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History: I have 4 children and am in serious need...

History: I have 4 children and am in serious need of a Mommy Makeover.
My natural shape is waist medium, wide hips and a good amount of butt. My problem is the fact that I have lost weight. Now my breast or lack there of are saggy as hell, my ass has a new shape..with loose skin and my stomach needs life support.

I am looking to have surgery October 2016 with one of the following Doctors in DR. (Yily, Duran,Robles,Medina)
Please give me any advise on who to choose. I have read mixed reviews about them all. Yily does bomb work but has had allot of complaints, Duran is hard to contact but has awesome work, Robles is cool on the work but need to see more, Medina I have heard does not do very good breast and I need my breast to look Great not good.

Also need to know about these recovery houses. Can someone tell me which ones they would consider Upscale. I could deal with non US standard rooms etc but the person I am bringing is not going to do it. I need to make sure the room has hospital beds, staff that speaks English(no shade), working AC(consistently) and Wi-Fi. Has to be clean and well maintained. I am a picky person so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also it would be great to hear from people who have had a surgery in DR.

Also if someone could post a list of things that used or wish they had while in DR.

I am looking forward to hearing back from all of you beautiful ladies.



Grand Laguna Beach???Anyone tried this place.

I was looking at the place and it looks/sounds really good. Has anyone been here? It looks like a very nice place. Not sure how close it is to CECIP or CIPLA???

Incomplete Quote from Diaz.....

So I received a quote from Diaz but it was only for a Tummy Tuck and Lipo....Ummmm...I asked for the following quote: Breast Lift with implants
Tummy Tuck, Lipo
Brazillian Butt Lift . I already have a butt; I just need it filled in a bit. I have loose skin from losing weight.

I am kind of irritated by that. I would rather you take 5days to give me a quote than for me to keep having to request over and over the same information when all they had to do was read the damn email and answer it. I put in English and in Spanish. I need Diaz to get it together. I really like his work and I was expecting more from him...

Dra Duran.....Still Attempting to Get A QUOTE!!!!

OK, so I sent Dra Duran another email. I was thinking about pay the $200 just to not have to deal with the headache of waiting on her to reply. But I read somewhere that she will reply if you give more details about medical history, surgery history etc. The form that the SurgiCoordinator people ask you to complete has all of the information she would need to give a I used that and sent her an email with all of the necessary information. I hope this will work. I am now leaning back towards Yily. She is the only one that has provided a complete quote with all details. I am hoping Dra Duran sends something because right now she is still in my scam category and she needs to crawl out with this quote. It is just interesting that this coordinator is contacting me now....Don't like that at all.Holding out hope. I will keep you all posted

Dr. Manuel Diaz

Ok so he did see my entire request however he suggested that I get my tummy tuck and butt done first....well my breast are saggy and I would prefer to have my breast and tummy tuck done first if needed to choose. I have ass for days and it looks good in a pair of pants...I just have to come back for R2 for BBL if he cant do them together. I honestly know that my Hemo levels are great enough for me to do all of them so I really want to do it at once. I was gonna do R2 for arms but he just threw a monkey wrench in my waiting on Duran. Yily is willing to do what I want but I need to see more of her work on breast because I havent seen much and I need them to look great.

Recovery Houses

Serenity Recovery House has everything that I am looking for according to what I have seen and heard but I am on the fence. Waiting on a response form them. I have ruled out Jasmin's or Spa Medica JM- I like the way it looks.the rooms look a little small and I would have to have the orange room if I go with them. Did like Paradise but after seeing more pictures, I know it was not the place for me; my mom is coming and she is super picky so I can't stay somewhere that doesn't look the part. Kinda makes me think about coming along but that is not happening...she has already planned to join me. I am completely an adult with children of my own but I am still her baby...not the mention her ONLY daughter...
Silhouette looked nice and may reconsider them but I really wanted a hospital bed; it would make my stay easier. So if you know of any that have hospital beds please let me know. There is another one called Highend, but I need to see more. I think my definition of Highend and DR definition are two different things so I am trying to control my expectations. It may be best to just buy an apartment and get a nurse that can also cook/clean my garment/ someone to massage for the 10-12 days I will be there. Get a driver to take to my appointments. Sounds like allot of planning that I really don't want to do but if it is the only way I can have peace during my recovery then so be it. If anyone has a clue or contact for apartment/ nurse and driver please let me know.


