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I am ineffably ecstatic about my trip to Santo...

I am ineffably ecstatic about my trip to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. My surgery is scheduled for July 23rd 2016, with Dr Gary Joel Ortega Abreu. He isn't as prestigely known as all the overrated surgeons like Yili, Duran and the rest that are money hungry and don't really focus on giving quality patient care. A lot of different women I have spoken to from different RH tell me they prefer his work over all of the other ones. He is diligent,, competent and compromising. His IG is drgaryortega if anyone wants to check him out. I'm thinking about staying at Betty Recovery RH, haven't made up my mind yet. Let me know if you been there and like it...and recommend some recovery homes and add some tips for the sake of helping a Latina sister out lol I've bought some things on Amazon I feel everyone should purchase. Body Pillow--okay if you're going to get a tummy tuck, or bbl you must get this to level your whole body for comfortability and support. Urinal--since its going to be hard to sit on your butt and you don't want to lose your shape, or damage any adipose cells, purchase one of these with a long tube! Works wonder. Dermal Wound Cleanser (ConvaTec Brand)- it's intended for dermal lesion cleansing. Highly recommend. Booty Buddy- this is a piece of foam and other material that will allow you to sit without applying pressure to your butt. Also, you can lay on your back with that cushion keeping your buttocks off pressure. How wonderful! Terrasil Wound care- 3X faster healing & works as an infection protection.

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I'm excited to announce that I've lost 17lbs since...

I'm excited to announce that I've lost 17lbs since June 1st. That's a total of 28 days. I've got 23 days to go before my surgery and I'm aiming to lose another 15-20lbs before surgery. I'm 5'5, Starting weight was 226... Current weight is 209lbs.... I feel pure happiness from this weight loss and reinvigorated with confidence. I can only imagine how much my self esteem is going to increase after surgery. I look forward to the results. So, here's what I've done everyday since the beginning of the month.I get involved in physical activities everyday.I eat low carbs, barely any fruits, high protein, a bunch of veggies and salads.I eat one main meal after I wake up and then drink protein shakes (80-100 calorie bottles, I buy them online..their delicious and efficient), if I'm hungry I'll have a banana and pecans or a yogurt or a small salad with little protein and the full fat dressing. I do my own style of intermittent dieting (look it up it's completely effective and has done so much magic for me!)I take these daily:*Alive multi vitamins*Blood Food pills (actual name, got it on amazon)* Green tea pills(1 pill twice a day)*Arnica pills*iron *Apple Cider Vinegar capsules (2 pills twice a day)I drink slim quick pure before my workout it keeps me full and gives me energy. They are little powder flavor pouches you pour into your water.I meal prep (I can post recipe ideas or start a YouTube).I meditate.I look at my wish pics and weight loss progress everyday when I feel tempted or feel like not going to the gym ...or when I feel like ending my gym session soon. It keeps me motivated and inspired.When I want something when I shouldn't be eating it I take a spoonful or two and place it on a plate and eat it very slowly to enjoy and speculate every bite I put in my mouth. It takes away temptation.I drink a lot of water. I sit in the sauna when I can. I definitely do cardio just about everyday.Hope this is helpful to you all. Next 23 days I'll be doing cardio, weight training and t25. I'll keep you all updated.What are you all doing to get in shape, fight temptation and lose weight.Please share. Hearts.(I'm getting full body Lipo sculpture, tummy tuck, fat transfer to hips and butt (bbl) and at another round my boobs ...eventually)
Dr Gary Joel Ortega Abreu

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