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Hello RS, I'm a 22 year old (but I feel 17) and a...

Hello RS, I'm a 22 year old (but I feel 17) and a mom of a 3 year old girl. I've always been insecure about my body being that I have always been on the "chubby"/"fuller"/"BIGBONED" side of the spectrum. But it wasn't until after giving birth that I realized I wasn't as big as I thought I was before because NOW I look like a freaking whale *ugghhh*. I've tried dieting (FAILED!) gym (FAILED! Only went once) HerbaLife (FAILED! tried it twice actually and Im just not a tea kind of person). & the last thing I have tried is weightloss pills and thats the only thing that works, but once I stop I gain the weight back {Im guessing it has to do with being home all the time and dealing with a toddler and stressful personal life} ; &&& and I can't be buying those expensive pills all the time !!! Sssoooooo to the point of this review; I've been putting a lot of mind into plastic surgery for maybeee a little over a year now and for the past month I've gotten serious about it. I've researched on Dr. Duran, Dr. Yily, and Dr. Alejandro Hernandez P.

Looooove alll their work, but my top picks were Dr. Yily or Dr. Alejandro Hernandez.....but was confused because Yily's bbls are AMAZIIING && Hernandez I've read reviews saying he's rude and blah blah blah but he keeps it real from the start and that's important to me. CIPLA which is where Yily performs her surgeries at was closed down a while back for infection control reasons I believe and also I've read very disturbing reviews about the Surgery Rooms at CIPLA so I was feeling very discouraged. Dr. Hernandez's location eeehh wasn't too content either, but if I had to go with either one I was going to go with Yily DON'T ASK ME WHY I just love her post op pictures and although she just throws patients out into recovery homes I don't mind because Im Dominican, I have family in the DR and many family members who have good connections with different doctors so thats that!

Oooh also my mom's cousin or second cousin is a plastic surgeon, Dr Franklin Peña but the few reviews I read about him didn't catch my attention and I also read he doesn't deliver booty like other surgeons do so that was out of the question!!!! You would think I would seriously have had contacted him first and just get surgery with him BUT NO. Im going based off the reviews post op pictures which he barely has any so. FYI I'm in no way shape or form bashing on any doctor because I know each doctor has their own way of shaping and doing their stuff. Im reviewing on what IMMM looking for in plastic surgery and what III want done to my body.

About a week ago I was going through Instagram lurking and what no, and I bumped into a females page and had posted a picture of a post op patient and has tagged the doctor. This doctor who was also the female's doctor is Dr Medina! &&&& long story short Im iiin loove with Medina, I have her on IG and on SnapChat {creepy right}. But I must say her reviews are outstanding and her office and operating room and postop recovery room.... lets not even go there!!!! I have yet to contact her because I need to take my pictures, but I have 2 sheets (front and back) full of questions for her and my wish pictures etc etc. all I really need is to contact her and my quote! I would idealy get surgery by June since Im starting school again in September and that way I can recover without stressing anything at least for the first two months!

I have yet to find who will watch over my daughter but most likely my mother and grandmother that shouldn't be to complicated to figure out. But OMG I Loooove Medinaaaa, thanks to the girl on instagram for posting her work up ^.^

So last night I texted Dr. Tania Medina on...

So last night I texted Dr. Tania Medina on whatsapp. Let her know how great her work is and she's really pretty herself aswell! Eventually ended up sending her pictures and wish pictures. She told me what she reccomends and sent me my quote with other important information. She was really quick to respond (Loved that!) although I didn't contact any other surgeon, but by the reviews I've read its a hassle to get in contact with surgeons at CIPLA. Dr Medina seems very nice and professional through Whatsapp. She gives her honest opinion and is very detailed specific with her work and the way she does things. (Love that!).

218 lbs
Height - 5'3 ishh
BMI - 37.4
Bust - ?
Waist - ?
Hips - ?

Note: As soon as Medina sends you her quote she informs you about your blood test, ekg , x-ray etc etc and she tells you IN ORDER FOR YOU TO BE A CANDIDATE YOU MUST HAVE OF 12 OR HIGHER FOR COMBINED PROCEDURES AAND A BODY MASS OF NO MORE THAN 32-33!

So right there and then I calculated my BMI and I knew Im not ready. My expected or ideal time to get this surgery done was for June 2016 :(. I let Medina know what my weight was and BMI and she told me i have to lose 60 lbs. LORD BE WITH MEEE ! I lose 60 lbs and I'll be the weight I was before getting pregnant!!!! But I responded back to her and said ok and gave many thanks to her. This just made me feel more secure about the doctor I've chosen. She won't admit a patient to surgery unless they qualify with all their tests weight etc etc. So she can give them the closest appearance to their wish pictures because she also lets you know that every body is structured differently and because of that she will do her best to make you look just like your wish pic, but you'll look like a barbie regardless!

My plans:
Tummy Tuck + Liposuction [Full back, axillary area, abdomen, flanks] + Bbl + Breast lift.

Doctors plans: Too many procedures at once isn't a good idea because of the timing ssooo she quoted me for TT+Lipo+Bbl with fat transfer & I added a little lipoinjection to hips just to make them look rounder because I feel like mine right now are quite squares and im wide enough. & I can live withoutthe breast lift . . .

Dra Medina also sent me information on recovery house she reccomends her patients to and pricing as well as driver. But most likely I won't be needing to spend on that *fingers crossed* hopefully I can find a family member that will go with me and be willing to take care of me while I'm recovering.

She also lets you know the approximate cost of the medications you'll need, the cost of any extra examination iif you are a smoker or have any medical illness etc. If you plan on going with Dra. Medina you must arrive to the DR at least two days before because yer examinations are done 48 hours before surgery day.

