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Hello ladies, After lurking on this site for more...

Hello ladies,

After lurking on this site for more than two years I figured now is the time for me to start documenting my journey as I have finally decided to have surgery. It is ironic that I work for a plastic surgeon in my city, but have made the choice to travel outside of Boston and have Dr. Robles perform my procedure. The surgeon that I work for is good, but Dr. Robles seems to have the art of a womans body down to a science. She really knows how to create that coveted hour glass figure that we all so desire. I think that the Dr. that I work for is going to be disappointed but hey, atleast I'll be able to have him look at me if any issues arise (GOD forbid). Anyway I am a 28 yo mommy of two; a 13 yr old and a seven yr old. I love them but they have ruined my body. I had my first when I was very young (15) and I've never been able to actually enjoy the body of a young woman because he did all of the damage...Stretch marks to the moon and lots of loose skin. My breast never grew full and perky, They actually developed downward which is weird. I remember my first boyfriend (father of my first) when I was 14 asking me why my breast sagged, it was embarrassing...and child birth and breast feeding only made things worst. I was married at 20, and my husband that I was with since 18 yrs old loved my body, but now I'm newly divorced. I'm still young and sexy but my stomach and breast keep me from being uninhibited when I'm with a man. I think that if I'm going to do this, now is the time. I wont upload pictures now because I know that during my search it would annoy me when there were only before pics. I do however want to share every step of this process with all of you so that I can be a help and even an inspiration as so many other real self stories have been for me.

Yesterday I contacted Dr. Robles office and received a swift response from Laura Castro the plastic surgery coordinator. She had me answer a few questions and complete a questionnaire. She then responded by informing me that I am a good candidate for surgery and asked me to send pictures of the areas that I would like to have work done on. I am 5ft 4" and 140 I'm active, eat well and am in pretty good shape but I need some things tweaked. I am going to have a tummy tuck, breast augmentation liposuction of my back and sides, and fat transferred to my butt. Stay tuned guys as I plan on keeping you all updated every step of the way.


My quote

So I've been in sporadic contact with Laura. She is very very slow at responding to my texts and emails, It's very frustrating. After submitting my photos laura responded. She stated that Dr. Robles said "I could do a very good job on her body to improve it" but would not do a tt,bbl,ba, and lipo together, that it is too much on the body so I have to pick between my butt and breasts. I'm going to let her do my butt, and have the plastic surgeon that I work for do my boobs. I also received the quote - the all inclusive package for $5,200 includes -Medical Fee's: $4200
- Post Surgical Support Garment or Bra: $150
- Medicine:$100.00
- Transportation: $100.00
- Recovery House 10 days (US$75 P/N): $750.00
TOTAL: US$ 5200.00
and an additional 55.00 per night to have a guest stay at the rh with me. Price are in American Dollars.

She also said and I quote
* This price are guarantee for six months.
* Recovery House is optional; you also can ask for other recovery house prices or hotel.
* You can bring or buy an extra garment for an extra cost 100-150 USD.
* Non surgical guest to stay at the house: US$55 /day.
* The procedures will depend on your hemoglobin levels.
* It is very important to have a good hemoglobin level to have the surgery done. Your hemoglobin levels have to be more than 12 gm/ dl.

Our all-inclusive package included:

•Personal Assistant Full Bilingual
•Pre-surgical medical examinations (Any other test will cost extra.):
Chest X-Ray
Blood test (blood count, Glucose, pregnancy test, creatinine, hepatitis, urine).
Cardiologic Evaluation (EKG)
•Operating Room
•Anesthesia (epidural block)
•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Special Garments)
•Supplies and disposable materials
•Medicines (Any other medicine will cost extra.):
Pain medicine
Circulation Pill
•Medical fees (Doctor's fee, X-Ray, Test, Cardiology and anesthesiology)
•Two or One nights at the clinic included the arrival day
•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery
•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post operative
•Transportation (Any other transportation is extra also after the days included in your package transportation is extra)
(Between Airport-Hospital- Recovery house- medical -checkups)
•Hosting (Home Cooking)

Anything that is not in this list may cost extra.

1. Payment can be Cash or Credit Card (extra 2.5%)

2. We do not accept financing, Care Credit, check orders or checks.

The following are not included in the all inclusive package:

1. Air Ticket
2. Other transportation that is not medical.
3. Any Additional drug.
4. Surgeon views a hotel (You need to pay additional transportation, if you choose the hotel).

