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So I already had a TT and BA here in the states...

So I already had a TT and BA here in the states that cost me about $17,000. As you can gather, I am very much still unhappy with the results.

Last April a friend of mine went to DR to get a TT and BA with Dra. Robles and she came back happy as all hell. So of course, that set everything in motion for me. I began to research her doctor and everything that came with traveling out of state. After 9 months of researching and looking over other doctors, sites, and reviews I decided that I'm going to Dra. Robles for my Mommy Makeover.

In June of 2014 I sent Dra. Robles my pics and she gave me a quote of $5200 for a second TT, lipo on waist, armpits and back and BBL. This did not include my arms or thighs so after discussion I was quoted $5700 to include them both.

From June to December of 2014 I spent my time continuing to stalk this site, friend requesting girls that have done the procedures with Dra. Robles and get their personal opinion and story. I have communicated with Dra. Robles and her assistant Laura through WhatsApp. They really don't answer questions right away, but they do answer them.

In December I applied for my passport so that's all set. I've decided that I am going to go in April for my Mommy Makeover and I'm definitely not going to travel all day so I'm taking a non stop flight overnight with JetBlue.

At first, I was going to take this journey with another friend of mine, but she bailed so I will be traveling alone. I'm nervous, but not scared!!! My hemo level right now is 13.6 so I just need to get it a little bit higher and then maintain it. So ready to get this done!!!

Still waiting on a response from Laura or Dra. Robles

Wish it was easier to get the answers you need. Looking for the best RH for oneself is hard because I haven't found many that I have heard about and advertise their service. And the ones that I have found I don't know if they are on the Dr's list of use. So frustrating! I do know that I want a private room, private bathroom with a hospital bed in it. Ten days is a long time to have to have to share a room with another woman that's in pain. The way I see it, everyone's pain level is different and I just couldn't handle a roomie when I'm just trying to recover myself. Just my personal choice!!!

Finally a response...

So I heard back from Dra. Robles who tells me that she uses the following RH's in the following order: Virginia, Paradise, Queens and Relax. She will go down the list until there's a vacancy.

I also heard back from Laura who tells me that it would cost me another $200 to get the chin lipo.

Passport, deposit and vitamins...

I applied for my passport on 12/16/14 and I just checked on the state.gov website to check the status of my application and it says I should receive it by 1/19/15. Yey!!!

As far as my deposit, I will be sending it tomorrow morning and securing my date for 4/21/15.

I already have the vitamins, but I'm waiting on 1/20/15 to meet with my PCP to discuss my decision to have PS and what my risks are.

I already started to get my luggage prepared. As I read more posts I buy more things to include in my trip. Otherwise, very excited to get this ball rolling!!!

Got my passport today!!!

So today was kind of a bothersome day!

I went to do the wire transfer at my bank and the woman told me that I couldn't do the wire transfer because I didn't have the address to the bank in DR. Of course, we all know that getting that information would take several days for someone to respond. To my surprise, Laura had responded to an earlier text and I told her about what happened at the bank. She didn't offer an address or any suggestions as to how to go about doing it. Since they are no longer doing the MoneyGram or Western Union there is really no other way of making that deposit. Very frustrating since I really want to secure my date. Have any of you had this problem or is it just me? Oh and another important detail that I want to add. The woman at the bank told me that its $40 to do the wire transfer from here to DR and that the bank in DR charges another $13 to deposit the money into her account. How correct is this information? What are your thoughts?

My wish pics...

I'm being realistic about my outcome. I'm know I won't be looking like any of these women, but I want to be damn near close. I plan to start a workout regiment once I am able to. To me this is a foundation of a new lifestyle!!!

Cleared to travel...

Great news!!!

Saw my PCP today. Got my results to labs I had previously done and they came back negative and normal. We spoke about me going to DR for surgery and of course she gave me her lecture of being safe and not needing the surgery. But ultimately she told me that because of my labs she is comfortable giving me the green light to fly out. Yey!!!

So with that said, Dra. Robles here I come!!!

Wow!!! Is all I have to say...

Since my last update a little has happened.

Something I failed to mention is that I'm in remission with cancer and have a history of kidney stones.
I saw my urologist on the 21st and it was decided that surgery would be optimal in relieving the pain. So this morning I had surgery and a stent was put in place. Not exactly how I wanted this to turn out but it is what it is.

