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Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy Dolls! I am new to the site but...

Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy Dolls! I am new to the site but have been stalking it for a couple of months. I am starting my journey and I have mixed feelings about what I've seen and read from some of you'll. Most have been very helpful and informative. Thanks... Some not so much because I feel some people get the information they need and forget we all are in this together. They post 3 pics after surgery and you don't hear from them again..... I'm like...?????? Really? What happen next? Are you ok? Did you have complications? Like that's Selfish....... We have to be a support system and guide for one another. So, I decided to began my journey, document it and share it with those who were just like me a couple of months ago. I Have Not paid my deposit but I have received several quote. I am still searching and I haven't felt comfortable as of yet with any of the doctors because they all have mixed reviews. I have emailed several Dominican Republic Doctors and have received several quotes but still am undecided. I am not rushing my surgery but I do want to choose soon. I think my bigger fear is INFECTION!!!! OMG!!! I've heard soooooooooooo many stories about infections and opening of scars its freaks me out. However, I have several friends who went to DR and were fine. No infections, scars didn't open, and they returned home doing well. I want to make a decision asap but I have to feel comfortable. Ladies please remember, Safety is first. This is your life. Choosing the right doctor is important. So, I have several doctors in mind but they change every time I hear anything that freaks me out lol. So Of course I choose Cabral (I love his work and seen it in person) but the deaths kind of scarred me, Next Mejia and Mollol but the infection rate is ridiculous, Then Tania Media, Cynthia Disla, or Duran (who never answers) lol. So, Again Im confused because they ALL have mixed reviews. I need help dolls. Any Suggestions???????????

I'm Sure I'm Made Up my Mind. I Feel Comfortable with my Decision

Hey dolls and dolls to be (such as myself) lol I have finally decided on a doctor for the DR. I am going to go with DISLA! She was actually 1 of my favorites. I'm not going to lie, once I did more research, it was a toss up between her and Tania media because I like her work too. Disla has been very responsive and so far has and has answered my pre surgery questions with no problem. I am feeling more and more comfortable with her. I will make my deposit in 2 weeks and start buying supplies so I can be ready for March. My original plan was first week in Novemeber, but I started a new job that I couldn't pass up. Always, I decided on March because it's after the holidays and my bday. After than then I'll be ready. I want to have fun and I have a trip planned so I'll survive. Lol my deposit is on its wayyyyyyyyyy. My spot will be secure! 6 months to go. What should do dolls!!!!! Next summer I'll be ready all the way. Any feedback? How was your experience with Disla? Where did you stay?

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