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Hello. I've been on this site for a few years now...

Hello. I've been on this site for a few years now after having a procedure not go so well for me a few years back. I only received Aqua lipo with a BBL and it didn't look good at all! So now I'm trying it again in the DR with Dr. Robles. This time I would like to have a TT, BBL, and lipo to my back and arms. I'm scared like most of you but want to feel confident in my own skin.

Date confirmed!

Just got my confirmation date today!! I'm so excited so I'll be having sx on July 26th! Hope I can find someone who will be out there with me!


Booty buddy

Just purchased my booty buddy so I better be able to get this bbl while I'm there

Wish pic

Here's a wish pic as I start the countdown!!


Packed and ready

Well I guess it's about that time. Now I'm just waiting til it's time for me to go to the airport. My baby girls are dropping me off and I have them as my biggest prayer warriors for me while I'm gone. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time!


I've made it to the DR!!! The driver was here to greet me as planned and now we're headed to the clinic. Kind of in a funk my Roseta oil waste all in my luggage so hopefully I can get them washed at the RH house. Ok that's all for now will check back in later

Work up

These are pics outside of the clinic and the surgery center

Virginia's House


Hey there. Sorry I haven't been able to comment but the struggle has really been real! At least in at Virginia House and they spoil us here. They keep us fed and with plenty of meds. I'm just sore and really tired. I'm so bruised up that they haven't been letting me wear my faja which sucks because I feel that's what I need to make this swelling go down. Well it's time for more meds.


I don't know what I'm going to do when I leave Virginia's. They spoil is here! We just lay around and they bring meds and food to us!! I guess that helps to ease the pain a bit.


OMG! Tonight we went to see Dr Robles and it was not good for me. She said I had a hematoma and then had to drain it. It consisted of her sticking a blunt needle into my thorax and draining the blood sac. That area happened to not be numb like my abdomen so it was a bit painful. I'm exhausted now because we went to the local corner store afterwards and that walk around the store killed me alone! So goodnight for now.

Time to go home!!!

It's finally that time!! I get to go home today. Dr Robles cleared me and I'm good to go! She finally let me start wearing my faja and I feel so much better!!! I k ow it's going to be awhile before the swelling subsides but I know it's coming!

Why Me!

Ok dolls I know I know I haven't been on her much but I've been having a rough time. I just left the surgery center here at home and the surgeon tried to remove my drain the normal way when he couldn't he took me back to his small minor procedure room to cut me open. Keep in mind he's doing all this just with a local anesthetic so I was up and trying not to scream. Once he still couldn't get the tube out. He told me I would have to go back to surgery and have it surgically removed because either some tissue had grown around it or Dr Robles and her team sutured it down on the inside as well. Now I have to go back under anesthesia on Tuesday to have it surgically removed. I'm so over this. I don't know if it was worth all of this. Keep in mind I have to pay $1520 just to have it done. On a side note here's a pic of my butt and a pic of the incision the surgeon had to open up today. Well I'm praying all goes well on Tuesday.

Second surgery

Second surgery to remove tube

1 month update

I almost forgot it's been 1 month today from surgery. I know it's too soon but I'm so ready for the swelling to subside


Hey ladies. Here's a few pics of how things are looking.

Quick pic

I'm still not 100 but liking what I see. I'm still very bruised and swollen so I have to hide my back and sides a lot


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Only talked to assistant via email. She seems to get back with me fairly quick.

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