37 Years Old, mother of 3 for bbl, tt, and liposuction

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I've lost 110 lbs over a few years of making...

I've lost 110 lbs over a few years of making better choices in what I eat and "occasionally" working out. My body has not bounced back so I've been contemplating surgery for years. Planning on heading to the DR but still haven't chosen a doctor yet. Emailed a few doctors yesterday still waiting for a response.

I was wondering how long should I expect to be away from home if I'm heading to the DR for a mommy makeover?

I'm planning on heading to the Dominican Republic for my mommy makeover and maybe more. I'm wondering how long should I expect to be away from home and which is the best doctor to do it and the best recovery houses. please any information RealSelf ladies is so much appreciated.

Receiving emails back from doctors slowly

I've requested a few consults from the top docs in the Dominican Republic. I'm not sure if I should go with implants or just a lift for the breasts. After breastfeeding 3 children they are almost lack volume. And after seeing these naked pictures of me are lopsided too. I want to be comfortable after the surgery so I guess I'm weighing my options for now.

How long does Yily & Alamonte take to get back to you?

I sent out emails to Dr y el E and Dr Altamonte over 2 weeks ago and I've yet to hear back from them. I was wondering if anybody else has had it take that long for them to reply? I just want to make sure I'm weighing all my options properly considering this is a pretty major decision.

Has anyone had a TT, BBL, Breast lift, and Lipo at the same time?

So I've narrowed my doctor choices down to three. Wondering if any of you ladies have had all these procedures at the same time? I don't want to spend much more than a month off and I'm curious how the healing process was.

Some wish pics

My current body

Going with Almonte

I finally decided on Dra Almonte for my procedures. I'm going for Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and liposuction of my back, waist, and flanks. I'm scheduled for September 2, 2015. Anyone heading out there around that time frame get in touch with me. I would love to have a sx buddy. Also what recovery house would any of you ladies recommend? I'm still undecided on that one.

Any RS ladies traveling the beginning of September? for Dr Almonte?

After figuring out dates for when the kids to return back to school I've decided to move my surgery up to August 31st 2015. This way I get to see my kids start kindergarten, 1st grade and 3rd grade. I feel this trip is slightly selfish so my not missing their first week of school justifies it in my heart. My boyfriend will be coming with me for TWO days before I get my surgery just to try and enjoy some of the beautiful Dominican beaches. I don't think I will be able to enjoy the beach as much after surgery for a little bit. I'm so full of anxiety that some nights its hard to rest. I am looking forward to my new beginning and to hopefully say goodbye to spanx forever!!!

Feeling alone

Well I'm almost 2 months away from having my surgery and I've yet to book a flight. My boyfriend and I are supposed to be heading to DR a few days early just to try and enjoy the beach. I keep trying to figure out what works best for him and he isn't giving me much feedback. I'm also worried because we have 5 kids between the two of us and they rely on me for most things. I'm worried when I get home the house will be a disaster & I'm really wanting this time to be able to focus on myself and my healing. Also was hoping to get a few days of vacation prior to the procedures but I'm wondering if I should stop asking him and just book my flight alone.

50 days till I leave!!!

I'm so excited, I have a countdown app on my phone and I must look at it about 20 times a day. Trying to knock off a few extra pounds before leaving. Still haven't booked my recovery house yet and RS sisters still looking for buddies. I figured I'd add a few wishy type pics. I am so excited for my next chapter.

50 days away officially today!!!

I'm only 50 days away from my new beginning. I went out and bought a bikini for kicks. I just wanted to see what a difference it's going to be 50 some days from now. Still looking for sx buddies. And I've yet to pick my recovery house.


So today is officially 30 days away from my procedures. Im ready to start packing and trying to prepare for this next chapter in my life. My boyfriend will be coming with me for a few days prior to surgery but he will be leaving the day of surgery so he can go back and care for the kids. I'm sad he is leaving but I sorta like the idea of coming back home and being like taadowww!!!! Lol, I know I won't be 100% but at least I will be upright...hopefully.

Been taking iron pills for months and my hemoglobin only went up by. 02 points...

17 days to go and I can't seem to get my hemoglobin up to the 13 I need it to be at. I'm scared I will get there and be denied having all my procedures done. That would break my heart. I can't take the liver at all, and I've tried all the other foods to try and raise it. I even doubled up on my iron supplements which has made me mega exhausted. Any advice ladies?

10 days till I leave and 14 days from surgery!!!

