June 7, Rd. 2 Dr. Baez BBL, Lipo, TT

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Rd. 2) Getting Mommy Makeover with Tummy tuck with...

Rd. 2) Getting Mommy Makeover with Tummy tuck with Muscle repair, Breast lift with Silicone implants, lipo, and BBL.
Rd. 1) BBL 11/15, Dr Omulepu @ Spectrum Aesthetics. But my waist was still 30" and my butt was 42" inches after. I had a lot of improvement, but with all the extra skin I need a tummy tuck now.
So I called back to Spectrum to get a quote price is $4500 just for a tummy tuck with a little lipo. This is for a returning client, and I just got a quote in Dec for $3800. So I got a quote from Cabral and I can get all those procedures above for 5800 just makes sense. Plus, Dr. Cabral's results have been amazing I'm watching ladies on Instagram and Real Self.

Confirmed for April 7, 2016

I just received an email that I am confirmed for my date for surgery and Maria's recovery house. Yay, how to start booking flights.

3 months belly

I really need my tummy improved. It is saggy and wrinkled.

Date change

I had to change my date, my husband wants to have a mini vacation before my surgery and go with me.

More Quotes

Duran, emailed 5 times No Quote
Cabral TT, BBL, BL (Silicone), lipo $5800
Almonte TT, BBL, BL (Silicone), lipo $6450
Baez TT, BBL, BL (Silicone), lipo $7250
Yily TT, BBL, BL (Silicone), lipo $5500 Contreras TT, BBL, BL (Silicone), lipo 6500
Rodriquez No response 2 tries
Now that I got quotes. I cannot get a date. I want to send money, but need to know if my date is available.
For instance Almonte is full until August.

Planning stage

Deposit Sent to Dr. Baez via Western Union. So, i guess I'm official. She now has the money. Next is plane tickets to Punta Cana for mini Vacation, then I'll find a recovery house. I'm looking at Harmony Deluxe RH right now. But, there are no reviews. Plus, I didn't get prices for my husband to stay. My price is 700 for 11 days. Plus, the massages are 100 for 5. So, my husband learned how to do it in Rd. 1, so he can help too. Free massages :)

More pics

I'm currently at 38 double d i want a breast lift that will be under the muscle high-profile silicone and keep me just as big

Almost there 8 days til sx

I have all my meds getting everything pretty much planned. I'm taking lots of pre op pictures and measuring a lot now so I will know afterwards

Pleased with results

I am pleased, as a nurse I would not go bank. I know too.much and is scary. The physician is excellent. Her physical assessment was much better than my 1st Rd. Her follow-up was excellent as well. I had no infections, no burns, no issues. My results are great, however with my swelling I cannot truly see my results. My butt was 44", now it is 46". My waist only went down 1 " because I am still swollen. I can still feel fluid. My hips are superb! Very pleased. She doesn'tdoesn't speak English, but you will understand her.

Extreme Results

My body is amazing in less than 2 months. I'm so happy with my procedures.

More pics 50 days

Australia Fragoso Baez

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