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Hey dolls! so after about a year of obsessing, ive...

hey dolls! so after about a year of obsessing, ive decided to move forward with my transformation. I started by having my breasts done ( a lift with implants, see my review here) in October, and now i want the full figure. i honestly dont feel i will get the results i want in the states, so ive decided to go with the best, DURAN! I want the nicki minaj curves, nothing less than that! I have no idea when my date will be, it all depends on when i will get time off. I'm guessing early 2015=] im also looking for a buddy to go with as well.

Switching to Dr Fisher!

So Ive decided to switch to dr fisher in miami. I love his work from what I've seen and I'm ready for him to work his magic on me. I was quoted 4500 for the bbl. Jessica told me he recommended a tummy tuck as well but I'm not ready for that. I will be putting down my deposit early next week. I'm still not quite sure on a date yet but I'm leaning towards the end of march/beginning of april. My husband doesmt support it nd it hurts. I know I've started to obsess over it but its just something that I want done. I want that hourglass figure!

deposit down!

So its official! Left my deposit..fisher it is! HourGlass figure in March!

as I am

This is me now..I have natural curves but nothing close to where I wanna be.

Tummy Tuck and supplies..

So Jessica said I would need a Tummy tuck after my BBL.. I'm sorry but i disagree. Although i have a pooch .. i don't think i need anything more than some Lipo. I will take my chances. i would have a tummy tuck in the future but not right now. Anywho, i'm starting to get supplies ready for my surgery. My mom has agreed to watch my kids for a week so my hubby will be coming with me. Hes finally come around on the idea of this. So these are these are the supplies that I have written down so far...

Boppy pillow
compression socks
bed pads
thick moisturizing lotion
sets of different pjs ( not sure if ill be going out much...)
an extra compression garment.

if u happen to pass through my page.. let me know if im missing anything..

Diet... Diet..Diet...

So im officially on a diet =[ i frown because i love food! its really hard and im not 100 perfect yet. I ate a heavy dinner today so i feel like a fail lol. right now im 206 and i need to get back down to 196 minimum. so 10 lbs and counting. its funny because most of my weight is in my booty. I love it and i hate it. I have the shelf booty, and i want the upside down heart booty. so im determined to drop this weight. Im also concerned with the fact that i really may need a tummy tuck. when i look in the mirror i dont see need. i have seen woman who a bigger in the abdomen area then i am and they have come out fine. well see...


Hey Dolls I've decided to go with Dr Fisher @ Vanity Cosmetic Surgery =]. Ive put my deposit down but not really sure when ill be able to go and have my surgery. I'm a mommy of 2 little princesses and even tho i love them to death, they

fooducate and excercise

So as of last week I've been on a strict diet. I spoke with jessica and she wants me at 190 minimum. I found this great great app called fooducate and another called diet points. U can scan the bar code on foods and it'll break down the calories, how much intake u need a day etc..I've started to excercise 5 days a week as I lost 4 lbs last week! I'm addicted. I need to look amazing after this surgery can't settle for less.


so ive been seeing alot of confusion about vanity on here. i really hope im making the right decision here. i plan on paying the rest within the next 2 weeks, but there is so much negativity going on with them. i pray all goes well. jessica has been great. i know shes REALLYYY busy. that place is booming. customer service is one thing but my health is another.

Sx may be sooner than I thought

So things are looking up! Going to pay my deposit within the next week :) super excited. I'm dropping some weight..went to the doc and I was 203. I want to be 195 at the most! We are almost there ladies! This is ourr yearrrrrr

OK Heres my Tea.

ok so ive been seeing alot of posts on vanity, their prices, and their professionalism. TBH, its a little scary and im not sure i want to put my life in their hands right now. they seem like they dont have it together which bothers me. idk why jessica is telling everyone different prices?! idk what's going on with the doctors either. If i had my doc switched on me i would see black! so im just gonna pray and see what the good lord shows me bc this is not only a sh*tload of money, but my life as well!


So I had a moment last night but I'm back on the vanity train! Happy to see us all help each other out with concerns wr may have. So my weight is 203..dammit! I need to be at least 195 to feel comfortable :/ feeling frustrated cuz I love food and its difficult to clock everything u eat. Ughhh off to the gym to work this out.

dates dates dates

Any ladies going the end of feb? Trying to go around that time..

Swervin on Vanity!

ive had it with vanity. they play too many games and too much bs for me! never even got me receipt for my deposit WHICH I WILL BE GETTING BACK! smh jessica gotta be stupid right? she really thinks she got all her lies down packed...haaaaaa! and girl if u read this dont bother calling me cause im only speaking the damn truth. dead foul! im sry to the ladies who went and didnt even get to see the ps they were promised. i think i would be in jail. ladies the price aint worth it. sh*t is too damn shady over there! im out! back on my search

Dr Ortega <3

So i will be going back to my PS surgeon Dr Mel Ortega. I really wanted Vanity because i thought their price was very reasonable. cheaper isnt always better =/ I cant go wrong with dr ortega, hes deff a sweetheart, his staff is amazing, and i love everything about the office. i believe their price for a BBL right now is 4999 so thats still not bad at all. Dr ortega doesnt use drains and i believe that price includes 8 areas of lipo! going to pay my amount this week and hopefully she can fit me in for the end of this month. Call them up and ask for Vivian she will have you hooked up and tell her lisa referred you.

