38 Year Old Mother with 2 Children Ready to Get Her Groove Back! - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello Real Self subscribers! I'm a 37 year old in...

Hello Real Self subscribers! I'm a 37 year old in need of a breast augmentation and lift due to breast asymmetry issues. After giving birth to a 9lb 2oz baby naturally, I am also in need of a tummy tuck with lipo to the abs & maybe flanks and waist. Not sure if I want lipo anywhere else. I started researching two doctors in the Dominican Rebuplic and I will be choosing who it will be by Christmas of this year. In the running is Dr. Fatima Alamonte and Dr Walkiris Robles. I hope I spelled their names correctly. The issues I've been having thus far is communication. I have emailed both of them on exactly what I wanted and have gotten emails generated with bbl's included.. This kinda of pissed me off because I felt I was very clear on saying I didn't need that additional procedure because God blessed me in that area. Alamonte only wants to perform one surgery at a time, while Robles says as long as my hemo is 13.5 she could do both. In the mean and between time I'm going to continue to exercise for 1 hour twice a week and watch my food intake. Decisions, decision, decisions...

More pre op photos

Edited my initial pre op photos and messed them up.

Wish pics

I would like my waist to look like theses images and my boobs to be one cup smaller than cat from bd girls club..


Ok.. I've been reading reviews every night before I go to bed. It has literally become my nightly ritual.. I'm sorry but the most amazing results are coming from the Dominican Republic! (In my opinion!) I'm speaking my future positive recovery into existence! Amen! The more I start looking at reviews, the more I'm like who is that Dr.,wow where did this Dr. come from... I'm in awe! With all the new information I see, I'm still going to stand firm on my top two Dr's. I always go with my first instinct.. At this point, Dr. Robles will be receiving a deposit from me really soon... I love her work.. I follow her on IG and FB.. Laura responds expeditiously to my text messages and emails, and when I asked if I could get saline implants and if they were USDA approved, Laura responded yes within 48 hours.... Also, I don't want a round 2. I want to fly into SDQ and return to DCA knowing my next trip to the Dominican Rebuplic will be for pleasure.... It pretty much sealed the deal... In the mean and between time let the saving the coins begin... No fight night party for me tonight, no clubbing, no new outfits... Just working, cardio twice a week and saving them good ole American dollars!

Tuesday Thursday full body workout flow.

Hello my friends!!! So over the weekend I told my who is like a mother to me that I decided to have surgery... Her response was no your not!!! I was like ummm I'm grown, so it's definetly going down in 2015 and in the Dominican Republic... Needless to say, she thinks I'm a fool... I'm not talking to another family about it until I'm 6 months post op.. Lol! Everything ain't for everybody, but I had to tell somebody in the fam bam what the business is.. Any who.. I'm writing this update to inform any real selfer's that may live in the amazing Nation's capital that if you have Amerihealth insurance, there are free workout classes mon, wed, and Thursday at Providence Hospital. The health insurance also provides transportation to and from class.. Isn't that amazing??? I love living in DC????...This evening I went for an hour and some change to Ms. Trina's hi/low aerobic class. It's the bomb and I also informed her about my sx plans come July 2015... I had her take some photos of me after class (I took two stretching before????) just to document my journey... I really just want a mommy makeover with the least bit of lipo as possible. When I'm on here reading reviews, I get a little frightened about the comments I read concerning the pain attributed from lipo..


So... I just had another Dr. advise me to get my surgery here in the states... I appreciate the advice however, I am a black middle class woman in America! I have two children that I solely provide for. Yes I made that choice...I would love to do the sx here in the states and get the results that I would like under $15k. The reality of that is extremely slim to none! So if any of you American DR's with great reviews and pictures would like to match my quote of $6300 for a TT with lipo to waist and flanks, lipo to the arm pits, a breast lift with an augmentation with 10 days at recovery house and being taken care of by a LPN 24/7, I would graciously accept your offer.

Omg! Found another great Dr.

Hey realselfer's!
While reading feedback on my page, I started analyzing other Dr's and Dr. FG is now in the running. Yesterday he emailed me a very through consultation describing which areas he would lipo, tuck, etc... I like the fact that requires you to stay 14 days post op and has a 5 star rating on this blog. Patiently awaiting my quote.. In the meantime, still doing my cardio class and now I've started walking for 20 minutes during my lunch break. Since I intend on having my surgery now in June of 2015 my weight goal before sx is between 140 & 145 Lbs..