Hopefully this stent will only be left in for noore than two weeks and I can resume life as usual!!!

For those of you reading this don't be scared of what could happen. Live life the way you want it. We only have one and although it throws curve balls at us from time to time overcome those obstacles and keep pushing forward!

I get scared too but I don't let the fear dictate how I live my life!!! Stay blessed everyone...

Deposit sent!!!

I'm so excited! I sent Laura a message on What's app for her to confirm that she did in fact receive it and let me know that 4/21/15 is my date.

I went and bought some more things for my trip and the rest is on order. My time is getting closer and closer! Goodness, I can hardly believe it.

On another note, I still have my stent in from surgery last Friday 1/23/15. My doc says that he wants to leave it in another week because he wants to make sure the scar tissue heals properly so that I don't have further issues down the road. This will not affect my surgery in DR and I'm so glad about that.

I love reading all of your updates on each of your journeys, but I really don't like that a lot of you don't update much after the surgery. As for me, I will try to take as many pics as I can and write things down as much as well. I'm a writer and I enjoy documenting things from start to finish so I really hope that my journey helps those of you that come after me.

I will continue to post as any updates arise. Stay blessed ya'll!!!

Change of plans...womp womp!

Since my last post a lot has happened. I changed my last name due to a divorce and that delayed my passport. Seriously, to this day I still don't have it finalized. Which forced me to delay my trip. I have had no more trouble after my surgery so that's a good thing. As of right now, I am postponing my plans to have the surgery done until next year in April with Dra. Robles. I lost out on my deposit, but what can I do! I guess it wasn't my time or meant to be, but I'm staying hopeful. I will keep everyone posted as I start making arrangements for next year. TTYS

So excited...

So a really close friend of mine has decided to take on this journey with me. We have decided to fly out 4/17/16 to have surgery on 4/19/16. I am still waiting on my passport and she will apply for hers next week. After that we will send in our deposit, then get the tickets and buy the things that we will need. We have 9 months to get this planned and accomplished. Very excited to be doing this with her!!!

Still no passport

If its not one thing its another with this whole passport ordeal. They requested yet another picture because the last one didn't meet requirements, but I got it done at Walgreen's! So about 2 weeks ago I sent another one AGAIN and I'm currently waiting to see if it gets approved. UNBELIEVABLE...


Finally got my passport in my hands after many months of sending pics and paperwork. So with that said--let the planning begin because its on.

My surgery partner plan on having surgery in April of 2016. That's 8 months of planning to accomplish this. Both she and I are very healthy and don't foresee any problems with our blood counts. She will be applying for hers soon and once that is done we will send our deposits to lock in our date. So excited to make this dream a reality!!!

Got a new quote...

So I decided to have a thigh lift instead of lipo. This will cost me $1000 on top of the original quote of $5200. And of course, I wanted to add lipo on my inner arms for an additional $250 bringing my total cost to a grand total of $6450.

Laura made sure to mention that all of these procedures depended on how high my hemoglobin is on the day I arrive. I last had my CBC done a couple of months ago and it was above 13. I believe its because I'm in full menopause and don't have to worry about it going down. And just to be safe I will start taking chlorophyll when I get close to my time.

I had surgery around February and I was fine. I've had many surgeries before and I haven't had a problem so I'm prying that all goes well with this one too.

So now that I have my passport and a new a quote I can send my deposit to secure my date. Woo woot!!!

Next step...

So my friend and I are getting ready to send our deposits. We decided to fly out on 4/17, arrive on 4/18 and have all the labs and tests done and then have surgery on 4/19. I have already requested my time off so now to get this ball rolling!!!

Didn't lose my first deposit!!! Yey

So last Wednesday I messaged Laura because I realized that my first deposit of $300 send on 1/31/15 is less than a year old. I wanted to know if I totally lost it or if it is still good. I told Laura that I wanted to use it for my surgery date of 4/19/16. She said that because at that point it will be more than a year that it won't be any good, but that if I send her another $150 that she will continue to honor it.

Guess what? Today I sent her my $150 through an app called XOOM for a total of $450 towards my surgery. I guess this is supposed to be another option to doing a wire transfer. She also told me that if I wanted to start paying down the surgery that I can do so. I just need to send her pics of the receipt each time I send money. Which to me is, coolbeans!!! Next would be to get the tickets and start packing.

