DR BOUND....41 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, "Ready for my Body to Match with the Rest of Me" Dominican Republic, DO

I am 5'7' and I am 190 pds. I have been dieting...

I am 5'7' and I am 190 pds. I have been dieting for 2 yrs now and its been up and down. All I can think about is having a mommy makeover. My kids are 23, 16 and 5 yrs old. I think this is the right time for me to do something for me. My family is very supportive, however, they are not particularlly happy about me going out the U.S. for surgery. After doing my research, I fell safe and comfortable with going to the DR for my mommy makeover. In addition, I like there work better than the work I've seen with the doctors in the U.S.. I have selected to go with Dra Walkiris Robles, after reaching out to there team my quote is: $5900 for "Tummy tuck + liposuction on waist, armpits + Breast Lift". This is all inclusive covering surgery, Medical Fee's: $4900, Post Surgical Support Garment or Bra: $150,- Medicine:$100.00, Transportation: $100.00, Recovery House 10 days (US$75 P/N): $750.00. I just got my passport last week. I had a CBC test yesterday, blood work for my thryoid level and i have a cardiologist appt 07-10-14. In addition i will be wiring my deposit today to reserve my surgery date. Im looking for buddy to go with, hit me up if your going soon. Or if anyone can give me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

07-15-14 Confirmed date and Airplane Ticket Purchased

Hello, sorry I have been away for a few days, my little girl graduated kindergarden and you would have thought she graduated college with the big party we had for her. My car broke, so I was just busy getting back in order. However, my airplane ticket was purchased today, flying to DR on 07-15-14. I got an email from Laura advising me of all the medicines I should be taken/or not taken. So from this point on I will be exercising and eating healthy everyday till surgery day. I'm so nervous, but have faith that God will get me through this and bring me home to my family after surgery. I weighed in at 189 pounds today, I intend on getting down to 180 pounds for surgery.

Weighed in 186 pounds today!

I'm so excited I weighed in at 186 pounds this morning. I have been eating healthy and walking. I want to get down to 180 pounds before I leave on the 15th of July. I went shopping yesterday and got all my items needed for the trip. I still have a few things I would like to get. However, I did make a mistake and booked the wrong return back flight. I wanted to come home on the 26th and booked for the 29th of July. I called the airline and they want to charge me $440 to change my flight. Do anyone think I will be able to stay at the recover house a few more days?

Wish Pics

Feeling good today! I want so much stuff done I think I'm going to have to do a round 2 next year!

10 day countdown

Hello realself family! I'm so glad the 4th of July has passed. It was killing me smelling cook-out food all day yesterday. However, I stayed on track and I'm still counting calories. I have been trying not to tell so many people, Yet, its all I think about and its driving me nuts. I'm a very confident person mentally. Nevertheless, I have learned how to be comfortable in my uncomfortable body...if that makes any sense. But I know my body is keeping me from doing so many things. For example: I hate to get dressed up and go out with the girls, because they all look so good in there clothes. Don't get me wrong I can get dressed up and camouflage it very well. Yet, I'm tired of hiding it, I can not remember the last time I wore a bathing suit without covering up! My husband is happy with me the way I am, but he don't understand this is not about him. I need to do this for me and no one else. Unfortunately, he cant get off to come with me to the DR, and that's a big concern of his, but I'm sure he will be there in spirit with me. Anyways I started packing and have just about everything I need. All I need to get is some compression socks. Going to bed now or I may cheat on my diet. LOL..Goodnight!

Upset about my doctor visit!

So this week I went to see my cardiologist, he checked me out and done a EKG on me and everything went well. He advised me he would send my results to my primary care physician and he wished me well. He seem genuinely happy for me. I had blood work done this week and all went well. However, when I went to see my primary care doctor she gave me such a hard time because she doesn't agree with me going out the country. I asked for prescriptions for pain meds and she flat out refused. She said she was not giving me her blessing and would not be apart of this entire thing. She also made it clear that she would not do any care on me when I returned. I truly understand her concern, nevertheless, I told her me going out the country is my decision and as my doctor all I'm asking is for your professional opinion on my health. If she told me that I was not healthy then I wouldn't do it. But she is expressing her personal opinion on how she feels about doctors out of the states. Because of my experience today, I know upon my return I will be getting me a new doctor.