What you can use and is not included in the package

1. In case you need Iron shot, the Price is US$40.00
2. In case you need Blood Transfusion, the Price is US$100.00
3. Medical Insurance (it covers all possible complications that may present after the surgery, during the first 30 days. It cover until US$15000) Cost: 150 $USD extra.
4. Rosa mosqueta oil Cost. 40 dollars
5. Extra garment
6. Any other medicine that is not pain killers, antibiotic or vitamins.

She ended the email by saying "Now that you have your final quotation, please confirm if you're going to do the surgery to arrange everything and send you all the information you need to before surgery".

If you need me please feel free to contact me anytime.

I will update you all a little later.

Robles or Duran? (pics)

I'm conflicted I like Dr. Robles' work. She does a great tt but Duran does a wonderful bbl I'm still in the early stages but I'm not sure who I should go with. I'm afraid of cipla just because alot of bad things have happened there... idk these are the pics of what I look like now I think Robles would do a great job what do you guys think?

Sending my deposit on Monday

Okay so I am sending my deposit this week and am looking forward to scheduling an official date in April. Sooo Excited! I will also get the ball rolling on obtaining my passport this week, and gonna start buying my supplies!!!! My ex husband wants to come with, he still loves me but I'm not sure about him coming. I think I want a buddy we'll see ;)

Tummy :(

Rosetta Stone

I've purchased Rosetta Stone and plan on learning as much Spanish as possible between now and April so that I can communicate with all staff...Buenas noches


Spoke to my mom

So I talked to my mom about it. She's not excited nor sold. She thinks it is foolish. Sigh I can't say I'm surprised by her reaction. I'm just going to pray, stay healthy, and hope for the best.

Just spoke to Laura!

She is such a sweetie (atleast over the phone lol) anyway I told her that I'm going to skip the bbl and just do the lipo, tt, and breast aug. She is sending me my new quote now. She also mentioned to me that February, March, and April are Dr. Robles' busiest months, must be because of the tax refunds. That kind of scares me because I want lots of one on one time and special attention. she said October November and December are the slow months. Anyway I'm very excited to send my deposit and get everything scheduled. We'll see what happens :)


I started my job in August and am going to have the sx in april. Im going to take 4 wks off, is this too much time off too soon? I'm nervous. Can they fire me?

New Quote

Tummy Tuck + Lipo on Waist + Breast Lift with augmentation US$6000

Implant Brand

I contacted Laura concerning the type of implants they use. I wanted to make sure they were ones that I am familiar with. I was very happy when she said Mentor or Eurosilicone...I'm not to sure about euro but we use Mentor at my job so thumbs up to that!!! I'm feeling even better about my decision now :)


I've heard nothing but great things about Virginias... That is where I want to stay but my ex refuses to let me go alone (although I have my sx buddy) hey bodyparty30! ... But he means family Virginias doesn't allow men... I'm gonna look into some other ones :(


I am first case for April 22nd, and my buddy is second. We are the only two for that date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eating :(

I've been eating like mad :( I need to get this under control NOW


completed my passport application!!! once I get it gonna book my flight so excited!!!! I'm obsessed its all I think about! Anywho I think I want to stay at relax recovery house has anybody heard anything about it?

Me now & wish pic

This is the size is like my waist to be

My Hemoglobin is 12.0

So happy and I haven't even started taking vitamins yet so I'm sure everything will be perfect by April!!!! Yay!

Lump in my breast :(

So I've discovered a painful lump in my right breast...I'm trying to stay positive but cant help being nervous. I'm scheduled to see my breast specialist on Wednesday. God forbid its the c-word my surgery plans will be scrapped! :"(. Pray for me guys.

Nothing wrong!!!!!!

So I just have dense breast tissue that likes to lump together lol strange right? I'm all set to go :)

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas ladies!!!! Nothing much to update. Just waiting for my day to arrive!

Duran Maybe?

Idk I've been so set on Robles but Duran can build a body!!!! Her work is insane

Fiiiiiiiiiinally got a response from DURAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my friigin GOD that waste hardest thing to do

Hi girl
Thank you for contact to me!
Is necessary to be healthy, hemoglobin level over 12 and if everything is ok I can do work
My price for you us6,500 lipo, bbl, tt and ba
I have place in jun, just contact to us again calling to my office after jan 7 and ask my assistant about date and details
Here the general information:

Medication before surgery:
i like To know hemoglobin level if It is possible If not You can use a month before: Iron with ácido folico and vitamin C and B12 (only It before surgery)
Use 2 days before surgery antibacterial soap for take shower like dermiscrub liquid soap.