I am beyond excited! The more I look in the mirror and see the person looking back at me the more I know for sure that this is what I want for myself.

We are officially reserved!!!

Omg! We are so excited about doing this.

My friend and I are finally reserved for 4/19/16 and we couldn't be any more happier at this point. Since she and I are going to be doing this together we thought that doing a timeline of things to do would help us coordinate and organize our finances better. She still has to obtain her passport so this is something that she will need to do this month. I already have mine so starting in January we can start planning how best to get ready.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I want to get this done. I am sure my friend feels the same way.

Before I forget...

I have noticed that there aren't a lot of finished reviews on here. I have found that women start their reviews, but never finish or aren't detailed enough. So I will be documenting as much as possible. Things that I haven't read on here and had questions about. Since I am traveling with a friend who is also getting surgery it will be easy for me to document. She can take pics as I write these reviews. I have read that the wi fi there isn't that great, but I will definitely do my best. Even if I have to write the reviews after the fact. I want to give a detailed account of each day to give you ladies a more clear understanding of what to expect and also to be better informed before making a decision. I have been doing research for a very long time. This site has helped tremendously along with the videos on You tube.

For me, I think that it is very important to get any of my questions answered and Laura has been great at doing that. I text her often with anything and she responds fairly quickly. I don't feel like I am alone in this decision making. But I also understand that the unknown and unexpected is a powerful thing. Anything can happen and I can't control it. I can try to be as prepared as I can possibly be. Until the next review ladies!

Disappointed, but fine!

So Laura sends me an email yesterday saying that the endocrinologist reviewed my file and said that I couldn't have all the procedures done at once. Which is totally fine with me. Safety first ladies! So she then sends me another quote for $4400 for the TT and lipo. I thought to myself well since I'm having the TT lets do the thigh lift as well. NOPE! I was told I couldn't do that either. I ask her again if I am doing the TT and lipo then can I have lipo done on my inner thighs and she responded saying that it would depend on a physical exam when I get there.

At this point, I'm cool with it! I understand the whole being safe thing. I want to come back to my kids safe and sound!!!

I am very healthy other than my bout with cancer in 2011, history of kidney stones and being diabetic. My sugars are really on the low end. I've never had to worry about it. But it is what it is and I'm rolling with it. If I get there and she tells me that I can have the lipo on my inner thighs then great. If not, I'm going to be pretty bumbed and just will have to wait until 2018 to go back again.

NEW DATE FOR ME!!! 10/11/16

So its been a while since I have done an update, partly because I had a financial decision to make that would impact my household budget. I would never do anything to change my family's normalcy at home so I took care of my obligation as I should. That obviously set my time further out, but it had to be done.

A plus side to this is that I got to take a vacation to DR in March so that was cool. That was my first time out of the country so now when I go it won't feel so weird.

Anyhow, I decided to just have lipo and the BBL done first since I can't have all of the procedures done at once. It really doesn't make since for me to do other procedures first. My quote is for $4500 and that includes lipo on abdomen, fIanks, waist, armpits, back and the BBL. I am paying an extra $500 to have lipo on my arms and thighs, and since I have diabetes I have to pay an additional $300 for the endocrinologist fee, for a grand total of $5300.

I am hoping to go on 10/9/16, take the overnight flight arriving on 10/10/16, get there around 3am, rest, get my labs/tests done and then have surgery on 10/11/16. I sent Laura my new date just waiting on her to confirm with me.

As for my surgery buddy, she left as schedule because she didn't want to push back the time. I totally understand and have no hard feelings. So she is in DR as we speak. As for her trip, she had problems with her blood pressure being high when she had her labs and tests done. Because of that she was delayed 2 days. She was suppose to have surgery on 4/19/16 and ended up having it on 4/21/16 after being given medication to bring her pressure down. Might I add that she had a really difficult time getting in contact with Laura and Dra. Robles and it wasn't until she sent them a message expressing how unprofessional it was that she couldn't get a hold of anyone that they contacted her back and scheduled her for surgery the next day. I have checked in on her and she is recovering very well.

Have to say that I am super excited to move forward. Waiting anxiously for Laura to confirm!!!

I am RESERVED!!! 10/11/16

Well, it's official. I'm flying out on 10/9/16 and I can't wait.

Moving forward!