Ok, so I contact Dra. Duran and of course all I get is contact from SurgiCoordinator so I say to myself...FINE, if you have to deal with them to get to her then so be it. Well, turns out that they are some ASSHOLES. I sent them my health questionaire and I did....This Laura bitch claims Dra Duran read my health assessment but proceeded to ask me the same SH^T that was on my health assessment. BITCH have not read a damn thing and I am not paying your ass to not read my f**king assessment and ask me the same dumb as questions and only to NOT get a f^*king quote....GTFOH with that. IF Dra Duran does not contact me regarding the health assessment and information I sent then I will assume that they are running game. I could have sworn that the lady that works for her name is Laura....not there is a b*&^h name Laura collecting money to coordinate the surgery....yeah ok. I got my Bitch Please hat on today and I don't have time for this foolishness...hopefully something happens that will change my mind but as of right now....DURAN is Out.

Damn Duran

Ok so I got an email from Duran advising that she is very strict with the clients that she will accept and would like for me to lose 10-12lbs more to get the results I am looking for. I said perfectly fine...not a problem...already on a diet.

I look at myself every damn day...she is not telling me anything that I didn't know or wasnt already working on. But here's the part that gets me. The surgerycordinator people want me to contact them next month for a quote once I have lost the weight. WTF....Ok this has just become too much. I am not sure why I wasn't given a quote but I am not some 400lbs person trying to look like Nicki Minaj or some shit. I don't know what the hell is going on but I am contact Duran's office directly because this middle man shit is working my nerves. If I can't even get a quote or get my questions answered then I am looking elsewhere. Trying to hold tight because I like her results but Diaz and Roblez are looking like winners...Yily too. At least she answers my questions and within a reasonable amount of time. I normally get contact from Yily within 24hrs. You know what I should probably just stop looking and stick with Yily since she has been the most responsive from the beginning.

Recovery House/ Apartment Rental Update

OK, so with all of the drama surrounding the recovery houses, I have decided that I will just rent an apartment, get a driver, nurse/cook/cleaning person. The house/apartment that I am renting will be providing me with a masseuse that comes highly recommended. I have the name and contact info for a few nurses so I will go that route.
Rental $991 (16days)
Driver $100 (Airport and Appointments, sites)
Nurse/Masseuse $350 (just for a 8 days)
Cook/Clean Person - $200
Approx $1650. I would have been paying this at the recovery house anyway. But at least now, I will have the entire place for just my mom and I. Not to mention my mom is a nurse and she will cook for me if I want her to but I want her to relax.

Duran Update

Ok, so I had a friend of mine who is fluent English and Spanish help me formulate an email and send to Duran. Laura told me to call and so I called but I had my friend with me to translate what Duran was saying to Laura...*side eye* can't trust nobody...folks lie.

Anyway so Duran says that she can do the work for me apologizes for the miscommunication with the agency and assures me that I will get my official quote within 24hrs from Laura.

She did briefly go over her pricing but said that she thinks I would have really good results if I only added a little to my butt and hips. She said the excess skin from weightloss will be removed with TT giving me a small midsection and she doesn't want my butt to look too big...unless that is how I want it to look. So I guess for right now Duran and I are cool. She said if I needed anything else to call Laura. She said they are working on getting better email process but for now they use SurgiCoordinators. If she keeps her word and I get my quote tomorrow then I will be a Duran Doll. Love me some Yily but her Breast Lifts need work and Duran is doing the Damn thang. We will see. That is exactly what I told her....if she doesn't come through then that is the end. I have allot of girls that are waiting to see my results so they can follow...but I will not have someone else deal with this I told Laura they need to get with the program. But as of now we are cool so I shall stay positive until I see otherwise.

DR Recovery House------PLEASE CHECK BEFORE YOU GO!!!

Hey Ladies,

So my friend went to DR Saturday for Surgery with Dr. Diaz on Monday and she took her husband with her. Once she got to the recovery house they were checked in and then they are preparing to go to bed and the house manager tells my friend that her husband has to leave. She told the lady that she just paid for him to stay so why would he leave. She said the lady kept saying "No Man No Man"....She paid for a double room but if her husband couldn't stay then she was leaving and wanted a full refund. The lady told her no and she would only give her 1/2 the money. Well my friend being who she is, nearly got into a fight with the lady about it, her husband intervened and they were able to get the money back but now she and her husband are at the JW Marriot. Please make sure that you ask the recovery house if they accept men. Even if you are paying for a guest to come with you, the recovery house can say no if it is a man. Remember that there will be other women there recovery with little to no clothing on. This was even more reason for me to go to an Apartment...Law Drama in DR but none the less she looks great. She was able to get a nurse to come see her at the hotel and she will be moving to an apartment in a few days. Thankfully Dr. Diaz assistant was able to get her a nurse and I helped her find an apartment because JW Marriott is expensive after a few days.