The countdown is on! I'm 14 days away from my surgery and I've been a basket of nervousness. On one hand I'm super excited to see the new me and the other hand is worried about how I will look afterwards. My pcp will not prescribe me any medication for pain so that has me concerned because I've heard the meds aren't as strong. My hemoglobin isn't where it needs to be so I'm going to take the advice of some of the ladies on here and do liver pills, beet juice, ss tonic, and all the underground veggies I can find. Still haven't found a sx buddy and I am thinking I will be alone for the beginning portion of this journey. Wish me luck. I will post as much as possible to help inform future dolls of what they will be experiencing with this journey.

7 Day till sx!!!!

I can't believe I am one week away from my surgery. Back to school for almost all of my kids this week and my daughter goes to kindergarten the following week. I didn't know they were going to start her a week after my boys or I would've scheduled later in September. I feel bad but I need to start the healing process so I can take them out for Halloween. I have tripled the amount of iron I am taking and have completely stopped drinking diet sodas. I was hoping to shed a few pounds prior to surgery but I haven't put forth much of an effort for that to be accomplished. Overall I like my body, just not all the excess skin. I have such a good feeling about Dr Almonte and I hope I can be one of her instgram or facebook before and afters. Getting my supplies together today...I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a few more before pictures

I wanted to post a few more pics so my transformation can be seen from all angles. Plus even though I am not crazy over this body it is something I won't ever forget.

Less than 48 hours now...

In about 48 hours I will be being transformed, sculpted, or whatever you want to call it at the gifted hands of Dra Almonte. I was supposed to be in the DR already but both of our flights were cancelled due to the hurricane. My boyfriend was originally supposed to be going with me but it seems sorta pointless to do try to take a vacation to Punta Cana for one day then have to get to Santo Domingo the very next day. Hopefully he can come through labor day weekend even though I won't be nearly as much fun as I would this week. I'm becoming restless now. Anxiety has begun to kick in and sleeping is getting harder to obtain. I was hoping to lose weight prior to surgery but I think I will be staying around the 190 mark. Can't complain because it's better than 305 though. I've been pretty emotional knowing I won't be seeing my kids for a while. They've even asked me not to go which makes it harder but I need to do this for me. In the end it will be for them to cause I will feel better about myself. I hope I have all the supplies I need and hopefully flights into Santo Domingo won't be cancelled. Say a prayer for my beautiful doctor and her team and for me for no complications. Here's to waking up on the flat side!!!

I'm at CECIP!!!

I'm here dolls. Two smooth flights and forever in immigration but I made it. Prepay for the tourist card and print it at home. It saves you time when you get off the plane. When I finally got through immigration Neper was holding a sign up with my name in bold print. He asked me to wait while he paid for the ticket and then he came back. He took my bags and opened the door for me(its the little things sometimes :). We made small talk but overall he was quiet. Santo Domingo is beautiful on the left on your way to the clinic, you can look out at the ocean, but the right side is a bit rougher looking. I asked Neper if it was safe to walk around here and he said only in the daytime.
Onto the CECIP clinic. Upon arrival I was greeted by a male doctor (Dr Martinez I think) who had me fill out some forms and then he gave me a rx to have my blood work and ekg done. The lady who did my blood work did't speak much English but she was pleasant and gentle. I hate having my blood drawn, I'm a true baby but she did an awesome job :) I'm came back to the waiting area and Lesley came in a few minutes after. She greeted me with a hug and talked to me for a few minutes. So now I sit and wait for these other labs to be done. Hopefully my hemoglobin went up enough to have everything I want to get done done. Prayers for me dolls!!!

At CECIP, today's the day!!!

Neper picked me up this morning at 5:40. I was a little confused about my beginning of my stay in Santo Domingo so I booked a room at the Billini hotel. Scroll to the bottom if you just want to read about what is going on at CECIP today :) Upon arrival they told me I had an upgraded room! I thought what an awesome way to start the beginning of this adventure. Wifi working great, made some calls to family, sat by the pool, beautiful breeze...I even ventured out to get some food or as I have teased myself...the last supper. Walked a few blocks from the hotel in the evening and it was interesting. There were a lot of people out on the street sitting in the dark, I was a little nervous but everyone seemed happy. I even saw a 2 legged dog being walked. Tried out lulu's tasting bar because it came highly recommended on trip advisor. Thankfully they had menu options in English that I could just point to. Took food to go and I get back to the hotel to find out the wifi was down. Spent the night with no wifi and no way to talk to my family.

