43 Year Old Ready to Get Her Groove Back - Dominican Republic

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I have finally saved up enough money to get a...

I have finally saved up enough money to get a mommy makeover and I have choose to go to the DR because it's much less xpensive and their work is just as good u just have to do ur research but my question is has anyone out there had their work done by Dr Tania Medina in the DR? Please get back to me, I am getting a mommy makeover which includes breast lift with silicone gummy implants, TT, lipo of full back, waist flanks, arms and inner and outter thighs, this will cost about $7000 US dollars, I'm excited as well as scared but I'm still going to do it, I'm definitely finished having children and I'm tired of looking at myself naked and being disgusted so all my fellow real selfers out there if u have had work done by Dr Medina please let me know how ur work turned out Thank you

43 in Desperate Need of Body Makeover!!!

I'm torn between Dr Manuel Diaz and Dr Tania Medina, I was leaning towards Dr Medina but then I read a post by someone who stated she had 2 deaths in 2 months!! Wow I want a better body but I'm not willing to die for it!! I plan on getting breast lift w/augmentation, TT, lipo of waist, flanks, full back, inner and outter thighs, arms and bbl, if anyone out there has had a mommy makeover or any one of these procedures done by Dr Diaz please let me know how ur procedures turned out and if ur satisfied with the results and post pics if u can, thanx!!!

No turning back now!!

Today I made my deposit and my surgery is scheduled for 4/20 with Dr Medina, I'm so xcited and nervous at the same time, I'm getting a mommy makeover which includes: breast lift w/implants, tummy tuck, lipo to inner & outter thighs, waist, flanks, full back, arms and a bbl with lipo injection, I know it's a lot but I've waited too long and it's time I get myself right, not sure if ima stay 10 or 14 days, I will let the Dr decide how long I need to stay, I can't wait to get my new body and to be a medina doll!! Wish me luck!!

I'm xcited to become a medina doll!!

I paid my deposit and my sx is scheduled for 4/20/15 with Dr Medina. I'm flying out on 4/19 to get settled before the surgery. I'm getting a TT, breast lift w/augmentation, lipo of inner and outter thighs, full back and arms and bbl with lipo injection, so xcited to be getting my old body back and becoming a bad bitch once again!!

Very upset and disappointed!!!

I'm having trouble getting my passport and I really want to get my work done so I think going to the DR is not an option, does anyone know of a state I can go to that offers prices and the care like Dr Medina that I don't need a passport? I looked into Mexico and Puerto Rico but no luck :(
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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