MANON DOLL Tummy Tuck, BBL AND BL without IMPLANTS - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello dolls, I have been on Realself for about 4...

Hello dolls,

I have been on Realself for about 4 months now and hooked. I am obsessed with Almonte's work but she is booked out until August. Don't want to keep this body like this until then. I then saw reviews from Dr Goico as he does really good breast lift but not quite a fan of his BBL's. I too became hooked on Dr Robles tummy tuck work but wasn't sure about her lipo and BBL. Until I came across Duran and Cabral. OMG......they are the hardest to reach by far. I emailed, whatsapp, and stalked them constantly online but still no response. Until last Saturday Cabral replied with a quote, wow finally. I called the office and spoke with Yasmin and asked if June 2nd, 2016 was available and she said yes and asked for my full name and phone number. I am beyond excited to finally get confirmed with Cabral.

I am 5'5" weighing in at 190lbs. I started my weight loss program February 1 and weighed in at 202.4 lbs and have so far lost 12.4 pounds in 5 weeks. I have 11 more weeks until surgery and I am pushing and motivating myself everyday. I want to be in the best possible weight and health for optimal result with Dr Cabral. My goal is 30 more pounds before the big day. I have been snacking on fruits and juicing both fruit and veggies. In fact just last night my neighbor had a pizza party for her daughters birthday and she brought over 2 slices of which I ate none. Will give to my daughter instead. I am so proud of myself for refusing to put those calories in my mouth. Its the hardest thing but once you start and stay committed and actually see the numbers go down, its even more motivation. I too have been jogging morning and evening on the beach. I live in the Bahamas so I have beach access about 5 minutes away from home. The sand really burn my thighs and calf. I even exercise at work (office job) I go in the conference room on my lunch break and do lunges, squats, arm circles and wall sits. Maybe I am getting to obsessed but I think its a good obsession for my health.

I have not told anyone about surgery......No one's business. Luckily I have 3 weeks of vacation left for this year so that should allow me some good healing time before I come back to work.

I have a daughter who is 12. I am 33. Before her my body at 20 was banging and was quite similar to Beyoncé's.....LOL real talk now I want it back.

2.4 pounds gone

OMG...So Excited. Lost 2.4 lbs this week and present at 188.2. I weigh in every Friday and feel so great as the numbers are going down. My goal weight is 160 as I know I will lose at least 10lbs after tummy tuck. I am going to be snatched to the Gawds!!! Started a 30 day squat challenge today as well to firm up my flabby thighs. It does not look good having a smooth as beautiful tummy and my thighs look like the Grand Canyon with all these cellulite and dimples. Weekends are the hardest with temptation for me. Keep pushing dolls we can do it!!

When you are finally confirmed with a date, why does it feel like the longest time away. I know its only 11 weeks away but feel like a year from now and by the way I only have $800 so far towards my $8,000 bill. My breakdown: Cabral $5,000; Recovery House $1,400 as I want to stay two full weeks, plane ticket budget $600 and misc $1,000. I have two cars so my plan is to sell one for $4K by at least April. I have two jobs as well so I am going to make this happen God's willing.

25 more pounds to go in 2 months!!!

Eight weeks away and down another 5 pounds (185lbs). Finally got my Visa and now need to start taking my vitamin c, iron and folic meds.

small changes i am seeing already

Me so far!

May change from Cabral to Robles

I am everyday checking Cabral, Duran and Robles IG accounts. Usually I am so pumped when I see Cabral's amazing BBLs but his tummy tucks are somewhat lumpy looking which has me turned off. By far I think Robles gives a smooth tummy and beautiful belly button because I don't think she is so aggressive with lipo to make it lumpy. I am starting to think twice about cabral and leaning toward Robles. I would rather have a smooth beautiful tummy with no lipo burns than a lumpy one albeit I do want a fat ass....what a girl to do. Robles butts are looking pretty impressive too and she's $1,000 less expensive. Cabral's tummy tuck today has a cray cray belly button which I do not want.


Hello ladies,
Have been missing but now I am back of wanting to pursue my dream body. I have made my decision and have chosen Dr. Israel Manon. Payed for my plane ticked and will be leaving November 3 hoping to have surgery the following day on Friday November 4. Have seven weeks to go and have even joined the gym as I am really motivated now that I have my date confirmed. Is anybody out there in love with Dr. Manon's work?
Thanks ladies!

See you in 5 days Dr. Manon!

Down to the wire as I leave for DR in 5 days. Will be getting a TT, BBL, BL if all is well with my Hemo with Dr. Manon. I was most worried about my period coming on days or even hours before surgery but luckily God has heard my prayers and it came on yesterday exactly 1 week before surgery. Surely it will most likely cause a low Hemo but i am not going to let the numbers stress me as they have iron treatments I could possibly do while there.

I am at 182 so exactly 20 lbs lost so I am happy with that. Have not yet packed 1 item and will do so tomorrow. I am now also on a clear skin regimen where I will do a 30 day water challenge to see if it will help get my skin supple again. So yesterday I did a professional facial at a spa and bought a skin care line to use while I am there. DR presents a great opportunity to jump start a skincare regimen as I will be in recovery house healing drinking lots of water and not in the sun and not have to clog my pores with unnecessary makeup. A nicely sculpted body needs flawless skin....:)

I am so ready!