So now I'm here at CECIP, I'm in my room and my surgery is supposed to be around 12. I had an ekg done by a nice man, the machine looked like it was from the 1950's. He said I have a strong heart and asked if I practice the exercise :) then off to x-ray. I get in there and the guy is pretty cute. He was nice and spoke no English. He would repeat himself louder maybe thinking I would understand him better that way. X-ray good and now I'm back in the room. Lesley came in took pictures and payment for my procedures which sadly no longer consists of a bbl. I was on the fence about it but hearing I can't get it done hurts. My hemoglobin was up to a 12.6. I took those iron pills like crazy, I just started incorporating the vitamin c which helps with absorption. So my total came to $4500. I won't be full back liposuction now it will be on the sides from the armpits down almost to the hips. Lesley said "girl don't worry you gotta donk". She also said I have a super small waist and she can't wait to see my results. So now I sit and wait to meet this amazing doctor and for the infamous blue pill. Keep the prayers coming dolls :)

Made it to the flat side!!!

I'm tired and sore but I wanted to update you ladies on my status :) Had surgery in the afternoon yesterday. The nurse came in with a small cup of water and the infamous blue pill. She told me poquito agua so I did and then I was in the wheelchair being taken to surgery. The surgery room was small and none of the ladies spoke English. They sat me on the table, put my IV in and next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room. I woke up to a lot of discomfort and burning in my lady parts. They gave me something for pain and took me back to my room. They were checking my drains and I started feeling nauseated and I wound up throwing up a bit. I dreaded that with just having my core operated on. I slept ok, I was in and out trying to get comfortable. This morning Dr Almonte came in all smiles and checked everything out. She said I was swollen but it's normal. I told her I was hungry and they brought me some jello, fruit salad, and toast. I must have been starving because that toast was the best damn toast I ever had. About an hour after I ate two nurses who didn't speak any English came in and took my catheter out. Then they helped me up to use the bathroom. That was so hard, trying to position yourself comfortably and not go to fast. By the time I got back to the bed I was crying. The pain and being alone all just hit me. The older nurse just stood there rubbing my face and head, she even wiped my tears away. Her kindness made me feel so much better. But ladies let me be honest, this is hard. I hate all those late nights of leftover Mac and cheese and I wish I would have done this when I was younger. But I'm here now and I've made it through the surgery, now to the recovery. Lesley told me the rh I booked was overbooked and she had to change to a different one. At the moment I don't know where I am. All I know is the lady who has been caring for me is pleasant and kind. She gave me a call button to wear around my neck in case I need her. She also brought me lunch (homemade chicken soup) and dinner (grilled ham and cheese sandwich & oatmeal). Everything has been so good so far. The rh is big and clean. I have my own room with a hospital bed and a regular twin in case I get company :/ I will try and update daily.

I'm at New Life Recovery House

I'm staying at New Life Recovery House instead of my home. For some reason that I still don't understand my rh was switswitched last minute and now I'm at New Life. The ladies have beengreat so far . They have a gentle demeanor and are quick to try and assist you. I haven't asked for much help because I want to be able to take care of me. They bring me drinks and food and have been making sure that I take my rx on time. I've only had 2 meals here but they were both good. I'm pretty queasy this morning but Massiel told me that is normal for the nausea to happen as the anesthesia works it's way out of my body.

Not sure about my results

I am trying to stay positive but seeing my body in this swollen state makes it hard to see the results. Call me impatient I think I was hoping for more of a miracle. My scar looks awesome for being a few days out of surgery with almost no bruising by the tt. I thought more liposuction would have been done close to my armpits but maybe to soon to see. I'm alone in this big beautiful house and it gets lonely. I started making my way out of my room today but it is seriously exhausting. I had an appointment with Almonte today and she was sweet as always. My drain was super clogged so she had to suction that out which hurt a bit more than I was expecting. Nothing unbearable just, unexpected. She cleaned my incisions along with Raquel. Nothing was really said to me except she wants to see me again tomorrow. Not sure why but I will keep you posted. Upon checking out all of the doctors I guess I was confused and thought the lymphatic massage was a part of the package. I was informed by Lesley that it wasn't so I watched some YouTube videos today and performed them on myself. I can feel a slight difference this evening even from last night. The lumps were starting to form under my skin and they were hurting. This process has been an interesting experience so far. I'm so anxious to see my results!!!

