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Hello Dolls, Barbies, Kens, Ladies and Gent, ...

Hello Dolls, Barbies, Kens, Ladies and Gent,
I previously and still have an old review when I was between choosing between Dra Robles and Dra Duran ( I didn't go to both of them) so this is just my updated review on this doctor and I felt like I needed to start this new instead of using my old review, so if you see repeat pictures from another review that is my review. I do help I am able to help ladies make their decision through my experience and I do plan to keep up with my post and updates. I have a few so far to post since I've had my own personally journal.

My journey into surgery aboard has not been a decision easily decided, and between searching for doctors, money issues and other various things. I ended up postponing my surgery for a whole year (although now I can look back and feel glad that all things happen as they are suppose too and not when you want them too).
Last year I wanted Dra Duran to be my doctor because of her amazing BBL’s and the shapes she gives but with some incidents with some patients and NEVER being able to get into contact with her, I decided to go to Dra Robles, I absolutely love her tummy tucks but her BBL’s are less then satisfactory (IMO and please take no offense), but I want to see a difference and not just from swelling. So once again I was back and forth between doctors and making a decision that I would be completely happy with it. I wanted someone (or at least their assistants) that I could reach pre-op, and someone who didn’t have such high patient load, I also wanted to see improvement in my body and the procedures that I would be spending my money on.
My friend and I decided on Dra Tania Medina, the reason that I picked her was because
1. She only sees two patients per day
2. She only operates 3 x’s per week
3. I can always get in contact with her assistant and or her
4. I feel in my gut she is the right choice.

I am going for a Tummy tuck, lipo, bbl and I only plan to stay for eight days, wherein I will come back to the states where my family, private doctor can watch over me. I will also be staying at serenity and I love communication with her, fast and easy, reasonable prices and she worked with me (I actually changed my date to a sooner date). I am having surgery done March 11, 2015. I have many wish pics and I hope that I don’t overload her with all these wants that I have for my post op body. I also know that I am working with a lot of stretch marks so even if I am never able to wear a bikini again, at least I KNOW I’ll look good in a damn body suit, lol. Unfortunately my friend canceled her surgery and I am now going alone.

So now I am going to list all my products purchased for my trip and the cost (most of these items…basically the majority were brought off Amazon). I tried to list the prices but most of them I did not remember and it was a lot, also I believe going to your local discount store you can find the majority if not all of these products and at a more reasonable price.

My list of things

Victoria Secret
Leopard print suite case set $95.00 (I love leopard) –Victoria Secret
Mesh Laundry Bag $19.95-Victoria Secret
Flip Flops $14.95-Victoria Secret (I know they were pricey but I love leopard print  lol)
Beach Tote &19.95-Victoria Secret (just in case I have to visit my Doctor and don’t want to carry a full on purse)
Phone Wallet $9.99 on sale to (too cute not to purchase)-Victoria Secret

Luggage tags $5.95-Amazon
P Ex Travel Urinal $5.77
Arnica Montana by Hyland’s homeopathetic -250 tablets $7.35
3M transpore clear 1 inch wide first aide tape $4.57
Ted Thigh length anti-embolism stockings/medium $24.90
Curticure pain reliever medicated ointment
Cuticura Medicated Antibacterial soap bar
Curad Alcohol swabs Antiseptic wipes 200 count
Diurex Water Pills 42 Tabs $6.77
All purpose sterile sponge (25 packs per box)
No rinse body wash (set of 3)
Boiron Arnica Gel 2.6 ounce
Seventh generation panty liners
Dynarex Disposable underpad, 17 inches (100 count)
Passport Holder
Plush neck pillow and eye mask (for airplane) $7.95-Amazon
Always-feminine wipes (2 packs)
Baby wipes
Miralax single doses sachets (10 sachets in the box)
La Bella Rosa mosequeta rose hip oil with vitamin e
Hanes women’s cotton panty (10 pack)
Bug repellent arm bands (4 pack)
Bath towel set with face rag
Bromelian 2400 gdu (which I plan on taking two weeks before)
Bug repellent spray (You can never be too sure)
Boppy pillow (for my booty)
Perineal irrigation bottle (pack of three to make cleaning down there easier lol)
Cotton Balls
5 maxi dresses
Medical grade gloves (I brought them in pink

My ugly pre-ops

I have to share the befores to enjoy the afters lol ( that was funny to me lol)

One more thing!!!

