Going to DR to Get TT with Dr Yuseff Serulle

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Hello ladies I joined this site because I've heard...

Hello ladies I joined this site because I've heard it's a good place to get feed back. I'm all booked and ready to go to DR to get a full tummy tuck and lipo on my whole back. I have a cousin in DR who is a doctor and she recommended Dr Yuseff Serulle. Did my research on him and read some goo things about him but I can't find any before or after pics of work he's done. Has anyone gotten work done with him or know someone who did. I have been in communication with the doctor via email he answers all my questions Nd is very responsive which I like. So I hope you girls have some feed back for me or just anything I need to know before I go.

Feeling great and ready to rock and roll

Hello ladies just wanted to let ya know that I did blood work and my results came back and I'm all set my doctor here says I'm healthy and mentally ready for this surgery. My hemo was 14.9. Ladies make sure to do your blood work first besides the one the doctor does this way you know for your self. Some doctors will still do surgery knowing your not 100%. Anywho lots and lots of luck beautiful ladies and cheers to looking even more beautiful

Wow three weeks away

Hello RS ladies so I'm getting closer and closer to finally have a flat belly can't wait feeling all types of ways. I've even had dreams of what my body will look like lol. I have been mentally preparing myself for the recovery, the last time I spoke to my doctor he mentioned that the most important recommendation he can give me is to have a positive mind and to get mentally prepared for recovery. Reading some of the stories on here has really helped me do that. I hope that my story and my recovery process will help other girls out there looking to do the same. But anyways I feel a lil embarrassed to post these before pics but here goes.

Helllppppp girls

Okay so After doing all this research on dr yuseff serulle and after feeling all comfortable with him I'm at a downhill I looked him up on the certified board members of plastic surgery in DR and he is not a member!! What a bummer!! So at back at square one with dr Elias Herrera who was my first choice anyways. Has anyone done work with him? I Hear he's one of the best I'm Santiago. Come ladies I need your help

Switched doctors last min

Hey ladies, so I decided that I would stick with my first choice doctor which was Dr Elias Herrea in Santiago. He came highly recommend to me by my cousin who is a general surgeon in the same clinic as Herrea. I was very pleased with the reviews I had read about dr yuseff serulle, but I do feel safer doing it with Herrea. I'm all packed and ready to go, the doctor told me that I should drink one ensure a day starting 10 days before surgery he says it's good becuz of all the proteins packed into the drink. So I'm waiting on my ten day mark to start doing that... So good luck girls

Get closer and closer

Hey beautiful ladies I'm about ten days away from my surgery.. I feel great actually I'm ready for this new journey and ready to look and feel good lol. I'm all packed and ready to go, dr Elias Herrera emailed me and stated that I should start drinking an ensure once daily starting I guess today he said 10 days before surgery and then maybe another five six days after. So I have those ready. Can't wait to be recovering already lol.

Omg six days away Serulle doll in the making

Omg ladies it finally feels real I'm six days away from my surgery. So just an update for the ladies following my journey. I was trying to choose the best doctor for me between Dr serulle and Dr Herrera.. I finally made up my
Mind and I'm sticking with Serulle I have a gut feeling about him and when making these types of decision it's important to go with your gut becuz it never fails so without further ado I will have my surgery on the 24th with The one and only Dr Yuseff Serulle. I'm all ready to go and started drinking my ensure today.

I'm finally here

Hey ladies I'm finally here I went to Bella forma this morning and everything came out great I didn't meet yuseff serulle becuz he's out of the country but he will be back tomm nite. I met his father Elias serulle he's great very nice man. I took my blood work papers from NY so I didn't have to do blood work here all I had to do was see the cardiologist he did an EKG and said everything was great and gave the ok for surgery... I also met Isabel she's the doctors assistant she answered all my questions and set me up for surgery on Wednesday at 8am OMG OMG lol it's finally here.. The clinic is very very nice and all the ladies are very nice as well. Im so excited I can't wait, so to top everything off when I'm leaving the clinic I bump into a friend from my neighbor, she did her surgery on the 5th and looks great she was going in for her massage I got even more happy when I saw her... I am so ready for this...