My "Consult" with Dr Ortega.

So the last time I saw Dr Ortega it was for my 24 follow up for breast augmentation. I couldnt help but ask him about what he thinks i should do lipo or a tummy tuck. he quickly said change into a gown and lets have a look. Once he came back he said, "honestly i wouldnt get a tummy tuck until i saw the results of lipo. He then went ahead and said, why waste good fat when we can put it somewhere else lol.however. at the time the price was for 8 areas of lipo which is pretty darn good he also said he could make me look however i wanted. if i wanted suttle, ill get suttle, if i wanted dramatic, ill get the time i wasnt ready for a bbl and just saved the thought for the future. i thought vanity was the place since there was alot of hype with the prices and all. But i realize grass is not always greener on the other side. i can say hat dr ortegas staff is very sweet, office is beautiful, and my aftercare was on point. my sx was at 3 and thats the time i was called in. the last time i spoke with vivian, she said his schedule was pretty busy but shell get back to me. that was yesterday, so lets see what monday brings.


I have tried to contact Vanity about my deposit refund and of course i continuously get put on hold till someone hangs up me. CHILLLLLLEEE BOO!!! *i'm currently on hold with my bank*

Date Booked!

So i put my deposit down today for BBL with Dr Ortega =] im booked for feb 19

weight down!

so ladies i have reached 197! yesssss! everything has started to become more real. i found a great price on the days inn about 5 min away from the surgery center. i really plan to stay 1 night , go to my 24 hr post op and head home. my best friend will be coming with me so hell be driving up back to orlando. i figure ill just make a bed in the back seat of my car lol..well my next update will be when i reach miami on wed. xo..

nerves nerves nerves

So its really hitting me today.. The surgery i wanted my whole life is actually happening in less than a week! it has my nerves going crazy but in a good way. i trust my doctor will take me to exactly where i want to be =] i wish all you ladies a wonderful journey. alot of us got sold into vanitys trap but we should never settle! xo..

2 days!

so im starting to get all my wish pics together as well as some supplies to take on my trip.. nothing major just some pillows and blankets for my car ride home. i will be buying the compression garment from the office as well. today im just stalking on realself, even though i said i wasnt going to update till i got to miami lol its too addicting!

Prep time.

Up early cuz I cant sleep. I'm gonna try n do as much as possible today. I totally forgot to order the go girl p ez, so ill just buy a small funnel and call it a day. I'm really not sure whether to wear a maxi dress or a sweatsuit..still debating. I reserved my car yesterday so ill be picking it up tonight. My best friend will be driving back. I need help dolls..what am I missing? I'm only going for the sx and coming right back home.ill be leaving 4 am tomorrow morning to be there by 8..ahhh my nerves!

Thank you!


I'm out..

Hey dolls I'm out thabk the lord sore anddrugged up will update later. U guys are so sweet! Thank u

sx update

Hey dolls..I'm finally able to guve an update about my sx day. First off ide like to give a hugggee shout out to jazeqtneedzabooty and mixxdyme. Thank u ladies for all your advice and prayers. Thank you to all my rs sisters. This has become a tight community and its a blessing. So I received a call tues night saying the doc will be doing his first sx wed at 3pm and to be there at 230.great np. Vivian calls at me 6 am saying she has an opening for 1230. Off we go! AS SOON AS WE WALKED INTO THE OFFICE PAPERWORK FOR ME WAS AT THE FRONT DESK FOR SIGNING. Amazing.within 10 min I was in the bqck being drawn up. I showed dr ortega all my wish pics explaining I wanted that heart shaped bottom. Surgery felt like a min in actually it was 3 hrs. From my understanding vivian said a lot of fat wasremoved and transfered..yes!. When I awoke I felt crappy. Hate that headachenausea feeling. I'm going to be honest girl..I HAVE NO PAIN..a tad bit of soreness but nothing over a 5. Ill update later with pix. I'm draining quite a bit Ill let it stop a little b4 I try takinf anything xo


pain .

Well girls I felt good...but now in so much pain..woosahh need these meds t o kick in

update day 2 post op

So dolls...I feel like a train hit me and the n reversed. BUT I LOVE MY RESULTS. My tummy is still swollen and ill be expecting that for a while. I took a washcloth shower and I hate it. Cant wait till I can really shower ughhh! No sharp pains just very sore :/

hubby gave me a little massage..

Pain was manageable, only could do about 10 min. Can see my swelling dropping drainage has stopped as well..

the naked truth

So here I am! I finally took off my garment I love my results so far. I believe my waist will continue to get smaller and my curves become more defined.