After surgery You'll need:

-fraxiparina o mexaprin
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
-hierro (Iron)
Vitamina C, B12
Proteína (ensure)
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tab y crema)

toallas sanitarias (pad)
Franela o t sirt cotton (blanco, white)
Toallitas húmedas (wipes)
Ropa cómoda (confortable clothes)

This price includes:

•Pre-surgical medical examinations

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency. The cost of this insurance is $130 or us150 USD. The cost of the post-operative medication is around $150 USD

The patient is responsible for reserving their flight and stay. I recommend that my patients stay at a recovery house to ensure they are receiving the proper care during their recovery. Please reserve your stay and send me the details of your choice upon confirmation of surgery. You will need to be here for at least 10 days

 Angela’s Recovery House
+1 809-595-3109
Jazmine RH  +1809 916-3543 and  1809531-2988
Soraya  RH  1809 856-2002

Real recovery Armonia

Karleigh Harris

If you would like to secure your date for surgery, please send a us250 deposit
Bank Account (for deposit, You can transfer money from Citibank To my bank Banreservas) not electronic transfer please (it is personaly from bank to bank in us money)
Banco de reservas República Dominicana.
200 02 092 000588 4
Agustina Hilario Duran
ABA 021000089

Please note: This deposit is non-refundable unless due to medical or emergency purposes, which then must be accompanied by proper documentation.

Our airport is located in the city of Santo Domingo and is called Las Americas International Airport (SDQ).
These are the airlines that provide commercial flights from there United States:
·  American Airlines

·  Continental Airlines

·  Delta Airlines

·  Spirit Airlines  (Cheap)

·  Jet Blue (Cheap)

Please send me an email once you have sent the deposit so that I can confirm and secure your date. Also provide me with your flight information and recovery house details once you have them so that I am able to ensure you have everything you need for your stay.

Thank you,

Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran

The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery  (CIPLA)
137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
(809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212,

Enviado desde mi iPhone
Dra Hilario Durán

My cousin has cancer

My cousin, my ace, my bestest was diagnosed with breast cancer at 27. She was treated, chemo radiation, and it went away. when her hair fell out I cut mine into a short style. Today she called me to let me now that 3 yrs later they have discovered that it's spread to her bones, lungs, and liver. I am distraught. I'm rethinking my procedure. Is it selfish of me to move forward? here she is relly sick wanting nothing more than to be healthy and I am electing to go under the knife? I need support ladies. I cant help but feel like I'd be wrong for having my surgery :"(

April hurry up



I cant believe I am almost two mnths away! Time really does fly. To top it all off I have absolutely nothing done! I am such a procrastinator and work best under pressure. This week I will buy my faja and start my vitamins. Next week I'm going to buy my ticket and the things on the list that Laura sent me. She sent me an email late last week to confirm that I am scheduled to stay at Virginias. I am soo excited guys! The only thing that me and my buddy (shout out to freshandbrandnew) haven't figured out is whether or not we want to carry all of that cash on us or pay with debit cards. Thoughts on this ladies? vets what did you do when it came to payment?

Annoyed and confused

Honestly idk why I'm doing this. Is it really going to make me happy? Am I doing it for me, or for attention. I'm single so def not doing it for a man, and I have no prospects right now so am I doing it to gain some? and If I'm doing it for attention will I be dissatisfied if I dont get any? Ugh wtf. Sorry Ladies I'm just venting. I really don't know who I want to go with. Duran or Robles? I really want my surgery in April which is what I'm scheduled to do with Robles, but to be honest Robles doesn't do it like Duran. Idk what to do... I feel so lost and torn. I'm booked with Duran for June 12th which seems soooo far away, plus my bday is June 20 and I really wanna be sexy for it. I know the choice is ultimately mine, but I really want that crazy Duran figure. I'm so torn :( and honestly im not feeling any kind of sexy nowadays. Ive gotten to this place where I kind of don't care about anything right now and have convinced myself that after surgery I'll be this new sexy bombshell. I don't want to place all of those expectations on surgery. Don't mind me just needed to let these feelings out.

