38yr Old Mom of 4; 5'4 151 Pounds TT, BL,Arm Lipo,BBL- Dominican Republic

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I always thought I would have to live with this...

I always thought I would have to live with this stretched out skin and these swinging breasts forever!
That is until I saw so many success stories here... I fell in love with Dr. Almonte's work and follow her on Instagram.
While I do wish I could get these results stateside for the benefit of aftercare, I am willing to take the risk. My husband and I speak Spanish so that will help.
I recently lost 17 pounds over the last five months by walking an hour a day and using myfitnesspal. I've only used sustainable methods of weight loss-no shakes or crazy gym fits for me. Not knocking other methods, but I feel confident this weight loss will follow me into my old age.
If I can get rid of this saggy belly and boobs-I will be happy. I've always had big arms and even now won't go sleeveless.
I am hoping for a tt, bbl, arm lipo, and bl. I don't mind if my breasts
aren't cute after the lift, just want them to stop hanging around haha.

Change docs

I've decided I want to work with Medina! She's it all the credentials recommended by the experts and I enjoy her back story. I watch her videos and somehow feel like I can trust her. Still so early in the process, I haven't even gotten a quote yet. I know this will cost me $5k based on all the other quotes and going rate.
My $ and timing are still not gelled out. I am trying to save while being responsible with family money. It's your. I'm actually looking at getting a second job so that I don't interfere with the family savings plan. Also, I know hubby wants to go with me. We'll rent an apartment and pay for a nurse.
I really am excited and just working g to get my weight down to 145, see a clear path to the funds, and time hubby and I can go. I'm thinking June now.
Does anyone know if short term disability will cover elective surgery?

Changes, changes

So I've been reading a lot about the mishaps etc that can happen and decided I needed a board certified surgeon. This is not to say anything about any other doctor but I want to go with Medina now. I am also planning my finances more carefully, so am pushing my date back.
The only progress is that my weight is down to 147.4! My goal is to be at 140 by surgery time. It was 145 but I can see that I will need to be more ambitious based on what 147 looks like.

How to update info in your original review. I need to change the doctor and date of surgery...

Any ideas?


So most of my concern about having surgery abroad is of course Norman and abnormal complications and the aftercare that may be required. I confirmed today that my health insurance would cover infection treatment and any panther complications if necessary. I now need to feel comfortable that I have a physician that would be willing to help. I've read on here that stateside doctors refuse to help in these issues. Anyone have thoughts on this? I would really like a plastic surgeon in my area to agree to help out if I need drain help etc.
Also, not sure how long I should stay in the DR. I want to stay as long as possible to ensure I have good follow up with Medina but not sure of the magic number of days. I'm thinking two weeks?
I sent my photos to her last night and all my measurements. I'm down to 146.9 @ 5'4. I will work to have my weight down to 140 by June.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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