Finally saw my friend after having surgery with Dra. Robles back in April and let me tell you that she looks amazing. Her self confidence is through the roof and it show. She gave me the entire 411 while she was out there and pretty much told me to expect the unexpected. After seeing her and all the wonderful things she told me about her experience just made me want to do this even more. I'm telling you that October can't come soon enough. I am so super happy for her!!

On another note, I have decided to put in for an FMLA of 4 weeks. Having had surgery before, I know that with the other procedures I'm having I'm going to need more time than two weeks. I have earned time that I can use so I won't be out of pocket and can afford to take the time. Also, I will only be traveling with a backpack and a carry on luggage. My friend says that a lot of the stuff that she brought with her she didn't even use. So its going to be a simple travel for me! I will keep you posted as I move along in this process.

Its official!

Bought my tickets yesterday for $384.76 from Boston to Santo Domingo leaving on 10/9/16 on the overnight and straight flight. I get to SDQ airport at about 2am on 10/10/16 which Laura assured me that it won't be a problem. I'm assuming I will go to a hotel to rest up and then go to get my labs, tests and meet Dra. Robles. Surgery is set for 10/11/16 and I'm hoping to have a TT, lipo, arms and BBL. I bought all of my supplies and I plan on traveling with just a back pack and carry on.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited and anxious I feel about finally getting this done. I have lived my life doing for others that its time for me to think of me for once. So I'm looking forward to the new me!

I will continue to keep you all posted as I progress in this journey of mine. Stay blessed everyone!

My confirmation email

Omg! It's official. Yes!!!

Time off and supplies

Today I put in my request for time off to cover me for 4 weeks of recovery time. Per my conversation with my friend, she told me that the 2 weeks that she had requested was just not enough. When she returned home and had to go back to work she was unable to. She was sent home and had to get a doctors note from her PCP to take another week off.
I want to be on the safe side and not have to go through that. I still have 2 and half more months to go, but I want to make sure it gets approved. As far as my supplies, I got my first package today and should have everything by the end of August. I already started packing to make sure I take everything that I will need.

Got my CBC result...

So today I went to my doctors office to get a copy of my last CBC done on 6/30/16. I was surprised to see that my hemoglobin level is higher - 14.2. Awesome!!!

I wanted to compare my levels for when I go back on 9/6/16 to get it done again. I even bought some blood building pills in case it was low. I'm going to take them just to maintain my level and ensure that it stays above 14 to be able to have all the procedures I want. I sent Laura a copy of the results just to see if there is something else I need to worry about since I don't know what else Dra. Robles looks at when looking at these results. I figured let me send these now to see if she finds anything wrong and then when I go back to get another CBC done I can send her those results. Laura hasn't responded so I'm hoping to hear from her in the morning tomorrow.

So far everything has been going smoothly and as planned. So thankful for that!

I will continue to post as I progress as promised. Stay blessed ya'll.

Yeah Buddy!!!

That's what I'm talking about!!!

FMLA papers

So I got my papers from HR today to submit to Dra. Robles and I'm hoping that it gets approved. What have you fellow RS ladies done to get it approved? Any thoughts? Help? lol

As you know, this is the last thing that I have to get done so I'm hoping that it gets done without a problem.

Wish pics and transformations...

Just imagining what I would look like after my surgery.


Received back my filled out FMLA papers from Dra. Robles yesterday. I will submit them in the morning to my HR representative. Hope to get a quick response from them so that I can finish this all up. I'm ready to go!!!

FMLA Approved!!!

Out on leave from 10/10/16 to 11/20/16. Yes!!! So excited! Everything has been completed.

Dra. Robles I'm so ready for you.

6 weeks left!!!

Right now, I'm just getting my last minute things together like my clearance letter and the next CBC on 9/6. After that I get those I'm all set and ready to get this done. I've been keeping myself occupied because it seems like the closer the date gets the more anxious I become. Other than this, everything has been going smoothly.

Clearance letter...

Had to get a new doctor since my doctor left to another practice that doesn't take my insurance. I was bummed about that because I've been with my doctor for over 15 years. Anyways, I saw my new doctor a couple of weeks ago and then again today. I asked her for a clearance letter since I had already discussed my plans for surgery out of state and she expressed her concerns for going out of state. So my new doctor told me that she would give me the clearance letter and do another CBC on 9/27/16 when I return for my physical. Again, new doctor gives me the run down about going out of state and I again thanked the doctor for her concern but its my decision.

