Mommy Makeover in Santo Domingo

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I just had a mommy makeover, full tummy tuck,...

I just had a mommy makeover, full tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation, and lipo on my flanks and underarms. I researched and researched and chose a fantastic Dr. in Santo Domingo. I am from Oregon and decided I would make it a vacation/mommy makeover surgery for me. I have lost about 80 pounds over the last year and half and have a bunch of extra skin on my abdomen, and always have had love handles no matter how thin i ever was. Also, I have breast fed two children, and with the weight loss my breasts have shrunk and are really saggy. I went to Santo Domingo and spent the first four days at a resort doing things that I enjoyed doing and knew that I wouldn't be able to do after surgery. 
My plan was to have surgery and return to the resort right away and have my husband take care of me. When I went in for my pre op appt. they encouraged me to stay until my first pre op appt which is on the third day post op. I am so glad that I did. I had a nasty reaction to anasthesia, and had severe nausea and vomiting for the first 24 hours, it was awful! I spent one night in the hospital post op and the other 2 days at the recovery house with other girls that had underwent other procedures similar to mine. They were so helpful, the girls, and the caretaker and really cared. I was so glad they changed my mind and I stayed with them. After the first 24 hours I began to be able to keep meds, food, and liquid down. I am now almost 6 days post op and getting better daily. 

 I am now back at the resort and have rented a wheelchair which allows me to get around the resort for small amounts of time. It is still difficult to walk as my back hurts from crouching over all the time. I am still taking meds, antibiotics, vitamins, and ibuprofen for pain. My drain is doing well, and is draining less and less each day. I would highly reccomend taking a stool softener as well. I am prescribed iron three times daily and it really constipates a person, and having surgery on your abdomen it's really a good idea to also be taking a stool softener and drink plenty of water. I'm going in for another post op appt. in two days, and from what i saw the last time i was very pleased with the results, they can only get better and better, as I have a massive amount of swelling and bruising in my abdomen, chest, under arms and thighs. but the incision looks amazing, very thin and low. My breasts were hard as rocks right after surgery but are already to starting to soften a little bit. I started at a small c cup and had silicone 400cc implants placed submuscularly. I am really pleased with how they look right now, and I know they will continue to improve. Dr. Robles said I will have swelling for approximately 2 months but maybe longer. I am really anxious and excited to see everything without the swelling.

Two weeks (almost) post op from Mommy Makeover

I will be 2 weeks post op officially in two more days. I had a full tummy tuck, lipo under my arms and flanks, breast lift with augmentation of 400cc silicone implants. Right now I have mixed feelings, I think my tummy looks flatter but still a little soft and poochy. I'm hoping I am just having swelling. I weighed myself today and about freaked out because i'm nearly 20 lbs. heavier than I was before surgery. I'm feeling impatient and a little panicked that I've gotten bigger not smaller. I had a massive amount of swelling of my feet which went all the way up my legs, so I've been spending alot of time with my feet up which has pretty much resolved this issue. I wish I could just see the final results already, so I can relax. I am happy with the incision and how low she was able to get it. I am surprised though that I still have stretch marks, most of them were below my original bb so I thought they would be cut out. My sides hurt due to the lipo, also my armpits are tender as well from the lipo. My breasts look good, the left breast looks as though it may be in place, the right one is a little firmer and higher. Another thing that's frustrating is, I still have a drain and it's draining 100ml of serous fluid a day, I was hoping to go to work this Sunday but due to the drain not being able to come out yet, I guess I will have to wait. The drain is what's making it difficult to move around, it seems to be in a very bad spot and constantly in the way and hurts when it pulls. I will try and update in another week, hopefully things are looking better. I'm not sorry I did it, I'm just really nervous about the weight gain and if my results are going to improve. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Week 3 post op mommy makeover

What a difference a week can make! I had my drain removed finally, 18 days post op and it was finally able to come out! It made a huge difference in my mobility having the drain removed because it was placed in the upper crease on my inner thigh which constantly tugged at the site when i was getting up from sitting or walking around in general. I am able to move freely without pain, almost to a full upright position, I would say i'm about 95% upright, just have some tension on both sides of my hips where the incision is. But I'm not feeling any pain at this time, not taking anything for pain. I was able to take a shower 24 hours after my drain was removed which was the first real shower I've had since post op. That was exciting for me. I also was able to remove the steri strips on my breasts and I'm having sensation in both nipples. The incisions look fantastic! I had been changing the dressings every two days and putting zinc oxide on them per my surgeon's reccomendation and the incision is literally one of the best that i've seen. It's completely healed, the incision is extremely low, and thin and almost completely flat except for one slightly raised area. I did not need to put any healing oitment on the incision so I put the paper tape over the top of it until my silicone sheets get here. My nipple appeared to be mostly healed but i did decide to put more ointment on them and reassess next week if I need to continue that. My bellybutton looks to be about healed, with less drainage, and looks really good as well. I put ointment and a dressing back on it. Still feeling a bit of numbness under the area of my bb and some on my sides from the lipo. I started doing some massage of my sides and underarms to lessen some of the lumps and hardness. It seems to be working, although it's painful at first, but as it gets worked through that mostly goes away. I'm still having some swelling of my abdomen particularly if i'm more physically active. I did some walking today and my tummy started to get a tingling feeling and appears to be more swollen from the activity. I'm going back to work in a couple of days. I was going to go to work on the second week but due to the drain still being in, I took an extra week off and it was the best decision i made. I am looking forward to being able to do some excercise, something more than just walking. Soon enough! Also, I'm looking forward to not having to wear the compression garment but that is still a few weeks out. My surgeon said I only had to wear the bra she gave me for 4 weeks so i've only got one more week left in it before I go to Victoria Secret for my first bra fitting with my new boobs.....excited about that! Then I will know for sure what size I am. My guess right now is a 34D or 34DD. Will update next week!
Brazil Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Robles is very professional and does a great job at what she does. She gives you realistic expectations, and answers all questions honestly. She takes all the proper procedures to ensure a safe surgery and recovery. I would reccommend her to family and friends for sure. Excellent doctor.

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