4 days post op

Today has been a bit better. I really appreciate all of you ladies taking the time out to try and boost me up. I had another appointment at CECIP today but Almonte wasn't there. Raquel informed me that I may have messed up my new belly button due this weird cold/allergy situation. All the coughing and sneezing didn't help it, but she said it should be ok. The first faja they put me in was an xl but today they put me in a medium. This thing is tight!!! I also got to meet and spend some time with one of the realself sisters DeeLite21, best wishes to you doll and maybe we will be seeing each other again for our next step ;)

Upon coming home Massiel came to check on me and I inquired about the massage so she called for Rosie and a few hours later she was here. I think it hurt a bit but it wasn't intolerable. I feel like she spent about a 1/2 hour or so with me and even did my neck and shoulders. She charges $15 per session and comes to me :) so I will be seeing her daily until I leave.
I've also been a bit concerned about the amount of food I was being served and how oily it's been. I haven't really ate much today and I think the ladies are worried about me. The cook brought me in a fresh pineapple smoothie cause she was concerned. Maybe it's this mega tight faja that's altering my appetite as well :) That's all for today ladies, hopefully I can get out soon and check this city out. I will upload a few more pics later.

More pictures as promised

Just a few more daily photos

Post on Day 5!!!

Today was pretty awesome in my opinion even though mildly uneventful :) Rosie came by for my lymphatic massage and she even worked on my feet without me asking. Maybe this is part of the session, maybe not, but I love her for it. I finally feel like I'm seeing some improvements in my body. I do wish I could be healing from my first round choices, but I am moving on. My incision is ITCHING like crazy. I messaged Lesley and asked her if I can put anything on it. She asked if it was itching really bad and I told her it was and I haven't heard back from her. I've been going sorta stir crazy in this house so they let me go to the mall today (nurse assisted of course). I was not that impressed though. I'm spoiled by the states malls I guess. I got pretty sore though after an hour and a half there. We caught the taxi home and now I will upload my daily pictures :)

Just a few more daily photos

Short and sweet

Woke up not feeling too well today. My drain is clogged again and actually hasn't pulled anything out of me all day. My nurse and I both worked on it but she told me to wait until tomorrow. So back to CECIP in the morning. Also I was supposed to have my lymphatic massage around 12 but she didn't show up till 2:30. This had me aggravated and sad because I paid her In advance for my sessions just because of lack of change. My boyfriend was lecturing me via whatsapp about never pre paying for services when I'm somewhere I'm not familiar with. I got emotional and in she walked. I wanted to communicate my frustration but I just laid back and tried to enjoy my massage. Have not had an appetite today. I miss home, my kids, boyfriend, kitchen, car, and freedom. Brighter days are ahead :)

1 week post op

Well I'm posting a few hours late but "today" was my first week out from surgery. Seen Almonte and her crew first thing this morning. The whole team was there. Dr Almonte was all excited and I figured I'd take the opportunity to ask about my next chapter being breasts and arm lift. She advised me implants would be the best option for me which I'm on the fence about. Anyways my drain is no longer clogged and I feel more relaxed about that. She prescribed me something for this weird sneeze /cough thing I has and also something for my belly button that I have agitated from the sneezes. Raquel went the admissions office and got my $20. Came back home and asked about going to a different mall. To we went to Sambil mall. Prices in the DR are up there even for basic things. Bought a jacket and some pizza!!!! Pizza, I was so excited & happy. The mall was pretty and had an aquarium that many posed for photos in front of. The rest of the day was pretty chill. Like my old lady walking style, I needed a nap when I got back. My muscles get very sore after walking around for a bit but I try to fight it. Rosie came for my massage and I was able to relax much better knowing my drain was flowing. Until tomorrow...

9 days post op

Feeling pretty good overall. Heading home in the afternoon tomorrow and I can't wait :) It feels like forever since I've hugged my kids or my boyfriend. Stocked up on some Brugal before leaving... Ladies don't leave DR without buying some Brugal rum! Just don't!
Today was good overall. I feel like I broke out of jail because I was able to go out nurse free so I went to the colonial zone. Lots of historical buildings that are quite beautiful, I'm glad I was able to experience it. I had a tour guide whose breath smelled like hot a$$! I was tired from doing all the walking but honestly I ended the tour early cause I was just tired of smelling that breath, I can still smell it actually, lol. I walked around and went into a bunch of local shops who will give you a high price at first but they will negotiate if you're looking to pick up any souvenirs. I was feeling pretty tired so I called Massiel and she had the taxi come get me. This driver I've met a few times and I Google translated that I wanted to see the beach. He was going to drive me to Boca Chica but I was really meaning the sea. He took me by this monument parked his car and took a bunch of pictures of me. I am so excited to have these memories. I tucked my drain clip I under my arm on the outside of my bra so I could pose for pictures without a bulge :) When I got home I started figuring out which alcohol I wanted to bring home and Massiel scooped them up for me. Now my suitcase is packed my clothes for tomorrow are out and I wait. Appointment with Almonte in the morning and back to Maryland. Pain was pretty mild today, but I still find I need a nap after a good walk. Drain is draining slow again. I noticed some clotting so I guess they will get it out again tomorrow. That's all I have dolls, until next time ;)

This is hard.