Laura's response to my nuttiness lol

So I sent Laura an email yesterday with these updated pics.

Hi Laura,

I just wanted to send some updated pictures. This is how I look now. Im really concerned about My waist I want it to be very small and sexy? Will she be able to do it?


Her response was:

Helll yessss you will be our barbie! You have a nice siluettt

Smal Waist, big butt

Thanks in Advances,

Lol she's cool and I'm comfortable with my choice :)

So this is supposedly a Robles girl

Of all of the reviews of read on here I've never seen one of Robles' girls look like this afterward. This pic was on her fb what do you guys think? I emailed this pic and Laura said yes it was one of their patients and she would give me her num If the girl allowed

In clothes

I look okay dressed but I really wanna fill these types of dressed out. Need more projection

Small haul

Just went to Walgreens and grabbed a few things. Still have to get compression socks, faja, pads/depends, body wipes and a few other things :)

OMG these vitamins got me ENERGIZED

I'm loving this cocktail yall. These vitamins got your girl feeling like wonder woman I have a ton of energy I feel amazing!

My Paragard (iud)

So it hasn't dawned on me to ask about taking my IUD out until last night. I have the paragard (copper t) not the mirena (hormonal one). I sent Dr. Robles an IM via Google chat asking about it but she didn't understand. lol she responded "uid?" (this language barrier is gonna be a trip)...Anywho I went to the official paragard page and thankfully they have an espanol link that changes the whole site to spanish. I sent her the link and she said "you can keep it" glad that's cleared up :) counting down the days lovies!!!!


Steady counting

General Update

Hey ladies. So I had a hiccup with my passport. 1 the hospital didn't report my birth to the registry for 4 yrs after my birth so when I sent my birth certificate in with my application they sent a letter saying I had to provide further proof of my date of birth! Arrrrrgh I was so annoyed and on top of that the pic that I took at the post office was not accepted because my head was tilted. That pic came out sooooo cute but they wouldn't use it. Anyway I ended up having to contact the registry, get a notarized letter stating my birth date, and I had to take a new pic. The second pic came out wack but my head is straight, hair out of my face, and barely any makeup they better not try me this time. So I'm still waiting on that. Let's see oh yeah I was fired from my job womp womp. I really don't care! I hated that place and honestly I figured I'll get unemployment for a little bit while I rest and heal up. No pressure and no having to rush back to work. There's a blessing in everything. I still have a few things to do. Like buy luggage and a lock, I still haven't purchased my plane ticket because I want to wait to have my passport in hand to do that. I need compression socks, a garment, some sun dresses and a few other little things. I'm gong to register with step and obtain travelers insurance. So still a lot to do. Other than that I'm excited, in good spirits, and cait wait. Till next time lovies. Xoxoxoxo


Hey ladies my buddy unfortunately is not going to be able to make it so if anyone else is going around the same time please lemme know. My date is 4/22

Bought and paid for. No turning back now.

Aight ladies. So my plane ticket is has been purchased. I'm kicking my self in the bum for not buying it sooner. A few months ago it was 480.00 today I paid 650.00 the early bird really does get the worm. I completed all of my shopping today. I also purchased my Faja. I got a small and this thing is TIGHT! Is it supposed to be so tight! I'm concerned because if it was such a struggle to get in now how will I get into it post op when I'm sore and tender? I'm really worried about that. Should I have bought a medium? help with this question ladies! Ummm lemme see what else... I'm really looking forward to meeting beuti in the making she's turning over in My city and we're taking the same plane to DR I'm so thankful that that happened! I'm so scared to be going alone I'm afraid of being neglected by the nurses and not having family with me :'( but scared money don't make no money so here I go. Still waiting on my passport. The only things I still may buy are the arnicare and bromelain. Did I spell those right? Lol.... Imma get snacks and water. And I'll do a list of what I'm bring later.

Xoxo chicas,

Idk how I'm gonna get into this with my tt incision

Lord it was hard getting into this! I'm wondering if I should've gotten a medium instead :/



Ladies it is so important to actually read the reviews of the ladies that have gone ahead of us in their entirety. They are full of useful information that will better help prepare you for your experience. I can only imagine how annoying it must be to get inboxed a bunch of questions that can be ansered by simply reading the whole review. I know most of us just want to look at pictures and keep it moving but the crucial stuff the valuable information is in what these ladies take the time to type and share with us. Please read and get as much info so that you can be as prepped as possible. I know that I would'nt feel as ready as I am if it werent for amazing reviews from ladies like HAPPYNAVYWIFE, BKLYNBEAUTY, ZIMRIANNE1, MOSTDESIRED3 and others.


