Mommy Makeover ! BBL,BA,TT,Lipo - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello ladies ! I'm 24 years old 5'2 and 130pds....

Hello ladies ! I'm 24 years old 5'2 and 130pds. I'm a mother of two and my youngest will be 3 in June. I've made the decision to not have anymore kids, so with that being said im finally ready to get my body back ! ive been doing alot of research and came across RealSelf which has helped me alot in deciding. I have three doctors in mind to take on my surgery which are, Dra.Duran, Dra. Robles and Dr.Fischer. So far I have received a quote from Dra. Duran and Dr.Robles and im very excited about the quote they gave me. Im still undecided wether i really want to travel out of country so thats when I cam across Dr.Fischer from Florida. I'm still waiting on a quote from Dr.Fischer, but when i do im hoping that it'll make my decision alot easier. Im definetly planing on going this year maybe in July or December, but the sooner the better right? Anyways im very excited and nervous at the same time. Cant wait to get doll-a-fied lol !

Dra.Duran or Dra.Robles ? I can't decide!

So I finally heard from Dr.Fischer and his assistant Claudia told me that he would not be able to perform a BBL,TT and Lipo at the same time smh. She did give me a price of $7,000 for just the BBL and Lipo and the price includes hospital fees, a 7 day stay, pick up from airport, massage, medications, etc. If I decide to get a TT after the BBL I would have to wait 6 months to get the TT and will give me a discount of $2,800 for the procedure. Which is not bad, but I only until today to give a deposit of $500 to lock in that special ! It's a great deal, but I dont have the time to get procedures all year, I rather get them all at once and get it over with. So now I'm down to Dra. Duran and Dra. Robles. I keep reading reviews to make my decision easier, but its hard because I read great reviews from both dras. I did read a highly negative review on Dra.Robles which has me leaning towards Dra.Duran, but I'm going to keep researching. I have my date set for July 1st,2014 from both Dra.Duran and Dra.Robles, but I have to make my decision quick so I can make a deposit and lock in my date. Anyways if any of you ladies have any comments to help in my decision please let me know! Also I was planing to take my mom with me, but she has decided to stay and watch my babies, so most likely i'll be traveling alone and will need a travel buddy. So if any ladies are planing on going in July let me know :)
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