Drum roll please! Dr announcement in the Dominican Republic!!!

Happy Columbus Day Real Selfer's! I woke up this morning to the quote I patiently waited on from Dr. Luis Fernandez Goico. After reading reviews from his former patients and getting a custom made consultation, I decided to choose him for the following procedures: TT, BL & augmentation with lipo to the waist and flanks. Due to the fact that I started writing a review early on, he gave me a discounted quote with it only being valid for 30 days! So with that being said, just as we are researching dr's they are also looking at us.. Especially if your vocal about your experience. I will be sending a deposit in to one the recovery homes he personally recommended. Although, I love Robles and Alamonte's work, they are starting to become very popular on the website.. It is a catch 22 because when read about post op care, there's not a whole lot of positive things to be said about it especially from Robles. Dr. Fernandez Goico requires you to stay for 14 days after surgery and he speaks fluent English which is big deal to me. Wish me the best for going with a newbie! Also, I'm thinking about hiring a friend to sit in my home for two weeks with my 14 and 4 year old. If that happens, I would like to move my surgery date up from June 19th to April 8, 2015. If there is anyone interested in traveling with me please let me know.

Date change!!

If everything turns out the way I would prefer it, I will have the surgery on Friday, April 3, 2015. Good Friday..

Scare tactics

Ok... I know that it is high season in the DR this month. With that being said the media outlets in the US are on one with tragic surgeries that occurred in the DR. Let's be real...Tragedy occurs every where in the world when it comes to surgery.. So now I'm going to ask Dr's what should we be doing to prepare our bodies for surgery? Does exercise lower your chance of a blood clot after surgery? What are factors that contribute to cardiac arrest while on the operating table?? Instead of saying, "don't go out the country", inform us real selfer's on vital pieces of information prior to surgery instead of trying to scare us. I'm also being decisive on my surgeon..I'm a very superstitious type of person, so I follow what ever I feel is best for me. I like Dr. FG but I'm also noticing that a lot of surgeries that went wrong were from the hands of male Dr's.. With that being said, I will more than likely let a woman operate on me..My coworkers that I talk to about going out the country feels that I should stay with my initial gut feeling, which is Dra. Robles... Ugh.. Decisions, decisions, decisions...


I asked questions to both surgeons and look who gave a response..

Dr. Robles Response

I had questions and they both answered..

What a waste of paper!

My primary care physician convinced me to see a plastic surgeon in the area (DMV) after confessing that I wanted to get procedures done abroad. Boy, I'm not even going to name this Dr.. However she really pissed me off. First she had a resident student in the room with us and while accessing my breast she referred to them as gross?*#% so me being the person that I am ... I was like gross what?? Oh, I was referring to the asymmetry.. Then she had the audacity to quote me a price of $9,400 for 1 implant in my right breast, and a lift on the left breast. I politely laughed her out and got dressed.. As I left, I told her that I will be going to the Dominican Republic to seek further treatment.

Won't he do it!

Good Morning! Today I'm on an awesome natural high! As in the air I breathe. I've been looking for a great part time job and God delivered way higher than my expectations! I start next week and the job is term for one year with the possibility of it being renewed for another year, if they like me! With that being said, there is no way I'm going to be able to travel to the Dominican Republic and stay for 16 days this upcoming year. I'm happy but yet sad. (Because I really wanted the surgery now) So, I started looking at Dr's in the USA.... I'm still not wowed by any one yet, so 2016 may be my year for sx in the Dominican Republic; however Dr. Mel Ortega did give a nice out here in the states. I just have read some reviews and seen pics that were semi scary from him a year ago. When I look at his most recent pictures of work, they look great. Dr. Ortega assistant quoted me $7200 for tummy tuck, lipo in one area, breast lift with saline implants. Will probably drop a deposit on Black Friday to do the surgery with him because I will only have to stay in Miami for 8 days.