So lets see what my oncologists thinks about my plan on Tuesday. Hopefully, he won't give me another speech and such give me a letter. lol

Got another CBC

So today I went to Dana Farber Cancer Institute for my regular check up and had another CBC done.

I am so happy to report that I am still in remission and my doctor gave me the green light to have cosmetic surgery. My hemo is 14.3 so I am going to double up on my iron pills to bring it up some more before I get to DR. My PCP is going to be doing another CBC on 9/27 with my physical so that will be the last one before flying out. I know that my hemo is super high, but I really want to have a TT, full lipo of back and sides, BBL and a thigh lift all at once. So far the doc tells me that I can, but we will have to wait and see once I am there.

Let this countdown begin!!!

Boppy/Nursing Pillow

Just ordered mine from nursingpillow.com and only paid for shipping. Those of you that are interested in getting one here's the code

3 weeks left...

Let this countdown begin.


So my daughter came home sick about a week ago and guess who got sick? Like really!!!

I have been with this head cold for 6 days now and I'm praying that I'm at the end of its course. I need to get well quick to make sure I'm all set to fly out. So I'm taking everything under the sun to recuperate, but I'm worried about what I'm taking and how its going to affect my surgery. I still have 3 weeks so I'm hoping that all is well by then.

Feeling so much better!!!

Thank goodness I am up and out of bed this morning. I still have a cough, but nothing major. Getting some chores done around the house and then getting some fresh air. I seriously thought that this cold was going to last longer, but I'm so thankful that it isn't.

Because of my cancer treatment I now pick up germs so much more easily. I constantly have to tell people to stay away from me to keep from getting it, but it doesn't always work.

Anyways, I sent the doctor the new CBC I had done on 9/6/16 and I haven't heard anything back at all. I messaged Laura on Whatsapp and she didn't know what I was talking about. I let her now that I only have 3 weeks left to make sure I'm not missing anything and still no reply.

2 weeks to go!!!

I can't believe how time is passing me by.

At this point, I can't wait to get this done. I am so ready!!!

Cleared for surgery!!!

I'm having another CBC done tomorrow morning, but I already know I'm going to be fine. Yey!!!

One more week!!!

I can't believe that the time is almost here. Thank goodness I have everything done and prepare. Waiting on Sunday 10/9 to fly out. I'm praying that everything turns out well. I will continue to post as much as I can. Wish me luck ladies!!!

So disappointed. Date changed to 2/22/17

Well my friends, here is to yet another setback.

Due to the circumstances of hurricane Mathew and the conditions in Santo Domingo right now, I have decided to push back my surgery date to allow them to recover from this. I will not subject myself to certain circumstances or conditions if I really don't have to. Being that I have already been to DR for vacation, I know what the conditions are like out there.

Pushing my date back is disappointing to me, but going through with the surgery under these conditions knowing that streets are flooded, no electricity and no transportation anywhere is far worse.

So let this countdown begin, yet again!!!


For those of you that are still flying out during this time please keep us posted and may God bless you and keep you safe.

I just rather be safe than sorry. I've waited this long to get this surgery, what's another 4 months going to change?

Let the countdown begin!

I'm working my ass off to make sure that there are no more financial delays. ????????????

2/22/17 is my day and 2017 will be my year!!!

I hate not being informed!!!

So I got in contact with Laura and sent her my flight details - keep in mind this is the same flight as the previous two. Doesn't she tell me that it's too early and I have to arrive after 6am? I was livid! How in the world did she forget that detail twice before and in between where I asked her several times if coming in at that time would be a problem and she always said that it was fine.

So now I go and look to see if I can change the flight times and there's nothing. I literally have to spend two or more hours at the airport until they decide to pick me up. How unprofessional!

Oh and let me inform ya'll about another detail she forgot to mention. Apparently, now you can't even pay with your debit card. You have to pay cash upon arriving. And this I found from another woman who works for Dra. Robles.

Really sucks, cause I'm trying to plan accordingly and all these things are popping up as if it's no big deal. Very frustrated right now. ????????????

Resolution after my rant!

So this morning I send Laura a WhatsApp expressing my frustrations with her and her inconsistencies with her responses. She replies back saying not to worry and she'll have a driver there to pick me up! Seriously??? After all the stress of looking up flights, hotels and other things. Ugh!!!