Doctor Update

Ok so originally I was looking to get Duran, Yily, Diaz or Robles to do my Surgery.
Reasons why the doctors listed above are out.
Yily - I am still thinking about her but my problem is that she works out of CIPLA and her breast work is horrible. I'm just being real. I want to look good naked and I don't need to go from saggy boobs to lopsided Frankenstein boobs. So for that reason she has been removed from the list.
Duran has been removed from the list because she is too hard to get in contact with and I don't need that stress in my life and her staff lie. After talking to Duran myself, her team was suppose to send a quote which I never received. I don't have time to play these kinds of games with my time or money...She also works out of Cipla
Dr. Robles, while communication has been good she does not want to do what I want her too. I dont need a good butt and crazy stomach with saggy boobs. No thank you.
Dr. Medina is another one that need to go back and work on her Breast Lift skills. She has botched a few people...don't ask me who, search the RS site just like I did.

I am now looking at Fernandez Goico and Jose Leon. Neither one of them Operate out of Cipla or Cecip.

The clinics that they operate in have not had the issues that Cipla and Cecip have nor have either of them Lost a patient while operating or post operative.

Jose Leon will probably give me more of what I want. I saw a few that he did with my similar shape and the booty and the boobies were awesome. Plus he includes the massages in your cost, medication, and a whole host of other things that I believe should be a part of basic care as a PS patient.
He doesn't include a RH which is fine with me. I am picky and want to stay where I want vs where someone wants to place me.

I will keep you all posted on which I choose. Received quote from Dr. Leon already and waiting on quote from Fernandez Goico. If any of you have had any experience with these docs please let me know. I want all the info I can get. Thanks

Reconsidering Recovery House

I was originally going to just do without the recovery houses all together because I didn't want to deal with the drama. I am one of those people that are really sweet 99.9% of the time but it takes only that .1% for you to get into my personal space or disrespect me and we are done. I am going to give it a try though. I am looking for one with a hospital bed. Thinking about Paradise/My Home/

I decided that since I will be in DR for 15-16days. The Friday - Sunday, I will stay at the JW Marriott and then stay at the Recovery House for about 10-12 days. Then spend my last few days at Billini or back at JW Marriott.

I need to be pampered before I leave and just in case I have a horrible stay at the recovery house, I do not want to be stuck there my entire stay.

I can make the best of most situations but when I am ill or in pain, my care has to be on point. I hope DR is ready. Brushing up on my Spanish and got a few apps on deck.

Dr. Jose Leon

I am looking at having Surgery with Dr. Jose Leon. I have received a quote from him which came rather fast but I want to talk with him and have a consult regarding some questions.

I need very detailed information that his assistant is probably not capable of providing an answer that would satisfy me.

Waiting to Here Back from him. Sent a request. Will let you all know how it works out.

Dr. Jose Leon - 2016 - Breast Lift with Implants, Tummy Tuck with BBL (Fat Grafting Butt and Hips)

So I have emailed several surgeons, reviewed several surgeons work. Emailed their assistants but I have only Spoken to one that I could actually understand and did not need a translator. Dr. Jose Leon was very professional and kind; he answered all of my questions and also gave me pointers on ways to heal in comfort, things to bring with me etc. He operates out of Plastimedics which is not CECIP or CIPLA and I am more than happy about that. His assistant Georgiana was very helpful...oh and he also does reconstructive work at a Pediatric Hospital....that is awesome. Anyone who has a heart for children has my heart. No only that, he can SNATCH a BODY. Sending my deposit in to lock in my date and rate. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am ready for this journey. I will keep everyone posted.

Recovery House Updates

In talking to one of my RS Sister that is recovering, she tells me that MyHome does not have A/C in the common areas....I asked the lady at MyHome about A/C and she lied. Damn, why these folks can't be honest. Got a honest Doctor now I may be back to board on RH. Paradise was my #2 because it has hospital beds. I am back on the prowl for a man but for a Recovery House. Let me know what Ya'll think.

