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Not sure how to work this but I'll give it a shot....

Not sure how to work this but I'll give it a shot. I'm scheduled for Dr. Walkiris robles in the Dominican Republic feb. 6,2014. I found her from a girl posting her experience on you tube and all the girls stories on this amazing site and fell in love with her work. . I have two children and my recent one, my son, now turning 2 completely destroyed my body. I love him to pieces but wow the damage he caused lol. Immediately after I had him I wanted a tummy tuck. His father however did not approve so I put what I wanted in hold. Now we are no longer together and I finally feel brave enough to get my surgery done. I feel too young to have this body, stretched skin and stretch marks. I've lost 35 lbs after my sons birth and nothing will fix my stomach except surgery.
So far, I have started packing small things since I'm a nurse in a hospital so it's easy access. please any recommendations from anyone are needed. I'm not going to lie, to think in one month I will be in an operating table is very nerve wrecking and not knowing what to expect drives me crazy. I'm a bit of a control freak lol. I've heard many people say they only give Motrin for pain which really worries me. I have my appt weds for my blood work including CBC. I've been taking the recommended vitamins , folic acid, iron twice a day, vitamin c and b complex. Just need to book my flight this week!

Pre op work done

So I completed my blood work, chest X-ray and EKG. Yayyyy!! Just waiting for my results to be medically cleared. And my dr. Was nice enough to give me Percocet for post op. I'm so excited and can't believe less then a month away from my flat belly! Monday I leave on mini vacation to Mexico. My hunny decided to take me as a last getaway before some serious pain lol. We'll just waiting for my results and pray my hemoglobin level is good.

So frustrated

So I'm leaving feb. 5,2014. But it seems like the more I try to lose weight, the more I gain. I've gained 8 lbs since giving my pics to dr. Robles and it's like the eating and exercise does nothing. Not sure if there's a super diet I can try before leaving. Any suggestions ladies, please!!

Almost ready

We'll, I've started having horrible anxiety. I'm tryingy best to stay cool but my surgery is in literally 2 weeks. I've never in my life had surgery. I just bought my plane ticket !! But I still don't feel as ready with supplies. I'm running so tight on money smh. We'll I'm sure I'll have it together before I go.

All set and confirmed! Need a travel buddy

So my ticket is booked and Laura has confirmed I'm booked for Virginias recovery house. The anxiety and excitement is so ever present lol. Any of you ladies leaving the same day as me? The person going with me isn't able to afford everything now. So I'm in need of a travel buddy. Only 10 more days!

Finally here!

We'll the time has come. I'm here at CECIP clinic waiting to be called in for surgery. All the staff have been very nice and professional. Wilson picked us up at the airport with no problems. We did all the paperwork and blood at the clinic and were brought to Virginias recovery house since the clinic had no rooms available. I'm so anxious and nervous but I'm ready to see my new body.

Post op day 3

We'll I made it through surgery. OMG if only there was a way to describe the pain. The day of surgery I was so nervous. They give you this little blue pill right before taking you the operating room. One dr was leaving a room and you could see then doing lipo on a patient. Once the nurse pushed the medication in, I remember nothing after that lol. Waking up was scary, I couldn't even move my arms, just my fingers to push the call bell. Although I have to say it's so worth it. Dr.robles did an amazing job on me. Day 1 was intense. I was completely bed bound but the nurses at CECIP clinic are amazing. They are so nice and help you with everything you need. Day 2 the nurse helped me walk around to wash my face. The pain is so intense smh. It's not the tummy tuck that hurts, it's the lipo. I was brought to Virginias house on day 2, OMG she is the best as everyone says. She helps you with anything you need, changed your dressing and empties the drain. The good is so good, always fresh and light on the stomach, only natural juices given here. Amazing. Doing my surgery was the best decision ever. Day 3, virginia woke me up and told me to try to get out if bed alone. And yay I finally have the strength to. Recovery isn't easy but the staff here at virginia make it so much easier. Here's some pics from post op