FMLA papers once again!

On Friday I resent Laura my FMLA papers to submit them once again. I should have them by the end of the week. Everything is all set and ready to go. My flight has been booked, by bags are packed and my FMLA papers is the last of this puzzle.

I have been working so many crazy hours to make sure that NOTHING stops me from going this time around. I am currently working my 8am to 4pm job, then I go to my night job 5pm to 10pm and I also work 7am to 3pm Saturday and Sundays. I know its a lot, but I also know that I can sacrifice the time now and enjoy the fruits of my labor later on.

I have exactly 8 weeks left before I embark on my journey - 2/20/17!!!

Totally prepared to go!

FMLA approved!!!

Out on 2/21/17 and back at work 4/3/17. YES!!!

Can't wait to do this. For me and only me!!!

Time is passing quickly!!!

Omg! I'm all giggles and butterflies knowing that the time is nearing. Can't wait to see my results.

My reservation!!!

Flying out on 2/20, labs/tests on 2/21 and surgery on 2/22.

1 month to go!!!

Getting over a bad cold...

Goodness! This damn cold knocked me off my ass. Out of work fighting a fever for 3 days and I'm now just feeling like myself again. Thanking the heavens above that I got sick now and not close to my date.

Can't believe that in exactly 30 days from today I will be flying out. When I look back at all the hard work and sacrifices that I have made along the way, I feel so accomplished and thankful. It was a hard bumpy road to get here, but it was worth the wait. Cannot wait to see the payoff!!!

Happy, but SAD!!!

Today I was offered a promotion at work, but in order for me to accept the promotion I would have to postpone my FMLA for another 6 months. I asked why and was told that they didn't want me to start and then go out on a 6 week leave. They need someone to fill this position immediately.

Being that I've had my heart set on this promotion for a couple of months now, realistically speaking, is the surgery more important to me than this promotion? And the answer was easy. Its a LOT more money than what I'm currently making, so long term, its the best decision for me. Things happen for a reason. And who's to say that God isn't placing me right where I need to be so that I can be where I want to be later.

I have pushed myself so hard to be where I am now to be able to get this opportunity. I know that my surgery will happen one day. I just need to be patient and accept that God has a better plan for me than the one I had for myself. Can't complain! All good things to happen in due time.

I am going to aim for another 6 months from now, maybe like August or September. I will continue to post as I have been.

The hell with waiting...

Changed my flights for June 4 to the 16th. That's more than enough time for me to learn my new position and then go out on FMLA. This is my time and I'm making this happen one way or another lol

New date!


Start my new position on 2/6/17

Made all the necessary changes to have surgery on 6/6/17. It all worked out well!!!

This waiting game is CRAZY!!!

So everything has been falling into place and the transition went smoothly. I've learned pretty much everything that I needed to learn to do my new job. Each day is different and extremely busy. I got this though!!!

For the most part I am all set to go given that I've had to change my date like 3 times now. I've had my bags packed and ready to go for over a year now. Now that's crazy!!! lol
Its all good, I know that the wait is worth all the sacrifices I've made along the way. All I need to do is have a CBC done a month prior to leaving and I'm good to go. I'll keep you all posted as usual.

Time is passing!

Feeling blessed beyond words.

Getting closer

Here I go again!!!

If you have followed my story from the beginning then you will know that I've had a lot of obstacles along the way.

I started this review a couple of years ago and I intended to keep it going until I am successful in completing this goal of mine.

I am now at a place where I am going to try again. So with that being said I've already submitted my pics to Dr. Robles and waiting for a reply. Once that's done I can reserve my date. Looking to go in March of 2018. Wish me luck!!!

Dra. Robles

Her staff communication absolutely sucks!!! ???? Tomorrow will be a week since I sent in my paperwork and still no response. I've reached out to Dra. Medina to see what kind of quote I get back. Might switch to her if all goes well.

So unprofessional...

Still no response what so ever! I continue to send emails and texts through WhatsApp and nothing.

Grand finale!!!

This review is finished since I was told by I am going to assume "Dra. Walkiris Robles" that she is not operating on diabetics due to her endocrinologist strict policy. Really disappointed and frustrated with the staff who are Really unprofessional and absolutely no follow through what so ever!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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