Just want to make sure I'm through as possible so sorry for the constant updates this will be the last one for today :)
5 basic black tee shirts (3.90 each)
5 basic classic knit cami (1.90 each)
Robe $24.00
Bath sponge $.90
Pill Case $1.90
Ankle sock set (pack of 5) $4.50
5 nightshirts (10.50 each)

I also purchased my flight from Jetblue (coming and going with the extra leg room…shoot why not, I gotta live it up right?lol)
My round trip from NYC to DR was 485.00
-I’ve started taking my Arnica
-I am still taking Vitamin D (but next week or the week there after I will stop taking it since it can increase bleeding).
- I have stop taking my one a day’s to also decrease the chance of bleeding.
-I am taking a blood builder to help with my Iron levels (Ideally I am looking to be around 13-4 for my blood levels)
-I have only been drinking water and my homemade hibiscus tea that has a lot of vitamin c and I totally enjoy drinking it.
- I haven’t changed my diet too much, because I want enough fat for her to inject into my hips and my booty.
I also plan on purging a few days prior too going, because I would hate to be constipated or even attempt to be pushing with an new incision. Fiber may also become my friend to ease the bathroom issues.
I am also finished with my purchases but I plan to have a coming back outfit, a sweater, leggings and my Uggs and or “hipster” boots because I’ll be coming back to winter weather lol.
       I also think I am only going to convert 300 US to DR, I don’t think I will honestly need to spend that much money anyway. I’ve decided to bring ensure with me as well (VANILLA BABY).

My supplement assortment

Opinions and belief systems vary from person to person so may opinion may not reflect that of someone else’s but I MUST say my use of supplements have improved the way I feel (even though they were meant for a faster healing process and the body dealing with surgery).
In 2007 I had surgical procedures performed and I used a vitamin supplement kit from makemeheal.com, I feel pretty certain that it helped my recovery, swelling and I seemed to bruise less as well as handle the procedures that I underwent like a pro.
Right Now I am taking
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Blood builder
vitamin D
And Iron
I also only drink water or my make my hibiscus tea so my urine is pretty clear or very light yellow but overall I feel better. I think this has also promoted me to continue this regimne of healthcare when I am finished with surgery. Keep positive thoughts, continue to take my vitamins and literally just prepare for this new venture and beginning of my life.
I often imagine my new clothes and even being able to wear panties instead of girdles (eventually anyway a few months I’ll be in the raja still unfortunately lol), but having the option to wear clothes I want to wear instead of worrying about my gut, stretch-marks and other nonsense is very exciting for me. My hubs doesn’t want me to make my butt bigger but in honesty he doesn’t know what he is talking about, once he sees me with my boy-shorts on like POW, I bet all that crap he was talking about will be a thing in the past lol but he does understand why I want to do my belly and my butt anyway, besides he has totally funded this body project 100% (He is the man). Sometimes its often hard to imagine this new body and I see all these beautiful post ops and I am like “can that really be me too?” its so hard to imagine that it pushes me more to go for my dreams and pursue this.
Time is usually fast for me but because of a set date and the excitement of wanting to go, I feel like time is literally dragging by. Everyday I am looking at my calendar, as though the day will some how magically appear tomorrow but I do know before I know it, I will be in DR, meeting the Dr, getting my blood work, etc, on the procedure table and there will be no turning back.
After my healing I am def going on vaction, me and hubs are taking a cruise or flying out somewhere nice…

So basically I am 98% ready to go on this surgery vacation. I have all items needed, I have money for my recovery house, I obviously have money for my surgery, and extra money for insurance, medication, etc, etc…

Tattoos anyone?

I have tattoos and I have gotten tattoos to cover up ugly marks, I would def get a tattoo to cover the TT incision and these are big but I like them. I am very untraditional but everyone has tattoos anyway nowadays lol. Thats also one wish pic but not my main wish pic!!!