Hey Real Selfer's!
I'm so excited to say that I got my time off cleared by both my full and part time jobs! (YES) I wasn't expecting for this to happen, especially since I just started one position. However my manager's are extremely supportive and encouraging. I have decided to stick with my original travel month of June 2015 and my original sx plans. Now I'm looking at the dates of June 1, 2015 or June 2, 2015 for surgery with Dra. Robles. I'm patiently waiting on Laura to confirm the dates of availability. Once she confirms, a deposit will be dropped! Seriously looking for a travel buddy who wants to have sx around that time. So happy that I got my quote 5 months ago and I have a little room to wiggle with since it expires in 6 months. Ladies, even if your unsure, got a lot of stuff going on, etc...GET YOUR Quotes Now!

Deposit is Finally Dropped!

Banked wired my deposit today, (yeah me!) so now I can officially say, "I'm a future Robles' Doll!" Will be going into surgery on June 1, 2015. Now, I need to look into direct flights and starting a gym membership. Working two jobs has me missing out on my Aerobic classes that I initially began, (and boy it's starting to show) so something has got to give. I only have 3 days a week to workout after job number #1 concludes at 3:30.

Photo's don't lie!

Okay so I just had a photo shoot to promote my small business holiday venture and "oh boy!" Pictures really let you know what time it is... I'm relieved that I am able to pick myself up and regroup before I go into the danger zone. I haven't worked out in about 2 months due to everything I have going on in my humble, great, busy, and blessed life! These photo's were my intervention to self. Now that I dropped some coins, it's time to get back in gym and start refocusing and rebuilding me! Thank you Awake2014!! I'm going to use all the advice given. :)

Hemo 13.7

Okay Real Selfer's! If you want to get your hemo up eat a lot of red meat and take a one a day vitamin. I guarantee you, it will go up.

Putting a plan together!

Happy Holidays real selfer's!
Over the last couple of days, I have been putting plans together for my two children when I leave out of the country on May 30, 2015. I can't believe I'm 5 months away from taking this journey! My surgery date is June 1, 2015 and I couldn't be more excited! Although I have my nervous moments, I know GOD is going to see me through this amazing experience! Amen! I just re announced to my aunt who lives near me on my plans, needless to say she isn't a happy camper on my decision, so I will not be mentioning it to her again. One of my best friends has agreed to stay at my home for 10 days to keep things in tact! I thank God for her because at this point my family is not supportive. I come from from a Baptist family in the Bible beltway of the south. Plastic surgery is very much frowned upon in the USA or anywhere else. I'm alright with not letting everyone know my business. I'm just going to plan to be extremely organized before I leave. I'm constantly reading reviews on what I should or shouldn't take with me to the Dominican Republic! The goal is to save $1500 a month and wrap 80% of my income tax refund into a CD. I feel really blessed to be in this position to have surgery that I once thought was out of my range! Continue to adore your families over this joyous holiday season!

Miami FL or Dominican Republic?

Good morning! Happy NYE!
Recently I was on real self and discovered Dr.Robles had a death occur during surgery. I was saddened for the family, shocked that there isn't any form of a public statement acknowledging it, & rethinking if the DR should be my place for plastic surgery. So, I went straight to the source aka Laura. Laura confirmed it was true and that Dr. Robles did everything humanly possible to keep this young woman alive. I don't know the circumstances; however I'm doing more research than ever before and may decide to drop a deposit to Dr. Mel Ortega in the next 30 days. He has a special going on if you drop a $500 deposit by the 31st of January. His coordinator now works with a recovery house in Miami. Can you believe that there are now recovery houses for out of state patients in Miami!! Look at public forums like this make people do! I was quoted $6,700 for a mm in the USA! Sounds good right?? The only con is I really love Robles work. To me plastic surgery is an art form, either you have it or you don't! I know I have secured my slot in the Dominican Republic; however the language barrier is already starting to be an issue for me. I'm not fully ready to say yes to Miami, but it feels really good to know that I have a domestic option within range! I am going to continue going to my primary care physician and see a cardiologist before surgery and a nephrologist before surgery as well! Ladies.... Please don't go get surgery on a whim because you got a large sum of money. I watched a review on youtube on how this lady went over to the DR on a whim and had major complications after surgery. I'm still keeping my positive outlook on this experience; however I'm planning as many trips to the doctor as possible to make sure I'm at 100% before surgery!

Looking for a surgery buddy!

Good morning & Happy New Year! Counting down for this wonderful experience to occur! Seriously looking for someone to travel with! Leaving DCA on 5/30/15..

Counting down the days!