Paradise RH
Rocio Ortega's
Serenity RH - No Hospital Beds
Kindness RH - No Hospital Beds

Please name some places that have A/C in all areas. I don't want to be confined to my room because the rest of the house doesn't have A/C.

Straight from the Experts

Ok, so I was worried about not having a hospital bed after a Mommy Makeover and BBL and I have spoken with a few PS and they have advised that you can recover perfectly fine on a regular bed with plenty of pillows. For some of you this was never a concern but for me is really was but again that is why it is important to research. I had to ask, just to calm my nerves about hospital bed.

SO I am now looking at Kindness Recovery House and Serenity. I have heard great things about them both. I am looking a little deeper. Now all I need to do is find out if Kindness and Serenity have A/C in their common room etc and we are on our way. If anyone has been to either of these places, please let me know if they have air conditioning in all areas.

I don't need a doctor...I already have one so save that...this is only for people that have actually visited Kindness RH or Serenity RH OK....thanks everyone. xoxo

Saturday Night Updates - Docs...Recovery House...Hospital Beds...Take Cash or Nah!

Well this has been a rather interesting Saturday. My back has been bothering me. Not sure if I mention it but when giving birth to my son(1st Boy and Last child) my pelvis was fractured. It is healed now but it is tilted which causes back issue. Another reason why I was worried about NOT having a hospital bed. Well I found something that could fix all of that. I found the BackMax Full Body Wedge. They have inflatable and memory foam....My hubby bought for a about $150(memory foam). This thing is awesome. I will be traveling with it when going to DR. It has a cute case and can fit in my checked-in luggage.
I also found this drain holder that is thin and adjust to any drain size that will keep it hidden underneath my clothes so that I can wear what I want. I have mostly been looking at light weight dresses that button in the front or are slip on.
Between my mom and I, we will probably have like 6 bags...(I know..don't judge...) Anywho so after looking at some more of the recent Dolls that have had surgery...My choice in surgeons as been further solidified. Dr. Jose Leon it is and will be.

I have also decided to go with Serenity RH. I am still waiting on a reply regarding the A/C but because they are in newer condos it is less likely they don't have it. They provide a vast majority of the supplies that I think any recovery house should provide but I will still bring a few of my specific things that I like (Fiji Water, Protein Shakes, and Snacks)

Because my doc takes PayPal, credit card etc, I don't have to carry as much cash but I did buy a Book Safe for some cash (US & Pesos). It looks sooo real and Serenity RH also has a safe for each person and all rooms have private bathrooms. We will stay at the JW Marriott for the first 3days we are in DR and then go to Serenity RH the night before surgery. Mom and I have planned a trip to Boca Chica,Colonial Tour, Shopping Tour via GrayLine. If interested in DR culture it is worth a little exploration.

Wishing all of you beautiful Ladies successful surgery and safe recovery. Keeping you all in my prayers as well. It is important to take care of self, so that you can be the best at whatever you do.

FMLA / STD (Short Term Disability) for Elective Surgery

I have received several PM and questions regarding how to tell your job that you will be out for plastic surgery, so I thought it would be best to address it with everyone to ensure that all of you lovely ladies are clear on the process and know what your RIGHTS are.

1. FMLA(FamilyMedicalLeaveAct) - If you have been employed for 12 consecutive months or 1250 hrs with a company with over 50 employees within a 75mile radius you qualified to take a JOB PROTECTED leave of absence for 12 weeks UNPAID. Not documentation for the reason of your leave is needed; however, HIPPA rules keep you from disclosing exactly what you will have done. It can be as simple as noting "Abdominal Surgery".
- MOST companies qualify for FMLA

2. STD (Most Companies have Short Term Disability) - STD is separate from FMLA but works to ensure that you get paid. Most companies offer Short Term Disability for employees after 6 months of consecutive employment. Contact your Benefits department and ask how do you file and what is the % you will be paid if approved.

3. Your PS(plastic surgeon), should be willing to complete documentation for you....IF they are not...find another surgeon.Seriously...No matter where you have surgery, you surgeon should be willing to do what is in your best interest...and getting paid while you are off is in your best interest, so you are not worried about bills etc.

Please note that for Short Term Disability, your Vacation or sick time may be used for payment on the 1st 7days and after that, your STD plan will pay up to 65% depending on company policy.