Flying out tomorrow and was preparing these last couple days cleaning house, washing every item of clothing to come back home to comfort as I like it! Can't believe this day is finally here and about to get the body of my dreams. Took a month off from work so I go back December 1, hopefully I am fully recovered and healing nicely by then. Christmas body should be on fleek! I want to have the confidence I used to have. Don't know if my cell will work over there to post updates, if not you will hear from me November 16 God's willing!
Have not been taking my pills consistently iron, folic acid, vitamin c etc so fingers crossed HGB is good! My boyfriend is on board as he wasn't at first so that makes me happy.
Alright ladies I pray that I make it to the flat side alive and well as I have to come back to my baby girl who is 13.
BYE BYE for now ladies!

3 weeks post op

Hello ladies,

I am back home now from DR. Had an interesting experience from the clinic to DR driving, mall, airport.

Where do I start?
Well, my flights were on time and landed safely in the beautiful Dominican Republic. I quickly got off the plane to beat the rest to the Tourist Card line as I have been reading its horrific. Met about 8 in front of me and cruise thru, within 5 minutes there was a line of about 80 people behind me.....whewwwww. Got my 1 suitcase and went thru what I would call a line of paparazzi people waiting only difference they had no cameras but signs with people's names on it. All eyes on you which is so intimidating. Looked for my name but no luck. Luckily a taxi driver asked if i wanted to use his cell to call my driver which I thought was so kind. He spoke to the driver for me and where I would be sitting. 10 minutes later my driver came and we walked to his vehicle and drove to the clinic. I then met Rosa/Diana manon's assistant. She is beautiful and very sweet, so is Dr. Manon. He kissed my cheeks and took me to his office where he looked at my body. He spoke little english so Diana translated for him. He felt my stomach and said its hard and I have abs under the loose skin. He then said lipo and and said no Tummy tuck. Then he suggested mini tuck as I didn't have much loose skin to pull down which was disappointing but I did agree because honestly I worked hard at the gym and lifting weights started to give me definition in my stomach area. I also told him I wanted breast lift and bbl which he agreed. I was then sent to the bathroom to urinate in a small cup and they drew my blood as well to test my hemo. This then terrified me as I had not been consistent with pill and 1 week prior my period came on which could result in low HEMO. Did xray and then another gentleman test my breathing and put clamps on my body to test what, I don't really know. I then met two other ladies who was also having work done my manon the next day but they were staying at a different recovery house. Diana then came to me later and said that instead of going to recovery house that night that they want me to sleep at clinic so that I am Manon's first patient. I was so elated being the first one he worked on! I was then taken to my room which was clean and had signs on the walls warning not to leave valuables. I wish I had listened and will explain in a minute. I started to get comfortable in the room and sit on the bed. Then a nurse came in with a tray of food (dinner) while I was on my cell taking pics. I then got bored and text Diana that I wanted to take a taxi to the mall. She suggested gentleman named junior as she wanted me to be safe and trusted him. He came to my room and we took off for Agora mall. Got there at 7 and he came back for me at closing time 9pm. I loved walking around eating my last set of ice cream and shopping for dresses. Mall is beautiful with 6 levels and was Christmas decorated, like for real Christmas November 3? Hey I guess they get started early. I bought a few dresses on sale and waited for Junior. He took me back to clinic and went to bed for my early morning surgery the next day. Diana text me that night and said my hemo was 12.5 and I was so despondent knowing that doctors in DR like your hemo to be 13 and above however Diana said that Dr. Manon says I was excellent candidate to get everything done as my BMI was 30 and I was in great shape and didn't need muscle repair however they want to give me blood transfusion immediately after which I agreed. My initial quote was $6,400 but after assesment of mini tuck and no muscle repair they quoted me $6,000 which I payed Diana. Yayyyyyyyyy :)

Next morning Dr. Manon came to my room about 6:30 and he started to mark me up for surgery (arms, inner thighs, stomach, back, breast and butt). Initially he told me mini tuck but i bent over to show him my hanging skin because when i stand straight it looked fairly good then he understood that I needed a full tuck which made me so happy but then price would go back up again :( oh well I had the money. I was told to shower and then take blue pill and let the nurse know when I took pill. Soooooooooooo, took shower brush teeth, took pill and went to nurse desk to let them know. They came to my room a minute later and sat me in wheelchair and I was out. Don't remember even seeing surgical room. I woke up to someone tugging the faja on my body which mean surgery was over, yayyyyyy. Was not in any pain but was just uncomfortable in the bed. People kept coming in and out asking if I was ok and checking my drips. Then lady came in and said that I need the transfusion now and I pointed her to my suitcase where I had envelope of money ($400 US and $500 pesos) She opened envelope in front of me and only $100 US and the $500 pesos in it) I said NO I had $400 US someone stole my money which then had me in a panic) She then went and got Diana who reported my stolen money. I was so MAD!!!! Luckily I hid $800US in a secret compartment for later retrieval. I guess they didn't look for more money seeing that they found that first envelope Thanks Goodness. I left the first set of money easily reachable for incidents such as transfusion and faja as after surgery i figured I would need help so to make it easy for them to get. So after that set of money was stolen Manon those didn't charge me for the full tuck as he was going to reset the price. Ladies, please protect your money. Stayed there another night a clinic and went to recovery house Saturday.

Feeling a bit tired now and will right again later about recovery house.




Hey dolls,
My rhinoplasty procedure is fast approaching. I am scheduled with Dr. Yappy of the Philippines. In my opinion he is the King of NOSES. I will be flying out May 27 and my surgery date is May 30. Anyone else getting their nose done?
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