Journey to a Fabulous Body - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey everyone, I am finally on my way to getting my...

Hey everyone, I am finally on my way to getting my body back. Three pregnancies (9/5/2) have taken a toll on my body. I plan on going to Dr. Manuel Diaz in the Dominican Republic. I'm anxious, afraid...but honestly I'm just ready to get this body fixed. I was originally just going to get a tt but decided to get my breast and booty fixed as well. Wish me luck.

Medical leave request

So I finally got the courage to put in for medical leave. It wasnt as bad as I thought because yes, I do overthink alot of things lol. I asked to leave on Aug 10th and my manager had no problem with it. So my new surgery date will be Aug 12.


My surgery is confirmed for Aug 12. Waaaayyyy past excited at this point. When I got the email, I couldn't even function anymore at work.

My before pics

The time is getting closer!!! I am taking SSS Tonic to increase my iron so I hope that my levels are high enough for surgery. I took my cbc yesterday and will get the results on Tuesday sincr tomorrow is a holiday. I ordered most of my supplies online and I'm just waiting for them to be delivered.

These are my before pics, I dislike this body and I can't wait for it to be fixed.

Iron level

I got my results back that I took on 7/31/16 and my iron level is 12.2. I need it to be at 12.3 or 13 for two or more procedures. I am desperately trying to raise my level by thursday because I need to get all my procedures. Wish me luck.


So I get my surgery tomorrow morning at 7. I am feeling a bunch of emotions right now but I am just ready to get my body fixed. I pray that everything goes well.

Made it through

So I made it through my surgery. I was sooo scared I cried all morning and even on the table. There was a guy nurse there that hugged me until I fell asleep. I really appreciated that. I dreamt I woke up during the last part of surgery but my friend who is a Doctor said that I more than likely did wake up. As it is common for people to wake up as the skin is closed. I was screaming noooo..nooo I'm awake im awake. The anesthesia was difficult to come out of and i was shaking until I fell asleep. I was released today and i feel much better walking around and using the toilet. It is getting much better.


I had my second massage today. OMG amazing! I could see all of the fluid just coming out through my drains and it felt soo good. All the tension was gone. I just fell asleep after she was finished.
Dr. Manuel Diaz

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