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So my supplies are purchased, deposits paid, bags...

So my supplies are purchased, deposits paid, bags are packed, flight booked and cash ready. I fly out on 12/21.....It's all very surreal. Is that me or am I watching some other insane women get ready to have surgery in the DR? Mommy makeover here I come. My surgery date 12/22 with Dr. Miguel Mota. TT, BL with implant and lipo for BBL

Can't sleep.....

I've been up since 3am thinking.....I'll be alone in a foreign country depending on an app to express my needs to medical personnel after major surgery. WTF? What was I thinking? I am stressed out. Like worrying ever solved a single problem.....I am ashamed to say I have gained weigh since starting my journey just from stress eating. I can't wait to get back at it after surgery. I'm a beast in the gym- cross fit, 5k jog and plyometrics. I have waffled in the last year but I started at 290lbs then I lost all the way to 165lbs current I am right about 200(for shame) I know but I did it once I can do it again. I am ready to love this body. Even at 165 the extra skin was too much and my tits were flat as pancakes.

Surgery date 12/22/14

My date was bumped to Tuesday. I was said but I was already on the ground so I had tosuck it up. I got all my labs Monday and pay $20 for and x Ray at another facility. The running around with out eating was had but when you are as thick as I am hunger is a state of mIndiana not actual event. So I kept it moving with a veggie shake Monday midday and the some Dominican food (not spicy)about 7. That was all my eating. I had to be at the surgery center at 7:30 am. So I answered some question and signed some forms on Spanish (yes I typed paragraphs in my translated app). I took the blue pill then the anesthesiologist came in. By the time he put the iv in I was a sleep. I have a low tolerance for every thing. That was about 10 am. Next time I woke up it was 7pm and my husband was blowing dr mota up. Mota true to form told him I was fine and resting. He also assured him I would call when he went to chk on me. Which he did. I was still dreaming/hallucinating that I didn't Remember talk to my own man!

I get to see under the bandages today

And yes I feel as pathetic as I look. The ladies at the RH have to help me up. They wipe my body down for cleansing. They dispense my meds. Like have lost all sense of time as I nap frequently. I have not BM so I am not hungry. They make me eat or drink protein. Lunch yesterday was a black bean smoothie with orange juice. lol. I know but I can drink anything!!!

Today. No bandages!

So I'm just gonna say "my doctor is the best!" He is so sweet and always checking on me. His massage person is coming to visit me at my RH tomorrow. Today was my first massage at his office and I feel much better after just 1. I gave him my wish picture and he said "no problem" he is on point.

No drains

So my second/last drain was removed today. I celebrated with ribs and chicken wings from a local Domincan place. The drain removal was not painful but having a stitch in my coohie for a week with a weight attached to it was TERRIBLE. I sat on the patio and listened to the sounds of the city. I did go back into surgery on Monday for a peri-areola lift. So my boobs are tender and they hurt some but I've been taking tyenol instead of the hard stuff.

Homeward bound

I have been in the DR 12 days. I am very ready to get home. I'm packed and fly out in 19 hours. Whoop whoop! I'm pretty independent here aside from getting myself into the Faja (you will need help to keep it tight). I hope I'm ready for reality because being here is like stepping out of time. Also in the side of TMI ladies If you've had a few babies and might need preparation H it was $30 usd here in the DR. So be a scout and be prepared.


Also ladies the arnica works. I got pills,tea and gel. It helps the swelling and pain. Don't sleep on it.

Tea / pills and gel

The first few days I should have used it. Since day 4 with the arnica my lipo areas and my arm swollen from iv went down.

Post op still swollen but.....Damn I'm FLY

Not to toot my own horn but the experience was not free and not without pain so I'll take a moment to say Thank God and yay me.

So I'm home

I feel good and tired. It's great to be home. Update pic

Back to work.

1st day back. Rude folks asking why I'm walking so
Slow and I'm still a little bit hunched at 2 weeks and 2 days. I stayed focused,hydrated and medicated. Also crazily Singular is good for breast implants. Lol. Who knew? Not me. I googling before I went back to my regular allergy medicine and low and behold it Prevents CC.

3 weeks Post Op

So.....I'm still sore and I have stinging pains in my belly. The UPSIDE: I'm Fine as HELL. I'm wearing my garment from DR with 4 lipo foams and 3 huge pads. I'm actually lumpy! UPSIDE: I went to get a new tighter garment today and got sexy with the hubby. My back feels lipo cardboard. The lipo is no joke. UPSIDE: My shape is on point. I got this hourglass that is brick house. My TT scar looks great. It's pretty flat. My nipples still need tape on them but Bactrian on them.


So today I went to Victoria's Secret to get measured. I went from a 36B (flat wearing the bombshell that pads you up 2 cup sizes) to......drum roll please....... 34DDD! 500 cc Silicone textured


Here are the twins in the compression bra.