4 days Post Op

well today hasnt been too bad. i have so much swelling in my abdomen i dont think i can appreciate my results yet. i hae just been lying down and trying to stay off my feet even though its really hard with two small children. looking at my stomach i see what ortega was talking about with the tummy tuck BUT its not enough for me to consider going under for that. he said he that i should stay in a garment for 3 months and will have great results, so i trust him. i do not have any drainage whatsoever so im really happy about that. i think im ready to go into a smaller garment so im on the search for something that will give me the ultimate compression. i also want to get the butt cut out kind. i do see some swelling in my back which makes me look like i have back rolls but i know its just swelling. oo ladies this sx is life changing!! i love my new shape and what new doors it opens for me in the terms of clothes . i would also like to clarify something. it is NOT at all safe to take a long trip the same day of your surgery. i was misinformed and i would never recommend someone to leave the same day. dr ortega was actually pretty upset with me about it lol. do any of you ladies have any info on compression boards.. thats my next step.

Waist training.

So its day 5 post op and ladies i feel great! i do not sit on my bottom whatsoever and im hoping ill keep most of my volume, altho i read on bigbootytinywaist the volume we lose is just swelling ( which is ok with me). so today i started wearing my waist cincher. i have it on top of my garment so im getting the ultimate compression. i want that blac chyna waist, i wont settle for less! my booty is still pretty numb and im still pretty swollen but patience is what i need. cant wait to see some of you girls in the upcoming months!


so im already thinking of my lipo round 2! i dont think ill be going back for another bbl as im satisfied with booty. ive been wearing my waist trainer for about 2 days now and i can already see a difference. for ladies who are interested in high quality waist trainers...check out she usually has bundle packages where you can get the osmotic wrap, fat burn cream, and cincher for 125. so im not sure if its swelling, but i can see one back roll. it wasnt there the day of my post op so im guessing its swelling. swell hell as i heard someone call it. lol! im really trying to watch what i eat. i dont want to gain back but i dont want to lose much either. the struggle. cant wait to get back to the gym tho. this waist needs to get tighter.

10 days post op

hey dolls

not sure if my last update went thru =/

hmm idk why my update didnt go thru =/... well just in case.. im at 10 days post op and loving the result so far. my garment started to fit me very loosely so i went into a stage two with a booty cut out. its kind of snug but i rather that than loose. this skin is ittchyyyyy! i just have to ignore it or else ill rip my hair out. other than that everything seems great. booty is dropping and swelling is going down but verryyyyyy slowllllyyy.

18 days post op + my new journey

hey dolls! hope everyone is doing well. well i had my post op visit with ortega and all seemed to be going well.he stated i was still very swolleb and i need to live in my compression garments lol im not sure if im 100 percent satisfied with my body quiet yet so with that being said.. i will be planning my trip to DR to visit walkiris robles! I will be getting bigger implants as well as a tummy tuck. I love my heart shaped booty but i deff need a tummy tuck. I wont stop till i get the body i desire. im starting to feel a little bit back to normal but my skin is still painful to massage. Im going to post pix later on tonight as well as start my new review on my tt journey. Happy healing!

3 weeks post op.. Changes

yay i have finally reached the week 3 mark. i am starting to see changes in my figure and im loving what i see. the doctor gave me no fat on my back and a tiny waist not to mention a chunky booty so im super super happy. im ready to hit the gym and get this body prepped for summer. i had my massage at massage envy.. i didnt like what i received. however, i found this sweet girl who gave me the massage of my life and i see such a difference in one massage.. it felt amazing too.. realself has been quiet.. where are all my RS sistas

1 month post op

hey luvs! sorry ive been away for a while im just overwhelmed with life. anyways im finally starting to see changes in myself. not everyone comes out looking like a barbie doll, others take time. i dont want to give my final opinion yet so im going to wait on the 3 month mark. one thing is, i for sure need a tummy tuck! i have skin in the front that makes me have an illusion of fat but its just skin. ill be having a tummy tuck with duran or yily, whoever gives me a faster response. pain is almost non existent. i do sit down but no longer than an hr. im in the search for a smaller garment as mine has become really big on me. ill update with pix in the am xo

1 mo post op

waist trainer

finally seeing my curves!

i know i didnt write anything for my last update but i was on my phone. so im loving my new body so far. i bought my first new pair of jeans and i love the way they fit. the doctor gave me the booty i want. a nice back dip and a plump booty. Depending on how my healing continues i may just got for round 2 and not a tummy tuck. i dont want anymore added to the booty just want lipo to accentuate my curves more. im so happy with my choice of drs. One of my good friends is having a BBL with him on friday and if she allows me ill post her post op pics. OO YEAH.. ladies who have had their surgery.. get a a waist cincher! u will see better results once u start waist training. i started at an extra large and now my waist trainer is a large. i deff need to measure so i can give you girls some numbers. i will be starting a youtube channel soon discussing surgeries, healing, tips, etc. good luck to all the dolls on all their upcoming sxs!!!

1 day shy of 2 months post op

Hey dolls! Well today is my bday and I never thought ide have this body ever! Im so grateful to dr Ortega!

2 mos post op

hey ladies! well nothing has really changed except my booty has gotten super jiggly which is great. I have noticed that some of my booty dents didnt fill all the way but dr ortega informed me of this in the beginning. i am still really happy with my new booty



love my doctor! he makes sure to explain everything in detail, gives you all the time you need, and has an amazing staff. If your thinking of going with DR Ortega, call and ask for Vivian.

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