What I have packed

-3 summer dresses (no straps the tube top ones in very dark colors)
-3 wife beaters
-3 hanes boys t shirts (with short sleeves) I read a review where a girl said they are more comfy for your arms in the faja
-2 sets of compression socks (I actually went to a small pharmacy and had my legs measured for proper fit)
- 3 pairs of ankle socks
-Flat slide on sandals (the velcro adidas type)
-Travel size oral hygiene kit
-Wash clothes & towel
-Baby wipes
-Kotex pads
-Alcohol wipes
-Dial antibacterial body soap (bar)
-Dial antibacterial hand soap
- Lotion
- Hibiclens
- Post surgical bra
-Colace (stool softener)
-Rolled Gauze
-Medical Tape
-Surgical dressing pads
-Vitamins Dr. Robles has us take vitamin C, Iron, vitamin B and folic acid

The only things I need are some pain meds, an anti nausea medicine, and the vitamedica surgery program kit.

Anything I'm missing vets? Thanks for advice :)


Trying to stretch it out

It's not as bad as it was the first time I tried it on but it's still very right. I guess I mine as well get used to her :)


Sorry for all of the typos and misspellings throughout my blog. For me it's a big thing cause I'm a English major lol but this auto correct on my phone does what it wants. Hope you guys can understand me anyway ;)



Luggage lock

Laura said to bring a lock for your luggage so I bought this one that has a combination lock on it.

41 days to lose 15 pnds

I've been eating like mad. So I'm going to forget about the past and start absolutely fresh tomorrow. Between now and the time I leave I should be 15 pnds lighter. It's gonna be hard work but I know I can do it. :)

C'mon April

32 days

29 Days!!!

Wow I'm officially less than a month away!!! Butterfly's....Just some small things to buy. Working out everyday now and gonna start a super clean diet. Can't believe I'm doing this.... I've taken a lot of pre op pics looking forward to seeing the difference. Pray for me guys. I have some negativity swirling around me and I need GOD to remove it from my life. Anywho... I'll keep you posted to the very end my loves. This is gonna be wild.

This is probably bitchy but

I downloaded a bell app... I heard that sometimes the nurses turn of your call button and don't come so if that happens I'll be ring ring ringing my annoying bell. ;)

This chick was getting on my nerves

So I sent her a message

I hate negative people

We are all grown... And we are all making our own choices regarding surgery, where we choose to go, and what Dr. we select. I am pretty sure none of us are going into this blindly and have considered all possible outcomes regardless of where one is going to have their surgery. Who the heck is anyone to judge or constantly nag or make negative comments or posts about someone else's choices? Get a grip! This site is all about supporting one another! And of your unable to show support or disagree with a choice that someone has made then skip their page and go onto the next. What is it with this "ewww you went abroad how foolish" "oh my goodness your lucky to be alive " mentality? I've known people that have been severely injured, and have even died in the states after surgery so lets not act like America is the be all and end all in healthcare. What really baffles me is this is coming from someone who's surgery was done here and looks like crap lol the irony. Sister save it and go on somewhere.

Canceling Surgery

Fuck this! Way too many deaths... Poor after care. I'm straight. I'm gonna use this 6000.00 and get my boobs done here. I'll get my tt next year. Honestly I'm a lil pissed about 750.00 gone on deposit and flight but I don't even care. I'd rather lose that than my life or a bad result... I'm good.

Not canceling surgery

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still going. Will keep you all posted every step of the way. Leaving I'm 2 wks. Wow

9 days

I cannot believe I am nine days away from leaving! Everything is set just waiting. I'm so anxious

Last befores

Last befores


Okay... Now I'm nervous.

Freaking out

I'm already an extremely anxious person. I suffer with anxiety daily but this has me completely sh#%ing bricks. Omg! What the heck am I doing?