Hey Real self subscribers!
After seeing new pics posted by Alamonte's Greatest Creation, I'm literally like, I can't wait to see Dr. Robles on June 1, 2015 for sx! I saw my Nurse Practioner yesterday and she recommended that I see her again on May 18th before I leave to make sure i'm at 100%. Right now my weight is at 182 lbs and my BMI is 33.9... Can you say borderline!! Robles has tightened up on her operating procedures and will not operate on anyone who has a BMI over 35. I know the holidays and good loving at home will do this to you but, I'm going to get my stuff together. I have to lose at least 20 lbs and i'm really going to put in more effort into doing so over Feb, March, and April. I was told for the month of May just to maintain what ever size I am. I was 187 lbs in my previous pictures posted before the holidays.. She also told me that she couldn't clear me for this surgery, which was expected. I finally told my oldest sister who is the medical field about my trip to the DR! This was huge for me because this is the most critical sister of the clan and I was in the state of shock when she approved! My sister who works in a hospital setting was in the state of disbelief when I told her the price and what it included! She gave me her blessings as long as i'm doing my homework on who I have chosen to operate on me. I gave her Dr. Robles name and information and asked her to look her up as well. My sister also stated that I was doing a good thing for the people of the Dominican Republic by taking my American Dollars over to Country that doesn't really have a lot. I told her that I am going to box up old clothing in good condition at my house and ship it to the recovery home prior to my arrival as a form of gratitude to the workers that will be taking care of me post op. Normally I do a big purge before the holidays to Goodwill, but in 2015, I'm doing something different. I would love to give it to people that I know would really appreciate it. She agreed. Until, it gets real, I'm going to continue to stay optimistic and pray!

Flight booked going

Hey Real Selfer's! I just booked my first flight heading out... Trying to decide if I will be staying 8 or 10 days. Still at odds over all the procedures I'm interested in getting. My bae told this is it! He wants me get it all done at once.. So for now, trying to save more money for this mommy makeover.

Mixed Emotions

Good morning realselfer's!
Today i'm completely frustrated with the communication between me and Laura, aka Dr. Robles assistant in the USA. I know it's tax season and they are probably operating non stop over there in the DR; however respond to incorrect emails that you send out! I sent her my itnerary for 5/30/15 and she responded that they will be picking me up from the airport on 5/31/15????? I'm like that's a day late and a dollar short.... I immediately replied that the dates were incorrect and still no response...Got me seriously thinking about other options... I love Dr Robles work and i'm trying to be patient but i need them to respond to people who have at least dropped a deposit more frequently then they do. I'm even considering not getting as much work done at this point.. Really disturbed at this point.. I hope my outlook changes soon!

Reaching back out to Dr. Fernandez Goico immediately!

Good afternoon realselfer's!
Ok....So, I finally found out that another tragedy has happened with Dr. Robles. Aftering reading a massive amount of post on her IG page from disgrunted stranded Americans due to have surgery with her this week, I have decided to reach back out to Dr. FG for his services. I know that he hasn't had as many surgeries as Robles; however his patients have nothing but nice things to say about him pre and post op. I love Robles work, but i also love my life! To have two death less than two months apart just speaks volumes to me! Either you arent doing proper assessments or someone is over working themselves and making fatal mistakes.. I can't play with my life like that! If he has my date available, I will be wiring another deposit and switching Dr's at this point. The communication with the Robles team is not up to par and i'm not even on Dominican soil yet! They have confussed my arrival date and time to pick me up from the airport and no one is responding to my emails. Any suggestions on other Dr's for a mommy makeover in Santo Domingo??

New Deposit Dropped

God is good all the time! If you don't know nothing else, please know that! I changed my Dr and I won't be posting again until I arrive to the Dominican Republic and is least four days post op. I want to thank the realself and social media communities that have kept us abreast to things going on in the Dominican Republic. Because of amazing people like you, we are informed on vital information that we wouldn't hear about here in the states. God bless you!

71 days til I arrive in the DR! A must read if you haven't dropped a deposit yet to a surgeon!!

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DR Essentials


Recently I decided to change Dr's. Now the Robles camp has reached out to me asking if I'm coming to them for surgery? Ummm... No.. I paid a deposit that she is not going to refund. Can I pass the date of 6/1/15 along to someone else!!

