37 Yr Old Mother of Two Excited and Ready for a Change... And Sooooo Greatfull That Dr. Lima Gives Us BIG GURLLS a Chance.. - DR

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Hello everyone like most of us ive been literally...

Hello everyone like most of us ive been literally stocking rs for months.... well when i started i got several qoutes but all had that disapointing factor that i needed to lose aaaaalot of weight now mind i am dieting bc i wanna lose a couple of lbs buuut i love being a big gurl i just wanna tighten up a few places with having kids and life getting in the way my weight loss never worked so here i am.... Dr. Lima is wonderful from what ive seen of his work and the fact that he works on BIG GURLS is super now my sx date is July 12, 2016 i have booked my flight already as well as paid my security dep for both the sx and the rh and omg!!!! Lets talk about the nurse Janet that works directly with Dr. Lima she has been the best thus far answering every question and talking her time with me and it is a plus that she is the owner of the recovery house that i will be staying at it is called Janet's RH they offer nurse 3 meals, snacks, and transportation also wifi at 80 bucks a day which i think is good she sent me videos of the rh and i am pleased. I will periodically chime in from time to time along this journey... You all stay blessed until next post

Hey dolls I am checking in along this journey I am...

Hey dolls I am checking in along this journey I am sooooo freaking excited!!! So far this is the process.....Got in touch with Dr. Lima's assistant Janet who by the way is awsuuuuum sauce pple.... She is patient and very inviting and omg!!! Her response time is out of this world with all that she handles... Any whoMy breakdown reads sumting like thisMommy makeover yes the full Monty with implants =4800+600 (for implants) Labs=450RH=80 A DAY=880 I will be there 11 days I will arrive on the 11 and sx is 12Massages= 20 A DAY= ROUGHLY 200 I plan on getting as many as I can as soon as I am cleared to along with my ultrasonic massager because this aids in the drain process and when 10 long days of recovery are over I wanna go home and go home drain free...My plane ticket was roughly 600 bucks and since that is paid and my 300 dollars deposit to lock in my sx date and 200 dollars deposit for the RH BY THE WAY Janet yes Janet has her own RH I am on my way sooooo next is a list of my supplies I hope that this helps someone...6 maxi dress that's enough and they will wash my cloths 4 panties I ain't worryin bout panties till time to go homeWashclothsToothbrush Toothpaste Deodorant LotionBandagesGauzeSurgical tapeScar tapeAlcohol padsThermometer Paroxide Antibacterial wipes and hand gelLysol antibacterial wipesDiposible body cleansing wipesA body pillowBoppy pillowCompression socksLipo back boardTimmy tuck front boardExtra BA braHeating wraps for my upper back shoulders and my lower backAn ultrasonic massager machineUltrasonic gelExtra large maxi padsExtra large adult briefs (for extra coverage don't wanna be bleeding all ova the place)...Pregnancy padsGlovesHibiclen antimicrobial antibacterial soap to bath for sxArnica creamArnica pillsGeritolVitamins b6, b12BromelainVitamins c ZincPolyiron pills14 day pill box.....And if that isn't enough I still have a few more things to get...Neck pillowYoga roll to rest up under my thighs so that my bbl will always be floating... here are a few photos

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10 Day Smoothie Challenge

Oh my time is getting near and time to kick start the last leg to this weight loss hopefully in 30 days I can get this last 20 lbs off of my back
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