BA with Lift + TT + BBL + LIPO; 26YO & 1 Child - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello everyone! After 2 years, I have decided that...

Hello everyone! After 2 years, I have decided that is time for me to go get this procedure going. I am now 26 years old, terrible two's are kicking my a*s so I'm done in the baby making department (at least for a few years). I have been Consulting with a few doctors in DR and so far its Cabral, Molina, Diaz, and Rodriguez and 2 in Colombia Sacristan and Villalobos.

Cabral: Gives you the ULTIMATE snatch. I'm talking he will give the tiny waist, the big boobs and ass for days! But those deaths scared the sh*t out of me. Complications can come with any surgery, I know but I am still waiting to hear what happened to those ladies. Nonetheless, I am still inquiring and I'm awaiting his quote.

Molinas: Simply put, he is truly the slim thick doctor. I am slim thick by nature but my waistline is non-existent and he can snatch a good waistline. Also, he pointed out something to me that no one said anything about, umbilical hernia. After having my son, I nursed my son and my abdominal muscles just didn't come back together. So there is a small-medium dent above my belly button and he pointed it out to me letting me know he would repair it. I inquired in August but spoke to him this week and he told me he remembered me, which is amazing. $6,700

Diaz: I just discovered Manuel Diaz. Now besides him being fine (Cabral is not bad either, honestly), he delivers results. I have been following a young lady on IG, frontpagejenni, and she went 2 rounds and her body is CRAZY! She looks so good. She has spoken about his bedside manners being wonderful and that's something I look for. He also gave me 2 quotes, one for for surgery and its trimmings and one with a 10 day, transportation to and from SDQ airport, nurse every night and your pos op meds. This brings everything to $7700 which puts him at one of the top because it lessens the headache of finding a recovery house.

Rodriguez: I have been stalking this man for the past few days. The butts are nice but once he puts you in a faja you see how small he makes you. He seems to be extremely skilled in the area for the tummy tuck and lipo. It's not aggressive but for small frames he seems to be on pointttt! I sent him a quote and will update on that soon.

Villalobos: Now in Columbia, he is the top runner for me hands down. Probably one of the neatest scars and everything looks natural but if you ask for exaggeration, he can do that too. The main thing I love about him is that I would consider him to be very skilled in the slim thick area also. His tummy tucks are amazing too! I have noticed that communication on Whatsapp with a lady named Paola has been really good. He was one of the first to get back to me in 48 hours of me consulting. $6500

Sacristan: The man of the hour who is King in my opinion for the 3 knot lipo, he recently told me that he now does Micro AIRE Liposculptor. Remember my main goal is to no have a nasty scar after my tummy tuck. Lord knows, I have worked too hard for my skin to have a crazy scar afterwards. I do plan on putting a tattoo over it with ease if it's not as I expected to look like. However, his quote was $6900 for me, the highest.
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