I can't believe in less than two weeks, I'll be off to DR, this is so nerve wrecking lol

Love my New Body Dra Tania Medina

Finally achieved my dreams and took the leap---Dra Medina is wonderful

So I was suppose to go in February but I got sick and so much things was happening, it just wasn't the right time for me to go and everything happens for a reason. Anyway I continued to save, booked, my flight, and gathered the things I needed and continued you. Traveling outside the country is very mentally draining, your scared, you want to make sure you are okay and you want to come back home safe, sound and alive. That is why i was really picking on my doctor and really wanted to make sure I was doing the best thing for me. I am happy I stuck with Medina, everything about her is beautiful, professional and wonderful. It was such an easy process for me!!!
Here is my story ( I landed in DR November 14th and had surgery November 16th)
I reached DR very quickly and easily without mush hassle. I was worried about the language barrier and nervous about being alone at night time walking through the airport. However it was pretty easy. I already printed my visitors pass online so I bypassed that and went straight for the visitors line, where they took the papers that we filled out on the plane. I did finger printing and also took a picture, I quickly collected my luggage and then went through customs (which was under 2 minutes) My driver George was outside waiting for me with a card that said my name loud and proud, which made me feel safe and secure. He was very friendly and I did tip him pretty quickly but the timely manner he was there, I was very happy about that and he immediately ushered me to his wifi, AC car (lol)!
unday I got up pretty early ( I couldn’t sleep, brimming with excitement, fear of the unknown and everything in between), I got ready and waited for my driver George to come and pick me up, which he did around 8am, we went straight to the clinic where I did blood work (five), Urine and Xray test, possibly because it was a Sunday I was literally in and out. (I could not have stayed more than ten minutes)

I am relieved at how safe and sound I feel and I don’t feel alone at all. I was worried that I would feel like a stranger in a unknown place, but the people that Dra Medina works with is on point, polite and makes me feel comfortable more than I would have felt some where else.

So George my driver brought me to the clinic I did blood work ( they took five vials, and also an X-ray and they should me my results immediately ( not my blood work tho) , I seen the Cardiologist who gave me an EKG, my blood pressure was elevated so he gave me a pill to take tonight and in the morning.

Loren came in sexy and beautiful and took me down stairs to complete the paper work. I paid for my surgery, insurance, driver, my night at the recovery house and also for one massage that I will receive at the clinic. I am hoping that my money last until Friday and with a possibility of a hernia I may have to pay extra ( I am hoping that she will allow me to make the payment on Friday)

The nurse put the Iv in so I'm still waiting!

Dra Medina came into my room ( which was lovely and very modern), she took pictures of me and asked me what i wanted. I had collected a bunch of wish pics but when I seen her I opted out from showing her those pics and decided to give her the freewill, she still adamantly asked me and so I told her and she marked me up. She gave me the blue pill and soon after I was ushered into the surgery room, they gave me something in my IV and I told them "okay I am going to sleep, I'll see you guys later" and I was out! I might have woken up, I remember possibly having an oxygen mask on my face and trying to talk for them to hear me but I could be making it up as I must have been high as hell. I stay overnight at the clinic and was provided with a nurse, but I didn't bother her too much, except when I almost passed out when I took up ( please make sure you eat), it makes all the difference, Once I put food in my mouth, I was much better. They made sure I was okay too and checked on me frequently.

We'll I'll be leaving in a few days and I am doing great, my stomach doesn't bother me as much as my back and ass. Jules drained me so well and took her time, I was squirting fluid but it immediately took the pain right away.
******Healing Haven DR********
Jules also came with me to Dra Medina along with one of her staff Lady( I love her so much) all the staff are amazing and they really try hard to accommodate you, to the point it can almost feel like your taking advantage, so I try to do as much as I can to help myself and make their jobs easier.

