34 Year Old, Mother of 2 Looking to Get Her Sexy Back

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I am a 34 year old mother of 2 boys and with both...

I am a 34 year old mother of 2 boys and with both my kids I gained around 80 pounds, which was very drastic on my body. With my first son I lost all the weight after a few years, but have been left with stretch marks all over my stomach and breasts and a flabby belly and saggy breasts. I had my second son 2 years ago and am still struggling to lose the last 30 pounds. I wanted to lose all the weight before surgery but I currently have an opportunity to spend a month in Dominican Republic to get surgery. After researching doctors for a very long time I chose Dra. Tania Medina because she has great reviews, seems very safe and is very sweet. I will be traveling to Dominican Republic in 2 days to have surgery on November 17. I am very nervous and a bit scared, but also excited about finally doing something I have wanted for so many years. I will post before and after pictures once I have my surgery and will let you know my experience through out.

34 year old mother of 2 looking to get her sexy back

I arrived at the airport yesterday and I'm not going to lie, even though I speak Spanish, it was still very nerving for me to travel alone to dominican republic. The flight went very smooth though and Serenity Driver, Conrad Frias, was waiting for me when I arrived. He is very nice and knowledgeable and spoke perfect english. He took me to the clinic right away to meet Dra. Medina 's secretary, pay my procedures and then went to get my blood work, ekg and cray done. Then I spent the night at the clinic and in the morning, at 7am, met Dra. Medina for surgery. She told me that my heló levels were lower than I thought and I could only get tummy tuck, lipo and bbl. She said she would like to do my breasts but if i bled too much she wouldnt be able to. Since I am staying in dr for 1 month. Dra medína said I could do it at the end of the month. So I decided to just to it right before I leave. I still don't have pictures because I had surgery a few a house ago and have not gotten up and fell groggy. But so far I not not in too much pain. It's so uncomfortable to lie on this bed wirh a bbl. Can't seem to get confortable

1st day after surgery

Last night I had one of the nurses sleep in my room since I came to DR alone. I must say that so far the tummy tuck has not bothered at all but the bbl is driving me crazy. It's not really pain as my much as it is a lot of discomfort. It's even worse because since I also had a tummy tuck, I have to lie on my back, all day!!! I was trying to change positions to my sides but got reprimanded on 3 different occasions by nurses because they said I was supposed to keep still, on my back because I was filling up the drain too quickly with blood from all the moving, which could lower my hemo levels a lot. Needless to say, I decided to stop moving but it is very hard with the discomfort. I barely slept last night, even with a sleeping pill because of it. The worse mistake I made was not to bring a Boppy pillow. Thank goodness the recovery house has some. I am actually looking forward to getting up in an hour, for the first time after surgery. I know it will hurt but I feel like my butt needs a break. I will be leaving to the recovery house later on this afternoon and I'm looking forward to it even though everyone at the clinic is nice. The food they feed you is good, by the way. So far I haven't had much appetite but the food had consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich, with natural passion fruit juice and jello and another last evening it was mashed potatoes with melted cheese on top, a side of cheese with turkey, soup, jello and passion fruit juice again. You also have the option of calling one of the local restaurants to deliver food. But I will not be doing that. I want to eat as healthy as possible to lose a good amount of weight before hopefully getting my breast lift and augmentation in a month. I will also be getting my first massage before I leave the clinic today. I'll update you layer on and post the before and after pictures from the doctor.

Had mommy makeover with Dr. Tania Medina not happy with results and considering revisions

I had a tummy tuck, liposculpture, breast lift and augmentation and bbl at the end of 2015 with Dr. Tania Medina. I am honestly not satisfied with my results, particularly the tummy tuck. I still have remaining excess skin and all the stretchmarks I had before the tummy tuck are still there. I was expecting that the few stretchmarks above my belly button would remain but I don't understand why my stomach is still full of stretchmarks after the tummy tuck. Normally, the stretchmarks below the belly button are removed with the tummy tuck. I am now considering a second tummy tuck with another doctor to get rid of the stretchmarks below the belly button and the remaining excess skin.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I am not satisfied with my tummy tuck results. I still have some excess skin left and also all the stretchmarks I had before the tummy tuck, including the ones below my belly button, which are normally removed with a full tummy tuck. I will not return to this doctor for my revision tummy tuck. She was also always on the go and did not dedicate enough time to me during consultation or follow up appointments. I literally only saw her for 5 minutes right before my surgery and the follow up appointments were also very informal and fast, with her employees walking in and out of the room constantly. I never felt at ease or comfortable. Also, her assistants are the ones that always respond to her emails, which I did not appreciate because I expect my doctor to respond to my emails, since the emails are basically used as a consultation and especially when I ask her questions about medical issues. I will not be returning to her for my revision tummy tuck to get rid of the stretchmarks.

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