All went will this morning

Hello my beautiful RS ladies I'm finally on the flat side lol haven't really been able to see myself as per the doctors orders I can't lift my head yet. I got out of surgery at 4:30 and so far I feel great of cuz I'm still under the heavy drugs, but I don't feel anything. During surgery I kind of woke you and I was my stomach and the doctor was doing lipo on my back, two seconds later I was out again. I woke up again ready in the recovery room. I'm now in a room where I will stay until tomm afternoon.. Thank you so much ladies for all the prayers wishes and blessing.. Msstarr and melanic95

Can't sleep

It's now 3:45am and I can't really sleep it's like I fall asleep and suddenly wake up, when I check the time it's been like an hour a half hour since I was last asleep and up.. What's even stranger is that I don't have any pain or anything I almost feel normal, besides the point that I can't really change positions so idk what's going on lol anyways I tried taking a pic of myself it keeps coming out dark whether the flash is on or off but here it is :D

Wow this takes a lot :(

Hello ladies this damn surgery tales a lot out of you. Last nite was the worst nite ever I couldn't sleep and it was all due to the pain. My back feels as hard as a rock it's horrible ladies, I've been staying positive as much as I can but it takes a toll in you, the easiest things to do like get up from bed is now the hardest thing. However this morning I'm feeling way much better thank you Jesus.. Haven't taken any pics yet but I will soon.

Day 3 feeling good

So it's now day three and thank god I slept all thru the night and woke up feeling good. My back hurts a lil but it's from the walking around hunched over all I feel good I'm loving my new look. Monday I go back to see the doctor and hopefully start the massages soon I hear they hurt but then you feel much better so let's see cuz my back feels like a cement wall lol...

Day 4 :D

So loving my results so far so good.. No pain at all just that one night I couldn't sleep.. Tomm is my birthday and this has been The best birthday gift ever.. Can't wait for my lovely ladies following me to finally feel happy as I am now.. Xoxo Melanic msstarr

Day 8 feeling great

Well ladies it's been 8 days since my surgery and I must say I feel great thank god, so far... I'm getting two hour massages a day the hurt but you feel so much better after. It's like they lifted a loan off your back. I took a pic the other day after the massage I'll post it so you ladies could see..

Omg the faja from hell

So today they took out my drain and they put me into this faja from hell.. Omg is all I can say it's so uncomfortable and so tight I'm short of breath and can't get comfy no matter what I do. Isabel yuseff's assistant said don't sleep with it on and to take it off everyday for a few hours, for the first few days after that it's on all hours except to shower of course.. I'll tell you this it has my body looking all types of curvy and sexy lol.. It's all worth it in the end so I have to do it.. I can't wait until it starts to feel more comfortable which supposedly would be in a few days

So good to be home

Hey ladies I'm finally home and it feels so good. So far all is going good except for my belly bottom yuseff said it needs more air so I can't sleep with my faja on which kinda sucks to me becuz I know the faja is an important part of getting my body down to what it should look like. However I do want my belly bottom to heal properly so the faja comes off tonite before bed.. Besides that I'm doing and feeling great. My gastric bypass scar come down to like my belly area and looks a lil ugly but I'm fine with that cuz at least my belly is flat..

16 days post op

Before and after

I month post op

Hello ladies so it's been one month since my surgery and I must say that for me it has been an overall good experience. Everything is healing beautifully and the best part of it all, my size small faja is too big I went yesterday and brought a new one xs that was like the best feeling ever.. Also besides the fact that doctor told me not to weight myself I did and I'm at 150 pounds I was 165 before surgery. Very happy with my results so far.

7 weeks post op

Hello ladies so I'm about seven weeks post op and I'm feeling great.. I still have a lot of swelling but everything else is good.. Ladies I need sum feed back I don't sleep with my faja on becuz I heard it makes your belly bottom turn black, so I stopped using it to sleep. What do you ladies think? Have you heard this before? Help me girls

Pics 7 weeks

Dr yuseff Serulle

Doctor yuseff serulle is a very responsive doctor I have been in contact with via email and he has answered all my questions and believe me I have a lot lol. Less than a month to go can't wait to meet him in person. I checked out his clinic online and it look beautiful very modern.

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