Please don't just use your vacation days. Make sure that your job is protected and that you do the proper documentation. If you need to stay out longer than you had originally anticipated...having this in line beforehand will definitely help.

Also a few things I say to people when they ask why I will be out. "I am having a much needed procedure."; "I have been needing this procedure for a while and finally decided to take care of it before it gets out of hand"....which is true, these boobies have been needing help since the 2nd baby and now I am on baby don't typically as more questions but for those that do...I would tell them...To mind their damn business or I'd say "I'll tell you more later and walk away"...but of course later never comes...

As always, if you have any questions, please reply to the post or PM.


Changes...Life Happens

Found out my brother has cancer and he will need help to do now I will have to postpone my trip to DR. I was really looking forward to focusing on me for a little while and I feel bad because I really still want to go as scheduled but my brother is more important. My Brothers treatment will be over in September or October so I was going to go in November. I have got it approved through my job but now Dr. Leon assistant says that the day I want is already taken. He only does like 2-3 people a day so I am on the prowl again for a surgeon...Damn..this makes me mad... My only other options are Duran and FG. My friend is pissed that I am even considering Duran again but to be extremely honest...I am most concerned with results...who can give the results without risking my life. My top DR docs are Leon, Duran, Manual Diaz, and FGoico. Manual Diaz is good but will only do so much at one visit...FG really doesnt give much booty...Leon is booked and Duran is available I assume but hard to get in contact with. I will try with SurgiCoordinator people and see what happens. I definitely need to do it this year. My side business launches soon and I need to get this done.

Doctors in DR

Ok, so I am not going to mention any names but I think certain Doctors in DR want to be selective about the clients they take on. Some doctors don't respond because they don't want to do the surgery and I guess they are not confident in their skills. I have seen so many mixed reviews on doctors and I was really concerned about why it was so difficult for some women to get in contact with docs and so easy for others.

I was talking to a lady who has been to DR several times and gotten different procedures done and she said..they respond to people that are easy fixes first because they can schedule more procedures throughout the day. Most of them plan their day by procedure type and not by how many patients....

I have been on the look for another doc for only about 6-7days now and I am already frustrated with some of them. But I try to remember that patience is a virtue and I am working on it but I expect allot when I spend my coin because I super frugal.

If anyone has a doctor that they think I should consider, please tell me why. All good docs are on the table right now.

Duran and SurgiCoordinators

Ok so I hear that once you have had surgery with Duran once it is much easier to schedule with her for round 2. Well I am going through Surgicoordinators to see if I can get a quote.

There was some miscommunication about my health assessment. I have lost 40lbs since october and I sent them new pictures but Laura sent me a message back saying Dra Duran wants you to lose more weight....ummmm NOT. I am within 10lbs of my goal weight and if I lose any more I wont have enough fat for her to graft...So after the back and forth with Laura, she found the updated assessment I sent and has given it to Dra. Duran for review. She said I should get it back sometime today. In her defense, she was very apologetic...because I went on a RANT about how unprofessional it is to have someone send you a health assessment and all you reply back is Lose 15 more pounds...nothing else...just that. I was confused because she could not have possibly been looking at my assessment. My BMI is lower than alot of women who get PS. I chose to wait until my BMI was lower to have PS for health/safety reason....But again she was apologetic and said it was because I used the same email and she look at my old assessment instead of the one I sent more recent...either way, I hope I get my quote today or I hope Dr. Leon Assistant contact me and say he is available. She is still looking out for me but it doesn't look like it will happen. I would prefer him but Duran is definitely not a bad option. I know that these folks at SurgiCoordinator are busy because the women on IG go crazy for Duran...

PSA/ My Opinion

Ok so I have read several reviews but I only follow the ones that post pics because how can you tell me you love your results but aren't willing to show before and after. JS...

Anyway, I have also looked at many of the reviews where people say that they are not happy with their results and say that the Doctor could have done better.

Please be realistic about how you look. You will not go into surgery looking like the Melissa McCarthy or the chic on Norbit and come out looking like Beyonce...

I am very realistic about my body....These stretch marks that I have earned are mine and Surgery will not remove them all...PERIOD...

Now if a doctor does a bad job...I will be the first to blast them and say this shit looks horrible but as women, we often have a distorted view of our own bodies...Love ya'll so please don't take this is just TRUTH

#4 Push-up Bra Saga__To Funny

OK, so as you all know, I am in serious need of a Breast Lift and Implants. My boobies are so sad it makes no sense. I went to the store to buy a Bra. I purchased the #4 pushup bra which is supposed to give you the highest level of support.

