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Hi, I am 28 years old. I have two children; both...

Hi, I am 28 years old. I have two children; both were vaginal births. Currently I am 173 pounds and I am 5'4. I have contacted several doctors about a Tt, bbl, BA with lift and LIPO to love handles and thighs. I also need muscle and a hernia repair. Disla in DR quoted me 5500$ but that was without the muscle and hernia repair. She also didn't include compression garments in the price. I have also spoken to doctor Hughes in California. He answered promptly to the initial email although I haven't gotten a price as of yet. I like that he answered me within a hour of my email. At this point, I am researching doctors and trying to find the best one for me. I am so excited. I have wanted to do this for a long time. I am happy to be apart of this forum. Reading the women stories have been very helpful so I am hopeful my review assist someone as well.

speaking with doctors

Dr. Hughes gave me a quote of 25,500$ for the procedures that I wanted. I am very happy that he is willingly to do all the surgeries. I must admit, it bums me out that I will have to pay more for recovery because his quote does not even include a stay at the hospital. Nevertheless, I would like to have my procedure done by him. For some reason, I feel very comfortable with him as my surgeon. I just wonder is it worth it financially or should I just go to the DR then I wouldn't have to worry about the additional expense. I have gotten quotes from Yily and Disla. I find it interesting that I can spend a month in DR at a recovery house and pay for the surgery within getting a loan. At this point, I am not sure what I will do. I am hoping Duran answers me; I have seen some of her work and I like what she has done. At this point, I am still seeking the perfect surgeon. I can't believe how obsessed I am getting.

I am so ready to do this!

I spoke with Dr. Jimmerson office today. I was given a quote for over 27k for all the procedures I want done. Truthfully, Jimmerson was my first choice and his worked inspired me to farther pursue my interest in getting surgery. However, after speaking with his staff I realize that perhaps he isn't the right choice. I was born in Atl so I know the place well and my family is there so I thought it would be an easier recovery but Jimmerson has a two year wait and he won't repair my hernias. I was told I have to have those corrected prior to my surgery. Well damn that kinda defeats the purpose. So No Jimmerson. Sigh.

I would like to stay in the states because of the standard of care and the ability to have follow-ups but these surgeons act as if they want me to pay for their children's education. Moreover, most surgeons within the US want to break up the surgery into multiple surgeries while I want this to be a one time thing. Anyway Yily and Disla have given me quotes. Disla quote is for 5,500 and Yily is 6500. Disla doesn't add a compression garment to the price while Yily does. Additionally, I like the way that Yily sent me a detailed email that answered almost all of my questions. I love how thorough the response was. Disla's responded fairly quickly but her emails doesn't give a lot of information about the procedure and what she requires of me. At this point, I am just seeking doctors. I have a little less than a year to get everything together. That reminds me, Yily quote is only for 6 months so I will have to see will she honor my quote next year or reissue me a new one if need be. I guess we will see.

I have been stalking this website to read reviews for a while so that I can understand the process. Honestly, I have so many emotions. I must admit that I am scared, nervous, happy, excited and fearful. I have seen some awesome transformation stories. Oppositely, I have seen some stories that have broken my heart. I am researching to make sure I cover all bases. I want to be protected. I don't want to be another number and I don't want my safety or health compromised so I am trying to take my time to make the best decisions. I was talking to my man about my intentions. Initially, he was kinda supportive but after a couple of days he told me he thought that I sounded obsessed and like I hated my body. He then asked me did I hate my body. I started to cry because I don't know how to explain to him about how all the small things bother me. Like for example, how my pudge bothers me when I wear a dress and my stomach pokes out of every shirt. Additionally, I dislike that my breast droop and are not as full or supple as in my teenage years. Admittedly, I can't blame childbirth completely for my shape. I choose soda. I choose to eat out and not exercise but I have placed tremendous effort in correcting my body but there are something that the gym can not fix.. I decided to not talk to anybody about my surgery and just do what I need to do to get it done. I have spent my 20's awkward hiding myself. I promise myself my 30's will be different. I will step into my own greatness.

My naked truth

I can't believe I am going to post a picture of myself like this but hey I respect that so many women have done so before me and it has helped me immensely, so I want to do the same for others. I do sincerely thank all the people on this forum. Your stories are priceless.

I don't hate my body. I just want to fix some things that exercise wont. I have a big butt. I always have. Now, I dislike its shape and I wish the surgeon would mold it into a peach lol. My man told me I should do squats and he probably right and I plan to do some but I would like to put more fat there and then do the squats lol. My boobies have always been small. I remember in high school one of my peers said she got a big ass but she don't got no titties. I remember feeling so bad because my breast were always a source of contention. I remember asking my mom was I really a boy because my breast were so small and because all the girls got there periods years before me. LOL now I look back and laugh but before I felt horrible smh..

Several surgeons wrote me back that I have a beautiful silhouette and they would help enhanced it. You know how many times I have heard I have a beautiful silhouette. It started right after I had children. Smh my body was no longer beautiful but my silhouette was. I don't think its a compliment. Anyway. I am actively planning for this trip. I do believe I am going to the DR but I am really considering DR. Hughes. I LOVE HIS COCKINESS. He told me not to lose weight but another doctor too me maybe it would be best. I am training at this point to go into the academy so I know I will lose weight. My surgery is not until next year so if I must put it back on, I will.

Dr. Hughes it is.

I have been going back and forth it my mind about going to the DR but as strong as I am I know I can not handle going through some of the situation that some of these ladies have gone through. I refused to be treated as a number or insignificant and that's the feeling I get when I read some stories about the experiences that some sisters have endured. Anyway I said I was going to let the universe decide what was best for me. As soon as I said this, I checked my email and it was Doctor Hughes emailing me asking me follow up questions. I am taking it as a sign. He wants 25.5k and at this point I wasn't expecting to spend that much but I want a lot done plus I need hernias fixed and I don't want any mistakes, setbacks or incidents. Since I have set my mind on what I am going to do, Now its time to get it done.. JUNE 2015....

We are the hardest critics of ourselves.

I have read numerous of reviews and I must say honestly I am confused. Many of you women are so gorgeous prior to your surgery, I wonder how did you ever discover your imperfections. I know it seems hypocritical of me to say because here I am on a plastic surgery site however I have noted that many of the things you guys deemed ugly about yourself I saw such beauty. For example, why do the majority consider stretch marks and cellulite ugly. Are there really? For me, it tells a story, a journal of some sort. I honestly wonder if I am guilty of the same " judging myself by an unrealistic measure. I am sure I am. The biggest and hardest part about loving oneself is loving oneself through all the various stages we find ourselves in. I do love myself but I don't want to be ashamed of this body that I am in. I don't know. Perhaps I am overthinking. Regardless I am trying to accept myself completely as I am prior to my surgery. I believe the purpose of the surgery is because I know who I can be. God willing I find her. The universe has shown me the path.......... I know I am battling myself. I wonder if I just go harder in the gym or do more perhaps I can achieve my results without the surgery. Blah it's one of those days.
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