Eating right, Exercising & Waist Training

Okay...starting to have doubts if I'm doing the right thing by having this surgery. Trying to stay focused and praying for the best. When I say the best, I mean living through it! I've pack some things, ordered more things, trying to save money without life happening etc.. etc.. New Dr. New recovery house, New attitude!


Getting more nervous as time approaches. Had some crazy nightmares that I had to talk to my close friends about so they won't come true. I'm so superstitious.. I have a good feeling about my upcoming trip. Staying thankful and prayed up!

Keepin Sane

Hey ladies!
I've been having some what of a challenging week; all though i've been experiencing what I like to call "life", I'm always thankful for my blessings from GOD! Real talk! My only male supporter and boo decided we needed some space. I'm cool with that thought; however it hurts! Unfortunately, I don't have the time nor energy to be depressed or down about us calling our relationship a quits!! My surgery is less than 34 days away and I have to be rejoiceful for that! I've looked back to my first blog in awe of all the trials and tribulations and smile! Yes, I said smile. I feel extremely blessed to be having these procedures done period! I'm a middle class Black woman who lives in an expensive Urban area with two children that I soley provide for. (Two snaps & a neck roll) lol.. Putting up coins for this isn't easy, even when it's in a less expensive place like the Dominican Republic! Had I not been put on to Doctor's in the DR and found this blog, the surgery wouldn't be taking place! I thank GOD for you trainned doctors over there! I don't mind sharing my wealth with you at all! I'm trying really hard to lose these last 10lbs and it is turning me into the grinch who stole Xmas.( lol) I want all my procedures done at once and i'm going to get them done at once by the grace of GOD! It is amazing how i'm be creative in sneaking in mini walks & workouts while working.. I've found a Dr. Fernadez Goico chat group on FB and it's been relieving to have another outlet. I also found out that he is a third generation Doctor! So, it's in his blood to be great!!

When it rains it pours!

Hey ladies!
Today I was hit with a mandatory $1200 home improvement charge. I'm supper duper pissed because my condo association left us out in the cold on an extremely urgent matter that they knew about 12 months ago. Can you say lawsuit???? Unfortunately I will not be having all the procedures done at once. I'm still leaving on the 30th of May; however I decided to just get the breast lift & augmentation first, due to my asymmetry issues and less down time. I will most definitely be doing a round 2 in February 2016 to address my tummy. Until then, my waist shaper will do. I still have a deposit with Robles, so I intend on stopping by her place of business to see how she conducts business myself while I'm in the DR. She has been emailing me a lot, so will hear her out in person. I have already told her to push my surgery date to February 17, 2016. I doubt that I will use her services; however I won't say never since she still has coins from me. Despite all these financial setbacks, I'm still happy to be leaving in 19 days!

15 more days!

Hey ppl! I'm sitting at my desk & my heart is racing thinking about my upcoming trip! :) My favorite male cousin is coming into town and reassured me that what ever I don't have, I will have before I leave! GOD is good all the time! I'm so nervous, excited, and staying focused thinking about this trip! I just started driving for UBER on wednesday, so in between jobs, im grinding out rides in hopes of getting this cash up! I've already made over $200 these past two days!!! Yeah me! :) I've been making it my business to get out the car before and after every ride. No blood clots for me! I just been extremely tried.. Today is my last day drinking coffee and tea.. I'm overwhelmed joy and emotion.. Days are approved.. flights booked..prayers are up and im patiently waiting on the new and improved me!

Has anyone ever did air bnb to Santo Domingo

It's down to the wire and I'm trying hard to pull this surgery off. I have a question, has anyone ever did air bnb for their stay post surgery. I'm trying to see if I really need the recovery house. I'd rather hire a nurse to be with me periodically.. Suggestions if so??

Pushing my date back!

Hey my ppl!
I just came to the realization that I'm not ready! Trying to bounce back in the short amount of time after taking a nice chunk of change is nearly impossible! GOD also showed me a sign and when He speaks, I listen! I've literally been depriving my self of sleep and everything else just to pay for 1 procedure... I'm not feeling that, so now I'm pushing my date back to any available time between July 20, 2015 through August 5, 2015. I want my mommy makeover at 1 time.. I don't intend on a round 2.. I also just looked into another Dr. If I select this Dr., I would have dropped $900 on deposits.. Sounds crazy, right!!! The plus out of this whole situation is I now have found a surgery and travel buddy. Dr. FG just informed me that he has no dates in July only early August, I even reached back out to Robles; however I still doubt I will be using her services.. #IJS.. Now I have to see about rearranging flight tickets... Smdh and canceling the leave I already submitted at my job. My boss is willing to work with me, which makes me feel a lot better!