Dreams are starting too

About that time

Well ladies it's about that time. I finished buying all of my supplies yesterday. I decided to bring my own water. I'm a total water snob so I figured out a way to stuff 2 of those Poland springs half gallons into my suitcase. I have everything except for my arnica and vitamedica post surgery kit :(... Other than that I'm set, excited, nervous all of those things. Just praying that all goes well you know? Just trying to stay positive. The only thing I regret is telling certain people. The less people that know the better. I'm very private and hate that so much of my family knows my business but I told the wrong cousin and she told everyone. Lol anyway my flight leaves tomorrow at 10:15 I'll try to arrive at the airport at 9:00. I'm supposed to meet beautiinthemaking haven't really heard from her so we'll see. Today I'm doing a thorough cleaning of my place and a little laundry so that everything is spotless when I get back. Gonna go see my mom and say bye to her then chill out. I really wish I could have a glass of wine or smoke a joint to calm my nerves lol but hey those things will come when I'm on the beach looking hot this summer! Love you guys thanks for following me I hope this will be a help! Stay tuned dolls. Remember I will update you all the way so if I suddenly stop something's wrong but let's not think that way.



Bye bye old body. It's been real ;)

At airport

Hey luvs at the airport. My flight leaves at 10:15 just waiting to board. It's nonstop so I'll get there at 2:10 am and will look for Wilson.


With Wilson

Hi loves. So as expected Wilson and the sign with my name on it were waiting for me as soon as I stepped out from immigration. Lol I'm in the car with him and beautiinthemaking on our way to cecip. Pray guys. Will keep you posted as soon as I arrive and take pics. It's so warm and humid... And I have on uggs. Smh


No room at cecip

According to Wilsin. So were at a hotel across from cecip. Just took a shower with the hibiclens. Laying down till 7. Wilson will be back to get us at 7:30 or 7:45 AM stay tuned.

I made it!!! Through the grace and mercy of God

Thank you father for watching over me a protecting I give you all the honor and all he praise amen.

Hey doll faces* I made it to the snatched side. I can't type too much cause keep drifting and out sleep but wated to update



She had to do a t incision because I did not have that much tummy skin. For boobs I didn't want them huge It was between 275 cc's or 325 cc's so I went with 300. I hate that I still have stretch marks and I do not like my belly button but hey it is what it is now.


Okay ladies day 1 lol....lemme just say I feel good. I am Sore and tender but it only seems like I've had an intense day at the gym. Walking bent over hurts, and you get winded quickly. I arrived at 3:30 on Tuesday morning. Wilson took us to the hotel cause there were no rooms at cecip and too late to go to Virginia's. He told us to be ready by 730-7:45 he or the other driver would come get us. The other driver showed up at 7:45 and took us to cecip. I did forms and waited to have labs done. After that I waited a reeeeeaaally long time. Make sure you bring a book cause there's a lot of waiting. I did not meet Laura until about 12-1 she's cute but you can tell there's some underlying shade lol. Anywho I was the only girl out of all the Robles that arrived that day having surgery that day. She had done 2 before me. Laura took us into a small room and did a little orientation explaining procedures etc etc. after that I waited another 3 hrs and was finally given a room. Things moved very quickly after that.They brought the implants for me to choose size and Robles finally came in to meet with and mark me up. She was not the sweet and warm Robles that I was expecting. She was however nice and straight to the point...I signed all forms and was given clothes to change into, blue pill, then wheeled to surgery. I was a little loopy and was teasing the surgical people. next thing I know I woke up with a new body. My boobs were the first thing I noticed, they're really sore. There was a nurse that stayed with me all night...Paula she was wonderful! When she unwrapped me to clean me up I started crying I was so happy! Soon after that Robles came to look at me. She suggested that I do two iron shots and the oxygen tank cause I used to smoke and sometimes even though I haven't smoked in two yrs cigarettes can have an effect on recovery. I was nervous about that but sucked it up and spent the 100.00 for oxygen treatment. Bring lots of extra money ladies! After oxygen I was brought to Virginia's. I immediately felt comfort. The women here are a1 and really take care of you. Much better than the hospital. The food is great! Drink lots of water and don't over pack!!! I have a lot of stuff that I probably won't use but it's only day one so we'll see. Will update later. Good luck dolls praying for those coming in and those that are healing.


Swell hell is real y'all

Lol I feel great, am draining very little, in good spirits just ready to get home. I came with a fantastic group if girls and Virginias is phenomenal! I think all of that plays a huge part in recovery! I'll post more pics when I'm able to stand up straight. Oh no one mentions numbness!!! After surgery you will be completely numb on your sides and where Robles lifts the skin for muscle repair it is a weird feeling. Swell hell is real y'all my thighs are gigantic and my poor feet lol.


