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So i am having surgery in the DR even though a lot...

So i am having surgery in the DR even though a lot of people find it risky. I am 5'5 and 196 pounds. I have paid my deposit to Tania Medina already. I will be getting a tummy tuck, lipo,breast lift,breast implants,and bbl even though my butt is already big. I plan on losing 25 pounds.I now have to book flight and find a rh which is so difficult. The plan was for my husband to go with me for the 2 weeks because he has vacation time but i just decided that i want him to stay home and keep anywho hit me up you guys..

Flight Booked

So I booked my flight today. The total after flight protection was $700. I am still struggling to find a RH. I have talked to a few and they seem so dishonest. I have had a couple of homes try to charge me $200 just for transportation to airport! The struggle is real trying to find a nice, clean honest, affordable place to stay for 2weeks.

Gotta lose this gut.

So as you can see, i have booty and some belly! I hate having to walk around sucking it I just recently had hernia repair surgery in my navel so there is extra pain. I am so embarrassed by my stomach stretch marks that i wont even let my stomach see! I'm talking all lights out when its time to get intimate. I'm about to go workout but here are more embarrasing pics.


Finally found a RH

OMG. So I finally found a recovery house in the DR that was actually up front and honest about everything. My biggest pet peeve when searching for a house was the fact that most charged you on surgery day even though you don't even sleep at the house that night , you stay at a hospital. I was not trying to pay for a night that I wasn't even going to be using! So I found a place called Oasis. From the pictures and reviews, I think I am really going to like it. I paid my deposit this morning. The last things on my list are getting vitamins( I need my HEMO to stay up)from my Primary doctor, buying surgery essentials, and losing weight.

A few pounds down

Hey again. So since my first post I am down 16 pounds. It's so weird because I can only see a slight change. I have slowly been adding items to my luggage. I'm not trying to over pack because I hear that so many females say that they ended up only needing a handful of things. Anywho im attaching a couple of pics. Look at my before pics and let me know if you see a difference. I'm still trying to lose like 16 more pounds.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My surgery is scheduled for 1/11/2016

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