As I walked in the bedroom feeling really cute in my new sexy husband says "Ummm Baby what is going on your bra...." I started moving around and saying...You like and said "Yeah" but you should look at it.

And I'll be damned if my nipples if one nipple wasn't hanging out the bottom of this damn bra and the other coming out the top. I was so embarrassed...but he hugged me and said you are absolutely beautiful...don't worry I like peek-a-boo

Then we both just started laughing out loud....I cannot believe that happened...I definitely have to get a good Breast Lift and Implant because that can never happen again...OMG...

Duran Update and Where Has Dr. Molina Been

Hello Ladies,

Duran announced today that she has a new assistant. I guess she has received enough complaints and lost enough money to decide it would be worth getting another assistant.

I have resent my email and I will be calling them first thing in the morning....until I get an answer. Her dates are booking quickly.

I also ran across Dr. Molina on IG a few days ago and he is AWESOME....I was like WOW...he does work very similar to Duran and Cabral(without the body count)......He gives great shape and lines...

Ladies if I don't hear from Duran or get quote via all will be seeing my post about my date with him.

Heard some recent drama with certain RHs and thinking about hotel options again. I just have to come to the realization that there are no true LUXURY RHs in DR. If someone knows of one then please let me know. (Serenity RH and Kindness RH are the closest I have found)...

Got Through on the Phone to Duran's Office

Yay! Go through on the phone to Duran's office. Walkiria said that she will provide my info to Duran for a quote and she will check the date for me. Should have details today or tomorrow. Hope they pull through...SurgiCoordinators has gotten me 0 quotes and I don't understand why I would pay them $200 and still wait for a long time. You have to do some work for my coin. If I get a quote from Duran...I will spending that $200 on a First Class Ticket to DR...I had planned on doing 1st class for my return trip anyway...

Burst My Bubble

So Dr. Molina contacted me and provide a quote through Whatsapp, I am going to email the contact info he gave me so I can get a formal quote. I do not want to continue to communicate through whatsapp for some reason that makes me a bit unconfortable.

Anyway, Dr. Molina told me that I should do the Tummy Tuck, BBL and Thigh Lift then the Breast and Arms. He said because I have lost so much weight, if I do the breast and then the tummy...when they remove the section of skin and pull the skin down it could affect the position of my breast.

That definitely made me think...because I don't want to spend money on my breast then have them saggy as hell and big...

Just wanted to share this for anyone having a similar procedure....The Rule of PS is lower body first then the top...Gravity is a bitch so its best to do the top last.

It kinda sucks because I was really looking forward to getting my breast done...guess I will wait a little longer. I will also wait to see what Duran says. I trust and think what Dr. Molina said is logical...I just want Duran's opinion. She is replying to emails this weekend so hopefully I will have a quote sometime today. If not, they know I will be calling them again on Monday...bright and early. I am sure they will know me by name before my surgery is done.


I am really working on my patience and this waiting on a quote is testing it to the fullest.

I got a quote from Dr. Molina for Tummy Tuck and BBL $5200; this is fine but it just didn't seem right to get a quote for major surgery through an's like a damn text message...I can't get down like that. I sent them an email and am waiting on a formal reply with details etc that I can actually give to HR as documentation/confirmation of surgery. These people are going to look at me crazy as hell if I hand them a screen shot of Whatsapp...

Dra. Robles is cool too. I looked at a bit of her work as well and she does a pretty good job.

Since I will be doing my lower body first...I am really stressed about making sure the doctor has experience with Thigh Lifts. Duran and Leon are the only doctor that I have seen before and after of a thigh lift. I do not want to be an experiment so while I am anxious and getting pissed by the moment...I am still willing to wait because I cannot afford to NOT come home after these surgeries or be butchered to the point that I dont want to take my clothes off ever.

Ugh this is such a stressful process...I really need these doctors to get their shit together and start replying.