Surgery Date

Good morning, im in at Cecip waiting for my turn. I flew in yesterday and evevrything went as planned. There is a few things to know if you never flew into the DR before. On your flight you will be given 2 forms to fill out, you will need them both when going through customs. On the form it ask fornthe address to were you are going, I had packed in my suitcase, so make sure you have it accesible to you. Also, you will need to buy a $10 Tourist card once you get here in the airport. So try not to carry to many things in your hand, because you are passing papers and passport alot in the airport. The driver was very friendly and just try not to get frustrated when you dont understand what they are saying. You are coming here for surgery, you will be at there mercy. I work in the customer service field, the nicer you are the more you get. Being polite and courteous goes along way. We waited like 10 minutes for another girl flying in and then off to the hospital. Once here we sat maybe 10 minutes and then we were greeted by Paula, one of Dr. Robles assistant. We did blood work, EKG etc.. Oh, yeah you have to pay for the blood work in advance, they deduct it from your final bill. After that its just a matter of waiting to get marked-UP. Ok, here goes the negative side for me! And take this with a grain of salt evryone experience will be different. You sit around and wait for Laura and Robles a long time. I did not get a room till 10:30 at night and my flight had gotten in at noon that day. I was extremely tired! Not knowing what people are saying can eventually get to you! If the hospital is crowded and no more rooms, they take you to a hotel around the corner. You may not get all that you thought, but they will accommodate you at there expense. So come with an open mind, this is not the US, so dont expect for the things to run smooth like they do in our hospitals at home. Be honest about your health, they will make you take extra steps and pre-cautions for your benefit. Make some friends on real-self, it is 3 of us here now, you will wantbthat support. One younglady mother is here also and she speaks spanish, LUCKY US! Take a very good bath/shower you will have to take clothes off a few times and then you can not wash your markings off and then no shower for like 3 weeks. That is going to drive me crazy! DR. ROBLES looks very young, however, she is very pleasant and speaks limited english.

oh yeah!

If you can try andcget a early flight in! This place has tons of doctor's, so many people having surgery.First come first serve Iin some instances. Depends on your doctor, because I was the 1st onehere and the last one having surgery. I think Dr. Robles bases Iit on what your having done. All the girls with me are having tummy tuck and but work. Im the only one getting breast work. Also, I have AT&T phone service. As soon as my flight landed I got a text from them stating tge rates that would apply. Make surevyou check your phone plans, so you dont get hit with data roaming charges.
I have the Whatsapp, Magicjack app and the Converter app. Bring singles for tips for your driver. I gave a five dollar tip 4 times in one day cause I didnt have singles. He looks for me cause he think im going to keep tipping him like that. Lol! Its 7:30am and this place is packed! And the lights went out like 3 times and business as usual. So i guess they are use to that! Ok I will try and post later! Im so nervous, keep me in your prayers.

day 2 of surgery

Ok, I gave alot to say, however, I feel extremely tired. So I will type as much as I could. I got my blue pill on 7-16-14 around 4:30pm. I dont remember anythin after that, until I woke up that night at 1:00am.im sure everybodys pain tolerance is different, but im ok. I had breast implants and lipo of the waist and tummy tuck. They mostvpain for mevis tge areas that has been lipo. It doesnt matter what arrangements you made, they are doing what they want. I stayed at abhotel my first night. And after surgery they bought me here to Queens recovery house, instead of Virginia's like planned. The house is clean and the workers are pleasant. They are on point when it comes to them taking care of you! I have alot of items that I bought from the States with me and have not used hardley any of them. You need to make sure you suitcase is not on the floor cause when you want to getup and get somethjng its very hard if its low down. Dra. Robles will not do work on you if she thinks its too much. I can appreciate that, she want you to be careful and healthy. I will update later when im not so tired!

