Mommy Makeover February 26, 2016.. Work Your Magic Dr. Cabral and Snatch This Waist!! - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello RS Friends!! This site is amazing and...

Hello RS Friends!! This site is amazing and provides so many tools for clueless people like myself!! Thank you for all of your review posts and pics!! It has been a lifesaver.

I am a 41 year old single mommy of 4 boys ages 11, 9, 7 & 3. I'm traveling to DR 2/25 to have a mommy makeover with Dr. Cabral including tummy tuck w/ muscle repair, breast lift with implants, lipo of flanks, back and abdomen, and BBL. Yes, I am aware of his past. I have spoken to him many times and feel very comfortable with him. I have looked at his work and I am confident he will do a wonderful job!

So many things I still need to do... I am still not sure which recovery house to stay at. I am trying to decide between Sea Lilly Recovery, First class recovery, Serenity, and My Home. I would love some feedback from you girls.

Still need to get passport, get supplies, pack, put down deposit on recovery!!! I need to get busy!! So scared to go alone & I'm going to miss my amazing boys but I know it will be worth it!!

PS. I would love a buddy if someone is going around the same dates as me!!

42 Days to the Flat Side in beautiful Dominican Republic!!

Hello Dolls!! I'm really excited and nervous. 42 days left. I need to start packing.. so far I've bought a few maxi dresses and that's about it!! Yikes!! I need to start compiling a list. I'm ordering my passport tomorrow.. hopefully it will get here in time!! I work at a doctors office so I had my hemo checked and it is a 14.1. I was a little disappointed because a few months ago it was 15.1. I've been taking meds to keep it high.. so I'm not sure why it dropped.

Something funny: I have been debating whether I should get lipo of chin area. So.. the other night I was laying on the bed with my head propped up with a pillow. MY 3 year old son was playing the whats that game (where they point at something on your body and want you to say what it is). Well, he pointed to my chin and said whats that? I answered, That is my chin. Then he points to my double chin a little further down and says whats that?? I answered that is my double chin!! LMFAO!! I think this helped me make up my mind!! NO MORE DOUBLE CHIN!!

If any of you ladies are going to DR soon, please tell me what recovery house you chose. I'm still trying to make a decision!! Thank you!! XO


My first review said I know about Dr. Cabral's past because I had received several messages from dolls pleading with me not to go to Dr. Cabral. I just thought Dr. Mota Cabral was the Dr that had some deaths. I was having anxiety about it and using google to find out what happened.. and realized there are 2 Cabrals. I wanted to delete my review and start a new one because I felt horrible for posting that. So, I'm sorry.. I hope I didn't mislead anyone.

I am leaving for Dominican Rep on March 2nd.. My surgery is on the 3rd. I am extremely excited, anxious, & nervous. I need to think positive, but I have seen so many girls go to DR to get their surgery and something goes wrong and they can't have it. My hemo was 14.7 last week so I hope it doesn't drop. I also have struggled with some high b/p. It has been in normal range with my medication. It still worries me if I am nervous my b/p could spike. I did an ekg which was normal. I'm also really nervous about leaving my boys ages 3,7,10, & 12. My eyes tear up just thinking about it.

Ok, on a positive note... I have my passport & I bought my tourist card. I got new luggage & most of my supplies. I am getting my hair cut & putting more blonde highlights in it. I am also getting a Brazilian wax. I am flying out of Dallas on Wed @ 6:00 am. I will post more later!! XO
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