I can't even complain about this to my husband because he would totally be against me going just because he considers it a huge disrespect for someone NOT to reply when you are paying that is also the reason why I write my frustration to you ladies on here...Thanks for listening. xoxo

Duran Duran...Let's Do This

I told ya'll that I was going to get my quote one way or another. Well I called and called and called to the point where they knew my email by heart. I spoke to Duran's assistant yesterday and she said I would have a quote by today and she called at 6am....I didn't even answer the first call because I don't answer numbers I don't know but after my brain woke up I realized that was Duran's office calling and I was pissed but thankfully Wilkiria called back again...Duran wanted me to do TT, BL and BBL together and come back for Arm and Thigh Lift. I was coool with that so they sent the quote. It was a little higher than I expected but Oh well. I have some extra money since I didn't pay SurgiCoordinators....they don't do shit anyway.

When I spoke to Laura, she said "we are simply a passthrough, we don't have any control over how quick she will reply". Some women have had good experiences with SurgiCoordinators but for those who want to save a few bucks or use that money to fly firstclass....just send her an email with full health info/ pictures of all sides (front/back/left/right) and call them 2times a week early in the morning. I called at 7 or 8 CST.

Now on a sidenote - some women send her an email just saying how much is it for BBL or TT....well unless you provide her with pictures etc...then she will not respond. Duran looks at every person's picture and for me she recommended I do something a little different than what I wanted but that is cool. As long as my HEMO stays up we will be good.

Oh Yeah! If you want a list of what I sent to her for my health assessment just let me know. I created a pdf with my assessment and several pictures which made it easy for them to print. Gluck Ladies

What To Send in Your Quote Email

Ok Ladies, So Here Is What I send To The Docs to Get a quote.

Full Name:

Email: Phone#:

Age: Gender: Height: Weight: BMI:

List the procedures you want to have done:

Numbers of pregnancies

Number of Live Births?:

When was your last pregnancy?

Do you have any allergies? (Please list all allergies food and drug):

Please indicate if you have any of the following health conditions or any others not listed:
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Chest Pain/Angina
Heart Attack
Heart Failure
Asthma / Emphysema / COPD
Sleep Apnea
Joint Pain/Back Pain
GERD / Heartburn
Liver Disease/Hepatitis
Frequent Diarrhea
Crohn’s Disease/Colitis
Bladder Incontinence
I'm totally Healthy
none of the above

Do you smoke?:
If you smoke, how many per day? If none type, N/A:
Do you use any steroid? If so provide the name:
Have you ever needed psychiatric treatment?:
What previous surgeries have you had? If none, type N/A:

Make sure that you send pictures(Front/Back/L & R Side) (For Arm Lift_Make sure you take pics of your arm from your breast to the tip of your fingers)

Hope this helps.

Deposit Paid & Date Confirmed

Well Ladies, This has been a long journey. I have paid my deposit and Duran has confirmed my date.

I initially wanted to do Tummy Tuck, Thigh Lift and BBL

Dra. Duran suggested I do a BreastLift with Implants, Tummy Tuck and BBL. She said I can do a round 2: Arm Lift and Thigh Lift. I may be considering Vaginoplasty...labiaplasty...After 4 children..I think my VJJ could use some tightening as well. (hubby would like that)

I have renewed my passport, just waiting on it to come in.

I am going to do another cost comparison for a hotel or apartment (airbnb or flipkey) vs recovery house. I have to have A/C everywhere. I don't think I can be somewhere that didn't have A/C and be comfortable. I guess you stay in your room most of the time anyway but the person I am bringing with me (MOM) is has hot flashes and I cannot deal with her when she is HOT...ya'll understand I am sure.

Anyway, as always I will let you all know what I find. xoxo

Anxious...Excited..& Everything in between

OK Ladies, I have finally decided to just go ahead and book a recovery house. I am still thinking about doing a hotel for at least 3days towards the end of my trip...depends on how well things go.

My mom was going with me, but since I had to change my dates to care for my brother, I may need a surgery buddy. I put a deposit on a single room at Serenity RH.. I have reserved Serenity RH for 16 days & 15 nights (Surgery Day & every 7th Day is FREE!!!)..So I can remove at least 3-days from my ($300) from my budget.Yay!!!

Oh and Serenity also has recliners. I am waiting to hear back on if they will remove one of the beds in my room and put the recliner. It may be more comfortable to sleep in...

