Looking for Dr. In Dominican Republic to Give Me Breast Using Fat Transfer to Breast - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am a mother of four beautiful Angels all...

I am a mother of four beautiful Angels all teenagers and ready to do me. As mothers we make so many sacrifices and this year I'm ready for my long awaited mommy makeover.

I've decided to travel for this procedure but so far have not been able to find a doctor in DR that will deliver my natural breast. If you know of a doctor that does fat transfer to breast please let me know.

So far I've been preparing for upcoming surgery in August or November. I stated running every day at least 1 mile. My goal is to have run for 100 days with rest of course leading up to my surgery. Some days I run more but usually just 1 mile. I have found this will help my recovery. I am slimming down a lot too but still have a great fat reserve in my legs for my fat transfer to breast.

Should I not find an experienced Doctor in DR then implants it is. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and counting on this community to help me.

As of now I have chosen Luis Mejía to do procedures. He along with all the Doctors in DR have included a BBL in the Quote although I have not requested that. I personally don't think I need that, but the thought of a bigger rounder behind excites me. I would love your opinion on this ladies and gents. I think I along with others on here may have a slight case of body dismorphia. Full clothed I look like I'm in great shape. However finding bras and shopping always brings me down. I have worked out hard for so long and the thought of having this loose skin stay on me another year really fustrates me.

Stomach massage

As part of preparation for tummy tuck I have been running to get my cardiovascular strength up. I usually just run 1 mile a day but some days I run up to 3 or 4 but the most I have ran is 11 miles during a hike and that took about 5 hours. I figure if my body can endure that type of training then surgery will be a breeze.

In addition I have been doing stomach massages. It's one of my new favorite things to do. I do it in the car I do it in bed or just sitting around.

I pinch my stomach and squeeze and sqoosh my fat around. I start up by my ribcage on one side and work my way down. I go up and down about 5 x then keep going. This along with the running is making a big difference. My fat is matabolized better. My skin isn't as thick, less fat I guess. It also increases blood flow. I try to pinch as hard as I can to simulate all the work going to be done in that area. I hope to get a tt without any lipo. My goal is to have a speedy recovery. No lipo less down time.
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