44 Year Old Mom of Three...need to See Me Again.. Dominican Republic

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I want my curves back. Ive taken care of my...

I want my curves back. Ive taken care of my children since I was a teenager and now it's me time. I love myself and want to see me again. I've been lookibg at all the great reviews on Dr. Beaz and hopinh she can take me soon. She has been really great in communicating with me. Im looking into lipo and bbl. Hopefully in a couple months I can update you all with the results or at least say I'm on my way to the D.R.

I have started seeing myself gain weight with stress and depression and now that I've lost a lot of weight and still losing I want to be able to see myself with thr curves I normally have. Im posting and old before and after pic. I will come back on how much progress ive made in my date to go....

Dr Beaz contact me

Hello Dolls...Dra Beaz has email me. I'm hoping for the best. Waiting on quotes and soon my confirm date. Looking forward on an improved me!!!

So I got my qoute and Now I'm ready to start my process

I'm so happy to start this new journey of my life...If I can tell you all half of what I went thru like most of you Dolls on here you would be surprised. Not going to do this in a sad note. I am so happy to do me for the first time in my life. Like I said before, I have raised my three men and it's me time!!! So happy to start traveling and seeing things like never before. Now all the people who didn't like what the saw....WATCH OUT NOW....really not going to like what you're going to see. Getting to be a bigger and better me, I've told a couple a people about this surgery but not my family at all. I want them to be surprise on how I look when I come back. ;) I'm never worried on what another person says about me or what I do....w.t.b.s come on and hurry up so ready to be a BEAZDOLL!!!

The count down begins

I'm starting to get scared then excited and back scared again. But im excited to have my body look the way I feel. I've made my deposit and waiting on my date from Dra Beaz. I love her work.

Ive also started getting some of my supplies. I am traveling with my auntie and friend which both are gettinh sx done too. We all feel that excitement that we going to look our best.

So now I will couny down the days until we are In the DR. This will be my first time out the states and thats where my nerves kick in. I know we will be ok and doing this all together will be a suppoet for each of us. If anyone on RS can give me any advice on anything I take it all into consideration. ...

So excited. ..Got my date!!!

Well Dolls, I have my date and I'm so excited but nervous at the same time. Now to get everything together and stay prayed up. I will love to see my new me!!!

Dra Beaz seems liks she is a nice and caring person and cannot wait for this to happen. I've been through a lot and it's just me to take care of me. I will start packing my supplies slowly and mark my calendar until the day I leave for DR....

It's getting close...two months!!!!

Hello Dolls, I have started my process in my journey on the new me. I have started all my meds I need for this trip along with taking my vitamin and iron pills. I work nights so it's kind of hard to do a lot of things I want. A couple of other dolls are going with me and one have ordered a lot of our supplies that we need. I do not need to buy the meds there in the DR because I have my own.

So far I have the control socks, urinals, meds, pillow, maxi dresses, bandage, dressings, tape, and little more things that is needed. I only have to get a few more essentials and I'm done with that.

I am so nervous about this. I know it will be worth it. I have lost quit a few pounds since my first blog. I'm down another 14lbs...yikes this is getting real. I do have a few more pounds to go and I'm claiming it because this is definitely something I want to do.

Going to apply for my passport on Monday, get my blood tested and get son to book my flight, I know April will be here in a blink of an eye....thanks to all you dolls who wrote on RS for me to read and look at your before and after pics. My before picks will definitely come soon, give me a few weeks.

Cannot not wait to do this TT, LIPO N BBL...BEAZ DOLL I AM!!!

supply so far...

Urinal, pain meds, lotion, wash clothes, shower liners, hooks, sleep side, itch cream, muscle relaxer, anti nausea meds, etc....

I'm getting things ready now because I do not want to do any last minute things when it's time to get my beauty on...lol...as I read the different post one post is the one who I'm following newbooty728. She help me with her list of supplies. I may not get everything because I'm real tolerant to pain, but I will get the things to help heal me with the BBL and TT....thanks newbooty728.

To add on my aunt who I'm going with has a lot of the other things we need. The pillow, waist trainer, tummy board, etc.

My date with Dra Beaz is April 14th and as I keep looking at the calendar it's seen more and more surreal!!!

passport and supplies

I also forgot I applied for my passport as well. Hopefully it will come and I will be on my way!!!

I am attaching my picture of my supplies that didn't download with the supply list

picture of my supplies

pre surgery pics

Here are some before pics of me. I thought since I've seen a lot of you real dolls self I will be confindent and show how I'm progressing. I started my heaviest at 327lbs two years ago and stress took a lot of that weight away. Now between the time I've decided to go with mommy make over I've lost another 13lbs. I have to lose some more weight before April and u do know I can...

wish pics

This will be nice to look like these pics

I'm all done getting my supplies

I'm done getting everything I need for my new me. Tomorrow I will go take my hemo test, something I should've done a while ago. Now since its late I hope its high enough. I've been taking iron pills along with multi vitamins with iron. My aunt who is also going told me she hasnt started in anything to prepare to go, so I went shopping for her today.