Dra - Check
RH - Check
Passport - Check
Flight - Pending (Found a discount code but now I can't remember where I put it)
Supplies - Diamond Care & Recovery Package $150.00 - (Doing a cost comparison) - Serenity offers many supplies so I will just bring a small supply.
Tourist Card - Pending (Waiting until time gets closer)

Food at the Recovery Houses

Ok, so I wasn't going to say anything but I can't ignore it and maybe someone else has thought the same thing. I follow all of the DR recovery houses on IG and I see them post pictures of food. The food looks horrible....There was one picture of a salad that had lettuce, canned corn, canned peas and canned carrots with fresh carrots on top. I thought to myself, what the hell is this? and who the hell is going to eat that shit? I'm sorry I think I will packing a bag with treats (Protein Bars, Protein Shakes, 3M Protein snacks). Thankfully Serenity RH food looks cool but I plan to be prepared. I do not want to get there and do like other girls and order pizza or eat McDonalds and TacoBell. One girl said she gained weight after surgery because she didn't like the food...umm that's BS even McD's got a Anyway, just be prepared with snacks.

RealSelf BS

So I was contacted by the Manager of this site regarding me posting the web address for Dr. Leon's new care home. Well that is evidently against their policy....So I will not be posting anymore WEB Address. But she said it was a LINK. Let me just school you.... A link is a selectable connection from one word, picture, or information object to another. An email address nor web site address is a link because no one can click on anything typed on this site be taken to another webpage.

Anyway, The whole conversation was some complete bullshit.
I don't understand why you have people post their experience and then have people ask for info and you can't give it to them. If you all see me fall off...this will be why. contact me on IG...

GTFOH....It's that kind of day...

Question? Help? Thigh Lift Doctor in DR

After reading hundreds of reviews and looking at even more pictures, I have only seen a hand full of pics where people have had thigh lifts. Medial(inner) thigh lift. In most cases when you get a tummy tuck your outer thigh skin is tightened by default but the skin between my legs has to go. Has anyone seen pics or does anyone know of a person on RS or any other site that has had a ThighLift in DR...if so, please give the Doc's name and pics or give me the profile name. Thanks I have searched hard and haven't come up with much of anything.

My Comments About Doctors

OK Ladies, someone inboxed me and advised me that some of my comments regarding Doctor's work could be seen as offensive....I figured I would reply to everyone and maybe the person who contacted me would see it too. I am going to try and be nice about...or maybe not...either way here we go.

1. Any comments I make about doctors on My page and any other page are to help those who want the best service for their coin. If that is not you "DO IT MOVING"...meaning get the hell on.

2. The person was specially talking about my comments about Medina and her breast work. If you want to go to Medina to get your breast I care...Hell NO. But understand that there is a High Chance if you get a Breast Lift with Implants....or Breast Lift w/o Implants that your shit is going to be messed up. The same goes for Yily and a few others. But if you want to go blindly and don't want to hear it, then once again "Do It Moving"....FOH

3. I give the absolute real. I am not going to lie on a doctor and I will not give a good review if their work is messed. I am not that chick.

4. I think that every person should decide who they want to go to and DO IT. If you feel that Medina or whoever is best for you...then DO IT...Follow your heart or whatever is leading you to your decision.

5. I am cool with anyone posting their personal opinions on this page but please be ready for the reply because you will definitely get one.

6. If you have an issue with a comment I make or if you find it offensive....say so in your post. Don't do this Inbox $#%t. Be real. I could give 2f#*ks but atleast be real with your MF self and say what you think in this forum...the same way you read it.

Got no time for foolishness...April 1st was last week...FOH

OMG, It's Getting Closer

My surgery date is Nov. 7th. I can't believe that it is August and I am only a few months away....So much has changed. I have lost even more weight....I have changed my hair...started a business...caring for my brother....still working full-time....with 4children...5 if you count my husband.

I am so excited. I am not sure if I will have someone to go with me. My mom has not gone to get her passport yet. I perfer not to go alone but the date has been set and now that other people have opinions about the surgery in DR, my mom doesn't really act like she wants to go. I could give two total fucks about what someone else thinks. This is my body and I will do with it what I choose with or without approval from others.

I know plenty of people get on hear saying not to go to DR but miss me with that foolishness. The same people hating now will really be hating when I return.


I am posting this update because there are allot of RS sisters that have been contacting me. First let me say that I am so sorry for going AWOL but life has been crazy to say the least. My brother lost his fight with cancer right before my surgery date and I am now divorced...Long story for another day.

I am back on the schedule with Duran for this year. I will keep you ladies posted and update my pics because I have lost more intentional but stress will do that to you. Anyway, sending you much love and light.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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