Jules regularly comes and checks on us, and after surgery we stay on recliners and it almost feels like a sisterhood since we can relate and we are not alone, I am happy that I didn't get a single room, I feel like it would get immensely lonely and bored.
The food is A1, I might have a small waist now but mentally I am still damn fat and I look forward to the best juice and the meals which are prepared on time. I guess I can best describe it as a little family and everyone is a safety net.
The recliners are life savers and these lovely pillows that she provides which come in handy when you get a bbl. Its clean and there are a bunch of cleaning products in the bathroom and very sanitary. Even tho this is my first time meeting everyone, it feels like a connection that I really can't explain. I do want to go home but because of the great vibes it isn't so bad and I am not that homesick.

Please make sure that you move up and down, keep active it really helps in the recovery. I also ask Jules staff for beet juice ( which they make homemade), keep up with your medication, and don't take this lightly...but I believe in Medina's work and her hands have to be blessed. I will update with pictures as soon as I can and I am still excited to go home lol!!

Still with bandages on

I still have the bandages on and she told me not to remove them, I don't have dissolvable stitches in my belly button, so I will have to remove them after 21 days. I am so happy with my results however that words cannot explain.

my incision scar

pain and soreness but each day it gets better!!

Its seven days after my surgery and progressively it has gotten better, sometimes I feel burning from the drain and just soreness and other times I am dancing (yes already lol) so it literally is like a rollercoaster. I think the fact that I try to remain completely independent as possible is definitely helping with the healing process. I take my supplements and my antibiotics and even do little leg kicks to keep my blood circulating and to combat soreness.
I still find it very hard to sleep because it is hard to find a comfortable position. The worse pain in my opinion out of the tummy tuck, lipo and bbl is the damn bbl. I don't even think I got a whole lot of fat transferred either but for some reason omg it is just so uncomfortable ( it's bearable tho) and I am not taking a whole bunch of pain meds either, but if you can get sleeping pills for night time i would advise it.
I am not draining a whole lot either which is good and I am happy for but I am in a mental battle with myself for drain removal, I think when I seen Dra Medina on Tuesday I would be ready to remove the drain but I am scared with flying, swelling, inflammation that i may end up with fluid that won't be able to drain and I don't want seroma's but I still have time to see how my body is responding. I can bend down, I shaved my legs, I shaved my arm pits, I can clean my private parts so I am pretty active. I do just want to sleep ALOT or sit a lot and then I'll get up and move around and get restless, so it's been very bipolar for me but the recovery hasn't been bad at all just things you would expect!

more pictures lol

Post Op Depression...along with fluid accumulation :(

I know i am suppose to be happy and over joyed, I have been wanting this for years, but oddly enough many post op ladies never talk about the mental and physical affects of surgery. My results are dramatic there is no denying that..Medina did her thing on my body, but the process of healing is mentally and physically draining. The start of my post op depression started with my drain...i was really disappointed when I was told that I would have to go home with it, I was barely draining and at my recovery house the nurse tried to remove the drain but had a hard time removing it due to a stitch that she couldn't see. I had incredible pain with that drain in and noticed my swelling had increase and it was hard for me to add compression with the nuisance of the drain, once i reached home I gave it a few days but realized it was hindering me and I started a three day journey of removing the drain. The drain is placed with two stitches on both sides, one where the reservoir is held and the other stitch on the opposite side. Anyway the stitch on the opposite was buried deep into my skin almost impossible to see, so for about three days i would try to pull it up with tweezers ( and i would feel the pressure of the god damn hellish drain), I gave up a few times until one early morning i said "F&6k THIS SHIT" and decided that it had to go, so i fought until I seen the little knot of the stitch, clipped and pulled ( I took some beta blockers prior because I would have been shaking like a prostitute around a cop lmao), Once I clipped the stitch, I gently tugged on the drain ( I was scared out of mind and did it alone) at first it was uncomfortable so I took a breath, held a gauze to the exit site and slowly and firmly pulled...it didn't hurt..just felt weird and it came right out along with a nasty stringy clot and I realized I wasn't draining because my drain was clogged. I cleaned up the hole and covered it...ever since than I have been much better but the fluid is something that I constantly monitor and will have drain as frequently and safely as I can until I stop draining....

