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Hello Dolls! I'm excited to start my journey to my...

Hello Dolls!
I'm excited to start my journey to my pre baby body ;-) I'm a proud mother of a 10 month old and currently 5 months pregnant. I'm stuck in between Yily and Duran but veering more towards Duran but I still have not heard back from her :-( any suggestions?? Still waiting for consultation from Duran. I have received a consult from Yily and she quoted me $4600 for the following (taken from actual response from Yily)
''Quote Total: $4,650.00 USD
The above quote total includes the following procedures:

1. Tummy Tuck

2. Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist

3. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock''

I changed my mind about the BBL and arm pit lipo I want boobs instead. I think I'd be happier being able to sit on my butt post op and can get a nice bubble from back squatting ;-)
The price above is a wish price. I'm hoping it will be between $5000-$5500

Still waiting...

I emailed Duran about a month ago in Spanish and in English then downloaded Whatsapp and messaged her in English and in Spanish. Still no reply! Becoming irritated! I don't want to pay to make that call but I may just have to. Don't know what to do...ladies??

Don't want to be a stalker but...

Would hate to stalk Duran but she doesn't respond to emails... I notice she responds to those who are traveling within a few months. I have to plan well in advance because I only have two breaks a year with my job :-( and one is too short for sx... I'm going to pick up a calling card and securing my spot. My sisters also want to get some work done and will travel with me . Will be more excited once I contact her!

Trying to reach Duran STILL

So I'm seven months pregnant and looking to get Lipo only done post baby. I'm pregnant with another girl and hope to try for a boy one day God willing . I've tried to get in touch with Duran but I have had the worst luck! Facebook Instagram email nothing works . I don't speak Spanish so I don't think calling would work. :( I'm becoming a little frustrated.

Got my date! Finally!

So after attempting to contact Duran in every way and not getting through I decided to go through a third party. Jazzelyn Sosa through Bella vista. Pros:
She is very sweet, you don't have to worry about reserving anything she does everything for you (surgery date, recovery house, nurse if needed )
Cons : May have been overcharged
I paid the $150 fee for her to confirm my date and I was given a quote for what I wanted originally. I specified on her questionnaire exactly what I wanted and they went based on what I originally send to Duran. I asked for a revised quote and she told me her guesstimate ....umm...I'm going outside of the country to get surgery . I'm going to need another original quote from Duran. I don't want any missions when I get there. When she went back to get the quote she then told me that my desired date was not available ... And that I could pay another $150 to become a premier client to get august. 4th. Otherwise I could schedule for October . I was a bit upset about this....but I paid it and got my date secured. ..

So August 4th is the date I say bye bye to this belly !

I opted out of everything but Lipo of the abs, flanks, waist, back, and inner thighs btw ...

Change of plans!

So after all of the hassle getting through with Duran and trying to figure out the situation with traveling overseas and leaving my children... I decided to go with Jon fisher instead right in Miami for my procedure. Jazzelyn was awesome being the third party between Duran and I and was able to get a date for me for a whopping $300! But so not worth the money when I can stay here in the states! I don't speak Spanisg so I was a but uneasy about the whole thing... Well dolls I'll be a fisher doll in about 6 weeks!

Ghurani it is!!

So I changed once again! I was scheduled for Jonathan Fisher for August 4 th and I decided to switch to Dr. Rami Ghurani. Dr. fisher has never seen one photo of me nor spoke to me on the phone and was willing to do surgery. That right there gives me the creeps. I spoke to Dr.Ghurani for about 45 mins and he told me that he looked at my photos. Said I would have to lose 15 lbs and HAD to see him in person first . He was very professional and gave me the real. I just felt very comfortable about the whole situation . I now will be going in August. 5th to meet with him them for surgery August. 6th. Pray for me ladies!! I'm going to be ghanified! :) I'm a little anxious about leaving my children at home and having to travel back home with my drains but I'll get through it! I'm still looking for a overnight nurse to hire and a driver any suggestions???

I'm here!