Pics for a limited time only

I need a watermark and i haven't figured it out yet. Pics are limited time only.

Dr.Mota is highly recommended

Dr.Mota speaks fluent English and answers all questions via what's app or phone. His breasts are pretty and his TT flat with low scaring. I'm suffering from booty greed but he gave me 1000cc in each cheek. I am 3 weeks post op mommy makeover (TT, BA with doughnut lift, lipo full back/flanks w BBL). He doesn't like to give blood transfusions. He uses a blood builder that after 1 IV bag I went from light headed to buoyant. He also works with another doctor
Luis A. Fernandez Goico, MD. They both younger (35ish) guys that are good looking and married. He was awesome!

Happy 30 days to me

I'm experiencing a lot of booty greed. I keep thinking.....what else can I get sucked out and put in my booty and when?" Crazy I know right! I have a cup in the bottom and full hips which did not exist before so I'm happy but not "satisfied" with 1 round. So round 2 is in the planning phase.


I took my measurements today and just to tell yall that MOTA does the damn thing.

39.5 (34 or 36 DDD) bust
34 waist
49 hips

That's crazy. I know.

I woke up with round 2 on the brain....

Before I rolled out of bed this morning I decided to check ticket prices to DR right before thanksgiving. Super cheap $683.00 round trip!! I'm wondering if it's a sign that it's half of what I paid to go around Christmas. Now on to the planning phase. I think in April im gonna get a part time job.

Real Recovery Armonia

I got a request to post pictures. I switched rooms 3 times. 1st room toilet didn't flush(they fixed it by diverting the shower to the toilet. 2nd room: nurse turns on AC. AC freezes. No big deal. Turn it off or down and let it defrost. The water from the defrosting air conditioner is dripping on the electric outlet. It starts to smell like burning in my room. I ask to move. 3rd room is right under the stair. Not a worry. Except the glass on the stairs looks right into my room. If I can see you then I know you see me. I just laughed and kept it moving. So a bunch of nurses and few recovering women saw my new naked body.


Shootout to Patty!! This pads are not joke. And the hold a lot while keeping the Faja super comfortable. These and some dollar store pads with out wings to keep the straps from hurting.

Caught booty poking in the TV reflection

Is that thang still growing?

For the ladies that have Mota questions: Please inbox me! Demands for pictures when you have non on your account will be ignored. .........On to the point! Why is this booty still growing!! My Boobs have settled in nicely and my bra size is settled but my hips and booty stay Fluffin. I'm a size 14/16 with a flat stomach,wide hips, a big booty and really thick thighs. I am still getting inner thigh and arm lipo but I'm not sure if another bbl is in my future.

7 month update

I'm still super happy. Yes that booty was still growing I'm at 52 inches. I've answered a few question about my scar so I'll post below. Also ladies if you want answers please don't have a completely blank profile like you are fake. You'd be surprised by the pictures I get asked for by members that signed up yesterday....shady.

I'm still saying if you are going to the DR contact Dr.Mota first!

Breast- 34E-550 cc silicone under the muscle
Waist - 33 inch - tt w/ muscle repair
Hips/booty - 52 inch - bbl with hip 1000 cc each cheek

Early AM Thot pic

I finally got the tattoo over my scar. It is not for the faint of heart. I'm back to waist training and running. There is hope for the thick dolls. I had to stop picking the wrong wish pictures though. I'm up 17 lbs since surgery which I am working to lose. My booty really isn't losing any inches. (If anyone was worried about losing some weight after surgery like I was).


I'm sure the last picture doesn't show enough booty. And yes that is a crop top and yep this stomach does get some sun. I used a foam ear plug in my belly button for months.

Round 2 is planned and happening!!!

So I need hips and more lipo with a bit more projection. Stayed up late comparing the old with the new next to the future(wish). Weight loss grind in full effect. I am starting P90x today and I am already half marathon training. Let's get it!!

Make me over. Again

Gearing up for Round 2 w/Cabral 11/22/16

I need to lose 40 lbs by November for Cabral. I scheduled my date and set my goals. I am also doing skin tightening treatments to help skin elasticity.
- More lipo more BBL - I need more bottom booty.
- arm lipo,waist,inner thigh,back,flanks

Current : 5ft3in - 225 lbs
Goal by 11/22 - 190 lbs

Next step -
-pick recovery house pay deposit.
-watch flight prices.

Already done
-Got quote
-Got date
-StartBuying supplies -
- Got
Pads (not Chux yet as recovery house may provide
Alcohol pads - big&small
Arnica tea
Hydrogel wound dressing
House dresses
Compression hose 2 pair (washing)

-Still need
Lipo foam
Arnica gel
Prep H
Decide on hairstyle
Compression hose glue
Any other wound things for just lipo??

More pics

You can see why I want more lipo and more booty.....but the effect in clothing is still very cute.
36DDD-34-52 in
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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