Beaz Doll here I come!!!

Am i

Hello Dolls, how much im trying it seems like im at a stand still. Today was not a good day for me. Feeling down. The weight is not coming off like before and that worries me. I get excited just thinking about how I will look but sometimes questioning myself about what im doing.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better for me

At a Stand Still right now

Its mid Feb and im at a stand still with everything. I need to figure out what to do with myself. Ive been thru so much these past couple of weeks. Stress is in a high and its trying to stop me from doing what I want to do. Im glad I have a couple people I can talk to and laugh with.
I cannot wait until April so I can focus on me and what I want for a chance. I still have not told my children what im doing. I dont think they should know just yet. I need to start packing and do the ladt thing that I neef to do before my trip.
Im still taking iron pills n vitamins on a daily basis, but to me its not working. I still have another 20lbs to loose and its not coming off anymore. Any of you Dolls know what I can do fast?
Well this is the only little dilemma I have for now. Next week will be better, gotta get back to me!!##

Its getting to surreal now!!!

Im more nervous than before, ive been theu so much since my last post. But now its March and Im schedule for April. Yikes, someone help!!!

reading different reviews

As I log in today I see different reviews on some doctors in the DR. It's scary to read such so bad experience. For me I di not like any type of surgeries, the thought of lying on an operating table is scary for me.
Only thing I can do is pray and hope God protect me and heal me from head to toe. I appreciate the badand good reviews of every doll who went to the DR you can either stay positive and go on to be a Dol, or you can think about what you will go thru to be a Doll.
I will continue to go cause its some thing I want to do for myself


I just share these pics because im so excited....I went from size 18 in shorts to size 13-14 in less than a year. The black shorts are from last July(2014) the camo shorts are today(march 2015)..... so I say YES BEAZ DOLL ME PLEASE!!!! ;)

My last post until it's time!!!

Hello Dolls. I have a month and a couple days before I'm off to get my sexy on like most of you. Well I'm all packed and ready to go. I've checked on my passport n it's sitting at my p.o. box. Just need to continue to take my irin pills and head to the doctor this week for my hemo. When I come back for an update I will let everyone know what I'm working with, letp pray its up where it's suppose to be....good luck to all you DOLLS, hope your journey is grateful like I want mibes to be

disappointed. :(

Im sorry dolls but this is the end of my journey for now. I have to cancel because other things financially came up. Its a disappointment to me because I was looking to forward on this and getting all my confidence back. Hopefully this time next year things will get better. Good luck to all you all DOLLS. I hope the best for you and your new look... :(

Lipo, Tt, Bbl and Maybe Arm Lift

I am stuck now. Im here in the Dominican and like my last update had to reschedule my appt. I have met Dra Beaz, real sweet and kind lady. She is so polite and talk to you like a friend who cares. She was not upset and willing to work with me. We had schedule my appointment until March of 2016, that way I can get everything in order with myself.

My thing is I've sent my pics to another dr and he has given me a quote and it includes everything from surgery to the recovery house for twelve days. Its a good deal because I wouldnt have to find another hotel or bring all the supplies that I wouldve brought before.
I'm enjoying myself here, I came down for myself but also to help the other two Dills who had their surgery yesterday. One with Dra Duran and the other with Dr Rodriguez. Now thats the Dr that im up for but he doesn't have any real reviews on him. If anyone knows his work please let me know...

I'm back and going back to the D.R

Hello Dolls,
Sorry I have not update on my site in a while. I did not get anything done when I went back in April. I will be going back April of 2016. I had a unfortunate situation that stop me from getting mines done. I did go there with a couple other ladies and help them. I am going with Dr. Rodrigues (pictures). I like the way he do his surgurey. I've also talked with him and he makes me feel at ease. I cannot wait to get this done, to feel better for myself. I want my body snatched. I will be getting bbl, tummy tuck, lipo and breast lift. I will also be staying at his recovery house for the entire time. I do not know if I will be going alone or someone will go with me. I will keep everyone updated with my plans. I have also lost more weight (pics coming soon). By the time I go back I should be at my goal weight and with him snatching me, omg I just can't wait. Good luck to all the dolls who haven't had their surgery yet just keep a good head on and stay postive.

44yr old.... it's me time

I have been on this site before and i didnt go thru with my procedures. Now im back and looking for the procedures that i want. I want a tt, breast lift or breast implants and maybe lipo. My doctor that i would love to go to is Dr. F. Rodriguez. Ive talk to his assistant before and she is totally nice. I am incontact with thrm again...im looking into going maybe 6 months to a yr from now. I will continue to keep every one of you dolls updates...thanks
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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