Saw Dr Rami Ghurani today at Vanity! All this mumble jumble about him not being there is simi true. He practices there only in Wednesdays. He told me that I need a tummy tuck and to get down to my ideal weight and then get a tuck. I will definitely have to catch up with him when I get down...he said he can get me back to my pre photo state :-D I go in tomorrow! Pray for me please !

Made it to the other side!!!

Last night was a tough one...

Update! Made it through!

So let me update you all on my whole experience...
So after doing my consult with Ghurani I was instructed by him to come in at 11am for surgery . I later got a voicemail to come in at 3:30 pm instead ! Dolls brace yourself! They staff there does not speak English and are not on the same page as Ghurani!!! Not sure if it's because he is only there part time. He would say something and then they would look baffled and I of course would be the most worried( like y'all need to get it together) smh! I ended up not getting prepped for surgery until 8pm!! The anesthesiologist was a 27 year old African guy names Peter such a sweet young man. He was really re assuring. I was so mad because I could eat or drink and hadn't since the night before so I had a massive headache! If it wasn't for him I probably would have walked out. He gave me an IV which got rid of my migraine. He then took me in and asked me a few questions as he strapped my arms down and I was out! The room was really cold! I just remember the doctor and Peter waking me up. As they saw that I was coherent they left me in the care of the nurse. I don't blame them I overheard that they had been up for over 30 hours!! The nurse out in my garmet and out me under a blanket with heat which was nice. I asked what time it was and she said 12:15am!!! I was so ready to go at this point . I kept asking where is my mom!?? It took me about an hour after the procedure to wake up and walk. My mom pulled to the back and picked me up. I was in extreme pain. They didn't give me any oral meds . Just through the IV so have some norco ready for after! Luckily I brought some from home or I would have had to wait until the next day because everything was closed. I drained a lot the first night. Expect for everything to get drenched! It's gross but it happens to mom woke me up every few hours to walk and empty my drains. I suggest you start with soup first as your getting back to eating after procedure. My greedy but ate a sandwich and I felt so nauseous!! Today my mom bought me some chicken soup from the restaurant next to the clinic BEST SOUP EVER. Made me feel so much better!! I went in for my follow up. None of the workers speak proper English! How is that!? This is America! Smh I ended up forking out another $120 for another garmet the first one was drenched. Order one online! That's super expensive. They showed me how to put in Lipo foam and I was instructed to shower. I felt like a brand new person after:) so much better! I was able to wash the garmet clean and out on my new one. I used maxi pads on drain sites and I have been clean and dry ever since. I am very sore . Getting up and out of bed has been a challenge. I go see Dr Ghurani tomorrow. Oh I forgot to add ! I saw myself for the first time! he shaped me like a sculpture! I am so surprised m. He took 4 liters of fat out (the max) . And really left me with a good shape. There are 8 incision sites two under my boobs two at my hips two mid back two upper buttock all with sutures . I have two drains. One on the right hip in front and one in the back (butt crack) everyone thinks I got the fat transfer..but NOPE That's all me! Dr Gharabu uses drains I noticed Fishers patients did not. I can't be having blood just draining on me. As I watch all this fluid go into these drains I couldn't imagine it just draining out on me. Here are a couple if photos SHOW LESS

2 days post op

Today I got my first massage. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was really tinder but afterwards I felt way better! Still haven't went number two yet :( tummy is bloated...I walked around the mall today and even drove back while my mom dealt with my baby. If I haven't mentioned before I am still breastfeeding my baby. She's 5 months old. I was instructed to pump and dump for 72 hours. Pain level is about a 4 stiffness 5. If I'm just sitting I feel normal. Getting up and sitting down is still the hardest part of the day . But doable! Ghurani is the man! I will be back!!

A couple of pics

Feeling good!

Whoo ray! I got my other drain removed two days ago and I feel like a free woman ;-) I got another massage yesterday and the incision opened back up and I started to drain galore! Good thing the massage therapist had a lot of rags! My waist is really starting to come in a bunch! :-D just can't wait until this stiffness gets better. I'm done with all the antibiotics and now on Tylenol extra strength. I took a couple of photos :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am no longer going with Duran! Now going to Dr .Rami Ghurani !in Miami Florida!

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