Post op pics

1 week post op

So it's been a little over one week since my surgery and it's been pretty intense. When doing cosmetic procedures, no one really thinks about how bad the recovery process is. By day 5 your thinking everything is wonderful and you're healing but day 6&7 have knocked me back down. With anesthesia wearing off around the surgical site, Both mornings I have woken up stifff, with fluid pocketed under my armpits and just total pain all over. Virginia here at the recovery house is the biggest blessing and gave me a sponge bath so I feel slightly refreshed. Afte day 8, dr. Robles gave me the ok to start lymphatic massages. Omg I was terrified but dr. Martha is amazing. She does it so soft but I felt so much better after the massage. I was able to put the faja back on that I tore off me during the day from the pain of the faja pushing down on the fluid. On top of everything, my feet swell up like little piggies so ladies, keep your feet up as much as you can when sitting. I have to say I over packed for this trip. I have not used a single pair of panties since being here nor bra, and dresses make sure you bring them with straps big enough to cover the faja. I have not started creams on the scar, you can't until it's closed and dr. Robles gives you the ok. Don't even bring gauze and dressings. It's unnecessary. You don't touch anything without dr. Robles seeing first. Bring Epsom salt if possible. Virginia gives great massage to help heal the swelling. The only part after all my rambling I absolutely hate is when my drain gets clogged. For them to unclog it with water and that syringe!? Omg the pain is horrible but necessary. I can't wait to Get these bad boys removed. Dr robles removed a Stitch yesterday holding the tube to me so with just the tape holding it, it keeps inflating with air. It's ok tho, hope I'm almost done with it. I hope all my rambling helped someone out there lol. Any ways here are some pics over the last week.

2 weeks post op

So I finally came home on the 19, what a relief! I came home with the front drain bc I'm still draining more then 50 ml daily. That back drain is extremely painful to remove so take your pain medicine before seeing her, but it is such a relief once it's removed. It's been a bit depressing relying on others for all my help but I keep thinking positive it's only for now. I'm taking the make me heal vitamins and arnica still. I still have a lot of swelling all over my body but after a few lymphatic massages it's going down. I really hope everyone is right about the butt lift. Any advice is appreciated from any ladies that did the BBL. I'm a little dissapointed it's not as big as i hoped but everyone keeps saying the new garment will pull it up. Let's see. Here are some pictures so far.

More 2 weeks post op

3 weeks post op

5 weeks post op

Finally swelling is going down. I'm wearing my extra small faja from fajate. I have to wear it all day and all night still bc the swelling is crazy after an hour taking it off. I plan on wearing it until 3 months. Dr. Robles has been a doll at answering all my questions. The best doctor ever!! I've returned to work and it's actually not that bad. I just can't lift patients yet but all the staff at work have been helpful. Funny how I get so many compliments how I'm losing weight and look so good lol. People ask me what I did to lose weight and I have to lie and just say I'm eating good lmao. If they only knew the real struggle I'm going through smh. Im still doing the lymphatic massages. I had an incredible amount of swelling and hardness so I'm on my 13th massage smh. But I'm much better now and softer. Only hard spots now are on the sides. I go to angelas in Washington heights for the massages. Teresa and luz are amazing! Although I love my results. I'm not too happy wit my belly button but has that typical tt belly button and I know robles have other girls round belly buttons. It's also taking forever to heal smh. My tt incision is completely healed. I've started silicone sheets to soften the line. I don't see any change as of yet but it looks great regardless. My butt however. I really wanted it bigger but it is what it is. This was a one time thing so I'll live with the butt I have lol. I'm hoping the fajas will continue shaping it maybe pop out more. With the faja my ass is enormous but without it, I feel like it's average but better then what it was pre op. I'll wait until next week to start working out but I'm scared to take off this faja. Here's some pics so far

Two months post op

Hey everyone. Just wanted to give a quick update. I have official led finished massages with Angela. I would completely recommend her. She is located in washing heights at golden angel spa. She had to remove fluid from me twice which costs $50 everytime. It's expensive but that pounce of liquid isn't cute. I still wear my garment but not all day anymore. I stuck with the xs from fajate. I couldn't imagine the xxs. I'm pretty content with my waist right now at 26 inches. It was 31 before surgery! My boyfriend kept looking at my scar and recommended aloe instead of the rosa mosqueta oil and silicone cream. I thought he was crazy but immediately redness decreased. I will promote Aloe plant for all scars. Within a week my scar looks so much better. I put it on twice a day and it dries so fast. Here are some pics recently and good luck to future robles barbies!

8 months post op

8 months

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