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Having this surgery has been on my list for so...

Having this surgery has been on my list for so many years. After years of hiding, covering up, avoiding men, and at times obsessing over my flaws i am finally finacially able to tale the plunge. I just can't even believe it is about to happen. I am so excited!!! I do believe the realself stories has helped motivate me to keep moving forward. I have enjoyed them all and sadly but true i realized so many feel as I do. I can't wait to get this started....8 more days

It's getting real!!!!

Well most everything seems to be falling into place
Deposit- check
Payment- check
List of questions for Laura- answered- check
Items to take- check
Important numbers, addresses, emails given to family- check
RH- UnKnown, depends on what's available.
Extra garment shipped to wrong address and won't be here before I leave. I will only have the one they provide.
Tried to get my hemoglobin checked at an Urgent Care but results wouldn't come in the same day. Praying it will be high enough

Items to take

Pads to cover incision
Waterproof tape
Alcohol pads
Anti bacterial soap
Hand sanitizer
Mederma cream
Bio oil
Scar away
Dermend bruising cream
Hooks for drain
Tank tops for under garment
Compression garment
Compression socks
Epi foam
T shirts
Sweat pants
Slide on shoes
Open gown
Open house coat
Phone charger
Coffee and creamer
Hair ties
Money belt
Phone numbers in case something happens to my phone

Just a few before pics

I'll be so glad when I will feel good about looking in a mirror

Any Robles dolls scheduled this week?

I'm scheduled for surgery Thursday the 24th...4 1/2 more days! Not sure what RH yet though. I'm flying in on the 22nd and was wanting to do something fun and safe....Any ideas?

Last day before heading out

The excitement I'm feeling is so overwhelming. Trying not to tell everyone is excruciating. I want to tell everyone I know. Then again I don't like everyone all in my business either asking me WHY or acting like im doing something wrong by having plastic surgery. It seems many people don't quite understand the emotional struggle for most with having a stretched skin/marks. Oh, and a flat booty!!!! Can't wait for that booty to pop. I have so many last minute things to do today so let me get busy....headed to the airport at 3am.

Finally Arrived

Well, I arrived yesterday afternoon and after getting labs and a tour de city, as I called it, I was able to settle in and get some rest. My labs were good. However my hemoglobin was at 12.5 and they really don't want to do but 1 sx with it at that level. Today I had iron injections and have been drinking an iron building drink the cooks here at Queens Recovery house made. Taste like lemon tea but has some kind of Jamaican fruit in it. Later I will be drinking bean juice. I love eating and drinking new things from other cultures. The Queens house is very nice and neat. The people are so freindly. They came and picked me up to recheck my hemoglobin It's at 12.8. They did do everything to prepare for the surgery tomorrow but said they would determine in surgery whether I get all or not. Depending on how much blood I loose. I'm praying to leave with all sx done. I'm excited how will I even sleep tonight. It's a day of relaxing and enjoying the thunderstorm...so much rain! I think I need a nap.

Made it through

Well I'm 4 days post op and feeling better everyday. The first 2 days were the roughest. I've never been so sick after surgery as I was this time. This surgery is no joke ladies. Those who come back for round 2 are crazy...lol! I am at the Virginia RH and the nurse here is amazing. I would recommend this house to anyone. I am so swollen right now. I will post some pictures soon.

5th day post op

Last night 5 of us went to see Dr. Robles. It was around 10:30 when returned to the RH. We were exhausted and hungry. She does her surgeries in the morning and does evening appointment. She said I looked good and was healing good. I was happy to here that.

Wish I hadn't brought

Clothes!!! No need to bring a bunch of things ladies.
Things u will use
House coat
Tank tops
2 dresses
Slip on shoes
Zip up sweater if u get cold
Smell good Lotion
Baby wipes
Feminine pads
Hand sanitizer
Epi foam
Stage 2 garment
Stool softeners
Poppy pillow
The RH has everything you'll need

I DON'T need: ( these r for when u get home)
Alcohol pads
Stomach creams
Scar strips
Q tips
Band aids
T shirts

U could actually get away with a free carry on bag.

Be sure to bring about 1000.00 extra because they will require you to have iron shots, oxygen chamber, blood transfusion, insurance, etc... Everything listed on VIP is included but they will want you to have the rest. When you are sick and weak you actually need the stuff for healing. Just be $ready!

9 days post op

Well ladies, it's my last Dr appointment today before I leave for the airport. It's been quite a journey and I've met some amazing women from all around the world. As far a Russia and Australia to be super by Dr. Robles. Her work is amazing! I'm still really swollen so the pictures don't tell the final results but I can tell it's going to be good after the swelling decreases.

3 weeks post op

Well you guys this surgery is no joke. I'm still sore and swollen. I'm now wearing the foam board under my stage 2 garment. It feels comfortable, like it's really supporting the injury. I will b so happy to get this ALL out of the way.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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