Well I've been home for a few days now and I haven't felt well. I keep getting chills in my body but my head feels so hot. My drain has been clogged a few times but I've managed to unclog it on my own thankfully. I've been more sore this week than last week and it was a bit unexpected. I've also experienced so extreme swelling in my lower legs and feet. If you can stay for 14 days that is what Dr Almonte recommended after everything was set up. I would have stayed there a few extra days to be monitored just a bit longer. I've tried to be positive about this process and recovery but I'm concerned about how saggy my upper torso is. It's still hard for me to review Dr Almonte 100% since I'm still in the healing process.
I will however talk a bit about my stay at New Life Recovery House. I felt very unwanted there and I felt like more of a bother. The food was super oily to the point that I skipped a few meals because they just grossed me out. The house also had a super sour smell which made me queasy often. I brought this to the house owners attention a few time but nothing changed. I've heard of other dolls on here saying that the nurses helped to clean you up a bit when they would wash your faja but I never experienced that either. The nurses didn't speak English and I mean none. I was very disappointed that they switched my recovery house last minute. You also could not put toilet paper in the toilet which is a hard habit to break when you always do that. And for my last two nights in the house my bathroom light didn't work. I made everyone aware and they we just like "oh okay" but never fixed it. Also I told the home owner that I wanted to go somewhere to buy some RUM to take home and she said she knew a place with better prices than I could find. I trusted her but when I got to the airport I found she had doubled the price on almost all of them. Not that this has anything to do with my recovery but I was not sure If I was going to review New Life or not. If I ever do return I would definitely not want to return here. Oh last thing about New Life, it's super noisy. It's on a busy street so all you hear from 7am to 9:30 pm is horns and yelling. Ok New Life rant over. It's been hard to find the time to update my profile but I will do my best to keep you ladies posted.

16 days post op

A little over 3 weeks post op

So I'm a little over 3 weeks post op now. My swelling has went down quite a bit and my bruising is mostly gone. I removed my drain a few days ago after asking Dr Tania. It wasn't draining much and I thought it may be ok. Upon pulling it out I seen that most of it was clogged. I was also having a lot of pain. More pain than I could tolerate so I messaged her again and she told me it was normal. Man I have heard that phrase a bunch since this procedure. I waited 2 more days and I wound up going to the er. I had a CT scan and it showed I have a small infection and a seroma that has developed. So now I'm looking for a doctor at home who will take care of me. Almonte has an associate in New York but it's a bit of a distance for me. I wouldn't mind if it was a one time thing, but I read that seromas need to be drained over a few times. I spoke with one local surgeon who said it would be $500 for a consultation and that wouldn't include any procedures or draining I would need. So I am just going to do a brief look around a bit more and I may wind up taking the drive up there.

6 months post op today

Hello RS sisters. I just wanted to give an update on my progress and results after surgery with Dr Almonte.
Honestly I have to say I'm a bit disappointed in my results. My stomach is still very loose in the upper portion as I had previously expressed concern. Truly I know that its better than it was but it hurts me to think about not having thorough work and I feel like maybe I was rushed.
A few weeks ago I sent a message to Lesley asking her why my stomach looked this way and she replied that I should have did the fleur-de-lis tummy tuck instead of the traditional one. I honestly would've considered this just to make this stomach of mine tighter. Also I'm thinking I may have some damage to some of my nerves where the liposuction was done near my underarms. I have had a lot of discomfort moving both of my arms but especially my left one.
Overall I think Almonte and her staff are very nice people. I don't think I would fully recommend her even though I was hoping to be one of her instagram models. For the price paid I'm satisfied, not overly, just satisfied. If not for Almonte and her I would never have ever considered wearing a bikini so I'm not trying to give her a bad rep, just sharing my experience with you ladies to help you make the best decision for yourself.
Fatima Alamonte

So far Lesley has responded to most of my messages. I can't wait to see what Almonte's hands do with this body of mine!

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