Hemo Level and Private Nurse - Dominican Republic

Can anyone tell me how strict is DR.Medina about...

Can anyone tell me how strict is DR.Medina about hemo level? My doctor here told me I'm good to go but I know she requires a 14 to have 3 procedures. Also, does she provide a private nurse to everyone after surgery or I have to request it? I am excited and scared at he same time. Want to make sure I have everything ready to get this surgery.

47 Years Old, Mother of 3, Needs TT,lipo and BBL

Dr. Medina gave me back my life. I've been wanting to have this surgery for the last 10 yrs but couldn't afford the price from where I came from. I found out about Dr.Medina when I started researching about surgeries abroad. I finally decided to have the surgery done after I started communicating with Dr. Medina. I felt an assurance right from the start that everything will turn out good. She is awesome. Very accommodating and she will tell you straight out what she can and cannot do for you. Her staff is amazing too. The recovery house was wonderful. I had a blast with the other girls that was there. We spend nights talking and watching tv all together. The surgery was ok, and I could say the recovery part is the worst of all. The first week was painful but every time I think about how my body have changed and how my life will be different from that time on, it makes me feel good. Dr. Medina did a great job on me and she never stop checking on me up until this time. I told her I will be coming back for round 2 next year. The entire experience is just amazing.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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