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I have been researching realself for the past...

I have been researching realself for the past three years. In the beginning, I was only looking to get a BBL. I did a lot of research on doctor's in my area in Florida. There are some really talented doctors in the area, but they are really expensive. As I continued to research, I saw that a lot of ladies were traveling to the DR to have surgery done. So I started reading all the posts that I could find from the girls who had sx in the DR, the good and the not so good.

So I started narrowing the doctors down. My three choices were Robles, Almonte, Yily. Since the prices were more reasonable, I decided to see what all I could have done. I want a full body makeover. Lol. So I sent a request for a breast reduction, TT, BBL, and lipo of every part of my body that could be lipoed. Now mind you, I'm only 5'3 and about 215lbs. Dra Robles and Almonte responded within 24 hours. I am still waiting to hear back fromYily.

Anyway, Almonte suggested that I split my procedures into two sessions. Performing a a TT, lipo of the full back flanks, waist and a BBL. Then coming back for a BR and additional lipo in other areas. She quoted me $4900 with 10 days at RH included. Robles quoted me $5200 for lipo on back, waist, TT, and BBL or TT, Lipo on Waist, Breast Lift for $5800 with 12 days at the country.

I read good reviews for both, but I have decided to go with Almonte. Lesley has done a great job of answering all of my messages in a timely manner. Although I know this a busy time for all of them. My plan is to go mid June. I am hoping that it won't be as busy during that time. But it's the summer, so that might be wishful thinking on my part.

Making a list

So I have reading a lot of posts and taking notes. I have been making of list of things I will need for my trip. I have started shopping so I can start packing my suitcase next month and adding things as I go. have also been trying to lose some weight. Its a slow process. So far I've only loss 2lbs. But I'm determined to lose more.


Posting a few pics. Ugggh. I will be glad when I get rid of these back rolls and stomach.

Change of Plans

I have been doing a terrible job of updating my status as I take this journey. So on Friday, I went to LabCorp and had some bloodwork done just to see where my Hemoglobin level is. Just my luck, the computers went down. The poor old receptionist must have had a long day, because she complained the whole time I was waiting there. Finally after waiting over an hour, I was called to have my blood drawn.

After some additional running around, I decided to go and pay the deposit to lock my date. Just my luck, the bank was just closing. I guess the clock in my car is a few minutes off. So all weekend, I was on realself going through countless profiles and reading Almonte and Robel Barbie's transformations. I can truly say, I am truly impressed with all that I have seen. Both women doing beautiful work. But I have decided to switch to Robels.

On Monday, I finally responded to Laura's email from two week ago regarding my consult. I was told that it would be $100 to lock my date, or I could get $200 off if I send a $500 deposit. I was originally going to pay Almonte $350 to lock my date. I figured, WTH, it's now or never. So I logged into Western Union and sent my deposit to Laura and locked my date for June 16th. So if anyboday is going to Robles around that time, I need a surgery buddy :-)

On Monday, I got my labs back. My hemo is 11.4. I wasn't to concerned because my menstrual cycle had just ended a few days prior. I will just continue taking all of my vitamins. I have a full physical scheduled for next week. I will have more labs done at that time, to see if my levels have increased.

On Wednesday, I joined a bootcamp. I thought I was going to pass out. I didn't realize I was so out of shape. Whew! I know I am going to feel it tomorrow. But I am determined to lose some weight before my surgery. I might as well start training my body now, because I have to stay in shape after surgery.

I know I have to do a better job of updating my review. I'm on here all day and night reading profiles. And I don't even bother to login to my profile to do a status update. I have got to do better. Lol.

Time flies...

Wow, it's been three months since I have updated my profile. Not a lot has changed with me in that time. April was the quiet before the storm. I was going to boot camp, eating right, and preparing for my trip. Then here comes May throwing a wrench in my daily routine. Between 5 birthday parties, 3 graduations, and a temporary work schedule change I was exhausted. I never really got a chance to celebrate my anniversary. But hubby understands. I'm glad May is over, now I can get back on track and get ready for my surgery. Yayyyyyy!

It's almost time...

One more week to go. I'm just trying to get my household in order before I leave next weekend. I still have a few things on my list to pickup from the store. I went to Labcorp today to check my hemoglobin again. First time it was 11.7 in March ,when I first started taking my vitamins. Then it went up slightly to a 12.2 in May. Now I am checking it again to see if it has changed since May. I have doubled up on my liquid iron and vitamins to see if I can get it to increase a little more before surgery. I will re-test again next week before I leave. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Feeling excited...

Just made it to Fort Lauderdale. Hubby and I are going to hang out tonight, then he's going to take me to the airport early tomorrow. I'm excited, but I'm missing my family already.

I tried to pack light, but I think I missed the mark. I hope this suitcase weighs less than 50 lbs, because I don't want to pay $100 for over packing. All you ladies having surgery are in my prayers, keep me in yours!

Made it here safely...

I finally arrived at the clinic. My flight as short and smooth. Dr. Robles and the nurses greeted me at the front desk. My labs were done within the first 30 minutes. But the person who does the Ekg doesn't comes in until 4pm. I guess I'll take a nap for 5 hours.

Oh well...

I arrived at the clinic around 10am Sunday. My blood work was done immediately. I was told that the cardiologist would arrive at 4pm.

When I woke up from my nap, Dr Robles' assistant came in my room to ask some question and informs me that the cardiologist still hasn't arrived.

At some point the cardiologist arrives, I see him going in and out of the rooms. It's about 9 pm at this point. Which is around the time that Laura comes in my room to discuss my procedure.

An hour later Dr. Robles joins her. To sum it up, they say that a 12.7 is too low to have all the procedures I want done. So basically I can only get a tt with lipo of my sides and some of my back. I'm like wtf. So I can't get my breast or my butt done. Now that really sucks. What's a girl to do?

I'll definitely make sure my hemo is at a 13 next time because these breast have to be reduced!

3 days post op

For the past 3 days I have been super tired with no appetite. I feel really bloated. I am trying to drink plenty of water, but it's hard. Jalissa took some pics of me 1 day post op. I will have to get those so I can post them.

I go to see Dr. Robles today for a follow up. My left side has been burning since I left Cecip. I hope I didn't split my scar on that side.
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