find parking!! So was I supposed to walk down a street after surgery??!!! The armed guard and a nurse had to hold me up until he decided to park in front of the clinic. We get back to the RH and they put me in this rusty metal hospital junkyard bed. The bed didn't even work, they had to manually move it around!I'm already planning my great escape in my head but I was too hurt move around. I was emptying my own drain which was leaking and the food was like microwaved and weird( at one point this chick gave me a burnt burger patty with broccoli and ketchup on the side). I fell out of bed after a bad dream( I'll laugh about it later) and I screamed and was in pain on the floor. The young girl came in and asked if I was okay and left me on the floor!! So I texted Medina about my drains and about the bandages on me that hadn't been changed out since surgery. A nurse immediately came who spoke English from Medinas clinic and asked them for alcohol and gauze which they did not have!! She went in her purse pulled out money and called a pharmacy to drop those items off. While fixing my drain and bandages I let her know the tea. She left and 20 minutes later I got a phone call from the doctor saying to get out of there and she would help me locate another RH. Her nurse had seen the awful unsanitary conditions and me fending for myself. After letting the people know I was leaving they gave me attitudes. I wanted some of my money back and the owner Wander then claimed he wasn't the owner and he would have to ask the real owner if I could get my money back. I asked him to take me to a hotel because I was uncomfortable around them at that point and he told me his car was broken!!! Yeah okay. Medina sent her driver Gorge to pick me up last night and I am now very comfortable at my new Recovery House. Ladies and gents just be careful when choosing because they will lie to you just to get you to their rh to get a quick buck. I'll include a pick of the rusty metal bed I was in

Stage 2 faja

I just saw the Dr. and a massage therapist in the office. I had a lot of fluid built up in my stomach and back so she was really massaging the heck out of me. They then agreed that I was ready for a stage 2 faja. It is unbelievably tight. My thighs are big and it is cutting into my crotch and thighs. Ouch. I want to rip it off but I know that beauty is sometimes pain. I hope that this garment helps my swelling.


Hey everyone. Thank you so much for the concern and prayers. It has been rough for me during recovery. I just landed back home last night and I was so sick on the plane that they moved me up to my own row in business class so that I could lie down. I went to the ER an hour after landing because my left leg was HUGE. I was given ultrasounds to check for blood clots and thank the lord I have none. I am now home with my family. In the recovery home a woman wanted to physically fight me and I had it out with my Dr's assistant. If you guys want to know what happened let me know and I'll write everything. I'm gonna rest but I'll post photos soon.

So I am at the hospital...

So I am at the hospital and I have pneumonia!!! This really sucks. I'm trying to heal from one thing and get another illness. I will keep trying to keep you guys updated.

So fresh out of the hospital and I feel...

I feel a little better. I promised to post pics a while ago so I took some while my faja was being washed. I put on the same skirt that I wore in one of the first pictures I posted on here. I still have the gauze on. I just have my husband change it everyday. I also had my husband pull out my drain. I will keep everyone posted.

Out of faja

I had a doctors appointment this morning and I didn't feel like having to take off faja in office so I took it off before appointment. this is me back home out of faja for 3 hours.

Just a photo update

I have actually gained some weight. I have really been enjoying food!!!!!
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My surgery is scheduled for 1/11/2016

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