Hello Everybody!

It's been a while and I sill haven't had surgery as of yet? I know this may sound crazy, but i'm leaning back towards Dr. Robles for surgery on February 17, 2016. Her work is amazing and she gave me free insurance to try to ease my mind. I don't think the other doctor who I also have a deposit with can top her results. I've been updating my circle of friends and family on this sudden change of seeing her instead. I hope i'm not jinxing myself since I was some what negative about utilizing her services a few months ago! Pray for me Real self on this new decision!

New Date & First Doctor

Back to where i started.

Counting down the days!

Good Evening Realself community!
I just had to make a post because GOD has been working in my favor tremendously! My FMLA paper work has been approved, my new passport is in route, and my bilingual high school classmate just informed me that he will be in Santo Domingo, DR when I arrive! I'm really happy to know that I know have a translator to assist me with communication while in the Dominican Republic. I have thought and prayed on my decision and I have decided to stick with Dr. Robles. I feel that she will give me the results I am in search of. I have been watching what I eat and trying to exercise to reduce my chances of any complications that can arise during and post surgery! I'm so excited about my upcoming travels. I elected the package with no transportation or recovery house because I chose Serenity's Recovery house. I've been paying on my stay at the recovery house and buying my airline ticket within two weeks of leaving! I look forward to sharing my journey soon!

Ready for Santo Domingo

Happy Sunday Real selfer's!
Passport came back in less than 2 weeks, so im feeling really secure and good about everything. I talked to my friend that will be picking me up from the airport on Sunday, February 14, 2016. My plane tickets will be purchased last! I lost out on a lot of money last year by purchasing them first, this time I focused on paying for my recovery house first. I'm staying at Serenity Recovery house. As of right now, I have surgery scheduled with both Doctors on the same day. I have appointments scheduled on February 15th with the both of them. I'm leaning towards one; however I'm strictly going with my gut feeling once I get down there. My friend speaks fluent Spanish so he has agreed to be at both appointments to translate for me and be a second pair of eyes and ears. I feel really blessed to be in this position. I'm going ing to continue to stay pray on my trip and stay humbled.

24 Days before I have my 1st experience of plastic surgery:)

Good Morning Real Selfer's! I'm up early! Where I live, we just got hit with two days of snow continuously & now we're in a blizzard! Had time to repack my DR luggage for like the 5th time. Vets??? What are some must haves after a mommy makeover? I plan to fly out on Valentine's Day (I love ME) stay the night in a hotel, check in at the recovery house the following day & go to both doctor's appointments that I set up two days before surgery. I went to my primary care two weeks ago so I'm good!I have a 4 pm appt with Dr. Goico and a 6:30 pm appt with Dr. Robles!! Still undecided... I'll know for sure on 2/16 who will see me through my procedure the following day! I'm still nervous and communicating with family and friends about this new journey!

OMG! This feels so sureal!

I can't believe that I am less than 15 days away from traveling to SDQ! I spoke to my friend today and he's already down there! Turns out he has a beautiful 9 month old baby girl in Boca Chicka...I think I said that right! I purchased a one way ticket online today through expedia flying out of BWI for $153.00 plus $22 in travel protection insurance! Winning! After purchasing my ticket super early the last time, i'm more wise on trip protection and making that airline purchase last.. Flying out of DCA one way was $331.00, so my friend will be dropping me off in Baltimore. However; on the return ticket I will be flying into DCA.. I was nervous as a mutherhuncher and having crazy dreams then i heard a sermon on the radio that spoke of worrying and fear. Now i'm in a good space and ready to go! I know GOD is within me!! Can't be worrying! I don't want to talk too much on realself until i'm actually on Dominican soil! Take care realselfer's! I look forward to posting post op updated pictures real soon!


I can't believe that this time next week I will be in the Dominican Republic having surgery! I almost took a detour to Miami for just one procedure.. I'm glad that i'm staying strong mentally with positive thoughts ONLY! My loving big sister just paid my recovery house balance at Serenity! I love her so much for that! My big sister is the bomb! I just purchased my ticket coming back home on the 25th of February! I'm so excited and nervous at the same damn time! lol! Photo's coming soon!