Swell hell



Hey guys so I am still swollen and walking bent. I'm very sore and tired. I don't know how women return to work so soon after this procedure as I am still very tired. Outside of that I feel great. I'm looking forward to the swelling going down and. Returning to erect posture.

Small breast issue

As I removed my bandages I noticed a scab come off of my left breast where the vertical incision and areola meet. It bled slightly and is now a tiny open wound. I'm a little freaked out and was going to rush to the ER straight away. However I decided to clean the wound with alcohol, apply neosporin, and applied fresh gauze. I sent pics to Laura and she said to do exactly what I did. I will keep it covered until Wednesday if it does not seem to have gotten better then I will make a trip to the hospital. Hopefully it is nothing. The pics are a tad blurry but hopefully you can see it.

Wound isn't any better

Hey ladies so my wound hasn't gotten better :'( I'm totally freaked at this point. I called the plastic surgery center at one of the hospitals and was honest about what I've done. They scheduled an appointment to see my Friday. Unfortunately I have to pay a 150.00 consultation fee. But hey! Pray that this thing is nothing serious sisters! And that I heal soon.

Post op depression

So post op depression is very real guys. I'm going through it. Lots of regret... tears and frustration. Please be prepared and understand this is no walk in the park. Not by a long shot

My breast today

Although it's a tad bigger it is pinker and less dense so obviously healing. I'm not as freaked out as I was before. I stopped cleaning it with alcohol and am using the sterile saline solution wash and applying neo with non stick gauze. Can't wait to see ps on Friday! Hopefully the news won't be terrible. Went to lymph masseuse today and it was great. She said I should start straightening up or my muscles would heal bent so I've straightened up significantly. It's def a mental thing. Any who I'll keep you all posted. Gnight :~*


Standing straighter

My tummy tuck

At drs now. I havent seen him Yet but the medical assistant said everything looks good and the doc probably won't prescribe anything for the wound cause it will heal on its own. She said it's time for me to go into a smaller garment as well. Okay now for my tummy tuck. As of now I am not pleased. The skin is still loose and jiggly. I was not expecting all of my stretch marks to be removed but I was expecting a nice tight and taught tummy. I do see how she pulled my stretch marks down and defined my waist beautifully but the jiggly skin was my main concern and it is still that way. I'm not going to get my hopes up and convince myself that it will change with time. I'm sure it will not. My breAsts are lovely although they seem a lil lopsided. Well I guess some get fab results and others don't. No fixing it now. I'll keep you guys updated after I see the doc.

Wound is minor

Doc said the wound is superficial and to apply bacitracin. He also said that it was time for me to shower and I can walk straight. I'm really happy that I went and now my mind is at ease. I've just showered with dial antibacterial and covered the wound he said I did not need to put anything over the other scars but I did anyway ;) just not ready to be uncovered yet. So all is well I will be purchasing a xxs garment next week.

Stage 2 garment

This thing is no joke... My sis had to help me get into it and I was scared because of my incision but I'm in it. Gunning for that 22 inch waist :)...


I love my breasts!!!!

Small update

Okay ladies I am still VERY stiff but can walk straight it's weird but I'm forcing my self into it. The wound on my breast is healing slowly but surely. Tt is blah It is better than where I started but not what I expected. I really thought my skin would be tight and it's not but I do have two children and will look wonderful for having so. Things look good I am patiently waiting for the swelling to subside and really see my results. Right now it is just too early to tell. The stage two garment I bought before surgery was not right it was not accommodating for a tt and when I sent pics to
Laura she said I needed an xs not a small and one with out a zipper. So I purchased an xs fajate faja today and so far so good I am really hoping for a 22 24 inch waist. I'll keep you guys posted.




3+ weeks

Things are getting much better. I'm very swollen and my lipod sides are extremely tender and still hard however my shape is coming along nicely. And the wound on my breast is healing progressively. I'm going to attach some pics excuse the mess I was trying on clothes ;)


I'm so annoyed at this swelling I hope it's not a seroma. Should've gone to Yily

3 months po

Hi ladies I'm fine healed with no complications thank The Lord. Not happy that stretch marks are still around but hey. Hubby came clean and said old stomach was gross that I'm 5000 times better now. Any who here are pics. Going back in nob for Lipo and bbl...


Old belly and boobs
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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