Feeling miserable

Good afternoon, ok day 3.....I feel miserable. Its just a bunch of nagging pain, nothing that you cant tolerate. I had lipo on my waist and that feels like I did a million sit ups. Its just hard to get comfortable because with tummy tuck you, need to sleep siiting up, you need to walk bent over so you dont mess up your incision. So my back is killing me, but I get up and walk to keep things circulating. My implants feel like after you have a baby and your breast fill with milk and they heavy. Not bad at all. I was expecting more pain, glad I over estimated it, cause I feel strong. I been here since Tuesday and have only used 1 wife beater and 1 night down. Alot of the items people post you wont need them till you get back to the states. Travel as light as possible, the less you have to carry or worry about. I was worried cause I have small luggage and some people have big suitcases, so I thought I was not prepared. I bought plastic gloves, dont think I will use them, cause they put them on before they touch your incisions. I bought all my meds, have not used them. I bought a urinal , havent touched it. You have to buy meds after surgery so yiu get all you need. You really just need what that doctor told you to bring. Unless you plan on going out, some girls have. The power goes out everyday, dont be alarmed.there is a safe in the hospital room if you need to secure your stuff, but it is a twenty dollar fee. Dont make since to bring valueables unless you really need them.ive seen big bags of makeup, jewerly and makeup, not necessary at all. Unless you wanta look good for your room mate.i have my cellphone and tablet and I keep them with at all times. However, I feel very safe in Queens recovery house. I have used alot of wipes, but im here till the 29th so I will post later if I use more items.i think a butt pillow would be awesome.i also bought snacks, you sit and wait on the doctor long periods of time. I have some raisins, peanuts, granola bars etc. Small stuff you can stick in your pocket.i also have so much soap, ive been wiping down with wipes, cant stand to long at sink. Oh yeah as soon as my flight touch down I got a text from att saying that charges will increase when calling and texting. Im charged even if someone calls me and I dont answer. Im a Real Estate agent so I get calls all day. They had me forward my calls to another number. So my family and friends who I need to connect with I use whats app! I will post pictures when I can.

Ready to go home!

So its day 11 and im feeling much better. But I have to tell you the lipo aint no joke! This has really been an experience for me. If you can not speak spanish you have to be on your P's & Q's with everything. They want money for everything they do for you. I came with the mindset not to expect service like I would get in the states, but damn, somethings is just like REALLY! I can not stress enough that your recovery house is so important. The only reason we take the package deals is so we can have someone care for us, so you want to get your money worth. What I recieved was meeting nice friendly people some spanish speaking some english speaking and that's it! My care at Queens recovery house has been sub par. Right now, the house is empty, myself and one other girl, so we get much more attention, but if you come on a full house, be prepared for some shitty treatment. Again it is not that they are mean cause there not. Example, if you suppose to get rubbed down with cream at 2:00 and you sleep they just skip it and let you sleep. Dra. Robles order me to get 3 IV's, I didnt get any of them cause noone knew how to put the IV needle in. By the way, I had to pay for those IV's money waisted. There is one bell per room, so if you are in a bed not next to the bell, you need to getup and go press It or wake the girl in the bed by the bell and ask her to press for you. Big pain in the ass. The floors are tile, so if wet its slippery when you get up to walk with your compression socks. Yes, the floor was wet in the bathroom almost everyday from people showering. If you are paying for a friend or spouse make sure you get a room with a bed for them and not a small ass low to the ground couch look like its for a child. Right now, no one in the house can speak english, so im just taking care of myself. There is only one person that give meds and she dont work on the weekends, so before she leaves on Friday she give you all your medicine and tell you what time to take it. Some people were very happy here, but they all spoke spanish so they were able to verbalize there concerns. I got up 2 nights in the row, chest hurting and went to look for the night nurse and she was asleep. I just wentback to bed and ssaid fuck it, I knew I had to take care of myself. So every four hours I rub myself down with them creams but its hard as hell trying to reach my sides, because my arm pits hurt like hell and I just cant reach it all. However, I fell much better once I started taking care myself. I order 5 gallons of dansai water, since I didnt get my IV's I knew I needed some fluids. I get up and get ice and drink my water all day. I set my alarm on my cell to remind me to tkae my meds at certain times, although I hate the food I eat a small portion everyday to give me energy. I have some pictures of the house I took to show Laura and Dra. Robles. I will post them later. Nonetheless, everything from the beginning went smooth till I came to Queens Recovery house. It's a joke! So Im not loving my body at all. Because im so swollen my stretch marks are standing out even more. Although my body looks better from were I started, I see i got along way to go. But im patient, thats why im still here. Going to see the doctor for the 3rd time and then im going home! Talk you later.

Happy to be home!

