38yr Old Mom of 4; 5'4 151 Pounds TT, BL,Arm Lipo,BBL- Dominican Republic

I always thought I would have to live with this...

I always thought I would have to live with this stretched out skin and these swinging breasts forever!
That is until I saw so many success stories here... I fell in love with Dr. Almonte's work and follow her on Instagram.
While I do wish I could get these results stateside for the benefit of aftercare, I am willing to take the risk. My husband and I speak Spanish so that will help.
I recently lost 17 pounds over the last five months by walking an hour a day and using myfitnesspal. I've only used sustainable methods of weight loss-no shakes or crazy gym fits for me. Not knocking other methods, but I feel confident this weight loss will follow me into my old age.
If I can get rid of this saggy belly and boobs-I will be happy. I've always had big arms and even now won't go sleeveless.
I am hoping for a tt, bbl, arm lipo, and bl. I don't mind if my breasts
aren't cute after the lift, just want them to stop hanging around haha.

Change docs

I've decided I want to work with Medina! She's it all the credentials recommended by the experts and I enjoy her back story. I watch her videos and somehow feel like I can trust her. Still so early in the process, I haven't even gotten a quote yet. I know this will cost me $5k based on all the other quotes and going rate.
My $ and timing are still not gelled out. I am trying to save while being responsible with family money. It's your. I'm actually looking at getting a second job so that I don't interfere with the family savings plan. Also, I know hubby wants to go with me. We'll rent an apartment and pay for a nurse.
I really am excited and just working g to get my weight down to 145, see a clear path to the funds, and time hubby and I can go. I'm thinking June now.
Does anyone know if short term disability will cover elective surgery?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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