So what will I do know ? Lose those 60 freaking pounds because I needs to get this skin snatched and this waist smaller and this booty rounder!!! And of course I have to buy my vitamins [Dr tells you you must stop taking anything with vitamin A and E 2 weeks before surgery!] & take your iron starting 6 weeks before surgery. I don't know if I'll lose the weight by June HOPEFULLy I do because if not then I'll have to wait for December and Thats holiday season to be with family and celebrate; in the pain I'll be in ..... I won't be able to do any of that! Soo I guess that's all for now dolls. I post up some Wish Pictures later on.

=( Confused, Discouraged

Good evening ladies, I've been ssoooo down since yesterday! I've been doing research for so long and Im not recieving the support that I was expecting. I spoke to my mom about how I already contacted a doctor and etc. & she didn't let me even finish what I had to say! She just like "But you have to lose the weight first" which I already knew because I had already spoken to the doctor about it. & she continued saying "I dont feel secured by the way you communicating with her thats unprofessional" but eeeeveryong whos going aboard for plastic surgery has to plan ahead with the doctor they have chosen! You can't expect to fly put of the country and have a consultation plus expect for the surgeon to have an available date for you in such short notice. And my mother doesn't understand this. I've always counted on her support, but she wants me to go with Dr Franklin!!! He does great jon, but there isnt enough reviews on him or his location of surgery. I went to his website, very nice and all but his bbl's do not convince me. My mother says I don't need a bbl that Im fine the way I am and that surgery doesnt make a person! im so annoyed at this point uughh! The last thing I want to do is to plan this behind everyones back and get it done regardless. Iiii know what Im looking for and I just feel like Dr Franklin does not deliver enough booty. Im sooo depressed right now, I won't ever get this done of this os the case.

I feel like if I get it done with Dr Franklin and Im not happy with my results.... Im going to end up soending more money and goingg for round 2 for another bbl aaaand Breast Aug.

The struggle is real !

I contacted DR Franklin

Sunday night I emailed Dr Franklin for a quote and let him know what procedures. i recieved a message back Monday and he basically said that in order to schedule my surgery I should contact his office during office hours and also gave me his personal number if I want to get in contact with him personally. I responded back and explained that Im from New York and my plans with plastic surgery and also gave him a brief explanation on who I was because the first message I sent to him I sent it as a regular patient seeking plastic surgery. So I explained who I was and blah blah blah. I haven't recieved a response back & to be honest Im not really expecting it. (fustrated)

I just want to get this over with and be happy again. Im appreciative of all that I have, family, daughter, and opportunities that other may or may not have (we are all unique in our own ways). But I have felt confident or comfortable with myself. I dreeead having to go out and do any errands etc cause I have to wear clothes and the clothing doesnt look right on me and I look too baggy or my clothes too tight and everyone can see my love handles and fat ass arms and wide hips and wide yet flat booty. Deep down I know I'm beautiful (we all are by the way remember that!) but I just want enhance that beauty. I feel like im drawning in all this weight! Sometimes when I think about it too much I feel like Im not myself especially looking in a mirror.

But before I start to get emotional and cry like little b!%€# ; I have future plans once I get transformed. I'll be starting school in September and I knooow for sure working a regular job and school won't serve me financially. Many women do it, they work hard as heck to maintain and support their children! But I know doing a regular job aaand school is going to interfere with my focus in school. So I was thinking after I recover I would "bartend". Only thing iiiis some say you dont need to attend bartending school and some say you do. Here in the city bartenders make a nice amount of money just in tips! Especially when they have the body! You work nights, but not every night. It's not something I plan on doing (if I do go through it) for a long period of time just until i get my Associates and can get a good job under my profession.

I must say a lot of these girls who bartend have a good degree under their belt, but still choose to bartend so that says a lot about our government etc etc. Many people graduated collegeand can't find a job. And I believe school isn't for every one, but i refuse to be one of those people [thats just me] I want to set a good example for my daughter but also be able to maintain her at the same time so she won't need from anyone else or people dont have to talk about how neglected she may look {people always talking}

Anyyways went a bit OFF TOPIC there (typical of me). Im not a chatter box only when Im writing because Im able to let out my thoughts.

So I havent been dieting because diets are not my thing, but I've been watching out for what Im eating and how many times Im eating in a day etc etc. Also taking my weightloss pills.

Some wish pictures

So here are some wish pictures.


So ladies, previously I mentioned I had emailed Dr Franklin and responded back and then I replied back explaining who I was because the first email i recieved from him just said to contact him to schedule consultation bla bla bla. Sonafter I sent him my response about who I was and what I wish to get done he didn't reply back until Monday 2-22-2016. He basically sent his greetings to me and my mother and told me to call him whenever I can so he can explain to me in more details on the phone.

Ssssooooo I willl be contacting him as soon as I have a calling card to call over to the DR and speak to him. Most likely he'll tell me what he told my second cousin "to lose the weight first". Im working in that...No diet or anything just controlling my portions No bread No rice No soda Ocassionaly drinking juice. I tried that home made lemon infused warm water. & I drank half the cup with a wierd look on my face. Only did it that one time though, Yes I know I have to learn how to build a taste for healthy foods.

Molina or Franklin

So its been a while , ive kept doing more research and as I stated before I was convinced with Dra Medina and her work is excellent no doubt! But for some reason Ive kept doing more research and it lead me to Dr Molina! His bbls drew me in and his tt scars and belly button !!!!!!!! I sent him a msg today and Im waiting for response. & Called Dr Franklin and I have to lose the weight and Im sure Molinas will say the same. I have lost over 10 lbs since I started the research but I dont wNt to lose a lot of the fat that can be used for the bbl !! but whatever let see what happens
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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