So on Monday July 28th, I was so excited because I knew I was going home. Dra. Robles had cut the stitch to my drain so when it was time to come out I could easly pull it out. I had an appointment to go in and get fitted for a bra before I left and they called and said it was canceled and they would be sending my bra by the driver.I was pissed! My drain was driving me crazy so I had decided to remove it. i laid on the bed and pulled it right out. Put a guaze pad on it and some tape and felt 100% better. So the nurse called and told the Dra that I had removed it and she was pissed. She sent Wilson the driver to come and bring me to the clinic. after her lecture, they laid me down and put the damn drain right back in, so I flew home with it. She said I could take it out in 2 days, but I had to check with her first. Get a neck pillow it helps so much when flying home.

I can not stress enough that you will need wheel chair service at the airport or you will not make it walking throught the entire airport. As soon as I checked in they put me in the wheel chair and the good part about it is you dont have to wait on any long lines. I had on a halter topMaxi dress which was perfect for going through customs, because they take you in a room and make you get undress, so I just dropped it to the floor. I was able to pre-board and the wheel chair was waiting for me atmy connecting flight. Once i was home they wheel chair service got my luggage and pushed me all the way to the parking garage were my husband was parked. Just make sure you got change, because everyone is looking to be tipped! But it was well worth it!

07-31-14 My anniversary!

Today is my ten year anniversary! My husband took the day off to sit home and take care of me. After washing me up, I took a few photos. My stomach is still huge and my stretch marks are so visible. My tummy tuck cut is very low, but with all the swelling its so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Im going to enjoy my time with my husband, so talk to you later!


Hey guys, i just got finish emptying my suitcase out. I just wanted to let you know on realself we get alot of tips on what to bring. Try not to over pack. You must remember you will be the one carrying this stuff all over the place and back home. I had bought so much stuff that I did not open. The list of items that the doctor asked me to bring was pretty much all I needed and I was there for 12 days. If you are going out on the town and visit friends and family in the DR then yes you may need extra items. Here is what i used:

Body Wipes - 4 packs
Wash Clothes
Tooth brush/tooth paste/mouth wash
Maxi Pads -
Wife Beater T-Shirts
Front closure night gown- (3)
Compression Socks
Maxi Dress (3)
Your package that you get has almost everything you need. All the extra items are for when you reeturn home, so its no need to carry all that stuff with you. After surgery, the doctor will put you in a tshirt and your garment. they will prescribe all meds and creams that you need. You will be swollen and sore. Just before I left someone was borrowing maxi pads from me. Which i didnt mind, but when I looked at her suitcase it was filled with make-up and nonsense. I had15 pairs of panties and did not wear any of them. I had plastic gloves/tape/guaze pads/A&D ointment/Alcohol pads/Arnica gel/ silicone strips etc....I can go on and on...and never opened any of it. Be smart with your packing, the less you bring the less you have to worry about. Also there is a safe in your hospital room to lock up your valuables. I hope these tips help!

Drain removed.....

So yesterday, i removed my drain. It was clogged! After complaining to the doctor, she said i needed to change my faja and make it tighter, because the one she put on me was doing nothing for me. I ordered a new one and it took 3 days in the mail and I was sent a size 2x. I was pissed, feeling like my healing was being delYed because i dont have the right size faja on. Got back online and reorder from www.shapessecret.com, still waiting on it. I paid for express shipping should be here tomorrow. I went out shopping, but unfortuneately i can not find a store that sells them. So i went into to Sears and bought a waist cincher in a size medium ($17). As soon as my husband squeezed me in i started drain fluids all over the place. This is how i found out that the drain was clogged. We tried using a syringe, but it just would not unclog. So, Dra. Robles said take it out and we did. I went to the ER and told them my little girl grabbed it by mistake and pulled it out. Just wanted to see if they would put one back for me. NO!! However, the one call doctor called a plastic surgeon he is friends with and told him my situation and he gave me his name and number and told me I can call him if i need some assistance. I was extremely pleased. This size medium waist cincher is giving me an idea of how my full body faja is going to feel. This thing is so damn tight is hard to sleep, move or just think. Ive had it on for 3days now and i have to take pain medicinefor headaches everyday. Its hard to breath in it. But looking on the bright side i can see my waist and figure forming in it. Make sure you order a new faja early, because the doctor puts a big one on you because of the swelling, you will need to change it once your swelling starts to go down. If you can afford it i recommend getting 2 of them. I tinkled on mines a few times, not being able to get the clasps open in time. So i have to walk around without it each time while im washing it. I have some pictures i took on Monday, but I have changed already. Iwill post them just for you guys to see my progression, but will take new ones, when my husband comes home from work.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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