Good morning dolls and future dolls! I woke up at 3am to probably 6 inches of snow. SMDH but my 6am flight was still on time! I missed it and now I'm on a 7:30M flight with a stop in Miami! Thank GOD for airline storm calls which allows one adjustment per passenger! I had travel insurance anyways, so ladies spend that extra $20 dollars just in case life happens! I now land at 3:37 pm which gives me an hour to arrive to my first Dr's aappointment! Excited yet delighted! I have a twist to this journey that I may or may not expose at the end! ????????????????

Santo Domingo

Hey ladies!
I just finished my lab work, X-ray, & cardiologist! My surgery will be in the morning with neither of the doctors I initially chosen! Say what? Lol! I let you guys no tomorrow who I chose after my successful surgery! Thank you dolls for all your love and support!

I made it!

Hey ladies I'm officially 1 day post op from my mommy makeover! Ladies surgery is NO joke! You will be in pain and need the people in the recovery house! I don't know if I could have done this in the USA. Real talk! Last week I saw a post from Dr. Australia Baez and I asked if she had any openings and she did! I immediately got on her whatsapp with photos, health records, and quotes from the two Dr's I already booked! She agreed to work with my price range because I already had a recovery house and transportation booked! I'm forever gracious for that! I'm at the recovery house just getting settled in, so I will update pics later! Needless to say she got the boobs and tummy all the way together!

3 days post op

Ladies!!! I don't know where to begin.. The surgery has been a blessing but the pain!!! I will do a review on my procedures and recovery house once real self updates my doctor. For now pictures.

7 days post op going home tomorrow

More post op pics! Official review when I hit USA soil soon!

Things people don't tell you after surgery

Hello Realselfer's!
I'm now 1 month post op and still trying to take this healing after surgery 1 day at a time. I'm still swelling in my abdominal area. Had a situation where I thought I could possibly have an infection, it wasn't thank GOD! However, I had to stop wearing my compression garmet for a NY minute.. I finally put them back on today because I got tired of feeling like a bag of bricks. On this website you see the beautiful post op pictures, but rarely do people go into detail of after the surgery.. Ladies & Gents if you are having a tummy tuck please plan to be off work for at least 6 weeks! I've been off 4 & I'm like OMG I have to go back in 2 weeks! How will I manage???? After you get over the pain and draining fluid, then it's swelling, stiffness, & small after shocks that occur while sitting, standing, etc. Massages are a necessity! Budget for them! I had 5 in the Dominican Republic and 2 since I've been home. I will be getting one this week because it helps to reduce swelling and you feel so much better after having one. Try to eat like you did in the Dominican Republic. Breakfast at 7:30 am, lunch by 1:30 pm, & dinner by 5:30 pm. With lunch being your biggest meal of the day! Oh how I miss the fresh fruits and vegetables over there in the DR. My Benadryl is starting to kick in. I will update you guys later on why I chose Dr. Baez and blew $600 down the drain on Dr. Robles and Dr. Goico on the next update. For now, more post op swollen post op pictures.

How to reach my gorgeous doctor

Dr. Baez only responds to whatsapp. Hit her up through here, if you want a quote.

May be doing this thing again..lol

Help...I need a recovery house for exactly 7 days in Santo Domingo. Looking to travel 10/24/16 and check out on 10/30/16.. Looking to do full body lipo with Dra. Baez...


5 months post opp and I still want more work done. Dr. Baez is the truth and safe, which was more important to me. She gave me a nice price to come back in 6 months but i plan to see her in 8. GOD willing!

11 Months post op

Hello Realselfer's!
I know it's that time of year again where everyone has made plans, or impulse decisions to have sx. I see so many offers and specials being listed on IG! If the doctor had good reputation and is offering something additional, look into it! I lost $600 in deposits which could have helped tremendously with post op care! Don't do what I did! Know who you are going to and plan well in advance for massages and more massages when you arrive back to your destination! I wanted a round 2, but I'm honestly happy with my body! In other words, I don't need it! However; I am looking for a bomb dentist to help fix a few slight imperfections with my smile!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Baez is a humble doctor with rock star results! Her professionalism and post op care surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend her for any plastic surgery procedures.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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