I have been collecting fluid in my stomach and back and I feel the flow of the fluids drip into my back from my stomach (which is a weird and warm feeling). The Stage one Faja Medina gave me was too large for me and I didn't purchase my second stage on time (however I add a load of compression and I can tell the difference) My belly was really swollen and full of liquid but ALOT of compression and the massages have made such a major difference. I think with my massages and compression, I will eventually stop collecting fluids and really work on shaping my body and heal aesthetically pleasing.

I went to Vivian for my massage today ( ladies if you are in Nyc please do yourself a favor and go do your massages...they drain your fluids if you have, they have machines ( sorry i don't know the name of the machines lol) but you can totally feel the difference afterwards

I feel like my aftercare is kinda of left up to me. I do get an immediate response if I have a question and or concern, but being so far away from my doctor, my worries and concerns cannot be addressed they way I would have preferred, thankfully I have Dr. Medina's recommended doctor Dr. Goris (who I will be seeing on December 8th, hopefully to get these stitches removed on my belly button and I have him check to make sure I removed all the stitches from the drain as well.

This surgery process is draining...in every aspect. Please be aware if you have a hernia you have to pay extra, massages are very much needed and I can see them lasting for months especially if you are like me and collecting fluid and you don't want to jeopardize the outcome of your shape. You will be constantly spending on things....sorry if it is random and all over the place just wanted to express as much as I can humanly can right now..so sorry for the jumbled rant lol

Compression is muy importante!!

I am in my second stage faja (size small) and on the last hooks, i am trying my best to add extra compression to resolve this fluid collection that likes to linger and "bloat" my back. I have added warm compression for 15 minutes and because i don't have my lipo board as yet, I stuff some flexible coasters in my faja that seems to be doing the trick lol.
Tomorrow I am going to the doctor so I will report back on that. I am going to stop the massages in the meantime, until my incisions are more healed, i think my drain site is irritated from the last massage and i just want to give myself time to heal. The massages have been a bit stressful for me as well and I just need a break from that right now and heal and hopefully i can diminish this fluid in a week or two (hopefully less). Each day gets better and seeing my results motivates me immensely

Update Two Months Post Op-There is light at the end of the tunnel...Patience is Key

I needed time for myself however I didn't want to leave you guys hanging like other reviews and just disappear into thin air lol, eventually I will but most likely after 6 months. I don't do massages anymore, I've stopped since the last time I posted. I rub myself and use Icy hot. My skin is actually softer and doesn't feel hard anymore. I think the most swelling I have is in my back. The seroma is GONE....I thought that thing would last forever and it had me doing everything to fight it but eventually one done it gradually stopped and that was that. Swelling is real and I can feel tightness and pressure sometimes from the hernia and muscle repair. I was 175 pre op and not I am 162 post op but I am not sure where that went because I still look very think and curvy ( but I am thick). I am still very pleased with my results and I AM HAPPY :) I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I don't wear my faja often and prefer my corset over my faja....the next step is a spanx for me. I didn't like how the faja felt and the pain that I had when i had it on and the way it would dig into my sides, nor did i like the lipo board..so its just finding what works for me at this point. I am way more active, feeling like myself...but even better. I still do not push myself and I listen to my body to avoid any unnecessary grievances. Dr. Jose Goris in NYC IS GREAT...He is so very nice and attentive and just a humble and sweet person. He took out my stitches and gave me cream (Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream 0.1%) for my scar which I have been using. Since I am dark skin my scar has hyper-pigmentation, no keloid scar formation so far, I do notice some areas has hyperatrophic scarring but I am not concerned as those can diminish after awhile and this cream seems to be healing. My scar can be hidden well enough and I will post pictures. I am thankful for Medina she made me feel so much more confident. It has been a journey for me but it was worth it and I finally feel like myself again but a better 5.0 version lol. I will update with pictures and hopefully I was thorough :) Good luck ladies this journey is so worth doing
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Very easy to get in contact with, made everything extremely easy and clear as far as communication. She is extremely professional, the staff are caring, you get immediate responses, the clinic is clean, she is clean and honest.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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