38, Mother of 4, in Desperate Need of a New Me - Dominican Republic

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Hello ladies, I'm new to this kind of interaction,...

Hello ladies, I'm new to this kind of interaction, but in need of advice. After a year of convening my husband I'm planning my much needed Mommy Make Over. I've researched many surgeons and at this point know I want a female provider. I am however; torn between, Yily, Almonte and Medina. Any suggestions on surgeons so that I can achieve my goals/ wish pictures. I did get a quote, but iffy on out the deposit method. Also any suggestions on how to secure funding if something goes wrong. Thanks ladies

Three quotes later.

So I think I'm going with Dra. T. Medina, so professional and gives honest feedback. Just by emailing she's more concerned with my health not my wants.

10 lbs down

Added protein and 1.5 - 2 liters of water a day .

He only up!!!

After a 60 day iron and other vitamins regiment my hemo is up to 12.9 from a single digit. Recent labs show a vitamin D and folic acid clinical definitely. Rx for both. Will follow up.

Looking for a Sx buddy 4/2017

I'm scheduled for Sx on 4/11/2017, with Dra Australia Fragoso-Baez, staying at Armonia RH. I'm traveling from PA, but that's not a much. Looking for someone to share the experience with and provide support to one another. If you are traveling alone and need a SX buddy send me a message. We don't have to share the same doctor, and I open to a RH change. Just an FYI, Armenia, is less than a mile from Dra Baze surgical center and the hospital in case of an emergency.

Recovery House


Hello All, My apologizes for the uber late post. However, due to metabolic and GI health concerns my PCP refused to clear me for surgery. I stared gaining weight really fast and with no reason. Blood work results showed a huge spike in electrolytes an insulin. I developed acid reflux and heart burn two month before I was due to fly out. I thought my nerves were getting the best of me, wrong. A small obstruction was causing all my worries. Crazy thing is I didn't even know I had it. On meds and scheduled with a specialist. OAN, I got a promotion in June and cant take off til December. Funny how things work.
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